Die Ärzte and the new album “Hell”: Striving for beauty

How stable is a love for the punk band Die Ärzte? Our author asks herself this after many ups and downs and because of the new album “Hell”.

They are now perceived as dignified older men: the doctors Photo: Jörg Steinmetz

Lennon-McCartney. Jagger-Richards. Vacation Felsenheimer. As a child I was a big Beatles fan – my favorite Beatle wasn’t one of the main composers, it was Ringo, an absurd choice – but my soft spot for drummers was set. In 1998 my father – a Stones fan – gave me “13”, the then current album by Die Ärzte.

I knew that this work lifted the popularity of the Berlin band to a new level (“Men are pigs”) and that it was the first album that they released on their own label, even though the enormous stress almost led to the dissolution again not yet. When I was six years old at the time, I loved her song “Goldenes Handwerk”: It is about drummers. More precisely, about the one of the doctors – Bela B – I chose him as my hero.

The doctors taught me what irony is: the drummer sings about drummers being stupid ?! Men sing about men being pigs ?! “This is a song for you because you always sucked us”? The concept of provocation was still hidden from me at the time. Where it says in “My Friends”: “They just fuck each other in the buttocks”, I understood at the time: “They just pinch each other’s buttocks like that.”

I only became a doctor ultra as a teenager – her music was a constant companion of my puberty. The world and myself changed, one point of my identity remained fixed: Doctor Fantum. I inhaled all the information I could get about my heroes, dragged my parents to Spandau on vacation in Berlin to visit the historic site of the first meeting of Bela B and Farin Urlaub.

Forget the scandalous times

Every time I got my hands on a new doctor record, it was like being treasured. No strain was too great to be in the front row at their concerts (15 hours without going to the toilet!). Anyone who – like me – was socialized with doctor shows is forever messed up for all other concerts: Only the doctors play three hours, one hour of which is announcements, organize La Ola escapades, spontaneously change lyrics!

The artists are now perceived as dignified, older men – forgotten are the scandalous times when people fought for concerts of the most censored German band to be banned.

In the age of gangsta rap you can’t shock anyone by being a doctor fanatic. Except maybe my grandma, she didn’t want to give me the live DVD “The Band They Called Horse” because she read the song title “Motherfucker 666” on the back of the cover. Sure, I would hardly hang a life-size poster of a skeletonized, bound woman in my room today.

If not about shocking, then it was about demarcation. You don’t understand the doctors? Then you don’t understand me! But actually I don’t want to be understood at all. Because of course you are the only one who really understands the band and you want to have them to yourself. A pious wish if your favorite band is the most successful punk rock band in the country.

Talking nonsense in interviews

You may not be a gifted musician, but that’s not what doctors are about. What they are about is the demarcation of doing things that nobody else does. To become a pop star because you claim to be just that; just talking nonsense on stage and in interviews; dissolve when you are most successful; Lining albums in plush sleeves and pizza boxes; censor your own music video; to be celebrated for level jokes; Compose songs that live from their own turning points.

The band was ultimately partly to blame that I moved to Berlin, and there I experienced the first doctor release as an adult in 2012 and asked myself why my enthusiasm had suddenly cooled: You can’t put it any other way, the doctor album “also” was disappointing. His first line of lyrics, “Fuck you and your sister” from the song “Is that still punk rock?” Has cult status, there wasn’t much more to get. Her song “ZeiDverschwÄndung” was a self-fulfilling prophecy: “There are better things to do than hear the doctors.”

After that it became quiet around the band, the three musicians went their own ways: solo albums, traveling, writing books, making films. Could it really be that the “best band in the world” ended its story in silence?

Afraid of the new album

No. After they re-released their previous complete works in the deluxe box “Seitenhirsch” and thus once again fueled rumors of dissolution, they went on a club tour across Europe in 2019 – they felt like it again and now recorded a new album called “Hell”. Then I heard the first new doctor songs in more than eight years – and was a bit scared of them.

