A new criminal case may be instituted against Alexei Navalny – about calls to participate in illegal actions

The Russian Foreign Ministry today commented on the interference in the internal affairs of Russia by the United States Embassy in Moscow. This is how the publication on the website of the American mission, which contained detailed information about the places and times of the protests, was regarded on Smolenskaya Square.

The official statement of our foreign ministry emphasized that the American diplomats will have a serious conversation at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Pre-investigation checks are underway on the facts of the use of violence against law enforcement officers. Several criminal cases have already been initiated. A new case may also be initiated against Alexei Navalny himself – about calls to participate in illegal actions. And the opposition blogger has an outstanding criminal record.

The probationary period is assigned for the convicted conditionally. Alexey Navalny was just in this status. He was convicted twice. One case – on the facts of embezzlement on an especially large scale in the Kirovles company, the sentence is five years in a general regime colony, later the court determined that the sentence would be suspended. The second is the case of fraud against the Yves Rocher company, in which Navalny’s brother was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, and he himself was also suspended for 3.5 years. The Federal Penitentiary Service has complaints about how the convicted person fulfilled the conditions of the probationary period.

During 2020, multiple violations were recorded by convicted A.A. Navalny. the conditions of the probationary period, according to which he was obliged to appear for registration at the criminal-executive inspection of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Moscow twice a month on certain days. In particular, violations were recorded twice in January 2020, once – in February, March, July, August. The last appearance of the convicted Navalny A.A. for registration took place on August 3, 2020. At the same time, the staff of the Penitentiary Institute repeatedly warned the convict that these violations could lead to the cancellation of the conditional release and his replacement with a real term of imprisonment.

All the time that Alexei Navalny was being treated abroad, there were no complaints against him. But, as it became known from the publication in the authoritative medical publication “Lancet”, German doctors recognized him fully recovered much earlier than he wanted to appear for the standard registration at the criminal executive inspectorate. Actually, this is precisely why he was detained after returning to Russia. The court will obviously take into account the violation of the conditions of the probationary period. Moreover, now against Navalny, they can also initiate a case of calls to participate in illegal mass actions.

“If during public events provocations and attempts at violent actions are recorded, the actions of these persons can be qualified under Article 212 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. I would especially like to note that the involvement of minors in this illegal activity may constitute a corpus delicti provided for in Articles 150 and 151 of note 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, ”explained Andrey Ivanov, the official representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

And provocations and violent actions have already been recorded, there is more than enough video evidence. It was Navalny’s supporters on social networks who called for participation in unauthorized actions, especially zealous with appeals to minors. The social network “Tik Tok”, one of the most popular among young people, among schoolchildren, on the eve of January 23 was overflowing with videos about the upcoming action and instructions on what to do during the notorious “movement”: “The first rule is to leave your passport at home, the second rule is take a mask, nobody canceled the mask mode. Be sure to take milk with you. “

Children were advised to rinse their eyes with milk if tear gas got into them. Definitely, they were prepared for the fact that this gas will be sprayed, which happens only during a violent confrontation with the police, which, in fact, was planned. The pumping was carried out not only with the help of bombing with appeals in social networks on the eve of the event, the stuffing of fakes on the Internet intensified on January 23.

Here is an example: these shots were posted in Tik Tok, passing them off as an uncoordinated winter action in Moscow, although they were made in the summer, during the actions in Minsk, they show quite recognizable buildings.

One well-known Russian-language site from Latvia posted a photo of a column of armored vehicles, which allegedly stand on the Gorky highway at the entrance to the capital. The calculation was to additionally “wind up” the situation in Moscow, they say, the introduction of military equipment is being prepared. Meanwhile, this technique was photographed not in Russia, but in Belarus. Some Ukrainian sites also distinguished themselves with lies, and they lied unpretentiously. vW video from Vladivostok, and next to it is a comment: “A fight ensued, sounds of shots are heard”, although no sounds of shots are heard. The Americans could not help joining the information war, the pumping.

Here is a tweet from the US Embassy in Russia, in the style of the State Department manuals that were written to officially support the 2014 coup d’etat in Ukraine: his voice was heard. The Biden and Harris administration will support all advocates for democracy and universal rights. “

Moreover, the website of the US Embassy published the exact addresses, time, start and routes of uncoordinated actions by Navalny’s supporters. Formally calling on American citizens to avoid these places. This embassy did exactly the same trick in the summer of 2019 during unauthorized actions. The Russian Foreign Ministry made a statement on this score.

“Since Friday, the American Embassy began to actively work in the information space, publish maps of the processions, illegal events that were planned, but they went even further, they threw in information that a certain trip to the Kremlin was planned, and even the organizers themselves did not declare this. … What was it? A call? Instruction? Motivation? It’s interesting how the American authorities would behave if the Russian embassy in Washington would allow it. I can imagine how the American political establishment would shake, what hysteria, Russophobia, accusations of interference in internal affairs, threats of sanctions, expulsion of diplomats and much more would begin. So American colleagues, who have allowed themselves to really interfere in our internal affairs in the information space, will have to explain themselves at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “said Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The United States’ support for Alexei Navalny is not without purpose. Many experts believe that he has been in close relations with the American intelligence services since his internship at Yale University. Sergei Karnaukhov is now a teacher, and at one time he was the vice-governor of the Kirov region, and therefore he is well acquainted with Navalny since the days of his activity in the Kirov region. The very activity for which he received his first term.

