Corona incidence in summer 2021 will soon be slowed down


Inditex will approach the pre-Covid profit this year, according to Morgan Stanley | Companies

The rapid recovery he’s showing Inditex Regarding its sales levels, even without having 100% of its network of stores or all the commercial hours available, it is also recognized by those who tend to be more critical of the performance of the Galician textile giant. Morgan Stanley, habitually demanding in its analysis of the company, admits in its latest report that Inditex is one step ahead of the rest of the operators in the sector in the long-awaited return to activity prior to the pandemic.

The financial institution begins its analysis by ensuring that Inditex “is one of the most attractive business models” in all its business coverage. “It has a leading operating model and supply chain that provides it with significant competitive advantages and the ability to safely navigate the times of Covid-19,” he describes.

The company registered in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2021, between February and April, sales 50% higher than those of a year ago and 16% lower than those of 2019, with a profit of 421 million. But it also reported growth of the order of 5% in the first weeks of the second quarter. “The short-term recovery is pretty clear,” says Morgan Stanley. For this year, it calculates close sales that will be close to 26,000 million, 8% lower than those of the last year prior to the pandemic, with a net profit of 3,310 million, close to 3,639 in 2019. The ebitda would also once again exceed 7,000 millions.

This will be the first step towards a full recovery during 2022. When that year ends, the investment bank estimates that revenues will already be at the level of 2019, over 28,000 million, and with an already higher profit, approaching 4,000 millions. For the following years, it estimates a sales growth per year of between 4% and 6%.

However, Morgan Stanley also expresses its doubts. It explains that, without a substantial growth in its sales area, the door can be opened to a possible cannibalization of sales between online and offline, although it continues to have good medium-term prospects with share gains and with an online business “as an element key differentiator ”, thanks to a positioning“ of suitable products and prices, with a proposal linked to fashion and a strong marketing power that, we think, may allow it to gain more market share ”.
In addition, and despite what you may think, Morgan Stanley believes that the growing weight of the group’s online sales [del 32% en 2020] it won’t affect your margins. Quite the opposite.

“The progressive improvement in profitability should also be supported by the change in habits towards online shopping. Inditex has already exceeded its goal of representing more than 25% of its revenues, and although the growth of this channel will slow down in the post-Covid world, we believe that penetration will continue to grow in the long term, which should support the margins of the group”.

On the other hand, Morgan Stanley values ​​Inditex at a target price of 31 euros per share, slightly below its current price and in a baseline scenario. In one of very accelerated acceleration, it would raise that target price to 45 euros.


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these are the phones that will receive Android 12

The Android 12 version is a fact and will soon begin to reach different devices from different manufacturers, including the well-known South Korean brand Samsung.

The devices that we can enjoy this new version of Android are not yet known, since an official announcement has not been made, but a leak has revealed the Samsung models that will be able to use the operating system.

Android is currently in its third developer preview version and will be available on the market very soon.

Others that will surely accompany Samsung computers that use Google’s new operating system are the Pixel models, since these belong to the company.

Some new features of Android 12

This version will bring various news in different areas of your system, especially in the matter of graphics and interface.

The design of the system will be in the form of themes for its interface and will come with the Material You, a new design style that formats almost the entire system and adds configurable themes.

Another thing will be the incorporation of App Pairs, one of the first functionalities that was filtered for Android 12 and that has to do with the use of the shared screen.

It will have a different PiP (Picture a Picture) mode than Android 11.

Samsung phones that will receive Android 12

Lthe long list dand devices will be the following according to the site High intensity :

Gama Samsung Galaxy S

• Galaxy S21 Ultra (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S21+ (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S21 (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S20 Ultra (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S20+ (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S20 (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S20 FE (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy S10 5G (latest system update)
• Galaxy S10 (latest system update)
• Galaxy S10 + (latest system update)
• Galaxy S10e (latest system update)
• Galaxy S10 Lite

Gama Samsung Galaxy Note

• Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy Note 20 (LTE/5G)
• Galaxy Note 10+ (LTE / 5G – latest system update)
• Galaxy Note 10 (LTE / 5G – latest system update)
• Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Gama Galaxy Z

• Galaxy Fold (LTE / 5G – latest system update)
• Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
• Galaxy Z Flip
• Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy A range

• Galaxy A71 5G
• Galaxy A71
• Galaxy A51 5G
• Galaxy A51
• Galaxy A52
• Galaxy A52 5G
• Galaxy A72
• Galaxy A90 5G (latest system update)
• Galaxy A01 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A11 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A31 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A41 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A21 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A21s (latest system update)
• Galaxy A Quantum
• Galaxy Quantum 2
• Galaxy A42 5G
• Galaxy A02 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A02s (latest system update)
• Galaxy A12 (latest system update)
• Galaxy A32
• Galaxy A32 5G

Gama Galaxy M

• Galaxy M42 5G
• Galaxy M12
• Galaxy M62
• Galaxy M02s model (last update)
• Samsung Galaxy M02 (latest system update)
• Galaxy M21 (latest system update)
• Galaxy M21s (latest system update)
• Galaxy M31
• Galaxy M31 Prime Edition Model (latest system update)
• Galaxy M51 (latest system update)
• Galaxy M31s ((latest system update)

