The 17th stage for Australian Ben O’Connor – Fil Info – Giro

Australian Ben O’Connor (NTT Pro Cycling) won the 17e stage of the Giro ahead of solo and altitude at Madonna di Campiglio the Austrian Herman Pernsteiner (Bahrain-McLaren) of 31 seconds. The Portuguese Joao Almeida (Deceuninck) kept the pink jersey of leader on the eve of the queen stage, which must cross the Stelvio, one of the highest passes in Europe at 2758 meters.


Nacer Bouhanni positive for Covid-19 – Fil Info

Positive for Covid-19, Nacer Bouhanni is forced to forfeit the Bruges-La Panne race (formerly called “The Three Days of De Panne” on Wednesday, his Arkea-Samsic training announced on Monday. The French sprinter underwent an examination detection three days before the race, as stipulated in the Union cycliste internationale (UCI) regulations for World Tour races.

Since mid-September, the Frenchman (30) has won two races, the GP d’Isbergues and Paris-Chauny. His last competition was the GP de l’Escaut (Belgium), last Wednesday, where he finished 11th in a final sprint won by the Australian Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Soudal) ahead of the Italian Niccolo Bonifazio (Total-Direct Energie ) and Bryan Coquard (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept).


Tour: Prosecco pour Ganna … – Fil Info – Tour

The world time trial champion, the Italian Filippo Ganna (Ineos), won the time trial of the 14th stage of the Giro, Saturday in Valdobbiadene, where the Portuguese Joao Almeida (Deceuninck) reinforced his pink leader’s jersey . Ganna scored his third success since the start of the Giro, at nearly 48 km / h on a course laid out in the vineyards of Prosecco (34.1 km).


Cycling and doping, the return of suspicion

It’s off again for a bad trick. The Great Loop barely finished, the shadow of doping reappears, as in the dark years, weighed down by the Festina and Armstrong cases. Barely crowned the new prince of the little queen, the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar, that the machine of doubts gets carried away.

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Suspicion fell on the shoulders of Nairo Quintana, his brother Dayer and Winner Anacona, the Colombian riders of the French training Arkéa-Samsic. A search roundly conducted Wednesday, September 16 in Méribel, by the gendarmes of the Central Office for the fight against attacks on the environment and public health (read below), brought to light a strange piece of paraphernalia: “Many health products including drugs in their personal belongings, but also and above all a method that can be qualified as doping”, said Monday, September 21, the prosecutor of Marseille who leads the investigation, Dominique Laurens.

Team members, but not employees?

That same Monday, we learn that two people who revolve around the Quintana are in custody. The cycling training concerned was quick to react with a press release from its general manager, Emmanuel Hubert. He evokes a search concerning “A very limited number of runners, as well as their close entourage, not employed by the team”. Who are these ” relatives “ ? And on this Tour locked by the health measures imposed by the Covid-19, were they part of the famous “bubble” put in place to protect the runners?

“The two people involved must necessarily belong to the bubble”, judge Roger Legeay, former manager of the former Crédit Agricole team and president since 2007 of the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC), to which 12 teams out of the 22 present on the Tour belong. “The press assures us that it is about the physiotherapist of Nairo Quintana and his personal doctor. The latter had indeed replaced, at the last moment, the usual doctor of the training, very ill. “

The physiotherapist would also be an intimate of the winner of the Tour of Italy 2014 and the Tour of Spain 2016, present by his side since his arrival in his previous Movistar team in 2012, a real «Ami» even if we believe his words. Would the two not be employees of Arkéa-Samsic? However, the physiotherapist figures well in the official organization chart of the team.

