Still more amputations than before the corona crisis –

Many more amputations are still performed than before the corona crisis, says chairman of the Dutch Orthopedic Association Sjoerd Bulstra. The reason for this is the postponed care during the pandemic. Last year, three times as many amputations were performed in the Netherlands as in 2019, so before Covid-19. Bulstra learns from fellow orthopedists that […]

17 American missionaries kidnapped in Haiti: The New York Times

A group of up to 17 Christian missionaries from USA and their relatives were kidnapped this Saturday in Prince Port when they were leaving an orphanage, the newspaper reported The New York Times. According to the newspaper, which cites Haitian security sources, the group, which included children, was kidnapped by a criminal gang when they […]

The link between breast cancer and deodorants –

Do Antiperspirant Deodorants Promote Breast Cancer? This question has been debated in the scientific community for years. A new study, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, says the aluminum salts in deodorants are likely harmful. Aluminum in deodorants dries out the skin and prevents the user from sweating. A group of researchers from […]

Solar panels that fail when the sun shines –

It takes place (so far) mainly in Belgium. Solar panels that stop working when the sun shines. Grid operator Fluvius has already received 2,397 complaints about failing solar panels this year. That is 65 percent more than last year, report Het Nieuwsblad and Het Belang van Limburg. Owners of solar panels hope for a lot […]

“The more afraid you are of stress, the more it bothers you” –

Too much stress doesn’t make anyone happy, but we need a little stress, says researcher Sonia Lupien in de Volkskrant. “We have become too afraid of stress.” Lupien, affiliated with the University of Montreal, emphasizes that chronic stress is not healthy. “There is now plenty of evidence that chronic stress is linked to heart disease, […]

Iceland stops Moderna due to side effects –

Iceland has completely stopped using Moderna’s corona vaccine after reports of side effects. In other Northern European countries, the drug is no longer used in young people. The dangerous side effect that made Iceland decide to stop taking Moderna altogether is inflammation of the heart muscle and the pericardium. Young men under the age of […]

“Understanding I wasn’t the only one” –

Bridget Maasland (46), the ex of André Hazes (and many others), and real estate consultant Christian P. Henry (30) have indeed split up after a few months of dating. The RTL presenter concluded that he is not ‘relationship material’. There were more women in the real estate boy’s life. “We were dating and then we […]

why women are colder than men

Researchers say it’s not a fairy tale impression that women are cold more often than men – it could be an evolutionary fact. According to researchers at Tel Aviv University’s School of Zoology, it appears that not only are human females cold, but many other species are also cold. So why do women prefer heat […]