THEOPOLITICS Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şahin – Fear of “What if the party goes away” in CHP

When we look at the statements and comments coming from the CHP recently, it can be easily seen that the most important thing for Kılıçdaroğlu and his team is to keep the party.

In fact, the understanding that keeping the party administration is more valuable than the presidency is evident in a way that cannot be hidden.

Almost “A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.” acting with logic.

In the 2018 Parliament and Presidential election process, “fear”, It has largely shaped the course of action of the CHP administration and still continues to shape it.

The administration does not want to lose the opportunity for the presidency, which is not guaranteed to win.

I wonder if this is the reason behind Kılıçdaroğlu’s efforts to nominate Abdullah Gül in the 2018 Presidential election. “fear” did you have?

Maybe we can learn the answer to this question with new explanations in the coming days.

Kılıçdaroğlu is not running as the leader of the main opposition party in 2018.

As discussed in detail, Gül cannot be nominated.

And Muharrem İnce is compulsorily nominated.

From that moment on, the CHP administration has been working not for the nominated Ince to win, but for him to lose.

If “Come on Muharram” it starts with saying.

Later, we understand from Şaban Sevinç’s statements that Halk TV management, close to the party, was called by the deputy chairman, referring to İnce’s rallies. “Are you going to get us in trouble, why are you showing so much?” is being printed.

“Do not broadcast Yav Meral Akşener’s rallies, why, our votes are shifting to the Iyi Parti.” It is requested that the other partner of the Nation Alliance, Iyi Party Chairman Meral Akşener’s rallies not be held.

Here is what comes out: In fact, the CHP administration entered the June 2018 elections only for the parliament and accepted to lose the presidency from the beginning. Otherwise, why should they feel uncomfortable with the work of their candidates and partners?

On the evening of June 24, 2018, according to the results of the ballot box, while the CHP remained at 22.65% in the parliamentary elections, Muharrem İnce received 30.64%.

Since that evening, the CHP management has taken an approach to keep Muharrem İnce away from the headquarters by neutralizing him.

Everything necessary was put in place so that the 30 percent result would not be converted to the Headquarters.

What happened? Let’s remember

The election center established in the CHP collapsed, and the election results could not be given to İnce.

The news that İnce was missing/abducted spread.

“He couldn’t appear in public because he drank too much.” gossip circulated.

He was excluded from the 2019 local election process.

“Yesterday is yesterday, my dear. Now the place has a new owner” messages were given.

The party was not respected as much as Gül and Demirtaş.

Politicians close to İnce started to take a stand.

“CHP member who went to the Palace” Thin was tried to be targeted with his explanations.

Ince was treated as a criminal because he received almost 30 percent of the vote.

The fear of “What if the party loses us…” in the CHP is not an unfounded fear.

After the 2018 election, the signature campaign process for the election congress of the intra-party opposition is almost in question. “fearwould make it happen. Because, while the signatories said that they found enough signatures, the headquarters made the process flow by putting pressure on the delegate.

Therefore, in order not to face the same situation, Kılıçdaroğlu and his team will want to nominate someone for the presidency who will not put them in a difficult situation.

The reason behind the announcement of Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy “fear of losing the party” It should not be underestimated that it is.

Coming from the team of İmamoğlu, who won the presidency of İBB “The place now owns it” statements, İmamoğlu’s efforts to use every opportunity for the presidential candidacy and the names of İmamoğlu and Yavaş being asked in the polls are developments that are closely followed by the CHP Headquarters.

A new presidential candidate “Slim case” They will not want to live.

CHP management stated that the person to be determined will not only be a presidential candidate, but also “placeHe thinks he will walk towards ”.

That’s why Kılıçdaroğlu is wanted to be a candidate.

“It’s not just the presidency” you will understand.

“PlaceIt’s more important to protect…


Cem Küçük – Three critical FETO members and Orhan İnandı

It is certain that the road to 2023 will not be easy. Already the opponents and their apparatus are diving hard. Lies and slander are flying. They are trying to create an atmosphere similar to that of December 17-25.

Most of the time, perceptions fail, but they apply the method of leaving a mud trail. The state of their media is obvious.

During this whole process, three critical FETO members were caught… One of them was caught in Karabağlar district of İzmir. Munise Gulen. The other is from the Far East, packaged by MIT. Selahattin Gulen. The last one is from Kyrgyzstan, which was packaged by MIT. Orhan Believed…

Orhan Inandı, FETO’s Central Asia Chief Executive, was captured as a result of an operation carried out abroad by the National Intelligence Organization and brought to Turkey.