“If you ever watch the programs at Yale University, you will be very surprised. Within the framework of these programs, there is no learning process, all that students do there is, first, get to know each other. Second. They are taken to homes literally where famous American billionaires live. This is the image that you should strive for, but for this you must adhere to our ideology, you must be oriented towards our political establishment. Then these young guys, future leaders of protest movements, are sent to various meetings in the special services, where they delve deeper into the work and tasks of Western special services in those states whose interests they represent at that moment, “says Sergei, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Support of the Market Economy Karnaukhov.

The technologies for training “colored revolutionaries” have already been well studied, alas, based on real events in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. One of the methods to create a spectacular “picture” is to drag as many children and women as possible to the action. Shouts of activists at the camera “onizhedeti!” in relation to the rioters, such riots almost always accompanied.

“How some, hungry for provocations, decided to hide behind children, because it is difficult to imagine more madness and greater disgrace. We decided to hide behind a human shield from children, ”said the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov.

The goal is to shake society as much as possible, to arouse sympathy for the protesters, who, meanwhile, deliberately go to outright provocations. From the point of view of the prospects of criminal cases, it makes sense for provocateurs to remember – activity on the Internet, stuffing, fakes and calls are recorded by professionals.

Law enforcement agencies have already started studying the materials accumulated as a result of today’s events.


the untouchable that unbalances the sector in the midst of a pandemic

It is the health care company with the largest number of affiliates in the country, but it lacks its own centers for its associates

The pandemic highlighted the importance of health care, in the same way that it highlighted the key role played by entities related to this area. The health centers were transformed into essential sites, and this also made it possible to see more clearly what are the shortcomings of the health system and, specifically, the private subsystem.

The costs of the provision of health-related services are very high, and the need for beds, respirators and other resources to care for and treat patients with and without Covid-19 increased even more with the advent of the pandemic. This increase in costs impacted on all the actors that have participation in that chain, that is, entities such as clinics and sanatoriums, and also the social works and companies of prepaid medicine.

Although it is true that all entities in the sector have suffered a severe blow from the pandemic and the increase in coronavirus cases, the truth is that providers have taken one of the worst parts. Why? Precisely because they are the ones who provide care to patients and who then must wait for social and prepaid works to pay them for those services. As a result of this statement, it is worth mentioning that health centers that depend on this financing process, are currently going through a very delicate situation.

Independent and mixed health centers

At private subsystem In the health sector there are several actors that interact with each other to provide care to patients who demand it.

On the one hand, there are providers completely independent, which are those clinics and sanatoriums that attend associates of prepaid medicine companies and social works and receive a payment for the provision of these funders. This then becomes your main and in some cases only source of income.

On the other hand, there is providers that could be considered mixed. What does this mean? That they are entities or companies that, in addition to providing care and billing to prepaid and social works, have their own coverage to which patients can be associated through direct payment or derivation of contributions. Many community hospitals, sanitariums, and clinics fall into this category.

It is worth mentioning as an example, the case of Galen, Swiss Medical, Italian Hospital, Medicus among others; that have their own sanatoriums where their patients are given priority, but in which, in addition, it is possible that people with other coverage receive care. In this way, these institutions work by consuming their own beds and covering the demand of the sector by offering installed capacity to other social and prepaid works.

Some numbers to understand the private health system

The first important number to talk about about the private health subsystem is the number of affiliates there are. In Argentina there are approximately 7 million associates to prepaid medical entities, of which approximately 3.8 million are located in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA).

Another key point to analyze is the amount of beds available and the demand that exists in that sense.

The offer of beds by entity

According to the results of a recent analysis, the number of beds available in AMBA is 9,654 -6,240 of the funders that have their own centers and 3,414 of the private health entities that only function as providers. It is important to note that the beds that financiers offer to divide between those that use the own institutions, intended only for the patients of your organization, and those offered to the external market, which can be taken care of by any other associate or individual. Making this consideration, it is important to note that more than 50 percent of the beds of funders with their own centers are covered by their users.

Its counterpart, the external demand, It is 4,425 beds, which are also divided between the demands of those affiliates who do have a prepaid with their own centers but are served in other centers; and those who do not have this first possibility.

In relation to the supply of beds, it is important to note that practically all resonance entities have their own spaces, that is, they partially cover the demand of their associates. This is the case with Swiss Medical, Medicus, Galeno, Hospital Italiano, Omint and Accord Salud, among other companies.

The demand for beds

The demand for beds

Among the main companies that consume their own beds, we can highlight: Swiss Medical and Galeno, which allocates approximately 600 beds for its 500,000 members; and the Italian Hospital which allocates 300 for its 180,000 associates.

