GMC introduces one of the most powerful and advanced cars

Follow RT on GMC revealed the new Sierra 1500, which was designed to be among the most technically distinguished large pickup vehicles. The new vehicle received modifications that distinguished it from the previous Sierra 1500 vehicles, in which the features of the front end and lights were changed to appear stronger and more modern, and […]

Urgent.. these services are free of charge from banks

Within the framework of the celebration of the activities of the World Financial Inclusion Week and the World Savings Day under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, banks operating in the local market offer a number of their services free of charge and without expenses until the end of this month. Starting next […]

electric scooter, on offer for €265!

If you have reached this offer then I am sure you have been looking for a electric scooter that offers you good benefits at the best possible price. Luckily, now it is possible to get one that meets the three ideal premises when buying anything, it is good, beautiful and cheap. An ideal scooter for […]

12 items that may be in short supply this Christmas

Although leaders of the private sector and the shipping industry stressed yesterday that the cargo stopper in California ports has not affected the flow of merchandise in Puerto Rico so far, they did anticipate that some popular items during the holiday season could sell out early or not. be available for Christmas. “It is very […]

Protest action in Italy: Here stewardesses strip for their job

1/13 Around 50 stewardesses undressed in protest in Rome. 2/13 The former flight attendants gathered in Rome on the Capitoline Hill. 12/13 And finally the airline was taken over by Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA). 13/13 ITA took over half of Alitalia’s machines and – on poorer terms – 70 percent of Alitalia’s 2,800 employees. They […]

Electric car rental company warns of charging at unearthed sockets>

The German electric car rental company nextmove reports that there is a previously unknown risk of slow charging of electric cars. After getting an electric shock on his Ioniq 5 himself while on vacation, managing director Stefan Moeller (see photo) investigated the electrifying experience and, with the help of experts, determined that there is a […]

Powell hints at a price hike and talks of tightening By

© Reuters. – Currently speaking, Jerome Powell stresses the continuation of the US Federal Reserve’s plan to . Powell said that it is not excluded that a new rise in Corona virus infections will occur this winter, and he expressed his fear that this would happen. But he also said that inflation will ease […]

Positive Ftse Mib awaiting S&P

In line with the other European lists, the Italian Stock Exchange today closed positively: on the Ftse Mib the recoveries of the securities of the industrial and utilities sector. Focus on Eni. The good mood of the operators is due to the indications coming from China, where local sources reported the news according to which […]

Premium gasoline rises RD $ 4.00 and regular gasoline RD $ 3.00

For the second consecutive week, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MICM) increased the price of fuel by between three and four pesos. Through a press release, they alleged that the Government “assumed” a debt of 650 million pesos with importers to “maintain” the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and “prevent premium and regular […]

Sika meets expectations, but is held back by inflation

Revenue increased 18.2% year-over-year over nine months and profit jumped by more than a third. The action closes up 0.29%. Construction chemist Sika remains on track for records this year. Despite the still marked effects of the coronavirus crisis and the problems that this causes in the acquisition of raw materials, the turnover increased sharply […]