Gama Galaxy F

• Galaxy F41 (latest system update)
• Galaxy F62
• Galaxy F02s (latest system update)
• Galaxy F12

Gama Galaxy Xcover

• Galaxy Xcover Pro (latest system update)
• Galaxy Xcover 5

Galaxy Tab range of tablets

• Galaxy Tab S7+ (LTE/56)
• Galaxy Tab S7 (LTE/5G)
• Modelo Galaxy Tab S6 5G
• Galaxy Tab S6 (latest system update)
• Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
• Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (latest system update)
• Galaxy Tab A7 Smartphone (latest system update)
• Galaxy Tab Active 3 (latest system update)


doctors don’t understand why it kills so many little boys

RIO DE JANEIRO – Concerned about her young daughter’s fever, which did not subside, the mother took the girl, Letícia, to the hospital. Doctors had worrying news: it was COVID-19.

However, they were calm, noting that children almost never develop severe symptoms, said the mother, Ariani Roque Marinheiro.

Less than two weeks later, on February 27, Letícia died in the intensive care unit of the Maringá hospital, in southern Brazil, after several days of labored breathing.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro lost her daughter Leticia, a one and a half year old baby. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

“It happened so fast, and she was gone,” said Marinheiro, 33.

“She was everything to me.”

COVID-19 is doing havoc in BrasiHe and, in a new and disturbing aspect that experts are trying to understand, seems to be killing babies and toddlers at an unusually high rate.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 832 children children under 6 years old have died from the virus, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Health.

Few comparable data exist because each country tracks the impact of the virus differently.

However, in the United States, which has a much larger population than Brazil, and a higher overall number of deaths from COVID-19, they have died. 139 children under 5 years old.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro in his home in Maringa, Brazil.  Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro in his home in Maringa, Brazil. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Furthermore, the official number of child deaths in Brazil is most likely a substantially lower count, as the lack of widespread evidence means that many cases are not diagnosed, said Fátima Marinho, an epidemiologist at the University of São Paulo.

Marinho, who directs a study that totals the death toll in the child population in both suspected and confirmed cases, estimates that more than 2,200 children under the age of 5 have died since the start of the pandemic, including more than 1600 babies less than one year old.

“We are witnessing a huge impact on children,” Marinho said.

“It is a figure absurdly high. We have not seen this anywhere else in the world. “

A photo of Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro and her daughter, Leticia, at their home in Maringa, Brazil.  Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

A photo of Ariani Cristina Pereira Roque Marinheiro and her daughter, Leticia, at their home in Maringa, Brazil. Photo Victor Moriyama / The New York Times.

Experts in Brazil, Europe and the United States agree that the number of child deaths from COVID-19 in Brazil seems to ber particularly loud.

“Those numbers are surprising. They are much higher than what we are seeing in the United States, ”said Sean O’Leary, vice chairman of the infectious disease committee at the American Academy of Pediatrics and a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the University of Colorado Campus of Medicine.

“By whatever parameter we are using here in the United States, those numbers are much higher.”

No evidence is available on the impact of virus variants – which scientists say are causing more severe cases of COVID-19 in healthy young adults and increasing the number of deaths in Brazil – on infants and children.

However, experts say the variant appears to lead to higher death rates among pregnant women.

Some women with COVID-19 are giving birth to stillbirths or premature babies already infected with the virus, said André Ricardo Ribas Freitas, an epidemiologist at São Leopoldo Mandic College in Campinas, who led a recent study on the impact of the variant.

“We can already affirm that the variant P.1 it has much more serious effects in pregnant women, ”said Ribas Freitas.

“And often, if the pregnant woman has the virus, the baby may not survive or both may die.”

According to experts, lack of timely and adequate access to children’s health care is likely a factor in the death toll.

In the United States and Europe, experts said, the early treatment it has been key to the recovery of children infected with the virus.

In Brazil, doctors are overwhelmed and have often been slow to confirm infections in children, Marinho said.

“The children are not being given diagnostic tests,” Marinho said.

“They send them home, and it is only when these children return in really serious condition that the presence of COVID-19 begins to be suspected.”

Lara Shekerdemian, director of intensive care at Texas Children’s Hospital, said the death rate in children who contract COVID-19 remains very low, but that children living in countries where the medical care is uneven they were at greater risk.

“A child who may need only a little oxygen today could end up on a ventilator the following week if he does not have access to the oxygen and steroid that we give him early in the disease process,” Shekerdemian said.

“So what could end up being a simple hospitalization in my world can result in a child needing medical care that they simply cannot get if there are delays in accessing it.”

A study published in January in the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, revealed that children in Brazil and four other Latin American countries developed more severe forms of COVID-19 and more cases of the multisystem inflammatory syndrome, an extreme and rare immune response to the virus, compared to data from China, Europe, and North America.

Some of the children who have died from the virus already had health problems that made them more vulnerable.

However, Marinho estimates that these cases represent just over a quarter of deaths among children under 10 years of age.

This suggests that healthy children also appear to be at higher risk from contracting the virus in Brazil.

c.2021 The New York Times Company

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