NWA Powerrr # 27 Results & Report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 05/11/2021

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National Wrestling Alliance Powerrr #27
Ort: Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First broadcast: May 11, 2021 on FITE TV

Commentators Joe Galli, Tim Storm and Velvet Sky welcome us to a new issue. Nick Aldis opens the show and is not happy that Billy Corgan is having a battle royal for the NWA World Title # 1 Contendership. 14 nobodies will compete for this chance and as a champion he was not even informed before everyone else. When asked about today’s main event – Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer vs. Aron Stevens & Kratos (c) for the NWA World Tag Team Championship – Aldis says that it is only a matter of time before Strictly Business has all the NWA gold in its own ranks. But since Corgan has announced that no current titleholders will take part in the aforementioned Battle Royal for the NWA World Title # 1 Contendership, Strictly Business is thinking about giving up today’s title match, so that Chris Adonis & Thom Latimer take part in the battle Royal can participate. So maybe we won’t see a title match today.

1. Match
NWA World Television Title Tournament Qualifying – Singles Match
Matt Cross won against Mims via pin after a springboard cutter.

Austin Idol & Tire now call out “The Pope” Elijah Burke, because they are fed up with the fact that he continues to hide from Tire. “The Pope” is only four wins away from trading its NWA Television Championship for a chance at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Idol wants to congratulate him on this and offers a handshake, but “The Pope” doesn’t feel like it and disappears.

Aron Stevens speaks in an interview with May Valentine about the possibility of the NWA World Tag Team Championship Match falling into the water. He wants to focus on continuing the tradition of the title and to do that he wants to keep the NWA World Tag Team Championship going for as long as possible. He wants to end his career with the NWA and make the best of his opportunities until then. He admits he hired Kratos because he’s a mercenary and does his job well. And even if they don’t always agree, they are an effective tag team.

Sal rinauro explained in an interview with Kyle Davisthat he wants to take on Kratos alone, no matter what the consequences. He wants to take out the bully without the help of others.

2. Match
Singles Match
Kratos won against Sal Rinauro via pin after a wheelbarrow suplex.

Kyle Davis welcomes Thunder Rosa & Melina and Kamille & Taryn Terrell to speak to the women about the NWA Women’s Title # 1 Contendership Match between Thunder Rosa and Kamille. Thunder Rosa talks about the history of women wrestling and the importance of the NWA Women’s World Championship. Chamomile takes note of this, but she wonders what to think of it when she sees Rosa at other promotions. She believes that Rosa is all about herself and not the Women’s Division at NWA. Rosa replies that she had to fight hard for everything, so the disrespect of chamomile doesn’t surprise her. Kamille offers a match with a 20 minute time limit. If Rosa loses, then not only does she lose # 1 contendership but she also has to put all bookings outside of NWA on hold. Thunder Rosa accepts the stipulation.

3. Match
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Slice Boogie won against Jax Dane via.
– After Slice Boogie hit his opponent with a chair, Crimson came out to help Jax Dane. However, Dane accidentally bumped into Crimson, causing him to fall on the hall floor. Jax Dane then threw in the towel for himself, concerned for his friend, to check on Crimson.

Joe Galli announces that, as Nick Aldis predicted, the NWA World Tag Team Championship Match between Strictly Business and Aron Stevens & Kratos will not take place as Strictly Business have already left the hall.

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Jacksonville Jaguars – Head Coach Urban Meyer: A Ruthless Winner with God Complex

The new head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Urban Meyer, comes to the NFL with an impressive résumé from college football. Now he is bringing back an old companion in Tim Tebow, but this does not overshadow the countless scandals that have accompanied the coach again and again.

Urban Meyer has been the Jacksonville Jaguars’ head coach for a few months. He is better known in the football community as a college coach legend. Meyer has a career win rate of a whopping 85 percent at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State. He also won no fewer than three national championships and seven conference championships.

Meyer is one of the few coaches of the last 20 years who can even come close to keeping up with the successes of today’s Alabama coach Nick Saban (7 national championships). But the Jaguars have not only brought an extremely successful coach on board with Meyer.

If you take a closer look – admittedly, a superficial look is now sufficient, since so much has come to light – you will find, however, that in the brilliance of all the victories and triumphs there is also an extremely pronounced shadow side to be found. The Meyer Legacy has become really complicated since his involvement in Gainesville / Florida.

News that begins with the winged term “Florida Man” (in English: “Man from Florida”), which is often used in the US media for news from the Sunshine State, all too often ends with a completely absurd story . In Meyer’s time as head coach of the Florida Gators, however, it was not uncommon for one of his former players to hide behind that synonym.

