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How to stop sweet cravings

An important project at work, an argument with the partner – and suddenly the food is endless. Stress can affect eating behavior. The body’s own stress hormones are to blame. But how exactly does it come about and how can the cravings for sweets be stopped? Photo series with 15 pictures Those who use chocolate, […]

Win an online cooking course for authentic Thai cuisine – enjoyment

“Today” is giving away 3×2 tickets for participation in the Online Cooking Class on November 11th with Blue Elephant, Roi Thai & Everest Reis. THAI FOOD IS FUTURE FOOD: Authentic Thai cuisine for your home Cook once like Master Chef Nooror. She is the founder of the Blue Elephant brand, owns restaurants of the same […]

Why the best-before date could disappear

Labeled milk Eliminating the use-by date could help fight food waste. (Photo: dpa) Brussels Every year around 80 million tons of food are thrown away in the EU, one fifth of total production, around 170 kilograms per person. If this amount could be reduced, the food could be made cheaper and at the same time […]

8 foods good for the liver

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common liver disease in the Western world, its incidence is increasing and, although its prevalence is uneven in each place, numerous studies already place it at around 30% of the population in these countries. Several studies warn that pathology is on the rise, since it is related […]

European multinational Delivery Hero buys Hugo App operations for $ 150 million

With this acquisition, the German company plans to expand its presence in Central America. Delivery Hero, the leading home delivery platform worldwide, announced this Thursday that it has signed an agreement with the Salvadoran company Hugo App to acquire for $ 150 million the main food delivery and fast trade business of the multi-category market […]