İnandı has been working as the Kyrgyzstan Officer of FETÖ since 2001. In 2017, he became the general manager of the region, which includes both Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, with the instruction of the organization leader Fetullah Gülen.

Orhan Inandı, who frequently visited the headquarters of the FETO ringleader in Pennsylvania during his time in Kyrgyzstan, lastly went to the headquarters in March 2021 and received instructions. The top managers of the organization are also in contact with names such as Mustafa Özcan, Naci Tosun, Barbaros Kocakurt.

Orhan İnandı, a user of FETÖ’s crypto communication program ByLock, provided shelter in Kyrgyzstan for the fugitive elements of the organization fleeing from Turkey, in line with the instructions he received from Pennsylvania via ByLock.

Between them Mustafa Ozcan and Former Chairman of the Board of Bank Asya Ali CelikHe illegally obtained Kyrgyzstan passports to 25 high-ranking FETO members, including Mr.

Orhan Inandı, who also took part in the private structure of FETO between 1985-1995, when he was in Turkey and took part in organizational activities, also served the terrorist organization in the positions of housekeeper, custodian, manager, and education consultant. Bekir Unal and Sait Aksoy It operated under the organization’s managers.

During the said period in Ankara, Adil Öksüz and the organization came together at the meetings held in their homes.

Orhan İnandı, who was gnawing through the state of the organization “private structure” served to direct this structure in relation to its top managers. This person is someone who used FETÖ’s dirty money in Central Asia and used the brains he poisoned into the dark agenda of the organization.

By exploiting the reputation of the Turkish State, he carried out activities against the Republic of Turkey in Central Asia.

Believed in 2019 Kyrgyz Muslim Councilan iftar organized by Turkish Ambassador Cengiz Kamil Firat When Ambassador Fırat realized this situation, he caused a diplomatic crisis. “How do you call the head of FETO here? Let’s build a mosque for 35 million dollars here, you will put us at the same table with terrorists. You choose either Turkey or a terrorist organization. For me, the mufti is over. This person is not a Muslim. I will tell the President now.” “ he left the place. (BBC Turkish)

Turkey continues to do important work in this difficult process. Congratulations to MIT.


So many companies are affected

July 06, 2021 – 11:41 am Clock

Hackers are blackmailing companies again

In the latest attack with blackmail software, hackers targeted several companies in one fell swoop. A supermarket chain even had to close almost all branches because of the attack on its cash register system.

German IT service provider also affected by hacker attack

The hackers used a vulnerability at the American IT service provider Kaseya to attack its customers with a program that encrypts data and demands a ransom. The consequences could be felt as far as Sweden, where the supermarket chain Coop had to close almost all stores. The full extent of the damage is still unclear.

The supermarket chain Coop had to close almost all branches in Sweden because of the hacker attack.

© picture alliance, Ali Lorestani

The IT security company Huntress spoke of more than 1000 companies in which systems were encrypted.

An affected IT service provider from Germany also reported to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Its customers have been affected, said a BSI spokesman. There are several thousand computers in several companies. It cannot be ruled out that other companies noticed problems with the start of the working week on Monday.

US President Biden orders investigation

US President Joe Biden ordered an investigation into the attack by the secret services. “The first impression was that the Russian government was not behind it – but we are not sure yet,” said Biden after questions from reporters on Saturday. IT security experts had assigned the attack based on the software code to the hacker group REvil, which is located in Russia.

A few weeks ago, REvil was behind the attack on the world’s largest meat company JBS, which had to close plants for several days, including in the USA. At their meeting in Geneva in June, Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin not to tolerate any activities by hacker groups and threatened the consequences of further attacks.

Around 40 companies are directly affected

Kaseya announced over the weekend that fewer than 40 customers were affected. However, these also included service providers who themselves have several customers. This is also how the Swedish co-op chain was hit, where the checkout systems no longer worked. Only 5 of the over 800 stores – and the online shop – remained open.

In any case, the damage could have been far greater: Kaseya has a total of more than 36,000 customers. With the help of the Kaseya program VSA, companies manage software updates in computer systems. An intrusion into the VSA software can open many doors for the attacker at once. Kaseya stopped its cloud service on Friday and warned customers to shut down their locally running VSA systems immediately. According to the company, customers of the cloud service were never in danger – and all the companies affected resorted to local VSA installations.

Operator Kaseya claims to have found the weak point

Kaseya is confident that it has found the vulnerability if it wants to close it soon and restart the systems after a security test, it said. On Saturday, another customer joined the list of victims who had not switched off his locally running VSA system.