Urban Meyer: 31 arrests of Gators players during his tenure

The New York Times reported in an article years ago that at least 31 Gators players were arrested for various offenses between 2005 and 2010. If one counts offenses after graduation, it is said to have been 41 of the 121 players in the 2008 team.

We’re not just talking about the usual college offenses related to alcohol consumption, traffic offenses (there are 251 here), and the like.

For example, there is Safety Jamar Hornsby, who is said to have used the credit card of a student 70 times in 2008 who had died in a motorcycle accident months earlier. Or lineman Ronnie Wilson, who allegedly hit and spat on a man outside a nightclub in 2007 and then pulled an AK-47 out of his trunk and started shooting himself. He was later arrested and charged with marijuana possession and assault on several counts.

Cam Newton, who later won the Heisman Trophy after a transfer to Auburn and even became an MVP of the NFL, was caught trying to steal a fellow student’s laptop. When the police arrived, he threw the device out the window. Running back Chris Rainey stalked his ex-girlfriend after quarrels and sent her a text message saying “Time to Die”. That Rainey later ended up with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who released him after being arrested for assault in January 2013.

Then there is cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who left Florida for North Alabama after Meyer’s departure in 2010. He didn’t go willingly. Rather, Meyer’s successor, Will Muschamp, threw him off the team after several arrests for drug possession. Jenkins gave The Orlando Sentinel An interview a few months later and said tellingly: “If Coach Meyer were still coaching, I would still play for the Gators”, because “Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win”.

Urban Meyer “knows what it takes to win”

The later NFL player did not say what he meant by that. But a certain Aaron Hernandez was also part of his time in Florida. And even if hardly anything of his early escapades reached the public at the time – he was questioned by the police about a shootout together with a few teammates, allegedly destroyed a man’s eardrum in a brawl and apparently shot a man in the face research by various media revealed a terrifying picture.

Again and again, possible charges for college stars were dropped, sometimes police investigations were rather slow and, above all, hardly anything came out.

The common denominator of the whole thing is of course Meyer himself, who repeatedly managed to keep all of this under lock and key. On the other hand, everything went flawlessly on the pitch and his success proved him right. One allegation is that he disguised positive drug tests on his players by saying that they were suddenly injured and standing on the sidelines with walking boots.

Meyer denied all of this, of course, and there is no solid evidence anyway. In addition, there were disciplinary measures every now and then, but the cracks were never really tough.

When Hernandez, whom Meyer regularly had at home for Bible study and who led him spiritually, as it was so beautifully said, was finally arrested for murder in 2013 and ultimately convicted, Meyer again rejected all responsibility. “This serious accusation with the University of Florida, myself or my coaching staff in connection or accusing us of this is wrong and irresponsible,” Meyer said in a statement at the time.

His wife, Shelley Meyer, wrote on Twitter at the time: “When do we finally start to hold individuals responsible for their own decisions / actions and stop blaming others / everyone else?” And of course she was right, after all, Hernandez’s worst deeds didn’t happen until years after his time in Florida.


AEW DARK # 88 results & report from Jacksonville, Florida, USA from May 11th, 2021 (incl. Video of the complete show)

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All Elite Wrestling DARK #88
Ort: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida
First broadcast: May 11, 2021


Today’s commentators Excalibur and Taz welcome us to a new edition of AEW DARK. Then it goes straight to Justin Roberts, who introduces the wrestlers for the first match of the evening …

1. Match
Tag Team Match
Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston won against Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) via pin to Randy Summers by Eddie Kingston after the Violent Crown (clothesline / half Nelson suplex combination).
Match time: 00:38

2. Match
6 Man Tag Team Match
The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alan “5” Angels & Colt Cabana) won against Spencer Slade, Cole Karter & Andrew Palace via pin to Spencer Slade through Evil Uno after a cross-arm flatliner.
Match time: 04:38

Jake Roberts goes to the commentators for the next match.

3. Match
Singles Match
Lance Archer won against Angel Fashion via pin after the Hellacoaster.
Match time: 03:43

After the match, Jake Roberts issues a warning to Sting.

4. Match
6 Man Tag Team Match
The Factory (QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow w/ Anthony Ogogo) gewannen gegen Jake Logan, RYZIN & Rick Recon via Pin an RYZIN durch QT Marshall nach dem Diamond Cutter.
Match time: 04:03

QT Marshall puts RYZIN in a figure-four leglock after the match to send a message to Cody Rhodes.