Put managers at the center of the game

In any case, here are the old demons of cycling that we wanted to believe asleep. Roger Legeay is hardly surprised and repeats it in all tones: “Once again, we can only see that if the fight against doping is moving in the right direction, the tests are not enough. All the major cases for twenty years, in cycling as in all other sports, have one thing in common: it is never doping controls that reveal them, but denunciations or police investigations. “

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

To put an end to this shallot race, Roger Legeay’s MPCC proposes to explore a new avenue: that team managers commit to zero tolerance. “They’re the ones who hire the runners and the coaching staff. The careers of those caught with their fingers in the jam jar must end immediately. And that must be valid for the runners as for the supervision. No one can claim today that he does not know. So you have to be intractable. “

Even with Emmanuel Hubert, the manager of Arkéa member of the MPCC? “Either it is organized doping, and the sanction will fall. Either the team is not concerned, as its manager says, and then it must at least prohibit its riders from any competition before the end of the procedure, which would comply with our rules ”, judge Roger Legeay. Who wants to believe in his formula, even if it is only worth if we use it.

→ BENCHMARKS. Doping and the Tour de France: a look back at the big business

And some are far from it, including those around Tadej Pogacar. UAE Emirates team boss Mauro Gianetti and manager Joxean Fernandez Matxin have in the past been involved in several doping cases. But they are still in business, at the pinnacle with their rare pearl today. Proud of a team which, like Primoz Roglic’s Jumbo-Visma, do not join the MPCC.


Oclaesp at the heart of the investigation

It is once again the Central Office for the fight against attacks on the environment and public health (Oclaesp) which finds itself at the forefront of the investigation which is plunging the world of cycling back into disaster. Created in 2004, this judicial police service is made up of around sixty gendarmes and police officers supported by technical advisers, including one from the sports ministry.

Its investigation division includes a “public health” group which has actively participated in the fight against doping since 2009. It also immediately distinguished itself on the Tour de France 2009 by seizing infusion kits (syringes and plastic bags) at the within the Astana formation in which Lance Armstrong was then trying his hand at a return to the top after his retirement (he finished 3e, before his downgrading for doping in 2012).

Oclaesp has since intervened regularly during the Tour, in particular in 2012 on the case of the rider of the Cofidis training, Rémy Di Grégorio, who will finally be sentenced in 2018 to a one-year suspended sentence for possession of prohibited material.


opening of a doping investigation

Barely finished, the Tour de France finds itself again confronted with the suspicion of doping. An investigation targeting members of the French team Arkéa-Samsic was opened and two caregivers were placed in police custody on Monday, September 21, before being released the next day.

→ INVESTIGATION. Cycling and doping, the return of suspicion

During this preliminary investigation led by the Marseille prosecutor’s office as part of the public health pole and aimed at “A small part of the runners” of the team, were discovered “Many health products including drugs in their personal belongings, but also and above all a method that can be qualified as doping”, said the prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens.

“Unacceptable” methods, according to the manager

Several riders of the team also “Been heard in free hearing of a suspect”, said the prosecutor Tuesday evening. These runners, whose identity has not been confirmed by the Marseille prosecutor’s office, are suspected of having detained “Without medical justification” a “Prohibited substance or method” may have served as doping, within the framework of the Tour.

The leader of the French team, Colombian Nairo Quintana defended himself on Wednesday from any doping. ” I have been a clean runner all my sporting life ”, does he have. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.“The authorities came to my room and found there food supplements rich in vitamins that were perfectly legal, even if they were not known to the French authorities”, explained the Colombian in a statement. “I have nothing to hide and never had anything to hide”, pleads the runner, who finished the 2020 edition in 17th place, more than an hour from the winner, the Slovenian Tadej Pogacar.

To replace its titular doctor absent for health reasons, the team had exceptionally appealed for the Tour de France to a Colombian, we note in the entourage of the team without knowing if this practitioner is one of the detained.

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Asked about these investigations carried out by the Central Office for the fight against attacks on the environment and public health (OCLAESP), the general manager of the Breton team Emmanuel Hubert declared “Obviously support (his) runners. But if it turned out that at the end of the current investigation, elements came to confirm the veracity of doping practices, the team would immediately dissociate itself from such acts and would take the necessary measures without delay. to put an end to the links which could unite them with unacceptable and always opposed methods ”.

