How is the ICE doing in an international comparison?

High-speed trains are now running in many countries. They differ significantly in terms of comfort, speed and punctuality. We give an overview from Germany to China. .

Return to Zizurkil and Julen Alberdi from Zizurkil to the court

At the initiative of Patxi Alkorta, it was once customary to watch the Bankoa-DV tournament rounds at the Intxaur pelota court in Zizurkil. Oinatz Gonzalez, who later worked in the repair shop, was injured once, and Salaberria was replaced by hawthorn in the last few minutes. There were five visits from 2005 to 2010.

Ten years later again in Zizurkil is the Bank-DV tournament. With two games, as always. In addition, the citizen will be judged in the second, Julen Alberdi. He will experience the competition between excitement and nervousness within himself. The festival will begin at 9 p.m.

Julen is not a relative of professional Jon Alberdi of Baiko. They have no family ties. He is a nineteen-year-old skilled and agile striker from Zizurkil. In fact He weighs about 60 pounds. Few. However, it fits well.

He is accompanied by the legendary Aratz Irazustabarrena, a boy born in 1998 with experience as an amateur. They are also playing together in the Gipuzkoa championship, as a couple of the Intxurre club.

Because they settle well on the front, they also have a game, because they have achieved good results… Alberdi and Irazustabarrena are the favorites against Enaitz Anso (Oronoz, 1998) and Manex Balerdi (Antzuola, 1999).

Balerdi is a strong boy, but he lacks continuity at this level, which is what the games provide. It’s not enough to play Irazustabarrena to play a dozen good points. It is advisable to double this number to get closer to victory. That’s what he needs to show. Anso will help him. Navarrese is fine, hardworking and well-defended.

Because they’ve played little in the last few months, at this point it is questionable what level they can give. In some cases references are missing. Workouts are an account. The competition leaves everyone in their place.

Young brothers in promises

Promising younger pelota players will open the festival. On the one hand, Iker Zubeldia (Altzo, 2002) and Mikel Etxeberria (Igorre, 2002); on the other hand, Iker Egiguren (Azpeitia, 2003) and Xhoe Lazkoz (Urtasun, 2003).

Mikel Etxeberria is Oier’s younger brother, who plays for Aspen, and he is also a defender with two tidy hands. Iker Egiguren, the brother of Julen from the same company, is a striker. Both have increased significantly in the last year. They carry the ball in their blood.


Sales ban for combustion engines? Because against Söder – economy

First came California, then Markus Söder. At the virtual party convention of the CSU on Saturday, their party leader Söder carefully distanced himself from petrol and diesel. He said 2035 “seems to be a very good date” to say goodbye – the year from which California will no longer allow new cars with internal combustion engines. So you can show “when the fossil fuel age is coming to an end”, Söder advertised.

The debate about mobility beyond petroleum continues to gain momentum. Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) also spoke up on Sunday. “What we need now are attractive alternatives for cars with internal combustion engines,” said Schulze Süddeutsche Zeitung. For this reason alone, the federal government once again strongly supported the switch from combustion to electromobility with the stimulus package. A support for combustion engines from tax revenues, however, is “not the right way”. However, the minister said nothing about the specific dates on which the last combustion engine will be registered in Germany.

Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) apparently thinks little of fixed farewell dates. It is already clear that the current decade will bring the breakthrough for electromobility, he told the SZ. “How quickly an exit from internal combustion engines is possible in the following years, however, depends on the framework conditions.” This also includes the availability of renewable electricity, because “the most beautiful electric car is of no use on a coal basis”. On top of that, the battery cells remained the “currently greatest bottleneck”. An “expansion plan for electromobility” is therefore necessary as an alternative to the combustion engine. “The better such a plan, the faster the parting from gasoline and diesel can take place,” said Weil, who is also on the VW supervisory board.

Last week California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that from 2035 onwards, no new combustion cars will be allowed in the US state. This is “the most powerful step our state can take in the fight against climate change,” he said. The move caused a sensation worldwide, the most populous state is considered an important market for the auto industry.

Söder also referred to the California advance in his party conference speech, but he left a back door open. It is probably no coincidence that he spoke of “fossil burners” and explicitly praised the role of biofuels. Following this logic, new vehicles with internal combustion engines could still be registered after 2035 – but then they would no longer be allowed to use fossil fuels. Technologically, however, they would hardly differ from the conventional combustion engine.

The greater pressure on German manufacturers is likely to come from Brussels

Nevertheless, the Greens enthusiastically welcomed Söder’s “pleasant change of heart”. “This is a gain in knowledge that we would hardly have expected,” said group vice-president Oliver Krischer. “Hopefully this isn’t just one of his show numbers.” After all, it is “absurd to call for the end of the internal combustion engine, but at the same time to ask for a premium for new ones”.