Unfounded, because there it was again, the old magic. An intro with an enigmatic title, sound and charming megalomania: “Our striving for beauty and perfection leads us back to the microphone.” In the second song the clarification: “This is my life – there is no plan B.”

“Hell” is a treasure chest full of cross-references from the medical world: This time it’s not about how stupid drummers are, but how boring guitarists are. Once again the term punk is ironically exercised, Farin sings about summer, sun, beach and sea, Bela about losers.


Bassist Rod has only one song of his own and in it he sings about plastic – Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, but not with vermin, but with polyester and the climate crisis. An unusually large number of current references scratch the otherwise typical doctor timelessness: conspiracy ideologues, “Woodburger”, Chris Hemsworth, Beyoncé and “Hey Siri, tell me about sex with Alexa”.

The second single, “True Romance”, immediately became a number one hit, thanks to a 1A social media campaign: The track was already released as an a cappella version by the Donots, Carolin under the hashtag #singtrueromance Kebekus, Roland Kaiser, KIZ, den Toten Hosen and others went viral before the original version of the doctors was published.

Of course, “Hell” has weak moments: It’s a shame that so far only songs have been published as B-sides that are already known – this committee is otherwise an amusing navel-gazing in the medical world. But in many places the music on “Hell” feels like coming home. Yes, it’s fun again to hear the doctors.


bringing together Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

The former legendary Hollywood couple, separated for fifteen years, found themselves in the same support for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back Democratic candidate Joe Biden
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back Democratic candidate Joe Biden AFP / ROBYN BECK / AFP / ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Alberto E. Rodriguez

«America is a place for everyone. Those who chose this country, those who fought for it, some Republicans, some Democrats, and most just in between“. Signed Brad Pitt, these lyrics accompany an advertisement from Joe Biden’s campaign team. In the image, we discover a Democratic candidate party to meet his voters, looking attentive to their concerns. It’s a unifying Biden that is featured in the ad that airs Saturday night, in Game 4 of the World Series baseball finals.

The day before, Jennifer Aniston, the actor’s former wife, announced on Instagram that she had for her part “Already voted” for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Like Brad Pitt, she placed the issue above a simple opposition between Democrats and Republicans: ” This whole affair is not about a single candidate or a single question, but the future of this country and the world. Vote for equal human rights, for love and for decency ”. By the way, she curls the candidacy of rapper Kanye West. There is “nothing funny“To vote for him, she explains, inviting voters to”be responsible».

The actress of Friends chose Biden and Harris because his “Country is more divided than ever”. «Right now, a few men in power are deciding what women can and cannot do with their bodies, Jennifer Aniston testifies. Our current president has decided that racism is not a problem. He has publicly and repeatedly ignored science … Too many people have died.»

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Burkina Faso Special: Réma, African Musical Meetings (Replay)

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Couleurs Tropicales was in Ougadougou in Burkina Faso, for the 3rd edition of Rema (African Musical Meetings) which took place from October 22 to 24, 2020.

Event founded and organized by Burkinabè artist Alif Naaba.
Once again this year, music professionals from Africa and elsewhere will meet to discuss themes related to the music economy, to contribute to the professionalization of their professions and to make music. a lever for development.

Today, Claudy Siar receives Alif Naaba, Mr. Abdoul Karim Sango, the Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism as well as the Burkinabè artists: Fleur, Kantala and Achille Ouattara.

Playlist :
Alif Naaba:
Gomdé – Lien Youtube
Kantala: Winter Garden
Fleur : Bo YamLien Youtube
Achille Ouattara: Djanto
Alif Naaba: Corona TiimLien Youtube.

Facebook artists :
Alif Naaba
Achille Outtara.


Waving happily (neue-deutschland.de)

Every Matmos album starts with an idea that limits and at the same time expands the possibilities. On “A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure” (2001), for example, the duo from San Francisco drew all of their sound sources from an operating room and made strangely funky, groovy electronics out of the rattle of surgical instruments. On the album “Ultimate Care II” (2016) the sounds were all assembled from washing machine noises. In the coordinate system that arises in the musical development of their respective ideas, Matmos create space for a radically playful approach to music. Which then again and again shows in a very funny way that two musicians here still enjoyed some crazy ideas even after a quarter of a century.