Several runners targeted

According to details provided by a source familiar with the matter, the search carried out on Wednesday September 16 near Méribel (Savoie) by OCLAESP targeted several riders of the team, including the Colombian Dayer Quintana, the younger brother of Nairo, and members of the medical team.

Emmanuel Hubert for his part simply indicated that the search did not “Concerned only a very limited number of riders, as well as their close entourage, not employed by the team”. “The team, its general manager and its staff are not kept informed of any element, directly or indirectly, relating to the progress of the investigation which does not target either the team or its staff directly”, he added.

This case is the first notable for several years on the Tour de France, after a period punctuated by police raids during the event following the Festina affair in 1998.
Among the most recent, the intervention during a day of rest of the Tour 2012 targeting Rémy Di Grégorio, but also systematic searches of the OCLAESP with each positive doping control announcement, in particular that of Luxembourgish Frank Schleck in 2012.


the French runners disappointed

It is a story of goats, which has not finished talking in the peloton of the French, gathered far from the first places. On the evening of the historic time trial on Saturday 19 September, having seen the coronation of the young Slovenian Tadej Pogacar on the slopes of La Planche-des-Belles-Filles, the local of the stage, Thibaut Pinot, posted on the social networks a photo. We see the boys from his hilarious Groupama-FDJ team, pulling the goat goat goat he is raising not far from there.

→ PORTRAIT. Tour de France 2020: Tadej Pogacar, a kid made history

Evoking this day, when the road was painted with his name every thirty meters, the runner compared the happiness of running among his family to “Almost a victory”. Nothing inappropriate in view of the overall performance of the French. Handicapped by a back injury following a fall during the first stage, he himself was irreparably dropped in the Pyrenees.

Thibaut Pinot seems to have already left for the Tour… 2021

Already during the 2019 Tour, Thibaut Pinot had to give up three days before the finish, when a podium seemed certain to him, and that he carried on his shoulders the chance to succeed Bernard Hinault. Thirty-five years after the ultimate success of the Breton badger, the last Frenchman to win the Tour in 1985, it is difficult to see who could take up the torch. After hinting for a while that he could throw in the towel from an unfinished career, the Saônois announced that he will start the Tour of Spain on October 20. And set an appointment with his supporters, still numerous for the 2021 Tour.

He will then be 31 years old, a canonical age to win. The misadventure of the thirty-something Primoz Roglic against his young compatriot Tadej Pogacar, 21, is there to show it. In a cycling world where careers started earlier also turn out quicker, Thibaut Pinot is an ancestor. Like his colleague Romain Bardet, forced to retire after a fall, and who will try next year to regain the colors of 2016 (he finished 2nd in the Tour) in the jersey of the Swiss team Sunweb.

Should we expect better from Julian Alaphilippe, 5th in the 2019 edition after wearing the yellow jersey for almost two weeks? Not sure. Out of shape since the start of this white season for him, disturbed by the death of his father and matters of the heart, he has never seemed in the game, despite a stage victory and a yellow jersey stupidly lost because of of a water container caught in a prohibited area.

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But we expected better from Guillaume Martin, great hope despite his 27 years of a French peloton in need of relief. Frustrated at having missed out on a place in the top ten which seemed promised to him after his twelfth place last year, he was held back by “a day without” and a derailleur problem in the hill where it was not necessary. Le Normand has set a date for next year, without completely convincing. Just like David Gaudu, 23, stamped number 1 hope of French cycling after his beautiful Tour 2019, and forced to retire.

French youngsters closer to the tail than to the head

Apart from two stage victories, that of Julian Alaphilippe and that of the unexpected Grenoblois Nans Peters, this Tour 2020 is to be erased from our sporting memories, a bit chauvinistic. Three French in the top twenty, Guillaume Martin (11th) Warren Barguill (14th) Pierre Rolland (18th) but none in the Top 10: in recent history, we have to go back to the nightmarish edition of 2013 to find such a debacle. The French had to be content with a stage victory (Christophe Riblon at Alpe d’Huez) and a single rider classified in the top fifteen, Romain Bardet.