Omint, with 183 thousand users, ranks below the companies mentioned in relation to its beds, which are 200 for its own consumption. Accord Salud, for its part, has 160 beds used for a total of 140,000 users.

What is the role of OSDE in this scenario

Within this world there is also a practically unique and exceptional case, which works differently and has a great impact on the operation and financing of the sector.

Is about OSDE, a company that provides health coverage, but does not have its own centers, so it outsources all benefits. Due to its volume of associates, it has positioned itself as the main negotiator of prices and costs of those benefits. It is important to bear in mind that during 2020 these values ​​practically did not increase, generating a transfer of the inflationary deficit to the providers.

OSDE is the health company with greater number of affiliates, especially in the AMBA area, since it has more than 1.300.000, with an approximate average age of 34 years. This number positions it as an institution of great power when setting prices for benefits, since it manages to move the main flow of patients received by private entities from the rest of the sector. But the main problem lies in a data that has already been analyzed: OSDE is a coverage that lacks its own beds, so all its patients receive care in other centers, which in turn have patients from other coverage and, in some cases, your own coverage.

Unlike the main companies with their own beds such as Swiss Medical, Galeno or the Italian Hospital; With more than 2,200 beds, of which more than 50 percent are allocated for their own use, OSDE has 0. However, the demand is much higher than the other two prepaid medicine companies, given that the number of associates is greater. According to a recent analysis, the demand for OSDE beds could exceed 1,500 per day for every 10,000 members, depending on the average age of the client base.

How benefits are priced

The prices that medical companies pay health centers for care and services to their patients are based on a negotiation between both actors. In this way, entities such as OSDE, which has concentrated a large part of the associates and has gained bargaining power, they determine what will be the value they will pay for benefits in an unequal fight. By not having an increase in their income, due to the limitation in the prices that come from the Government, they stand firm in their position and harm the other actors, both smaller social works that may be displaced to get a bed, such as to service providers when defining prices.

The result of the sector

When all the mentioned variables are evaluated, the equation is not only complex, but also shows the fragility of the healthcare system from the point of view of its financing. As mentioned, the pandemic revealed many problems and accelerated some processes that eventually made the situation worse, but the drawbacks are long overdue. That is why some industry benchmarks They have raised, on various occasions, the need for a rearrangement in the cost and financing scheme.

In relation to this point, it is important to ask whether this modification in the structure that works so far and what the consequences of its continuity may be. This approach then raises two questions. On the one handmust be required to medical companies a minimum of own beds for the total of its affiliates ?. On the other hand, should intervene negotiating the value of benefits to generate a balanced marketO?

In view of the numbers mentioned and the current situation experienced by the pandemic, the answer seems obvious. On the one hand, it is impressive that its own structure generates a territorial division of demand that allows the establishment of structural foundations in the consolidation of the health system.

On the other hand, the struggle to define distribution of the income generated by the provision of health services, it seems unequal among those who have more or less bargaining power, according to the group of users they represent. In this way, an unequal intervention of the state is observed that proposes an active participation in the definition of the prices of the coverage, not intervening in the chain of distribution of costs and margins that the private system and social works face.

This inequality is impressive to leave only one model as the winner, represented by those who assume the least risk and those who least bet on the expansion of the health system.


these two airlines suspend flights from Ezeiza

The hardening of revenues to Europe due to the expansion of the pandemic hits the airlines. Low seat occupancy, another headache

In line with the closing of borders that has been gaining more and more presence in Europe, two companies implemented the suspension of flights from Ezeiza to destinations in the Old Continent. One of them, KLM, will begin to apply the measure this Saturday 23 for its frequencies bound for the Netherlands.

The data was confirmed to iProfesional by sources linked to the airline, who stated that the decision responds to the sanitary determinations made by the Dutch government. The last service to Amsterdam took off at noon this Friday from the terminal in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

“As a consequence of the new entry regulations to the Netherlands announced on January 20 by the Dutch government, KLM flights started in many European and long-haul destinations, including flights from South AmericaThey will be temporarily canceled as of January 23 “, they indicated from the company.

To later add that “KLM flights started in Amsterdam will continue to operate with passengers to Argentina.” In contrast, there will be no interruptions in terms of cargo flights, which will continue to operate normally in both directions.

As for passengers with tickets, the firm indicated that “customers with reservations on canceled flights may be relocated on Air France flights, whenever possible. ”

“KLM is doing everything in its power to reduce the inconvenience caused to its passengers by this temporary suspension,” it was reported, in addition to recommending contact with the company directly or through travel agencies.

The last KLM flight to Amsterdam took off this Friday from Ezeiza.

The expiration of the measure now imposed by the airline, industry sources assured, will depend on what the government of the Netherlands decides. At least for now, the Amsterdam-Buenos Aires service remains standing.

For its part, Alitalia has already suspended its offer of flights to Rome for, in principle, the months of February and March. In the company’s online platform, the services for that moment are already displayed “without available flights.”

