No one heard 45 weather alerts for Tula

The National Weather Service (SMN) assured that it issued 45 alerts to National Civil Protection System, as well as to the governors of Hidalgo and the State of Mexico, on the storms that caused the overflow of the Tula river and that led to the death of 17 people in the IMSS hospital. The director […]

Tula Hospital. Oxygen did not arrive

Tula.— With the pain of the loss, Catalina García Pozos arrives at the funeral services Misión Funeral Tepeyac, in Tula, to carry out the procedures for the delivery of the body of her husband, José Manuel Hernández Gante, 30, who was one of the the 15 people who died in the General Hospital of Zone […]

Honduran drowned to save his mother from a flood in the United States

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES.- A young Honduran died this Thursday while trying to save his mother from a flood that occurred in the building where they lived in Rockville Maryland, United States. It was identified as Melkin Daniel Cedillo (19) and died when he was taking his mother out of the apartment complex that was being […]

New York in a state of emergency due to historical floods; there are nine dead

2 Sep 2021 – 12:23 p.m. m. Floating cars, waterfalls in subway stations and flooding in buildings are some of the scenes that were experienced in New York. The passage of Storm Ida has killed at least nine people. Ida continues to devastate the United States despite having reduced from a Category 4 hurricane to […]

Remains of Ida leave very serious floods in New York: the videos

Christian Garavaglia 27 minutes ago 3 min Historic flash floods occurred late Wednesday in New York generating total chaos in one of the most iconic and populated cities in the world. The meter of #New York tonight.#ida Via: — Webcams de México (@webcamsdemexico) September 2, 2021 The videos that gave an account of the […]

floods in Tennessee kill at least 16 people

This southern state in the United States was hit on Saturday by rains described as “historic” by local weather services. Flooding in Tennessee has left at least 16 dead and dozens remain wanted, according to several local media on Sunday August 22. Relief operations continued on Sunday, according to local newspaper The Tennessean, which reported […]

At least 21 dead from flooding in Tennessee

Flooding in Tennessee has left at least 21 dead and dozens of people remain wanted, according to several local media outlets on Sunday. This southern state of the United States was hit Saturday, August 21 by rains described as “historicalBy local weather services, resulting in fatal flooding. Read alsoNatural disasters: “We are already facing the […]

Clean Rivers: Belgium does not clear up rubbish at the Meuse dam | 1Limburg

The Belgian government has to clean up the washed up rubbish at the weir in Lieze. At Lieze, on the border with Limburg, “mountains of floating waste” are allowed through, according to environmental organization Schone Rivieren. This flows into Limburg via the Maas. As a result, the banks and floodplains of the Meuse are becoming […]