→ ANALYSIS. Tour de France 2020: Roglic-Pogacar, two Slovenians at the top

The Tour de France 2019 had given a glimpse of wonders, from the top of its three French victories, twelve days in yellow and a ranking of the best climber. We are very far from the mark this year. What is most worrying is that the next generation is slow to show the tip of its nose, while we can see in all nations a rejuvenation of runners capable of winning great races.

The two youngest of the French peloton, Mathieu Burgaudeau and Maxime Chevalier, both 21 years old, finish in 130th and 136th places. More than five hours, or the duration of a stage, from the winner Tadej Pogacar who is only a few months older than them.


Tadej Pogacar, a kid who made history

“We witnessed the birth of a great champion”. In all languages, Greg LeMond comments on the feat of Tadej Pogacar, Saturday, September 19, who stole the yellow jersey from his compatriot Primoz Roglic. The American is particularly well placed to judge, he who, in 1989, snatched victory for eight seconds from Frenchman Laurent Fignon in the ultimate time trial, thus offering the United States the second Tour de France of their story.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

Sunday, September 20, it is Tadej Pocagar’s turn to brandish the first Slovenian bouquet, in front of the president of his country, Borut Pahor, expected on the Champs-Élysées.

Rather, we expected Roglic on the Champs-Élysées

At the time of his triumph in 1989, Greg LeMond was 28 years old, the age of maturity it was thought at the time. Tadej Pogacar will blow out his 22 candles on Monday 21, after having achieved one of the greatest sporting exploits of recent years.

→ READ. Tour de France 2020: Tadej Pogacar wins the 20th stage and takes the yellow jersey

Last year, we thought we had seen everything with the coronation at 22 of Colombian Egan Bernal, who seemed set to crush the big towers under his wheels. Victim of a mysterious back pain, Egan Bernal abandoned the 2020 edition along the way. Leaving the field open to a 100% Slovenian mano a mano between Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar.

On the Champs-Élysées, we expected rather the “old” Primoz Roglic (30 years old), almost a minute ahead of the time trial of La Planche des Belles Filles on Saturday 19. Everything was in place to tell again and again the great adventure of this former ski jumper, deprived of titles by the aftermath of a spectacular fall and knocking late on the door of a cycling club to learn everything about cycling. “Its story has almost become a national legend”, Slovenian journalist Polona Bertoncelj told Thursday September 17 in The cross.

Sport, a Slovenian diplomatic weapon

Two days later, the story is quite different. It perfectly illustrates the desire of Slovenia, a country of 2 million inhabitants, to carve out a place for itself in the world thanks to its athletes, first skiers or basketball players, and now cyclists.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

Tadej Pogacar is the pure product of a detection policy put in place by his federation at the beginning of the 2010s. Spotted at 10 years old during a stress test as hundreds were then organized in schools, this child of the middle class – her mother is a French teacher and her father is an industrial designer – is immediately taken care of by the best national coaches.

Founded by the Slovenian Andrej Hauptman, currently sports director of the UAE Emirates team, of which he wears the colors, the young Tadej has never betrayed the hopes that were placed in him. Winner of his first national race at 13, of the famous Tour of the Future, the antechamber of champions, at 18, he began to wreak havoc in the professional peloton in 2019. Last year, he won , at 20, the Tour of the Algarve and the Tour of California. As well as three mountain stages in the Tour of Spain, with third place in the final classification, won by Primoz Roglic.

A form of recklessness

As much as Roglic is reasonable and frugal with his efforts and his words, Pogacar is chatty and always inclined to attack. A form of recklessness, undoubtedly dictated by the absence of obstacles on his young course, allowed him to multiply the solitary strokes, when his eldest remained well sheltered from his teammates, protected by his powerful Jumbo-Visma team.

