16 unvaccinated caregivers failed by the Bordeaux court

There are still health professionals who refuse vaccination against covid. Since the injunction of the State which obliges the caregivers to present a complete vaccination schedule, they are several to have been removed from their functions. Sixteen caregivers, from Gironde and Lot-et-Garonne, have just been dismissed by the Administrative Court of Bordeaux this Thursday. This […]

The fate of Alexander Konstantinov. “"Hunger" and the thirst for love of Alexander Konstantinov. ” The fate of a man

The fate of Alexander Konstantinov. “Hunger and Thirst for Love by Alexander Konstantinov.” The fate of man Actor Alexander Konstantinov told how he recaptured his wife from anotherRADIO “KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA” Alexander Konstantinov’s wife: “There was a moment when I was jealous of my husband for Sveta Ivanova”StarHit.ru Alexander Konstantinov admitted that he almost cheated on […]

Legalization of cannabis – “There are no more arguments for prohibition”

Andreas Müller in conversation with Stephan Karkowsky The cannabis ban endangers young people, says Andreas Müller: You can buy “dirt” or “stretched stuff” on every corner. (imago / Westend) According to the juvenile judge Andreas Müller, cannabis is wrongly criminalized. Alcohol is far more dangerous. He has specific proposals for legalization: for example cannabis specialist […]

Ironman Hawaii: “Then it’s the toughest competition ever” – Esslingen

Annette Mack from Tria Echterdingen competed twice at Ironman Hawaii – two unforgettable experiences for the 55-year-old. Photo: Günter Bergmann The triathlete Annette Mack speaks about the recent cancellation of the Ironman Hawaii and looks back on her own participation there twice. Leinfelden – Actually, the time has come now. October, highlight of the season. […]

Katie Couric Addresses Controversy About Her Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interview – TODAY

Katie Couric Addresses Controversy About Her Ruth Bader Ginsburg Interview  TODAY Katie Couric says she has no relationship with Matt Lauer  CNN Opinion | Katie Couric admits she was wrong to ‘protect’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg  The Washington Post Katie Couric: ‘I’m Not Sure The Country Was Ready For A Female Anchor’  TODAY Katie Couric Says She Would Not Have […]

Adele, the new single on divorce is already a record – Music

Six years after her last album, Adele is back on the pitch and her new single “Easy on Me” smashed all records on the Spotify platform in 24 hours.The song, in which the 33-year-old British artist talks about her divorce three years ago from Simon Konecki, is part of the highly anticipated album ’30’ which […]

Tyrolean Plansee expects sales of two billion in 2021/22 – Tyrol –

17.10.2021 07:23 (Akt. 17.10.2021 07:30) Plansee board spokesman Karlheinz Wex during the APA interview © APA/EXPA 100 years after it was founded, the Plansee Group, a global manufacturer of high-performance materials based in Breitenwang (Reutte district), expects a significant increase in sales in the current financial year. One comes “in the order of magnitude of […]