The greater pressure on German manufacturers is likely to come from Brussels. Because if Europe’s climate target for 2030 is actually raised – from the previous 40 percent greenhouse gas reduction compared to 1990 to “at least” 55 percent – then that should also affect the car manufacturers. Your new vehicle fleets must adhere to average values ​​of CO₂; otherwise severe penalties are imminent. Between 2021 and 2030, the limit values ​​were originally intended to be 37.5 percent stricter. But new proposals by the EU Commission now provide for a halving. That can only be achieved if more and more electric cars replace combustion engines. Environment Minister Schulze says that you are coming “really with giant strides”. And not least because of those EU standards “which we may sharpen again”.


The challenge of Sabadell

Five seasons later, the Center d’Esports Sabadell returns to professional football. East history of Spanish football, the third in terms of importance by record in Catalonia, lived the bitter face of the sport in the 2014-2015 season with relegation to Second B. One of the components of that relegation squad was Antonio Hidalgo. Five years later and with Hidalgo now on the bench, the harlequins will debut this Saturday (9pm) in the SmartBank League in the field of Vallecano Ray.

They already say that football, like life, takes many turns, but little could Canovellas imagine that in his season plus five games in front of Sabadell he would more than return the illusion to a city and a hobby, which he had seen cry years ago with the descent.

On the edge of Third

Hidalgo reached the Harlequinado bench in an extreme situation. Five games from the end of the 2018-2019 League with the team in decline and watching the Third Division very close. The former player, who at this stage as coach of Sabadell has surrounded himself with a benchmark of the club and of Catalan football as Juvenal Edjogo not only saved the team from relegation with a final win in Olot, but also, last season they got the precious promotion after beating Atlético de Madrid B, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa and in the express play-off Barcelona B.

Jose Manzanera, the youngest sports director in the league at only 29 years old, leads the project

There are many coaches who think that when one thing works, better not touch anything or as little as possible. And that is what Sabadell has done for this return to the Second Division. Jose Manzanera, the youngest sporting director in the league at just 29 years old, demonstrated his talent and ability by building a compensated squad that achieved promotion.

Young transfers

This summer he has also led the sporting project that aims to establish the club in professional football. Most of the players from last season have been renewed and so far, sand they have incorporated seven players, all of them young but with quality and contrasted.

Ian Mackay, one of the architects of the promotion, will have competition in the harlequin goal with the arrival of Diego Fuoli (22 years old), from Villarreal B. Jaime Sanchez (25) will live the second harlequinade experience after a first in which he could not play due to a serious injury. The central arrives from the Valladolid subsidiary.

The French complete the defensive line Pierre Cornud (22), left back signed for Mallorca. One of the reinforcements with more experience in Second is Iker Undabarrena (25). He comes from Tenerife, where he could not settle and now he will seek that consolidation by wearing a harlequin.

Three in attack

The remaining three reinforcements have come from the offensive line. Victor Garcia (23) and Juan Fernandez (25) have experience in First. García even already knows what it is to score wearing the Valladolid shirt at Mestalla. The second comes from Celta de Vigo and both stand out for their technical quality.

The latest signing is Gorka Gurucet (2. 3). He has signed for three seasons with Sabadell from Athletic and, for the moment, is the reference in attack together with the veteran Edgar Hernandez, that was key in the ascent and that also has experience in Second.

For the 5,000 members

The Center d’Esports seems to live one of the Best moments of the last few years. The arrival to the presidency of Esteve Calzada and his people prevented their disappearance and later they have given stability to the club. From the property now they want wake up the city and businesses from the area to consolidate Sabadell in professional football.

With the promotion in its pocket, the club launched a membership campaign with the goal of reaching 5,000 subscribers. Today it is very close to reaching 3,000. There is still a long way to go to get closer to that desired figure, since the Harlequin set will not debut in a New High Cross also renewed for the occasion until Fourth matchday against Espanyol.


The Heat, one win away from fighting for the ring

Rookie guard Tyler Herro starred in his great night since he arrived in the NBA, scoring 37 points, six rebounds and three assists that left him at the forefront of the Miami Heat, who beat the Boston Celtics 112-109 last night. in the fourth game of the Eastern Conference finals.

The victory puts the Heat to a 3-1 best-of-seven record and just one more to reach the NBA Finals for the first time since they last did so in 2014, when they had star forward LeBron James with them. Game 5 of the series will be played on Friday on the same stage in the Orlando bubble.

Along with Herro, just 20 years old, who made 14 of 21 shots from the field, including 5 of 10 triples, and was perfect with 4-4 from the personnel line, another guard, the starter and All-Star Jimmy Butler contributed 24 points, including the last three for the Heat in the final 10 seconds of the game that secured the Heat’s victory, and also grabbed nine rebounds.

