Cubans “cry out” for the goddess Yemayá to end the US embargo

In a regatta against the US embargo, held this Sunday in the western bay of Matanzas, the Cubans turned to Yemayá, the Afro-Cuban goddess of the waters, to “shout” for the blockade to end.

Thus ends a series of caravans, regattas and events on the island, before the issue reaches the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, which has mostly condemned the embargo since 1992.

The Afrocuba group of artists, from the Yoruba cult, joined hundreds of people who came to the bay for the last caravan against the blockade, a city with a great tradition of Cuban Santeria or Regla de Ocha.

In her blue dress, a santera performed her ritual dance with several dancers aboard a boat at sea, which attracted attention during a regatta in which about 60 boats participated, to protest against the embargo.

“We have the goddess Yemayá, who is from the Yoruba religion of Matanzas, who we are going to have represented with her dance, who is crying out for us to remove the blockade,” Lizandra Rangel, spokeswoman for the Matanzas municipality, told AFP.

Since a caravan that took place on March 28 on the tourist Malecón in Havana, protests have been organized in several cities of Cuba, prior to the vote at the UN on June 23 of the annual resolution against the embargo.

Young students, teachers, officials and sports and cultural personalities attended the marine event.

“My presence is to further support the issue of the injustice of the blockade, to support our people and that they are now fair and that they lift the blockade that is affecting us in everything and in sports,” said Armando Ferrer, director of the national team of baseball in the recent pre-Olympic tournament of the Americas, an illustrious man from Matanzas.

“Homeland or Death, we will win, no more blockade,” people shouted from the Matanzas boardwalk. A large Cuban flag hanging from a crane was displayed very early in front of the bay very close to a gleaming mural, recently painted, with slogans against the fence.

Several posters of “No to the blockade”, “Cuba you are not alone” and “The world says no more blockade”, were demonstrated.

“The blockade affects us greatly in various branches, education, health, transportation”, said Yuniel Rosalva, a 35-year-old teacher who attended with his pre-university students.

Relations between Havana and Washington, reestablished in 2015, cooled with the toughening of sanctions by the past administration of Donald Trump, after his predecessor Barack Obama maintained a short-lived rapprochement.

The US government, which with Biden has not yet reversed Trump’s sanctions, reproaches Cuba for human rights violations and its support for the Venezuelan government.


One dead in US LGBTQ pride parade after truck hit

A pickup truck driver ran over people participating in an LGBTQ pride parade Saturday in South Florida, killing one person and one injured, authorities said.

While the truck appeared to be participating in the parade, it was not immediately clear whether the incident was a deliberate attack or an accident.

Police officer Ali Adamson told a news conference that all possibilities were being evaluated.

The incident occurred at the beginning of the LGBTQ parade in the town of Wilton Manors, near Ft. Lauderdale.

The white van was lined up with other vehicles for the parade when it sped up and rammed pedestrians before crashing into a nursery, Local 10 News said.

The driver was later detained.

Two men were transported to a medical facility, one of whom later died, Adamson said. The other remains hospitalized but is expected to survive, he added.

The driver and the victims are members of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Choir, according to a statement from the group’s president, Justin Knight, who called the incident an “unfortunate accident.”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the unfortunate accident that occurred as the Stonewall Pride Parade began,” he added.

“Our colleagues from the Choir were the ones who were injured and the driver is also part of the Coro family. To my knowledge, this was not an attack on the LGBTQ community. We anticipate that there will be more details and we ask for the love and support of the community. “.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, who was at the parade, told a local broadcaster that he thought the accident was “deliberate.”

He later called it “a terrorist attack against the LGBT community” and claimed that the truck had targeted the car of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was in a convertible waiting to participate in the procession, but did not achieve her goal.

Wasserman Schultz said on Twitter that she was “deeply moved and devastated by the loss of a life” and that she and her staff were safe.

Following the incident, the Wilton Manors Police Department said on Twitter that the public was not in danger. Although the parade was canceled “due to a tragic incident,” the other festival events continued, he added.


Former Haitian President Aristide has covid and will be treated in Cuba, according to press

Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide, 67, suffers from covid-19 and is preparing to travel to Cuba to receive medical treatment, local media reported this Sunday.

A government source told the daily Le Nouvelliste that Migration services issued a one-year diplomatic passport to Aristide this Sunday, at the request of President Jovenel Moise, to allow him to travel abroad.