Although the return of the itineraries is tied to what happens with the pandemic in Europe, in the sector they indicate that the reactivation of flights to the Italian capital would only take place in the course of April. Of course, also depending on what happens with Covid-19 in Argentina.

The company in question had resumed services to Buenos Aires in December last year. Sources questioned by iProfesional They maintained that, beyond the complications for entering Italy linked to the coronavirus, the low occupancy that flights to Rome have been showing would also have pushed the decision.

Several of the planes that joined the capitals during January showed a demand for seats below 60 percent. In the activity, it is estimated that the costs per flight are just “tied” from a minimum occupancy of 70 percent.

Alitalia suspended

Alitalia suspended its offer of flights to Rome for February and March.

Great Britain, another ban

In the middle of this month, the British government included Argentina among the countries that it vetoed the possibility of arriving in that territory by air. The particular thing is that the Government had ordered a similar measure, but inverse, during the last stretch of December.

According to the administration headed by Boris Johnson, the measure responds to a attempt to block the spread of the new strain of Covid-19 detected in Brazil. Until that decision, the company with the highest frequencies in this part of the world was British Airways, which covered the Buenos Aires-London and London-Sao Paulo routes.


Alert for a glitch in Windows that spoils your PC forever

At the moment, there is no solution to this problem and, according to Microsoft, “more information about the affected devices will be released as soon as possible”

Windows has a new and serious flaw discovered by a researcher specialized in security in that operating system: if you access a specific folder, you lock the computer and it crashes every time you try to start it again.

According to the BleepingComputer digital media, it is a relatively new flaw, discovered in the latest versions of Windows 10, but given its severity, experts have echoed it.

Its operation is simple: if you enter a address determined in search bar from a Windows window, the computer goes into a loop that it can’t solve. The line of code is as follows: \. Globalroot device condrv kernelconnect

Avoiding this problem is very easy: as much as not accessing that part of the Windows kernel. But given how the world of viruses, security, and criminals works, it is possible that a malicious user could trick another into accessing that directory without knowing what the consequences are.

Camouflaging a link with the address is easy today and could be emailed, causing serious problems. The researchers also warn that the mere fact of downloading a file that contains this shortcut, without ever opening it, can cause the computer to stop working and enter a loop without solution.

At the moment, there is no solution to this problem and, according to Microsoft, the company will investigate “the cause of this security flaw and will give more information about the affected devices as soon as possible.”

If you have any questions with a file that comes to us by mail, it is best not to download it and make sure whoever sends it is a reliable contact that has not been impersonated.

Will the successor to Windos 10 arrive in 2021?

More than 86% of the world’s computers use different versions of the operating system Windows, from Microsoft. For example, the United States military had to ask Microsoft for help maintaining computers that ran Windows 95 years after support for Windows 95 ended. Upgrading those computers to Windows 10 was difficult and not without security risks in the United States.

Since 1981, when IBM launched its first PC, Microsoft and Intel processor-based personal computers have been the majority choice in computing. But personal teams have begun to go through a time of profound change. As the arrival of M1 processors, similar to those used in iPhones and iPads, has shown on Macs.

This change in the architecture of computers, which is revolutionary, it is not by chance that it has been made by a company, Apple, which has control of the software and hardware of the equipment it sells. This transition seems more complex in the world of Windows PCs.

Above all for two reasons: it is necessary that manufacturers take the step to manufacture equipment with mobile processors, much more efficient in terms of performance and energy consumption, and that Microsoft decides to drop ballast by launching a disruptive version of Windows– Compatible with newer applications for processors with ARM architecture and with those that exist for computers based on Intel and AMD processors.

Will it be a renewal of Windows 10 or will it Windows 10X the operating system that will change the performance offered by PCs today? Some answers, and also some doubts, have come with the leak of a previous version of Windows 10X.

In this leak, whose operation can be seen in the video below this paragraph, it is observed that Windows 10X is a much lighter and more agile version of Windows 10. Although it is not compatible with the classic applications that work in Windows 10. In return it can run with good performance on computers with ARM mobile processors.

Windows 10X is a much lighter and more agile version of Windows

This is very different from what Apple has done with their system MacOS Big Sur, which is compatible with Intel processors and the new M1. Although if we use it with the latter to run the classic Windows 10 applications, the Apple system needs to resort to emulation through Rosette technology.

Despite that new apple chipsEven using an emulator, they run applications that are not adapted to M1 processors with similar speed to Macs with Intel processors. That emulator for applications designed for Windows 10 is what Windows 10X would lack,

It is very possible that Microsoft is already facing that scenario. And for this there are many ways, although there are two that seem clear: launch Windows 10X without compatibility from the beginning with Windows 10 applications, in that way it would be achieved adapt applications to the new system, and later launch an update that allows Windows 10 applications to run.

The other way is for Windows 10 to undergo a thorough change, similar to that of MacOS Big Sur, which allows it to be compatible with applications that work with different processor architectures.