Pronounced conceptuality can, however, also be a way out to cover up musical blandness. Music should work even if you don’t know the idea or don’t care. With their Matmos project, MC Schmidt and Drew Daniel have managed to strike a balance between pop and avant-garde in this respect too. You can hear Dada, Musique Concrete and the joy of the abstract work in this music. But also techno, the catalog from Warp Records and stoner humor.

On the new, almost three-hour album, “The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form”, Matmos have now developed and played through an idea that rarely has an impact in the top-heavy varieties of the electronica genre, which are obsessed with reductions: draw on the full and see what happens then . Matmos had sounds, short passages, beats, spoken word contributions and vocals sent by ninety-nine musicians and bands and processed the jumble into three one-hour pieces.

There are genre-defining musicians like Matthew Herbert, Oneohtrix Point Never or Mouse on Mars, legends like James Thirlwell (Foetus) or Stephen Thrower (once at Coil). There are also musicians from a more classic avant-garde tradition (Kate Soper and Bonnie Lander) or from extremist metal (Blaske Harrison from Pig Destroyer) or from the intersection of pop and avant-garde (clipping., Rabit or David Grubbs).

The simplest way to describe music that 99 musicians are involved in creating here would be further name dropping. Only that Matmos almost without exception collaged and interwoven all of the contributions in such a way that the expectable quickly blurred more and more and then waved goodbye happily. The first impression that this initially ambiguous music imposes on you is that of an irritating indeterminacy.

Searching for references doesn’t help either. Matmos only gave the musicians one single requirement: the speed should be 99 beats per minute, and that is now one that lies exactly between the association “it is fast” and “it is slow”. Which already leads to the impression that the sound of “The Consuming Flame” seems to be situated in a strange in-between. Not slow, not fast, not repellent, but also not easily accessible, not danceable, but also no ambient. And otherwise there is no affectivity associated with these sounds.

The music does not work clinically – on the contrary, it is funny, exuberant and, if at all, inspired by the joy of noise as an end in itself. It can also be that Matmos makes fun of the listener with all that, who listens to these exercises ignoring every genre rule for over three hours. Perhaps the impression of indeterminacy only arises because one is used to music relating to a definable center – a genre. If this appears to have been resolved, one quickly becomes confused. All that remains is the possibility of engaging in the childlike, serene fun of sound organization. Even if the child keeps turning a long nose here.

Matmos; »The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form « (Thrill Jockey / Indigo)


Collective bargaining partners agree on wage increases and pandemic bonuses

More money and in the middle of the pandemic – collective bargaining in the public sector has finally come to an end. This means that further strikes in local public transport or in garbage disposal are off the table. At the same time, politics is fulfilling a promise. .

Brazil legend: Even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph

When you meet the Almighty, you won’t forget this day for the rest of your life. It happened to me on June 1, 1978, at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, at halftime.

Our German defending champions were just about to open the World Cup with a terrible 0-0 win against Poland, and after the tea break in the press center I got into the elevator to the stands. A hand quickly reached into the door from the outside and the person belonging to it said: “May I come with you too?”

It was God himself. O Rei, the king of football. As a young reporter, you can’t think of anything at such a moment, you’re paralyzed by the radiance of the figure of light from your feet up, but at least I managed the shortest interview of my life.

“Do you like the game?” I asked. “Well,” said Pelé. While I was desperately looking for another question, thank God the elevator opened again and he disappeared into the VIP stand.

On a par with Muhammad Ali

Reverence is no expression for what shot through my head and limbs at the time. But didn’t even our last emperor kneel before the king a few days ago? “For me,” Franz Beckenbauer wrote in an open birthday letter to the Brazilian in “Bild am Sonntag”, “you were and are the greatest footballer of all time.”

Pelé will be 80 on Friday. That is a dangerous age, because an 80-year-old legend is a corpse for many young people in these hasty times, they only know Messi and Ronaldo, at best Maradona.