5. Match
Tag Team Match
The Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison) (w / Julia Hart) won against Waves And Curls (Jaylen Bradyn & Traevon Jordan) via a pin to Jaylen Bradyn after an Assisted Powerbomb.
Match time: 04:07

6. Match
Singles Match
Diamante won against Willow Nightingale via the code red pin.
Match time: 02:48

7. Match
Singles Match
Dante Martin won against Aaron Frye via pin after a 450 splash.
Match time: 03:30

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Justin Roberts and introduces her protégé Nyla Rose herself.

8. Match
Singles Match
Nyla Rose (w / Vickie Guerrero) won against Ashley D’Amboise via pin after the Beast Bomb.
Match time: 01:43

Alex Marvez now has the Dark Order for the interview with him and asks John Silver & Alex Reynolds about the attack by the Hardy Family Office on the current issue of “AEW Dark Elevation”. Colt Cabana says they’ve had enough of the Hardy family office. Reynolds reminds Matt Hardy that they wouldn’t be the first faction to be destroyed by the Dark Order. Tonight, Pres10 Vance will first take care of JD Drake.

9. Match
Tag Team Match
Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi (w / Peter Avalon & JD Drake) won against Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis via Pin and Adrian Alanis after the Rude Awakening by Ryan Nemeth.
Match time: 04:14

10. Match
Singles Match
Kris Statlander (w / Orange Cassidy, Trent & Chuck Taylor) won against Julia Hart via pin according to the Big Bang Theory.
Match time: 02:21

11. Match
Singles Match
Jungle Boy won against Marty Casaus via submission in the snare trap.
Match time: 05:44

12. Match
Tag Team Match
Big Swole & Red Velvet won against The MK Twins (Ashley & Steff) via pin after Dirty Dancing and Just Desserts.
Match time: 04:41

13. Match
Singles Match
Pres10 Vance (w/ The Dark Order gewann gegen JD Drake (w/ Peter Avalon, Cezar Bononi & Ryan Nemeth) via Referee Stoppage im Full Nelson.
Match time: 08:14

The Acclaimed make their way to the ring and Max Caster does another diss-rap for the best.

14. Match
Tag Team Match
The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) won against Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela via submission from Joey Janela in an Anthony Bowens cloverleaf.
Match time: 11:54

15. Match
Singles Match
Brian Cage (w / Hook) won against Bear Bronson via pin after the drill claw.
Match time: 07:05

16. Match
Singles Match
Powerhouse Hobbs won against Mike Sydal via pin after the town business.
Match time: 03:27

Powerhouse Hobbs then gives Mike Sydal another clothesline, whereupon Matt Sydal makes the save.

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Oxitec lets genetic engineering mosquitoes fly in Florida

For the first time genetically modified mosquitoes were released in the USA. They are supposed to decimate the mosquitoes living there, which can transmit Zika or dengue viruses. But this has not worked properly in other attempts.

In the next three months, 140,000 male mosquitoes will hatch from eggs deposited on the Florida Keys, a group of islands 200 kilometers off the southern tip of the US state of Florida. They were genetically modified by the British company Oxitec in such a way that female mosquitoes produced by them die in the early larval stage. Male offspring, on the other hand, survive and pass the modified gene on to the next generation. The aim is to contain the population of the Egyptian tiger mosquito (Aedis aegypti), which can transmit several pathogens. According to Oxitec, this type of mosquito only makes up four percent of the total mosquito population on the islands, but it is responsible for almost all disease transmissions. After this first attempt, Oxitec wants to release 20 million mosquitoes in a second wave. In the coming year, over a billion GM mosquitoes are to be released in Florida and Texas.

It took Oxitec ten years to get approval for this experiment from the US authorities and resistance from the affected population is still great. One reason for the rejection is the experience of previous attempts by Oxitec, for example in Brazil. The company emphasizes that the mosquito population has declined by 90 percent. But 18 months after the releases began, the population had recovered, scientists from Yale University found. They also found genetic material from the genetically engineered mosquitoes released in some of the mosquitoes and fear that this could result in particularly robust hybrid mosquitoes.

“The body, blood and private property of my family are used in this experiment without human safety studies and without my consent,” the Center for Food Safety (CFS) quoted one of the affected residents of Key West. Jaydee Hanson, political director of the CFS, criticized it, that the EPA has withheld relevant documents from Oxitec on the effects on human health and the environment as confidential business information.