→ ANALYSIS. Tour de France 2020: Roglic-Pogacar, two Slovenians at the top

Upon arrival, on Saturday, the youngest had a kind and visibly sincere word for his elder: “I have enormous respect for him, he is a friend, and I am sad for him”. While projecting in a rather relaxed way. « Of course things will change but I want to stay the same, train and run with the same mindset. I’m just a kid from Slovenia with two sisters and a brother. I like to have fun, to appreciate life in its little things ”.


Like Cadel Evans in 2011

By stealing the yellow jersey from an opponent the last evening before the finish on the Champs-Élysées, Tadej Pogacar took the wheel of Cadel Evans. The Australian had played the same bad
Luxembourgish Andy Schleck’s turn in 2011. Here too, the Tour de France was played at the end of a time trial, organized around Grenoble, on the Saturday before arriving in Paris.



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Tadej Pogacar wins stage 20 and takes the yellow jersey

Reversal of the situation one day before the final of the Tour de France: Tadej Pogacar dispossessed Primoz Roglic of the yellow jersey, this Saturday, September 19, by winning the time trial of La Planche des Belles Filles, the 20e stage of the Tour.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

In the standings, the young Slovenian (21) from the UAE Emirates team is now almost a minute ahead of his compatriot before the last stage, in principle without impact on the general classification.

If he won the Tour, Pogacar, who will celebrate his 22nd birthday on Monday, would be the youngest post-war winner. Pogacar left Roglic, who had been wearing the yellow jersey since leaving the Pyrenees (9th stage), 1 min 56 sec behind, in this 36.2-kilometer time lapse.

Situation reversal

Such a reversal of the situation had not occurred in the Tour since the memorable edition of 1989, when the American Greg LeMond had dispossessed Laurent Fignon of the yellow jersey on the last day in the « chrono » ending on the Champs-Elysées.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

Roglic, 30, has consistently lagged behind Pogacar. From 13 seconds to the first intermediate score (Km 14.5), the gap increased to 36 seconds at the foot of the final climb. In the classification of the stage, Pogacar pushed back the second, the Dutchman Tom Dumoulin, to 1 min 21 sec, according to an unofficial timing.



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Kragh Andersen wins the 19th stage, Roglic still serene

At 24 hours before the meeting of La Planche des Belles Filles, the Dane Soeren Kragh Andersen removed the 19th stage of the Tour de France, Friday September 18, in Champagnole (Jura), without any consequences for the general classification led by Primoz Roglic .

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107e editing

The gap between Roglic and his runner-up Tadej Pogacar remained the same (57 seconds). In this duel between Slovenes, he hardly leaves a touch of uncertainty about a hypothetical reversal of the situation before the arrival in Paris on Sunday.

A second success in a week

For the stage victory, Kragh Andersen preceded the Slovenian Luka Mezgec by almost a minute, who settled the first chase group ahead of the Belgian Jasper Stuyven. Long before the arrival of the peloton, some seven and a half minutes from the winner of the day.

Kragh Andersen (26), winner of Paris-Tours in 2018, scored his second success in a week after winning the 14th stage in Lyon last Saturday, also solo. And also the third from the Sunweb team, who came to the Tour for the sole purpose of stage hunting.

The transition stage at the exit of the Alps, in the direction of Franche-Comté, gave rise, under the heat, to a long solitary escape of the Frenchman Rémi Cavagna, a teammate of the green jersey Sam Bennett.

Sagan muzzled

Gone in the first few minutes, as if he wanted to justify his nickname “Clermont-Ferrand TGV”, the Auvergnat delivered a time trial, with favorable wind, on the often straight roads of the first part of the stage. He was controlled remotely by Peter Sagan’s Bora team, which gave him a maximum advantage of 3 minutes, and was joined 115 kilometers further by a trio of counter-attackers (Rolland, Cosnefroy, Rowe).