The decision to transfer the ex-president to Cuba will depend on his family and the opinion of the doctors, according to the newspaper.

Aristide was the first democratically elected president in the history of Haiti, in the elections held in 1990 after the dictatorial regime led by François Duvalier and later by his son Jean-Claude Duvalier.

He was head of state twice, but on both occasions he was overthrown, the first in a military coup in September 1991, seven months after coming to power, and the second in an armed insurrection in 2004.

After the 1991 coup, he went into exile in Venezuela and the United States and returned to Haiti in 1994 accompanied by a multinational troop led by US forces, which restored him to power.

He overwhelmingly won the elections again in 2000, but after a period of severe instability, he was again overthrown in an armed uprising in 2004, after which he went into exile in South Africa.

Former priest, defender of Liberation Theology, Aristide returned to his country in 2011 and has since moved away from the front line of politics, although his party, the Lavalas Family, does continue to be a force with weight on the left.


Musk confirms which is the most hidden secret of the Tesla – El Tiempo de México

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a video of spectators “possessed” in front of the film goes viral

Spectators possessed during a screening of Conjuring 3 Under the Devil ? This is what a video shot in Jakarta that went viral on Tik Tok makes it appear.

A tik tok user shared a video of allegedly possessed viewers during a Conjuring 3 screening in Jakarta. The post went viral before being picked up by some Indonesian media.

Michael Chaves, director of Conjuring 3, responded on twitter with humor: “I knew we should have included a prevention message. Hope this person is doing well. # conjuring3 #thedevilmademedoit“.

No real possession on this video, nor demonic cries. We just see a session of Conjuring 3 stopped after a spectator’s discomfort. Nevertheless spectators commented: “Heard this person scream and scream a few minutes before but I didn’t know they were possessed” or “Suddenly the rows of spectators in front and behind began to be agitated. A few minutes later, the lights came back on, the movie was paused, and the screaming people were escorted out of the cinema.Another Indonesian viewer shared on twitter: “They’re just looking for attention. It’s definitely a panic attack like when someone had a seizure during a Joker shoot.“.

Conjuring 3 is interested in the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson who in 1981 in Connecticut claimed to have been possessed when he brutally murdered someone.

For the record, a real exorcist was called on the set of Conjuring 3. Explanations:

Director Michael Chaves explained: “We hired a real exorcist. It was crazy. I grew up a Catholic but didn’t know there were always active exorcists. Across the world, exorcisms take place regularly. The guy we had with us on set is the guy we call if, for example, satanist punks vandalize a church and desecrate an altar. He is the one who enters the church and keeps the demons away from the altar. He has sacred fires which purify what has been profaned and bless it. It’s so crazye.”

Conjuring 3: in the grip of the devil


NBA News – Tension at the Boston Celtics? Blake Griffin was probably warned about change

The Boston Celtics experienced a season from hell in 2020/21. In addition to sporting disappointments, there were apparently internal team “tensions” off the field. Blake Griffin is said to have been warned against a move to the Celtics.

That goes from a report by Jared Weiss (The Athletic). Griffin asked a Celtics player after his buyout from the Detroit Pistons in March if he should join the team. The anonymous player is said to have advised against it with reference to an alleged “dysfunction” within the team.

Griffin finally joined the Brooklyn Nets, with whom he failed in overtime in the Eastern Conference semifinals only in a hard-fought Game 7 against the Milwaukee Bucks (111: 115). In the first round Brooklyn had eliminated those Celtics from the playoffs in just 5 games.

The Celtics only entered the postseason as a 7-seed after finishing the regular season with just 36 wins and 36 losses. In the play-in-game, Jayson Tatum and Co. at least prevailed against the wizards. Nevertheless, the season ended up being disappointing.

The internal quarrels apparently also concerned the relationship between the then head coach Brad Stevens, who has meanwhile changed to the post of President of Basketball Operations, and Kemba Walker. The point guard was recently traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Pickup truck drives in LGBT parade in Florida – one dead

A tragic turn at a gay pride parade in the USA: a truck accelerated in the crowd and caught several people. One man did not survive. The mayor speaks of terror.

At a gay pride parade in the US state of Florida, the driver of a pickup truck drove into the crowd and killed at least one man. US media reported it was unclear whether the incident at Wilton Manors near Fort Lauderdale was a deliberate attack. The van driver was provisionally arrested. The investigation into the circumstances is ongoing.