The critics of the experiment also doubt whether it helps to control only the tiger mosquito that has arrived, since the other mosquito species could also transmit diseases. But if it is the tiger mosquito, there are also established GMO-free and chemical-free methods to decimate it, reported the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ). Tiger mosquitoes, for example, could be infected in the laboratory with the Wolbachia bacterium, which makes the males sterile. Tests in Indonesia have shown that this can reduce the local rate of dengue infections by up to 77 percent. Millions of these Wolbachia mosquitoes were released in California in 2018 – without any acceptance problems. A US company that offers this technology is currently sold out, according to the NZZ.[lf]


NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat secure ticket

After the second victory of the Miami Heat over the Boston Celtics within two days, the reigning Eastern champion is now safely in the playoffs, while the Celtics will probably be in the play-in tournament. SPOX has an overview of the race for the playoff places.

A total of eight teams have been able to participate in the playoffs since Wednesday night after the Heat made everything clear with a 129:121 win in Boston and later lost the New York Knicks at the Los Angeles Lakers.

Miami, Atlanta and New York have the same record, but the Heat have the tiebreaker against New York and can no longer be displaced from the first six places. The three teams should fight for places four, five and six by the end of the season.

Eastern Conference: These playoff teams have been determined

Rang Team Siege Defeats
1 Philadelphia 76ers 47 22
2 Brooklyn Nets 45 24
3 Milwaukee Bucks 44 25
4 Atlanta Hawks 38 31
5 Miami Heat 38 31
6 New York Knicks 38 31

bold = playoff participation safe

Play-in tournament: Boston is almost certain to be there

Behind the top 6, it remains exciting. With the seventh defeat in the last ten games, the Celtics are now almost certainly in the play-in tournament, another defeat or a victory for the Knicks would seal this fate.

The Charlotte Hornets and Indiana Pacers, on the other hand, are already sure to participate, now it’s only for the Washington Wizards to defend a place against the Chicago Bulls. With another Wizards victory or another Wizards defeat that would be done. Then it would only be about the positions, with Boston having the best cards in seventh place.

Eastern Conference: The race for the play-in tournament

Rang Team Siege Defeats
7 Boston Celtics 35 34
8 Charlotte Hornets 33 36
9 Indiana Pacers 33 36
10 Washington Wizards 32 37
11 Chicago Bulls 29 40

bold = play-in participation is guaranteed

As a reminder: this is how the play-in tournament works!

Play-in in the east according to today’s status:

  • Game 1: (7) Boston vs. (8) Charlotte – the winner goes into the playoffs as a 7-seed
  • Game 2: (9) Indiana vs. (10) Washington – the winner remains in the play-in tournament, the loser is eliminated
  • Game 3: Loser from Boston / Charlotte vs. winner from Indiana / Washington – the winner goes into the playoffs as an 8-seed

Das Playoff-Picture in der Western Conference

In the west, the Lakers gained some air by defeating the Knicks and could possibly still prevent seventh place, with one game missing for the Trail Blazers (5) and the Mavericks (6), who, however, also each have the tiebreaker against Los Angeles have. So they still don’t have the best cards, even if LeBron James is supposed to return next night.

The Nuggets, on the other hand, secured their home advantage at least in round one with their victory in the night and are still behind the Clippers for third place.

Western Conference: These playoff teams have been determined

Rang Team Siege Defeats
1 Utah Jazz 50 19
2 Phoenix Suns 48 21
3 L.A. Clippers 46 23
4 Denver Nuggets 45 24

bold = playoff participation safe

Play-in tournament: who has to play against the Warriors?

Over the past few days, the Golden State Warriors (currently 8th place) have turned out to be the favorite scare after victories over the Jazz and Suns. “We were the hunted for years. Now we’re hunting again,” said Draymond Green, satisfied afterwards. And now the question arises as to which of them is hunted and how. The lead over the ninth-placed Grizzlies is only half a game, and not much is possible upwards.

However, they are unlikely to fall any lower than in ninth place. The pelicans and kings hardly have any chances left. Spicy: Memphis and Golden State have to face each other again on the last day of the game.

Western Conference: The race for the play-in tournament

Rang Team Siege Defeats
5 Portland Trail Blazers 40 29
6 Dallas Mavericks 40 29
7 Los angeles lakers 39 30
8 Golden State Warriors 37 33
9 Memphis Grizzlies 36 33
10 San antonio spurs 33 35
11 New Orleans Pelicans 31 38
12 Sacramento Kings 31 38

bold = play-in participation is guaranteed

Play-in in the west as it stands today:

  • Game 1: (7) Los Angeles vs. (8) Golden State – the winner goes into the playoffs as a 7-seed
  • Game 2: (9) Memphis vs. (10) San Antonio – the winner remains in the play-in tournament, the loser is eliminated
  • Game 3: Los Angeles / Golden State losers vs. Memphis / San Antonio winners – the winner enters the playoffs as an 8-seed


Georgia: Prosecutor calls for death penalty after fatal attacks on Asian women

The attacks on several massage parlors in the US state of Georgia hit the headlines in March. Eight people were shot, six of them had Asian roots and seven of the victims were women. Now the public prosecutor’s office is demanding the death penalty for the suspect.