Actually this path has already been started by Microsoft with Windows 10, of which there is a version compatible with Intel or AMD processors and ARM processors. The problem is that it doesn’t work very well.

Part of Microsoft’s problems are motivated by the fact that there is no clear alternative to Apple’s M1 processor among hardware manufacturers. Qualcomm has a version of its Snapdragon processors designed for computers, but it is a project that is not quite mature. Although computers with this type of processors and Windows 10 have appeared. Although a new more efficient Snapdragon chip could arrive.

Windows 10 is known to be visually rejuvenated. Which could be an indication of the future plans that the company has with its operating system. Everything points to the arrival of ARM architecture processors to PCs running Windows may be slow. The decision between themselves Windows 10 or Windows 10X It will be the operating system that marks the future, it will probably have to do with the response of the users.


PNC agent raped a girl in Cabañas

Illustration D1. Manuel Jacinto.

An agent of the National Civil Police (PNC) was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime of rape.

This was confirmed by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) through its Twitter account.

The convicted person is identified as Kramer Arnulfo Beltrán Abrego.

According to the FGR, the police officer sexually abused a girl under 13 years of age.

The events occurred in the municipality of Tejutepeque, in the department of Cabañas.

police raped a 13-year-old girl


the number of reported cases is increasing. Maintain protective measures

From December 27, 2020 to January 2, 2021, 38 cases were reported to the ARS. After a stable period of around twenty cases per week, an increase in cases is observed in 14 municipalities.

With the current meteorological conditions (heat and rains), the continued circulation of dengue fever and its geographical dispersion in the island raise fears of a resumption of the epidemic in the weeks to come.

The prefecture and the ARS La Réunion remind the population of the importance of fighting dengue fever by applying preventive measures: protect yourself and those around you from mosquito bites, eliminate anything that may contain water around them. home, and see a doctor if you have symptoms.

Dengue fever situation on January 19, 2021 (data from the French Public Health Unit in the region, ARS)

From January 11 to 17, 2021, isolated cases were located in 14 municipalities: Saint-Joseph, Saint-Philippe, Salazie, Saint-Leu, Saint-Paul, Le Port, Saint-Denis, La Possession, Saint-André, Trois -Bassins, Tampon, Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Marie and Etang-Salé.

In addition, groups of cases (outbreaks of dengue) have been identified:

  • at the Port (Say-Piscine and old town)
  • at Saint-Joseph (Les Jacques)

In order to contain the spread of the dengue virus, the ARS vector control teams are maintaining mosquito control interventions.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Knowing and applying, on a personal and collective basis, the preventive measures to fight against dengue, remains by far the most effective way to avoid contracting the disease and passing it on to those around you:

  • Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites: repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers
  • Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water all around your home
  • Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). Your doctor will prescribe a sample to be taken in the laboratory for medical analyzes to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

This biological confirmation is essential to guide the interventions of vector control teams and help to limit the spread of the dengue virus in the territory.

Recommendations to fight against dengue

Knowing and applying, on a personal and collective basis, the preventive measures to fight against dengue, remains by far the most effective way to avoid contracting the disease and passing it on to those around you:

  • Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites: repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers
  • Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water all around your home
  • Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms (fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.). Your doctor will prescribe a sample to be taken in the laboratory for medical analyzes to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

This biological confirmation is essential to guide the interventions of vector control teams and help to limit the spread of the dengue virus in the territory.


Bertha Deleón asks the Chamber to annul Walter Araujo’s candidacy | News from El Salvador

The candidate claims that Araujo does not meet the requirement of notorious morality required by the Constitution.

The lawyer and candidate of Nuestro Tiempo, Bertha María Deleón filed a lawsuit against the candidacy of Walter Araujo, of Nuevas Ideas, because the Supreme Electoral Tribunal had not yet ruled on the challenge previously presented by her.

“I believe that the magistrates who registered Walter did not correctly assess article 126 of the Constitution that regulates the requirements to be a deputy and that establishes notorious honesty as one of the requirements,” he said.

The lawyer announced that she filed a lawsuit before the Constitutional Chamber of the CSJ because, in her opinion, the New Ideas candidate does not meet one of the requirements established in the Constitution, and therefore requests the cancellation of the candidacy.

You could read: Bertha María Deleón: “It is clear that the government of Nayib Bukele is extremely corrupt”

He also explained that his claim is based on the criterion held by the Constitutional Chamber on one of the parameters to assess this requirement.

“The Chamber has said that one of these is, if the person complies or does not comply with judicial decisions, then I am basing my argument that since July 2020 the judge specialized for a life free of violence for women granted me protection measures, which constitutes judicial measures and he is obliged to comply with it, but he has not complied with them because he continues to attack me on Twitter and he always mentions and harasses me, “he denounced.

In the afternoon, the magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Guillermo Wellman affirmed that the annulment appeals filed against the candidate for deputy for New Ideas, Walter Araujo, were still under study and a decision was pending on the matter, but in the night the magistrate Noel Orellana said that the challenge did not proceed.