Herro became the second 20-year-old player in NBA playoff history to score at least 37 points in a game. The other was the legendary Magic Johnson, who had 42 in Game 6 of the 1980 NBA Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I feel good,” declared Herro at the end of the game. “There is still a lot of work to do. We are up 3-1 and it is good, but there is nothing defined. The Heat’s rookie playoff mark in one game was held by fellow guard Dwyane Wade when he scored 27 points in 2004.

Slovenian point guard Goran Dragic reached 22 points as the Heat’s third leading scorer, in addition to capturing five balls under the hoops, delivering three assists and recovering two balls. While center Bam Adebayo was once again the best of the Heat in the inside game with a double-double of 20 points, 12 rebounds – nine defenders – he also distributed four assists, and recovered two balls.

Once again the suspense was maintained until the end with two teams that made merits so that either of them could get the victory. Again, the team that played the best defense in the final stretch of the game and also scored the decisive goals and this was Miami’s team with Herro and Butler, leaders, who made the difference.

Forward Jayson Tatum led the Celtics with 28 points, but he scored all of them in the second half, in addition to grabbing nine defensive rebounds, giving four assists, recovering one ball and putting up three blocks.

Tatum tied 0-for-6 in the first half, with no points, the second-worst offensive performance as a professional. The Celtics’ star forward was 0-of-8 to start against the Dallas Mavericks on Nov. 11, and 0-of-6 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first two periods of a playoff game on April 17, 2018.

Sterile comeback

Although the Celtics came back from a deficit of more than 10 points in the second half and took the lead (85-84), in the end they could not prevent the Heat from reimposing their scoring efficiency and great defense.

Guard Jaylen Brown scored 21 points, including four 3-of-seven attempts, and grabbed nine rebounds, all defensive. While point guard Kemba Walker added 20 points with five assists, forward Gordon Hayward, who returned with the team as reserves, reached 14, and point guard Marcus Smart contributed a double-double of 10 points and 11 assists.

Brown’s 3-pointer with 16 seconds left reduced Miami’s lead to 107-104. But Herro hit the line 2.1 seconds later and coolly scored a couple of points, putting the lead back to five.

The Celtics got within two points a couple of times, and Butler scored the second of two personnel pitches he made with 1.1 seconds to go and left Boston with no option to attempt a last shot from outside the perimeter by not having and no downtime to request and stop the clock.

Dragic hit a triple with 8:51 left in the third quarter for a 58-46 lead, Miami’s first double-digit lead in the series. The Heat’s biggest lead in the first three games was eight points.


Oktoberfest attack 40 years ago: "Looking away is no longer allowed" – Steinmeier calls for tougher treatment of right-wing extremists

On the 40th anniversary of the Oktoberfest attack with 13 fatalities, Federal President Steinmeier called for right-wing extremism to be dealt with tougher – especially because of current events.

On the 40th anniversary of the Oktoberfest attack with 13 fatalities, Federal President Steinmeier called for right-wing extremism to be dealt with tougher – especially because of current events.

Protect villages, prevent tree felling (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Sebastian Kahnert / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

The “All Villages Remain” alliance announced on Saturday:

Today residents of the villages threatened by coal mining took part in an action of civil disobedience. The action took place together with the “Anti-Coal Kidz” and is part of the diverse protest for climate justice in the region this week. At the same time blockades of the action alliance “End of the Grounds” took place, preceded by a demonstration of “Fridays for Future” and “All Villages Remain” with around 500 participants.
“We would have liked to never have to go through police chains – but the state government leaves us no other choice,” said Britta Kox from the threatened village of Berverath. “If Prime Minister Armin Laschet wanted, then he could save our villages. We will no longer stand by and watch the excavators come closer and closer and take our fate into our own hands with actions like these.

The active members of “All Villages Remain, Rhineland” had flowed through a police chain together with the “Anti-Coal Kidz” and tried to block an entrance to the Garzweiler II opencast mine. The police stopped them by using force. Kox sees the state government’s duty as a new brief legal opinion on behalf of Greenpeace this week has come to the conclusion that the coal exit law does not conclusively regulate the future of opencast mining. Instead, when deciding on future open-cast mining borders, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is obliged to check whether the planned coal mining is necessary and proportionate. The “All Villages Remain” alliance does not expect the protests surrounding the open-cast mine to end in autumn either: The coal company RWE plans to start demolishing the village of Lützerath this year and cutting down trees in the region. “We call on everyone to continue fighting with us after this weekend. This autumn it’s about protecting Lützerath and preventing tree felling, «says Antje Pistel from the mining village of Holzweiler.

150 people have on Saturday on the Berliner Oranienplatz commemorated the victims of racism and police violence. The “Where is our monument” initiative explained:

Racist police violence is still common. People experience violence every day – and some don’t survive it. 178 people have been murdered in German police custody since 1990. We want to remember all of these people and demand justice. We don’t have the place for that, because: The victims of racism are not only made invisible in public discourse, but also in public space. That’s why we take the place ourselves and ask: Where is our monument? »We demand justice and memory as values ​​that are more fundamental than the rhetoric of the market. We will stay on the street with our symbols to point out the racist actions of the authorities against People of Color in Germany, «said an activist of the initiative.