“Together with my staff, I made the decision that this office will pursue the death penalty,” said district attorney Fani Willis at a press conference on Tuesday. After a jury decision, the now 22-year-old accused was charged with, among other things, quadruple murder and domestic terrorism.

Willis sees “ultimate punishment” justified

On the basis of a law passed in Georgia last year, she will move because of the origin and gender of the victims to expand the indictment to include allegations of hate crime, said Willis.

She was elected district attorney last year and has been in office since the beginning of the year. Willis stressed that she had said during the election campaign that she could not imagine any circumstances under which she would apply for the death penalty. “Unfortunately, a case has arisen in the first few months of my tenure that I believe justifies the ultimate sentence.”

Suspect names sex addiction as a motive

The white suspect had named sex addiction and the goal of trying to eradicate the “temptation” through massage parlors as the motive for the brutal attacks. The acts fueled the US debate over increasing hatred of Americans of Asian descent.

Is corona a completely different disease? Surprising research findings

  • ofChristina Rosenberger

    shut down

Corona was previously thought to be a cold virus due to its symptoms. Researchers now come to the surprising finding that everything is different.

Corona is everywhere. For more than a year, the virus has kept the whole world trapped in a pandemic. But now researchers have gained completely new knowledge about Covid-19. Because until now, science has assumed that the coronavirus causes a respiratory disease. How echo24.de* Now reported, however, shows a new study by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California that the so-called spike proteins of Sars-CoV-2 probably suggest a different thesis.

The spikes, or “spikes” of the coronavirus, are proteins on the virus shell and are now very well known, at least externally, because they give the Covid-19 virus its typical shape. The spike proteins are also always discussed when it comes to the particular risk of infection by the virus. Because they help with the transfer. But that’s not all. The research group at the Salk Institute has now discovered another property of the spines.

Corona: Research bang – a completely different disease than expected

In the trade journal Circulation Research the scientists published an article in late April. In it they show that Sars-CoV-2 “damages and attacks the vascular system at the cellular level”. Therefore, the researchers are now classifying Covid-19 as a completely different disease. “Many people think it’s a respiratory disease, but it’s actually a vascular disease,” said Uri Manor, one of the study’s authors, in a Salk Institute press release.

This thesis of the research group is intended to explain how it can be that a corona infection can bring so many different symptoms * with it, such as strokes. According to Manor, however, they all have in common that there are vascular, i.e. blood vessel-related, principles.

Covid-19: Corona is not a respiratory disease at all – what is behind it

The scientists at Manor have been following this trail for a while now. For their study, they created what is known as a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by the classic Sars-CoV-2 crown made of spike proteins, but does not contain an actual virus inside. In the animal model, this pseudovirus damaged the lungs and arteries even without the actual virus. The researchers take this as evidence that the spike protein alone is enough to cause disease.

Tissue samples finally showed that the pseudovirus had caused inflammation in the so-called endothelial cells that line the walls of the pulmonary artery from the inside, so the researchers carried out further tests and experiments. They showed that the spike protein can bind the enzyme ACE2.

ACE2 is mainly produced by cells in the lungs, where it can act as an entry point for the virus on the cell surface. In the researchers’ experiments, the bond with the Sars-CoV-2 virus disrupted the molecular signal transmission from ACE2 to the mitochondria – and these were damaged and fragmented as a result.

Corona: New findings about spike protein – further research needed

Earlier studies showed a similar effect when cells were exposed to the coronavirus, but this is the first scientific work that shows that serious damage occurs if cells only come into contact with the spike protein – themselves when the replication capabilities of the virus are undermined. “Simply because of its ability,” explains Manor.

If the replication abilities of the virus are removed, it still has a great damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply due to its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, which is now known thanks to Covid.

Uri Manor, co-author of the study at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California

In addition, the scientists at the Salk Institute now want to continue researching the spike proteins – especially with regard to corona mutants *. Because “Studies with mutated spike proteins will also provide new insights into the infectivity and severity of the mutated Sars-CoV-2 viruses”

As a next step, the researchers from California want to take a closer look at the mechanism that disrupts the ACE2 protein and thus damages the mitochondria. Perhaps this approach – in addition to the corona vaccination campaign * – can help to finally get the pandemic under control and to heal sick people faster and better. * echo24.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Headline list image: © CDC / Alissa Eckert, MSMI; Dan Higgins, MAMS

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