“In the case of Mr. Araujo, the resources are under study, if they are resolved or not, I cannot tell you anything else,” said Judge Guillermo Wellman and hinted that the registration had been by three votes and not four, which is unfair.

In addition: Bertha María Deleón files an appeal for annulment against the registration of Walter Araujo

Judge Wellman based his position on this case based on article 64 of the Electoral Code since in literal “A” numeral 5 of said article it is established that it corresponds to the TSE, by agreement of a qualified majority of the magistrates or magistrates, to know and resolve all kinds of action, exception and request.

The magistrate emphasized that the application for registration is a petition and an action carried out by the political parties to the court, therefore it is resolved with four votes.

The presiding magistrate of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Dora Esmeralda de Barahona stated that the TSE has not yet notified the parties in the process about Araujo’s registration, and regarding De León’s lawsuit, she stated “as a lawyer she has her perception and will be the pertinent instances that resolve on that ”.


China imposed sanctions on Trump’s associates on Biden’s inauguration day :: Politics :: RBK

Beijing waited until the last day of the Donald Trump administration to impose sanctions on officials working in the White House. China accuses them of interfering in internal affairs and undermining US-China relations

Mike Pompeo

(Фото: Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

China has imposed sanctions against 28 American officials who were part of the administration of former US President Donald Trump. This was reported by the Global Times (a division of the People’s Daily, an official resource of the Chinese Communist Party) with reference to the Foreign Ministry’s statement.

Among those caught up in China’s sanctions are Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Director of the US National Trade Council Peter Navarro, US National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Assistant Secretary of State David Stillwell, former US National Security Adviser John Bolton (retired 2019 year) and Stephen Bannon, Trump’s senior adviser in his first year in office.

Beijing said the sanctions were imposed on officials “who have seriously violated China’s sovereignty and are primarily responsible for such US actions on issues related to China.”

“Some anti-Chinese politicians in the United States, out of their own selfish political interests, prejudices and hatred of China, showing no respect for the interests of the Chinese and American peoples, planned and took insane steps, intervened in the internal affairs of China, undermined the interests of the PRC, insulted the Chinese people and harmed Chinese-American relations, “- this is how the Trump administration’s policy was described in the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The sanctions imply a ban on Chinese companies and individuals from doing business with those on the blacklist. Also, those against whom sanctions have been imposed are prohibited from visiting China.


this income is needed for a small apartment

The initial fee would amount to 113,000 pesos. The amount of credits collapsed last year. What is the amount required monthly

The net income necessary to access a 240-month mortgage loan to buy a small apartment in the City of Buenos Aires amounts to about $ 450,000 per month, according to data from financial institutions that offer UVA loans.

According to market data, the square meter In the Federal Capital it averages $ 2,000, which would require about $ 80,000 for a 40-square-meter apartment.

Those $ 80,000, at an exchange rate of 150 pesos-dollar savings today-, are about 12 million pesos.

UVA: what income is needed to access a small apartment

In general, commercial financial entities finance up to 80% of the value of the property, with which the mortgage line should be around 9.6 million in domestic currency.

The value of the initial installment of a new UVA mortgage it would be made up of about $ 8,500 of principal, $ 104,000 of interest and $ 500 of cost of maintaining the account.

As the allocation of income has a maximum of 25%, the necessary income must multiply by four the value of the quota, in this case about $ 450,000 net.

The nominal interest rate on UVA is around 13% in the case of entities with better lines of this type of loan (TEA of 14%)

UVA mortgages

The latest data from the Buenos Aires Notaries Association showed the bad moment that the real estate market is experiencing, precisely due to the lack of accessible loan lines.

The year with the greatest access to housing loans, according to the historical series of the College of Notaries of the City of Buenos Aires, was 2017, when the government of Mauricio Macri launched the line of loans adjusted for inflation (UVA). More than 2,100 mortgage loans were registered in November of that year.

But the rising inflation and devaluation of the currency in subsequent years made access to a property through mortgage lines almost impossible.

In November 2020, there were only 130 deeds formalized with a bank mortgage.

The year-on-year fall in that sense is 46.3 percent.

And the first 11 months accumulate a decrease in deeds with credit of 65.7 percent.

Departments: their value

The real estate market ended one of the hardest years in its history. The coronavirus pandemic, the dollar escalation, the Rentals Law and the DNU that freezes leasehold contracts and prohibits evictions have become a complex cocktail.

Industry experts assure that 2021 will not be easy and predict that The number of purchase and sale operations it will rise while the prices of the publication of properties for sale will continue to decline. The winners, as in 2020, will be well ventures and those who market lots in suburban areas.

“During 2020 a price deceleration more aggressive publishing. In reality, the values ​​fell very little with an average of 7% for the entire Capital. What was demonstrated is that those who define the operations are the owners “, describes Daniel Bryn, head of Invertire Real Estate, to Zonaprop. The truth is that for the specialist” the need to sell is what will define the behavior of prices during this year”.