Attacks with blackmail software had recently made repeated headlines. Just before the JBS case, a similar attack halted the operation of one of the largest gasoline pipelines in the United States and temporarily cut fuel supplies in the country. It brings the hackers money: JBS paid the attackers the equivalent of eleven million dollars in crypto currencies, the pipeline operator Colonial paid 4.4 million dollars. However, a little later, investigators were able to confiscate a good half of the colonial ransom.

It is also the second attack that became known within a few months in which hackers were able to break into the systems of its customers via an IT service provider. Using maintenance software from Solarwinds, attackers were believed to have entered the computer networks of US government agencies, including those of the Department of Finance and Energy, for espionage purposes.

BDI wants strategy against cyber attacks

The industry association BDI wants to better ward off cyber attacks with a “national economic protection strategy” by politics and business. “Never before has the German economy been attacked as severely as it is today,” said BDI security expert Matthias Wachter of “Welt am Sonntag”. The number of attacks increased in the corona pandemic because companies working from home are even more vulnerable. The Federal Office for Information Security said: “The threat situation is still very tense and has been exacerbated again by the pandemic.”

Mikko Hyppönen from the IT security company F-Secure attributes this, among other things, to the fact that the attack surface is becoming ever larger with digital change in all industries. “We bring everything online.” It will take some time before this general movement into the Internet is adequately secured: “I don’t think we’ve seen the worst.” (dpa/aze)


“Pazzi”, this robot who prepares pizzas all by himself in Paris

From preparation to service, in this new pizzeria nestled in the heart of the capital, the machines do all the work.

Robots are now real cooks. In the “Pazzi” restaurant which opens this Monday in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, a machine prepares, bakes and serves pizzas in total autonomy.

Over the orders, the device installed behind a large window makes its show without interruption. Three articulated arms move and prepare up to a pizza every 45 seconds. The automaton is alone, but can juggle making several pizzas at the same time. “The parallelization of the tasks makes it possible to produce up to 10, and to cook 6 of them both ”, proudly details Sébastien Roverso, co-founder of“ Pazzi ”who is also one of the creators of the machine. The software recreates a “artisanal“By placing the ingredients”randomly».

The robot also knows how to overcome a technical constraint: the foods used are organic materials. ” We have endowed the robot with artificial intelligence that allows it to adapt to organic elements such as dough. It identifies the specificities of the products and adapts to them. In the event of an error, such as a dough that is too heavy, it knows how to correct itself in the next test.», Explains Sébastien Roverso. Humans are never far away. Like many robots, this one is not foolproof. In 97% of cases, everything goes well. In the remaining 3%, if the machine derails, a team reboots the system remotely.

A pizza maker for € 500,000

The development of this robot took a lot of time from its two creators. Cyril Hamon and Sébastien Roverso had been studying the issue since the beginning of the 2010s. Their project culminated in 2019, with the opening of a first “Pazzi” restaurant in the Val d’Europe shopping center in Seine-et-Marne. They installed their robot there, the cost of which is € 500,000. ” We raised funds in 2019 for an amount of 10 million euros», Recalls the CEO of Pazzi, Philippe Goldman. Money that has made it possible to finance research and development. For example, ovens adapt to each pizza for cooking. A total of five patents have been filed.

The company thinks quickly of amortizing its investments. “This restaurant should be profitable within 3 years, assuming our turnover reaches 900,000 €“. An amount that they have “not yet”Reached in their first premises in Val d’Europe, penalized by the health situation and the long closure of shopping centers.

This time, Pazzi moved to a very lively neighborhood. If the success is with go, the concept could be reproduced in the rest of France and in the bordering countries.

In terms of recipes, the great chefs do not yet have too much to worry about. These were designed by Thierry Graggagnino, the three-time pizza world champion. The skills of robots in creation remain limited. Tests were carried out on Google’s AI, which had to create a sweet recipe from scratch. She ended up devising a dubious recipe, a Maltesers cake topped with Marmite, a spread made from yeast extract. Enjoy your meal.


Cem Küçük – Zülfü was a leftist!

Cem Kucuk


It was July of 1993. I finished the prep class in high school. I came to Eynesil from Zonguldak to Giresun for a holiday.

I was so fond of reading that I couldn’t miss anything I found. Newspapers give encyclopedias to our house too. Sabah would enter. Also the Sabah group released Actual There was a magazine. It was published weekly…

Zulfu Livaneli He was a columnist in Sabah at that time.