The delivery van initially joined the parade floats for the rights of LGBT people, reported the local broadcaster Local 10 News. But then he accelerated and knocked over at least two men.

“We pray for the victims and their families”

One of them died, said Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, who attended the parade. According to him, the van drove towards the convertible belonging to Democratic Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but missed the car.

“I am deeply shaken and devastated,” said Wasserman Schultz, according to a local report in an averaging. “We pray for the victims and their loved ones while law enforcement agencies investigate.”

Mayor expresses suspicion of terrorism

Mayor Trantalis was convinced that it was a deliberate act, namely “a terrorist attack against the LGBT community “, acted. The president of the “Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus” contradicted this assumption: “As far as I know, this was not an attack on the LGBT community “, so Justin Knight. The driver of the evening was also a member.

The police said the US news channel NBC, no possibility is currently ruled out. Examine all options. The English abbreviation LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.


Biden visits church after bishops challenge him for abortion support

President Joe Biden went to church Saturday in his hometown a day after the US Catholic bishops challenged him for his support for abortion rights.

The president and the first lady Jill Biden they spent time at St. Joseph on the Brandywine Church in Wilmington, Delaware.

They also visited the church cemetery, where the president’s first wife, Neilia, their son Beau, and their young daughter, Naomi, are buried.

Biden, 78, is a devout Catholic who attends Mass at least once a week, and supports the landmark 1973 US Supreme Court decision granting women the right to abortion.

On Friday, the American bishops agreed to draft a statement on the meaning of Holy Communion that could be used to deny that sacrament to the American leader.

The Eucharist, also known as Holy Communion, It is one of the holiest rituals of the Catholic religion and some conservative church leaders They have called for politicians who support abortion rights to deny the sacrament.

Biden appeared to rule out the possibility of being denied communion on Friday. “It’s a private matter and I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he told reporters.

It is up to each local bishop to decide who receives communion in his diocese.

In 2019, a priest from a South Carolina Catholic church rejected Holy Communion for Biden because of his stance on abortion.

The Catholic News Service reported in May that the Vatican had warned US bishops to proceed with caution with policies designed “to address the situation of Catholics in public office that support legislation allowing abortion, euthanasia or other moral evils.” .


Touchstone – “Do not remove the body of the syringe”

From the first time I heard her speak, on top of a balcony in the Plaza Bolognesi, in Lima, many years ago, I thought that the Christian Socialist Lourdes Flores Nano would be a magnificent president of Peru. Things have not happened that way, but, if she had won the presidential election that she contested with Alan García, I suspect that Lourdes would have kept his promises and that García would probably be alive (he committed suicide when he was going to be arrested).

I heard her speak on a television program about the controversial issue of electoral “fraud” that would have marked the second round of the Peruvian elections. She, who is a lawyer, with a group of colleagues had explored this matter. He firmly asserted that they had unequivocally warned in the towns of the sierra that they had studied, that there were many false signatures on the corresponding minutes and a suspicious increase in the vote for candidate Castillo in the second round, the final one. . Lourdes Flores accepts the law in force in Peru, which places in the four members of the National Elections Jury all the responsibility for deciding whether these elections reflect the “truth” or distort it. And he added, exhorting the four judges, with a somewhat smelly Peruvianism that echoed nostalgically in my ears: “Be brave, do not remove the body of the syringe.” Hopefully not.

The investigation carried out by Lourdes Flores Nano and the group of lawyers that accompanies her, focuses on the case of some small towns in the Peruvian highlands, representative of a specific geographical area. The first thing they investigated was whether there were traces of “false signatures”. For that, they used an expert graphologist who submitted those records to a morphological examination and charged them $ 120 for the work. In all of them he found traces of signature forgeries, sometimes that of the head of the electoral table.

On the other hand, the examination of these minutes shows a very clear trend: while the votes that Keiko Fujimori had obtained in the first round disappeared in the second, the votes thus cast passed in the second to swell the candidacy of Pedro Castillo. Lourdes Flores has asked, with good judgment, that the four members of the National Elections Jury submit to the same examination the more than 800 contested acts that have been presented against the second round vote, for the sake of “electoral truth.” The important thing is not to have a president of the Republic who is a humble Andean, as some correspondents believe that the European newspapers have in Peru, but to have whom the majority of Peruvian voters have elected and not a fraudulent president. This matter is the ferment of all kinds of speculation and symptoms of violence in Peru, and, unless the National Elections Jury proceeds with the seriousness and responsibility that Flores Nano demands of it, violence can erupt once more, as soon as it is know the electoral ruling. Before this happens, everything is preferable. Some claim, among the possible solutions, that of canceling the defective election and calling again a definitive election, surrounded, this yes, of the vigilance that stops any deformation at the table of the genuine electoral results. But former Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano maintains that this alternative is unconstitutional.