“That is evident today in the numbers according to each neighborhood. Those who lowered the publication prices the most were the owners of Flores, Parque Chacabuco, and Liniers. While those who did the least are those who live in Belgrano, Recoleta. That marks a matter of necessity“, exemplifies Bryn.


During 2020 a slowdown in prices was expected

Price of apartments in the City

The average price of an apartment in the City of Buenos Aires is located at US $ 2,544 per square meter, which shows a decrease from November to December of 0.7%. In 2020, prices accumulated a drop of 7.1%, the biggest drop since the start of the series in 2012.

With a figure to take into account, the South zone is the Buenos Aires region with the highest annual decline: -8.7% in the year. Parque Chacabuco was the neighborhood that lowered its prices the most with a 15.4% drop, followed by Lugano with -10.8%, according to the latest Zonaprop report.

“The amount of estate it will continue to increase. In 2019 there were 70 thousand apartments for sale, today that number is 96 thousand. In total, there are 135 thousand units on offer out of a total of 1,800,000 properties, that is, 2.3% of the properties are for sale“, Bryn graphics.

In this sense, Soledad Balayan, co-owner of Maure Inmobiliaria, assures that “while there is no panorama of a improvement of the economy, the situation will not change. ”

“If we compare the deed numbers for this year with 2020, they will surely be higher, but because the floor we take is really very low,” says the specialist.


The average price of a Buenos Aires apartment is located at US $ 2,544 per square meter

What about rents

According to the Zonaprop index, rentals they rose 62% in all of 2020, which was 25 percentage points above inflation and the highest rise in the last nine years, since these measurements were carried out. “The supply is going to keep going down, so the values ​​are going to go up,” Bryn explains.

“The appraisal of properties for rent fell significantly. The DNU that freezes prices in March and prohibits evictions, added to the new rental law that came into effect in the middle of last year, fully harmed the rental market,” summarizes Balayan . According to the expert, today many “remove the rental property to turn it up for sale.”

“Used investors no longer exist. profitability is very low. The rents are published at high prices and they continue to be rented because there is no other solution to housing, “remarks Bryn.

The winners of the sector

For the two specialists consulted, the real winners this year will be those who market well developments and those who sell land on the outskirts of the City of Buenos Aires. “The lots in the north, west and south of the Capital sold very well in 2020 and will continue to do so this year,” Bryn projects.

“The lack of credits makes, for the vast majority, buying a property is almost impossible. On average, a salary In 2017 it represented US $ 1,000, today that number is US $ 300. Those who have savings can take the first step with a lot and build in pesos little by little over a few years, “he says.

“The well developments they moved very well in 2020 for those savers who had dollars or excess pesos. Now, this year there will be more supply because brand new real estate will enter the market, those units with lower prices will put pressure on the value of used real estate for sale “, concludes Balayan.

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what will happen to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The new president of the United States could carry out a series of measures that could increase or collapse the price of the cryptocurrency

From this Wednesday the path of Joseph Biden as president number 46 in American history. Gone will be his crosses with Donald Trump and allegations of fraud, but forward the future of the world’s leading power is uncertain.

It is not an evil unique to the United States. The pandemic coronavirus caused a impact in all countries of the world, whose actual effects cannot yet be precisely determined.

The economy is in crisis on a planetary level. Preliminary figures from the World Bank assure that global gross product fell 4.3% during 2020 and maintain an optimistic 4% growth for this year.

But it exists another “world” that never stops growing: that of cryptocurrencies. Measured in dollars, market capitalization (could be considered a “GDP”) is increased five times: of US $ 194,000 million to u $ s1.05 trillion. Two-thirds correspond to Bitcoin.

Thus, Biden shall handle the destinies of the mightiest nation of the planet after a year in which the most popular cryptoasset “graduated” from trusted financial asset with the entry of renowned investors and large companies that bet on it and skyrocketed its price.

And decisions of the new president can impact the digital currency most used in the world.


To revive the economy devastated by covid-19, Biden announced that it will print u $ s1.9 trillion (1.9 billion). That add up to an amount for the monetary expansion ordered by its predecessor in 2020.

Three out of every four dollars were issued this year. It can inflate a lot of dollar-denominated prices, “he tells iProUP Matías Bari, CEO of SatoshiTango, who affirms that this will end impacting inflation and –obviously– in older people taking refuge in crypt.

Alberto Vega, CEO of Bithan, agrees with this diagnosis. iProUP that “up to now the fiat money as debt and a change of era is coming, in which governments will no longer be able to control it. ”

“The logic is that keep going up bitcoin. Reference prices will increase and people will turn to commodities, such as stocks, metals and cryptocurrencies “, Add.

And he completes that “what we know about the entire history of Argentina has already been experienced by the US more than 10 years ago with the subprime mortgage crisis“, in reference to an economic shock that had aftershocks all over the world.

Iván Tello, CEO of Decrypto.la, adds to iProUP that “in Trump’s previous mega-issue, exchanges saw a significant increase: Coinbase announced that 100,000 customers bought $ 1,200 worth of cryptocurrencies, curiously, the same amount of subsidy“.