At 40 kilometers from the finish, the race was unbridled despite a general regrouping operated by the formation of Sagan. One group (Naesen, Rowe, Bauer, Mezgec, Van Avermaet, Trentin, Sagan, Bennett, Devenyns, Kragh Andersen, Arndt, Stuyven) formed in two stages as they approached the last 30 kilometers.

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

The peloton did not insist as many teams were represented at the front by their sprinters. After a first try by the Italian Matteo Trentin, Kragh Andersen attacked 16 kilometers from the line and widened the gap on his former companions, tangled in their tactical calculations.

Sagan couldn’t do anything. Deprived of a teammate in the final and closely watched by Sam Bennett, who ran exclusively in defense of his green jersey, the Slovak ended up resigning himself.

Saturday, the only time trial of the Tour is contested over 36.2 kilometers between Lure and La Planche des Belles Filles. The route, flat or on an uphill slope, ends with an ascent classified in the first category to reach the Haute-Saône station, on the eve of the Champs-Élysées.



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A 2020 Tour de France dominated by Slovenia and Colombia

The French atomized, the Italians scattered, the Belgians overwhelmed. These three nations, totaling 54 victories out of the 106 completed Tours de France, have not been at the party since the start of the Tour de France. Among the great traditional cycling nations, only Spain saves the honor, far from the Colombian and Slovenian headliners who are fighting for the first places in the general classification.

With five participants – including one of the main favorites, Primoz Roglic, and a closely watched youngster, Tadej Pogacar – Slovenia was well represented at the start from Nice. But neither Roglic nor Pogacar then seemed able to crush the competition as they have been doing for two weeks.

→ DOSSIER. Tour de France 2020: all the information to follow this 107th edition

This did not fail to unleash the enthusiasm of the supporters. “In recent days, we’ve seen lots of flags on the side of the road, it’s crazy, said the yellow jersey on the evening of the Loze stage. It gives extra strength. I don’t know what’s going on in the country, but I hope they enjoy it. “

The yellow jersey firmly attached to Slovenian shoulders

Last year, it was the yellow blue blood red flags that had arisen, saluting the exploits of the Colombian, Egan Bernal. But the young prodigy is not able to double the bet this year, eliminated by a mysterious back pain. Mourning a nation where “Cycling is one of the rare points of agreement in a divided country”, according to Emmanuel Hubert, boss of the Arkea-Samsic training which has three Colombians in its ranks.

Miguel Angel Lopez on the revival for Colombia

Bernal out of service and Nairo Quintana handicapped by a nasty elbow injury, the Colombian banner has lost its splendor. It is worn by Rigoberto Uran, 33, a regular in the Top 10 in the big towers and by Miguel Angel Lopez, 26, also subscribed to the rolls of honor. Son of a very poor family, this pure product of the work of Colombian detectors, who crisscross the country in search of new nuggets, has however taken a further step after winning the formidable stage of the Loze pass, this Wednesday, September 16. .

→ ROUTE. Tour de France 2020: the map of stages

If we can speak of a Colombian school, with a strong federation founded in the 1930s, Slovenia is a newcomer in the field of cycling. The national sports are rather basketball, handball and above all and skiing, in all its forms: jumping, alpine, Nordic… It is moreover thanks to images of a spectacular fall that Primoz Roglic, then a jumper in skiing in the national team, had made its entry on YouTube.

With its 2 million inhabitants, including 1,600 licensed, ten times less than the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes regional league alone, Slovenia has only two professional Continental-level teams (2e division). Colombia is much more provided in terms of clubs and teams, but struggles to impose high level events in the international calendar, mainly due to its geographical location.

However, these two nations come together in an inglorious field, that of doping, where they collect suspensions from professional riders. In this sad exercise, none of the big names of the 2020 Tour, whether Slovenian or Colombian, has ever been mentioned.



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