Pele (r.) And boxer Muhammad in 1977 at the New York Cosmos Stadium

What: AP

Pelé is a fixture only for the elderly and the deceased among us, even Muhammad Ali had to be manfully remembered by Norman Mailer (“The Naked and the Dead”) with the sentence: “The heavyweight world champion is the great one Toe of God. ”The second big toe was Pele, and the feeling in his toe can at least be demonstrated in a shadowy way, a quick search on YouTube is enough.

The “Black Pearl”

Such video treasuries prevent the acrobatic pieces that Pelé has presented to the world from being flattened by the wheel of transience. The flickering images of this 17-year-old boy wonder in the 1958 World Cup final last eight seconds.

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Lionel Messi

The ball flies into the penalty area, the magician lets it drip off his chest, snakes like an eel past the clumsy Sweden Parling, juggles it over the head of the long Gustavsson, shot and goal. From then on, football was more than a game on the grass. From then on, football was Pelé.

After the final whistle, the “Pérola Negra”, the black pearl, howled on the chest of his goalkeeper Gylmar snot and water – but we’re not talking about Pelé’s feelings, but ours.

The legend in shoe size 38

We were children too, and we enjoyed this magician as if we were lucky enough to be born at the right time. We were spared the wounds of war, instead we experienced true miracles, the economic miracle, the miracle of Bern in 1954 – and thanks to the miracle of technology and the first flicker boxes, we also enjoyed the eighth wonder of the world: Pelé.

Brazil Pele Birthday

“The penalty area was his vaudeville stage, the ball stuck to his shin and to his soles, it never jumped off his feet, that magic boy with size 38 shoes.”

What: AP

In an old, dusty chronicle, the legendary magic is handed down as follows: “Football like jazz music, but without notes, only to the ear, with the heart, the feeling – the audience opened their mouths and eyes.”

Garrincha (the dribbler) and Didi (the thinker) were the first television stars of football, but the culmination of Brazilian witchcraft was Pelé. The penalty area was his vaudeville stage, the ball stuck to his shin and to his soles, it never jumped off his foot, that magic boy with shoe size 38. These were the slippers of a big child, and so he played – from the belly.

When Pelé played against VfB Stuttgart

“Even the ball asked Pelé for an autograph,” a Brazilian radio reporter claimed in those glorious times, and even we German boys, who until then had Fritz Walter and “Boss” Rahn, and then Uwe Seeler, wanted to go to the Pelé football field be.

We let his name – Edson Arantes do Nascimento – flawlessly melt on our tongues forwards and backwards, and our mothers had to put a “10” on our gym bib, after the number with Parling and Gustavsson at the latest.

Brazil Pele Birthday

Pele 1962. The following year, the miracle dribbler played with FC Santos against VfB Stuttgart

What: AP

A child does not forget anything. And the boy’s luck was crowned by his football-mad Uncle Jakob, who took him to special games in the Neckar Stadium in Stuttgart. In order to get in the mood for the upcoming Bundesliga, for example, VfB invited FC Santos in June 1963, and apart from the final score (1: 3), I have two things in the back of my mind.

VfB left winger Manne Reiner dribbled such a knot in the knee of world champion Djalma Santos that he demonstratively applauded him – and Pelé took a penalty against the young Sieloff that would not withstand any video evidence today.

The eternal debate about the best

Past. Statute of limitations. What counts at Pelé is the big picture, i.e. the aesthetic enjoyment of his gorgeous ball magic and his incredible 1284 goals. In 1970 he became world champion for the third time, as the culmination of an offensive close to perfection with Jairzinho, Gerson, Tostao and Rivelino.

He showed the most virtuoso tricks again and hit with left, right and head. He was a playmaker and striker and so perfect that Beckenbauer wrote to him these days in memory of the years they spent together at Cosmos New York: “You hit three or four opponents at full speed and outsmarted them like a panther. I have never seen anything like that in a footballer before or after. “


Pelé won the world title three times in his career


In the life afterwards, say Pelé’s critics, he was only half as good. Romario, a later Brazilian World Cup hero, even scoffed: “As long as Pelé is silent, he’s a poet.” Since then, Pelé only lets his feet speak, in front of goal walls or on children’s birthdays. With his feet he was a poem.