Bitcoin is a big black hole sucking up all those funds. Stocks and cryptocurrencies will break your highs, why whoever keeps the ticket in hand will lose“, warns the expert, who maintains his prediction that the cryptocurrency will spend US $ 140,000 this year (see chart).

While Gastón Levar, Argentine representative of Airtm, indicates to iProUP what the upload process for the unbacked issuance is already happening.

“Much of that money it will go crypto and drive prices. The news has already started to impact: it works like someone telling you on WhatsApp that the dollar goes up and you run to buy, “he warns.

But not only the United States participates in this game. According to Vega, the European Union and China have plans to issue currency, which will also end up inflating the price of Bitcoin. And believe that a price of US $ 300,000 by the end of the year “would not be unreasonable”.

“The international context shows that there is no limit to the ‘little machine’. There is an internationalization of populism. Argentina is the best world economic laboratory and shows that issuing made the national currency lose 13 zeros in history “, highlights the executive.

Regulation in motion?

The US Financial Crimes Control Network (Fincen), an anti-laundering agency equivalent to the Argentine Financial Information Unit (FIU), plans to further regulate virtual exchange houses exchanges so that inform address and address of people who buy more than $ 3,000 in cryptocurrencies.

According to Tello, that it will not “tickle” you to Bitcoin, since every trading platform already complies with KyC (Know your Costumer o Know Your Customer) and requires supporting documentation to users.

The ‘barrani’ transactions (informal) they will follow existing. In Argentina, the caves are 50 years old and will remain. Bitcoin allows you to jump all barriers“, he assures.

According to their analysis, there could even be a “bitcoin blue“, That trade on person-to-person platforms (P2P), off the state radar, with a higher price, which will end affecting the rise in the price of registered exchanges.

“That regulation will make all black money go to crypto before it enters into force “, says Levar, who indicates that the ecosystem has grown so much that until conformed one to a parallel economy.

In this sense, he states that “seven years ago, you could only buy rifles and drugs and on the dark web. Today there are legal ecommerce sites to buy any product and you can even buy a car. “

“I think will shoot a spike of which I do not know if there will be a correction. You’re going to have many people with black money in the world who are not going to send it to a tax haven, but will acquire Bitcoin “, complete.

For Vega, meanwhile, there will be two possibilities regarding regulation:

  • That scares the buyers and that pushes the price down
  • That the offer is restricted and pushes the price up

“It may have an effect in the short term, but in the medium and long term a perfect storm for bitcoin to skyrocket“, Add.

However, Beaudroit was hopeful with the appointment of Gary Gensler, as the holder of the Securities and Exchange Commission US (SEC), whom they claim is a sort of regulator in tune with new technologies.

“Gensler it cripto friendly: He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and comes working with digital currencies a long time ago. It will not generate a change to the ecosystem, so he bull market (uptrend) It will continueYou have to see how long, “he says.

A “crypto tax”

Another of the rumors around Bitcoin is the possibility that in the Capitol (the ruling party will have a majority) it will propose regulate instant payments, in which Bitcoin could be contemplated.

In particular, what scares legislators is the mechanism known as proof of work (proof of work) used by the leading cryptocurrency is a great energy consumer.

Indeed, this method relies on the power of processing that people or companies contribute to the network, through supercomputers that work 24 hours a day, to solve calculation problems that offer robustness and validate transactions. In return, they receive the new coins that Bitcoin generates.

“Mining is a career in which greater efficiency is sought. In the long run it will pay off. But it is a myth. In Bitcoin you can calculate exactly what is consumed, but in fiat money you cannot and the expense is much higher“Tello points out.

And continues: “It is not known with certainty how much it costs to print the tickets, transport them to the banks, have the ATMs turned on all day, “he remarks.

Monetary expansion vs.  Inflation: Experts Believe Stimulus Will Increase Demand (And Price) For Bitcoin

Monetary expansion vs. Inflation: Experts Believe Stimulus Will Increase Demand (And Price) For Bitcoin

This will generate a new geopolitical panorama according to Levar. “If they leave the US, the race is won by Russia or China. In fact, these powers are waiting for more regulations from the White House to dominate the crypto market“, says the expert.

Vega coincides in the US technology race with China. “They are going to leave the United States, the price it will go up, but it will be corrected when those mining farms are located in another country“, he says.

Also, note that this it will not necessarily mean a run towards currencies that use the system Proof of Stake (Proof of Tenure), where those who have more coins have the power to validate transactions. Such is the case of version 2.0 in which Ethereum works to make operations more economical.

“The other unmined coins they don’t have the resilience of Bitcoin. They are not commoditizable, because they don’t have that solidity. Also, some, like Ethereum, are more centralized, “he adds. Thus, he states that Bitcoin is more reliable because the consensus system is not in few hands and it is something that will remain that way.

United States inaugurates president. In one of the most unique moments in history: during the humanity’s greatest pandemic, in full digitization and at a stage where money is changing forever.