Although I do not meet him; Neo-Nazis attacked in Solingen, Germany. I think it happened on May 29, 1993. Four or five members of his young family had died…

Zülfü Livaneli Gungor MengiHe had gone to Solingen with . and had written a few articles from there. The title of one of his articles “Silence of the Lambs, Fury of the Rams”was. Well that year Jodie Foster and Antony Hopkins‘at the Silence of the Lambs The movie was very famous.

I guess this was one of the few articles by Zülfü Livaneli that I read and liked… Going back to the summer months of 1993, he was writing his memoirs in Aktüel. Since then, I have had a great interest in memoirs and biographies.

Livaneli was talking about the times he spent in Stockholm, Sweden, where he went after the 1970 coup…

Livaneli is a bad writer, but his memories were read. Livaneli, who spent a lot of vacation in Stockholm in the 1970s and had a good time… That’s how I learned about his and some leftists’ interest in luxury and money… A person fleeing from a military coup gets a little sad and worried. I was thinking. Turns out it was never like that. in Europe -I’m not saying it for everyone, of course- They had a pretty good time.

Then In 1994, he was a candidate for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from the SHP, but his end ended in frustration. Erdogan, whom they never gave a chance, not only won the election, he has been ruling the country for 20 years…

So what has Zülfi Bey been doing for 27 years? He sang good folk songs and songs with his bed voice. Let’s not be fair Bend Cluster Willow He also did good works. He won millions with Atatürkism sauce and gave concerts. He owned a villa worth several million dollars in Tarabya. He got into luxury cars.

period in 1993 Minister of Culture Provides Ideabrought almost for free with the support of Basilisk He also made a badass movie. I don’t know if anyone else was watching!

He added wealth to his wealth through Kemalism. But he missed the period between 2006-11 when it was fashionable to criticize Atatürk. Can Dundar, He made a documentary criticizing Atatürk, but I still wonder how Zülfü Bey missed that train. In 2002, he became a deputy from Baykal’s CHP, which he now criticizes. In other words, he exploited CHP with his carrots, wagons, meat and milk. He became one of the richest leftists(!)… A şNow he criticizes Ecevit and Baykal. He praises Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Salute to HDP. He does not say a word to the PKK. The American feed is angry with Ecevit for supporting FETO, but the American dog does not open his mouth to YPG/PKK…

No, if your problem is to be a deputy in 2023, the age will be 77, Mr. Zülfi. It’s shameful now. No, I’m too old Ugur Dundar If you are worried about what I do, I think I should be on the agenda, I think you should not use your right to be ridiculous.

Although you posted a half-naked photo on social media last January. Then you deleted it… I don’t know if your mind is going back and forth, but the desire to be famous, to be talked about will kill you!..

Oh, by the way, organized by the municipality in Mezitli district of Mersin in 2013. Sun FestivalMunicipal officials and Spanish dancers beat you. We never found out why.

Ahmet Kekec if brother lived “Is Zülfi a leftist?” he wrote. didn’t happen, Engin Juniper we have a brother; He is the best writer of Zülfü Bey’s leftism(!).

Was Zülfü Livaneli, who called Ecevit and Baykal a leftist, really a leftist?


“World Wide Web”: Original source code auctioned for $ 5.4 million | Life & Knowledge

But the winner has nothing in his hands …

The US auction house Sotheby’s has auctioned the source code for the World Wide Web for 5.4 million dollars (around 4.5 million euros). Sotheby’s announced on Wednesday. However, it was initially unclear who bought the first digital artifact ever offered by Sotheby’s.

The piece was the original files of Sir Tim Berners-Lee (66) from 1989 with the corresponding time stamp and signature. On March 12, 1989, the computer scientist presented his proposal for a system for information management from which the World Wide Web emerged.

Berners-Lee was then working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. Today he is considered to be the inventor of the WWW.

Sotheby’s auctioned the source code as a so-called NFT (non-fungible token). This is a kind of digital certificate of authenticity: there can be any number of identical copies of the item, but only this one can be considered the original.

NFT is currently experiencing a boom: a linked copy of a collage by digital artist Beeple was recently auctioned for a good $ 69.3 million.


Internet everywhere: Elon Musk wants to further scale his Starlink project

With the widespread use of the Internet and its integration into everyday life, the ability to connect to the World Wide Web has meanwhile become essential. Scanning a QR code to call up a URL or answering e-mails when you are on the move are certainly just a few examples of many. Excellent network coverage is essential to ensure that online services can be used smoothly. Even if this is largely the case in Germany in the metropolitan areas, there are also areas in this country where there is no trace of sufficient supply. So that this changes not only in Germany, but all over the world, Elon Musk wants to use his Starlink project to launch more satellites into space.