The observers sent by the OAS (Organization of American States) to Peru were undoubtedly hasty in declaring that these elections were “clean” and congratulating the Peruvian government for it. All the indications – in addition to the investigation of Flores Nano and his group of lawyers – reveal that this congratulation was somewhat hasty and, as she said, “very diplomatic.”

The group of jurists that represents Keiko Fujimori, and which is now accompanied by an eminent man of Law who is beyond good and evil, is widely respected and has impeccable democratic credentials for their role in the 90s –Dr. Óscar Urviola- , has challenged more than 200 thousand votes, for having been obtained through manipulations such as those denounced by Dr. Flores Nano. The National Elections Jury, after resisting to review the contested minutes, an enormous task, seems to have agreed to review some and is now imbued with that responsibility. It is essential that you review them all. Whatever the ruling, it is obvious, in the high climate that prevails in Peru, that there will be protests and there could be violent actions on the part of supporters of the defeated candidate.

My impression, from far away Madrid and through the multiple and contradictory information that reaches me, is, more and more every day, that there have been serious irregularities, and this, above all, based not so much on the candidate Pedro Castillo, but on many members of the party that launched him to the Presidency; The leader could not be a candidate because he was vetoed by the Judiciary, accused of having extended his hand more than he should during his Junín government. I am referring to Vladimir Cerrón, owner of the Peru Libre party, and who will be, if Castillo wins, the true power behind the throne. Mr. Cerrón, who is a doctor and lived in Cuba for ten years, had the audacity to proclaim, before his supporters, that he was a “Marxist, Leninist and mariateguist” and that, therefore, in the manner of Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua, he would not leave power at the end of his term (which in Peru is five years). That famous phrase, of course, set off alarms in many Peruvian homes. On the other hand, there is a recording circulating in which the Cerrón representative instructor urges his colleagues to appear at the tables at five in the morning and occupy them before the table members chosen by lottery do so.

Thanks to people like Mr. Vladimir Cerrón and some of his supporters, whom, listening to them speak, one has the sensation of listening to Stalinist policemen, these Peruvian elections have nothing to do with those that have taken place so far in our history. , because in this it is not about changing people or parties, but about the regime.


RD is still waiting for COVID sample results to determine if there are new variants

Dominican health authorities continue to await the results of 120 new sequenced COVID-19 samples, which were sent to laboratories in Brazil and the United States at the beginning of the month to determine the presence of new variants of the virus in the country.

This was reported by the head of the National Epidemiology Directorate, Ronald Skewes, who also stated that they usually obtain the results up to four weeks later, after sending the samples.

“We still do not have results, we have not received the results yet. Usually they take between three to four weeks, but (the waiting time) depends a lot on the demand of the laboratories ”, explained Skewes to LISTÍN DIARIO last Saturday.

For this reason, the national director of Epidemiology urged the population to be patient during the waiting period.

The samples to be analyzed, collected in various provinces of the country, were sent last Thursday, June 3, and at that time Skewes affirmed that 24 variants were already circulating in the Dominican Republic, according to the latest studies.

Among these variations were those of the United Kingdom and Brazil, which are the variants of greatest concern since they can affect the behavior of the disease.

In the country

The Brazilian variant detected in the country was P.1, considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a variant of “concern”.

This can be up to three times more infectious than regular COVID-19, according to the Ministry of Health of that country, where it caused the health collapse in much of the country between March and April, or lethal than the original ones.

“The fear is justified, P1 is a more contagious variant and it spread very quickly in Brazil, which is a huge country and where the pandemic is out of control,” microbiologist Natalia Pasternak, director of the Questao Institute of Science, told the AFP news agency in mid-April.

However, according to studies, P.1 is not more lethal than the other variations.

As for British B.1.1.7, the Dominican Ministry of Public Health assured that it increases in severity as a function of hospitalizations and fatality rates.

“It does not have an impact on susceptibility to monoclonal antibody treatments and minimally impact on neutralization by convalescent and post-vaccination sera,” the entity reported.