Was he the best? He never said that himself. Pelé always dribbled smoothly around the comparison with Maradona and Messi and preferred to say: “Michelangelo painted, Beethoven played the piano – and I played football.”


BOLA – Spain decrees a state of emergency for six months (Spain)

The government led by Pedro Sanchez approved on Sunday morning the return of the state of emergency to Spain.

It is expected to last six months, until April, and a curfew will be in effect between 11 pm and 6 am.

The State of Emergency now enacted in Spain will be much more “mild” than that of March, and although the decree issued by the Council of Ministers is valid for the next 15 days, the need to extend it at the congress for a over a six-month period.

Other restrictions are foreseen, namely to limit social gatherings.


influencers Léna Situations and EnjoyPhoenix invited to the Élysée

On Wednesday, Gabriel Attal, the government spokesperson, launches a monthly meeting broadcast on Twitch and Youtube. By inviting the stars of social networks, he wants to educate young people about the health crisis.

Influencers Léna Situations and EnjoyPhoenix invited to the Élysée on Wednesday October 28, 2020 to discuss the health crisis.
Influencers Léna Situations and EnjoyPhoenix invited to the Élysée on Wednesday October 28, 2020 to discuss the health crisis. Abaca

Gabriel Attal facing influencers. According to an indiscreet Sunday newspaper, the government spokesperson launches from Wednesday October 28 a “monthly meeting for discussion on current events”At the Élysée where several stars of social networks are invited such as Léna Situations, EnjoyPhoenix, Paola Locatelli and Just Riadh.

Objective for the government? Raise awareness among young people about the health crisis and government measures to fight the spread of Covid-19 (barrier gestures, social distancing, etc.). The first four invited personalities, aged between 16 and 25, being followed by millions of subscribers. BFMTV reveals, however, that “the cast of the meeting Wednesday is not yet stopped“. Still according to information from the continuous news channel, Léna Situations has already declined the invitation. This meeting will be broadcast on Twitch and Youtube.

Politicians are people really like everyone else

EnjoyPhoenix in February 2020

This is not the first time the government has surrounded itself with influencers to convey messages. Last February, EnjoyPhoenix followed Brune Poirson, then Secretary of State for Ecology, for a day. A communication operation where the star with 3.6 million subscribers on Youtube explained in particular to the politician between two meetings in a car: “Young people are not so interested in politics. (…) It’s just because we don’t give them the opportunity to show them that politicians are people really like everyone else“. Three years ago, Hugo Travers had invited him to Matignon with the then Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.


Justin Bieber Shares How the Pandemic Allowed Him to Focus on His Relationship with Hailey

Justin Bieber Shares How the Pandemic Allowed Him to Focus on His Relationship with Hailey | Entertainment Tonight

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Filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta puts images to the music of Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Filmmaker Isaki Lacuesta and singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz have teamed up to record five audiovisual pieces for the Palafrugell native’s new album, entitled Farce (impossible genre).

According to the two on the networks this summer they met to record a piece dedicated to Fatherless, one of Sylvia Plath ‘s poems set to music by the singer to be part of Farce. Actress Alba Flores and experimental filmmaker Adriana Vila Guevara also took part.

“To describe it with the rhetoric in use we could call it‘ interdisciplinary dialogue ’; the most sincere thing is to explain that cinema, music and poetry work in the same wavelength and that there is nothing more beautiful than coming together to discover together what we play, with clear goals but the script open until it spreads », Points out the text of the Girona director.

The meeting was “so stimulating” that, joining the dancer Rocío Molina and the actress Raquel Ferri, they continued with new topics, such as Shout pelao The Tango of the milky way.

“So far we have shot five songs and sung five films in the form of a postcard with a poem on the back. And we continue “, says the director of Between two waters, who explains that they filmed with a 16 mm rope Bolex and revealed the material by hand in the laboratory with Adriana Vila.