An Internet from space that is globally available not only represents an enormous material expense, it is also associated with high costs. In order to refinance the expenses, Starlink needs paying customers. For this reason, SpaceX founder Elon Musk is again reaching for the stars and intends to increase the current number of users from around 69,000 to half a million users by mid-2022.

Data protection notice for YouTube

At this point we would like to show you a YouTube video. Protecting your data is important to us: YouTube sets cookies on your computer by embedding and playing them, with which you may be tracked. If you want to allow this, just click the play button. The video will then be loaded and then played.

Your Hardwareluxx team

Directly display YouTube videos from now on

Musk said the cost of expanding the satellite Internet service is $ 20 billion to $ 30 billion. All customers are billed at a flat rate of $ 99 per month. In addition, they have to invest a one-time fee of 499 US dollars for the transmission system. However, the cost of the facility in question is just under $ 1,000 for the company. Which means that Starlink first has to make a large investment when scaling the number of customers.

Furthermore, the satellite system should by no means only be used for Internet reception on earth. Musk is also planning to use it for transports to the moon or Mars as well as in near-earth orbit.


How to know if your WiFi signal is being stolen

Wednesday, June 30, 2021


The Wifi is a wireless network technology through which devices, such as computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices (smartphones and accessories), and other equipment (printers and? camcorders), can interact with Internet. It allows these devices, among many others, to exchange information with each other and establish, in this way, a network.

Connectivity to Internet it is accomplished through a wireless router. When you access WiFi, connects to a wireless router that allows devices that support WiFi interact with Internet.

In a narrow sense, the speed of the Internet it is one of the most important factors in achieving excellent productivity with the help of this technology. Having a slow connection is like having absolutely nothing. Videos do not load, downloads cannot be performed, and even the simplest activities on the web simply cannot be performed.

Although, many times the slowness of the Internet It is due to the low quality of the service that is being paid for, there are other factors external to the operator that could be the reason for this low speed. For example, the number of connected devices could be one of the causes for the broadband not working properly. The more devices are hanging from the network WiFi, the lower the speed available for each of them.

It is not the same to distribute the bandwidth between a cell phone and a computer to do it between two cell phones, a tablet and a Smart TV. Each one will be played in equal parts, and the more devices there are, the smaller the part that each will play.

However, on some occasions the Internet It is slow even with only one device connected at a time, and it is at this moment that we begin to ask ourselves: “Will there be someone outside connected to the network WiFi?”; And the question makes sense, considering that a network can be detected by any device close to it, and many times its security can be easily compromised.

For this reason, it is important to know which devices are connected to a network in order to recognize if there are strangers present or if, on the contrary, the slowness is part of another type of problem.

How to know which devices are connected to our network?

To access the list of devices connected to a network WiFi the simplest action is to check directly on the configuration page of your modem (router). For this, it is necessary to have a username or password offered by the company that sells the service, or if you purchased the modem on your own, this information may be on the back of it.

For this task there are several applications that can also help you, such as Nigthawk u Blind, with which you can safely manage your router settings and thus be able to get to the information you need.

After locating these data, now you have to enter the modem page, through the IP of the same. In this step it is important that you are connected to your network WiFi and find the address that is usually, as in the previous step, on the back of the router. When you find it, you just have to type it in your browser and you will immediately be redirected to a simple login. Write down the requested information and you’re done.

When logging in, A list will appear with the devices that are currently connected, and on some occasions it will even show the brand of these. Now it’s just a matter of checking if any of them are foreign to you.

In case of irregularities, the ideal is to change the password immediately. This can be done from the same configuration page or if you cannot, simply contact your provider Internet to request a password change for your network WiFi.

It is usually recommended that the new key does not have a direct relationship with the name of the network, nor does it use personal data. Also, although it is logical, it is advisable not to share the password with people in whom you do not trust, because it is precisely these who could share it with more people by doing their WiFi becomes congested without knowing who or who are connected to your network.


Facebook share news: No euphoria despite valuation in the trillions

Facebook logo at a conference

Frankfurt Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has done it: The market capitalization of the social network has risen above a trillion dollars for the first time. Other large technology companies such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet are already in this club of trillions.

Facebook shares have been approaching the trillion threshold for some time. On Monday in US trading, it cracked the mark with a price jump of 4.9 percent to the all-time high of $ 358.14. Investors were obviously pleased that a court ruling made it less likely that Facebook would be broken up.

The share went from trading with a plus of 4.3 percent at 355.64 dollars. The market capitalization was still above the trillion threshold even after the close of trading. On Tuesday in early US trading, the share was barely changed. Since the beginning of the year, the plus has totaled more than 30 percent.

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