Gopfried Stutz: Save 83,000 francs with the right mortgage

1/2 Because interest rates have not risen in the last decade, money market mortgages have saved a lot of money. 2/2 Claude Chatelain is a publicist and business journalist. Columnist and business journalist Hardly any financial institute has advocated money market mortgages as persistently as VZ Vermögenszentrum in recent years. In retrospect, one can say […]

Peter Spuhler remains at the top of Stadler

1/5 Son Lucas works at Stadler Rail, but shouldn’t follow in father Peter Spuhler’s footsteps. 2/5 That’s what Peter Spuhler says in an interview. 4/5 Spuhler sees great economic potential in green technologies such as fuel cell trains. 5/5 He also comments on Nadja Ceregato, the ex-wife of ex-Raiffeisen President Pirmin Vincenz. She now works […]

Ceramic brakes for Tesla Model S Plaid for $ 20,000>

For an electric car record lap on the German Nürburgring, the series brakes of the super-fast Model S Plaid with three motors are sufficient, as Tesla demonstrated with a best time there in September. After the record, CEO Elon Musk also announced modified models for even faster ring laps and shortly afterwards had a Model […]

A tremor in the currency market .. Bitcoin drops below 54 thousand dollars

News of the emergence of a new strain of the Corona virus that may be resistant to currently available vaccines prompted investors to rush to resort to safe havens in currencies such as the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc on Friday, while traders also took profits after a rally in the US dollar. The […]

Toyota introduces a very sophisticated and economical vehicle in fuel consumption!

Follow RT on During the development of the new Venza, Toyota focused on making the vehicle very distinctive in terms of design and technology, and economical in fuel consumption at the same time. Among the elements of distinction that the new Venza carried with it is the unique design of its exterior structure, as well […]

If you do not have a job, you will open a beginning account at CIB with great advantages

In support of financial inclusion, Commercial International Bank, the largest private sector bank in Egypt, announced the launch of a group of Bidaya accounts targeting individuals, owners of small and micro businesses, and self-employed people. The future lists the most prominent advantages of accounts starting with the Commercial International Bank in the following lines: 1 […]

The world’s stock markets collapsed due to the new variant of covid-19 –

The world’s stock markets collapsed due to the new variant of Wall Street is also suffering from the covid and closes its worst session in a year due to the new Market stock exchanges sink due to Omicron variant of COVID-19: Wall Street, Mexico, Madrid, London …AS Usa Financial markets plummet amid concern […]

In light of the Corona crisis, what are safe savings havens?

In Egypt, interest rates witnessed a decline in a parallel line with the Corona pandemic, as they decreased by about 4 percent during 2020 (including 3 percent once in March of the same year, as part of measures to confront the repercussions of the pandemic) to reach 8.25 percent (on deposit) after it was It […]

DACO fines a store for “lack of adequate labeling”

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) today fined a store located on the first level of the Plaza Las Américas shopping center, “for lack of adequate labeling.” As explained by the secretary of the DACO, Edan Rivera Rodríguez, “we issued a fine to a store for lack of proper labeling because it was not the […]