Dominic Thiem wins US Open after historic comeback

Historical comeback and uncertainty until the end.Dominic Thiem yesterday conquered the US Open, the first Grand Salam of his career after tracing the first two sets to Alexander Zverev and prevail in an unprecedented tie break by 2-6, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 and 7-6 (6). A comeback that in the big one New York had not been seen in 71 years, when Pancho Gonzales he also managed to turn a duel that won 2-0 Ted Schroeder in 1949.

The game went from less to more and the Austrian knew how to simmer a game that lasted more than four hours, until Zverev, who had had everything to win, could be overcome by circumstances. His rival reached that decisive sudden death with obvious muscular problems. He had even asked the physiotherapist’s attention before starting it. However, the German committed two double faults that ended up costing him the title.

The German committed two double faults in the decisive tie break, when Thiem showed muscular problems

All this after having managed to dominate his rival at will in two sets that had no color, in which he had managed to overcome Thiem by game and motivation. But the Austrian tennis player, always removed from glory by Rafa Nadal Y Novak Djokovic, whom he had run into when he stood in the finals of Paris Y Merbourne, showed incredible mental strength to make good the consideration of favorite with which he appeared in this final with the stands of the Athur Ashe practically empty.

It was enough with that confidence so that Zverev was diminishing little by little. From the end of the second set, where the German took advantage of the 5-1 that he had managed to have, until the end. And even with that obvious inability with which he arrived at tie break decisive after a last set where he already showed that he was running out of strength, he managed to be better than his rival. Thiem believed in an impossible victory when Zverev feared a defeat that he ended up suffering despite having everything going for him.

Siemens in the stress test (

Siemens Energy will be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the first time this Monday. The energy company was spun off from Siemens AG just last Friday. It is the largest spin-off of a corporate division that has ever occurred in Germany. With a market value of more than 20 billion euros, the newcomer is a candidate for the German Dax share index. In the coming year, Berlin would again have a company from the top stock market league.

Siemens announced its intention to separate the traditional energy division back in spring 2019. Germany’s industrial icon has actually cut its roots. Siemens AG, founded in Berlin in 1847, initially sold 55 percent. Wind farms, gas-fired power plants and power transmission should in future only be a capital investment for the Munich-based company, Siemens no longer wants to exert any commercial influence. At the appropriate stock exchange prices, further shares will be sold, according to the group management.

The previous Siemens shareholders, including Blackrock, the state fund of Qatar and thousands upon thousands of small shareholders, will receive one Energy share for every two Siemens shares. A poisoned gift: Experts expect the price of Siemens shares to fall accordingly. Siemens boss Joe Kaeser presented a 400-page spin-off report in May. With the “spin-off” of Energy, “a major milestone will be reached in the realignment that is preparing the Siemens companies for the enormous technological transformations”.

Neue Siemens AG, with only 300,000 employees, two thirds of whom work abroad, is to concentrate on digital industry, intelligent infrastructure and mobility. The medical technology division was listed on the stock exchange in 2018. With this concentration on a few areas, Kaeser, who is about to leave, wants to prevent a decline like the one that the supposedly too broad-based competitor General Electric (GE) is going through.

In contrast, yield-oriented investors are rather skeptical about the future of the new stock corporation. Even to the umbrella organization of critical shareholders, it seems completely a mystery how Energy will position itself in the energy markets in the future and at the same time meet the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement. “So the impression remains that the spin-off is just one way of separating from a low-yielding corporate unit,” said the counter-motion at the virtual group general meeting in July.

Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy AG, naturally sees it differently. Since the beginning of September, he has been wooing investors who should buy energy shares after the IPO. Most recently, his division had reported a net loss of 1.5 billion euros. Bruch now promises a “transformation”. All work processes should be carefully examined, profitability must increase by billions. However, he will not announce anything concrete until the beginning of 2021 at the earliest and after consulting the works council.

At the same time, the group should become greener. “The question is not whether we will get out of the coal, but when and how,” said Bruch. Siemens has been criticized by environmental activists not least because of a controversial coal project in Australia since the end of last year. At the same time, Bruch relies on »the market opportunities of the energy transition«. Siemens Gamesa, one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, is part of the new group.

“We have to actively and more intensively shape the public and political debate about the energy transition as a company,” said CEO Bruch of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” recently in an interview. That was also the decisive factor for Berlin as the location of the future headquarters. In addition to the federal capital, Munich, Erlangen and Mülheim were examined as potential company headquarters. Bruch preferred to be very close to the associations and politics.