those who do not move much run a higher risk of death from corona –

Those who lead a largely sedentary life, or otherwise exercise little, run a higher risk of dying from a corona infection or a more serious disease course, say the authors of a study of 50,000 people that appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on Tuesday. Male gender, advanced age, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease have so far been associated with a higher mortality rate. A shortage of exercise has now added to that.

People who were physically inactive in the two years prior to the outbreak of the corona pandemic are more likely to have to be admitted, end up in intensive care and die, the researchers conclude.

Only an advanced age or an organ transplant in the past are stronger indicators predicting a serious disease course, according to the scientists. According to the authors of the study, physical inactivity is more serious for the course of the disease in a corona infection than, among other things, smoking, obesity or high blood pressure.

To learn more about the variables that influence disease progression, the scientists examined data on 48,440 adults who became infected with the coronavirus in the United States between January and October 2020. The mean age in the group was 47 years. About 60 percent of the group consisted of women. The mean body mass index was 31, slightly above the obesity threshold.

Comparing the data, it emerged that Covid patients with little or no physical activity are twice as likely to be admitted to hospital, compared to the most active group. In addition, the risk of ending up in intensive care is 73 percent higher, and physically inactive patients are 2.5 times more likely to succumb to Covid-19.

Compared to other patients who exercise or exercise regularly throughout their lives, physically inactive corona patients are 20 percent more likely to be hospitalized, 10 percent more likely to end up on IC and 32 percent more likely to die from Covid-19.


Small terrier dogs terrify bear who invaded home in the USA

UA cheeky bear entered a home in Pasadena, California, this Saturday, but he got a real fright when two small terrier dogs started barking around him.

Mei Mei and Squirt showed the big wild animal that size doesn’t matter and that they are real private security guards for the owner, who was taking a nap in the living room, with several doors open.

Hearing the barking of the animals, Deedee Mueller realized that something was going on, but it was only when he later turned to surveillance cameras that he realized that his small dogs had chased away a huge bear from his home.

Proud of the courage of Mei Mei and Squirt, Deedee decided to share the images on Youtube. The video of the moment is already a success and went viral in a few days.

“Thank God we have these two ferocious dogs protecting us. I could tell the bear was nervous. In fact, he even tried to enter from the other side, but ended up being chased by the dogs anyway. I was so scared that I peed on the steps while running away, ”said the owner of the house on social media.

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Japan wants to dump processed water from Fukushima plant in the Pacific

The Japanese government decided on Tuesday that the processed water stored at the Fukushima nuclear power plant will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean, after treatment to remove most of the radioactive elements.

The controversial measure aims to resolve the accumulation of radioactive water in the nuclear facility, one of the most urgent problems in the complex process of decommissioning the plant that was damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga made the decision today after consultations with the operator of the plant, Tokyo Electric Power, the Japanese nuclear regulator, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and local authorities in Fukushima, among other parties.

The controlled release of water from the factory was the measure that the Japanese authorities had chosen since the beginning of last year, considering it the most viable among a series of other technically more complex options.

The spill will not pose any risk to human health, say Japanese authorities

The decision had been postponed due to opposition from the Fukushima Government and local fishermen’s associations, who believe that the spill could further harm their economic activities.

Japanese authorities believe that the spill will not pose any risk to human health because the levels of tritium released into the sea will be below national health standards – to be mixed with seawater – and argue that this is a common practice in the nuclear industry. from other countries.


Donald Trump and his ambitious claim involving the COVID-19 vaccine

In addition to pretending to continue in politics, the former president made a surprising revelation regarding the coronavirus drug.

Donald Trump has once again generated controversy with his statements. This time the former president of the United States spoke not only about politics but also about the pandemic, specifically about the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Republican recently attended a political event in Mar-a Lago; where according to CNN journalist Kevin Liptak, he insulted Senator Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), whom he described as a “silly son of a bitch * & *% a.”

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As if that were not enough, he dared to boast of the health strategy to counteract the effects of COVID-19 in the United States.

“Trump told everyone they should call ‘trumpcine’ (instead of vaccine),” Liptak posted on Twitter in reference to the suggestion about coronavirus immunization.

This is not the first time Trump has claimed vaccine credits. In March he assured that thanks to him the vaccine was developed in record time.

“I hope you all remember when you get the COVID-19 vaccine that if I hadn’t been president, you would either get that beautiful shot in five years at best, or you probably wouldn’t get it at all. I hope everyone remembers it! ”Trump said at the time.

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Vaccination credentials, another controversy

The debate over the creation of a document to identify people vaccinated against covid-19 has intensified in the United States, where companies and state governments are studying formulas to do so while Republicans try to use this issue to attack the Government of Joe Biden.

In the last hours, the president of the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus of Congress, the legislator Andy Biggs, introduced a bill that would prohibit federal agencies from issuing any type of documentation that shows that an individual has been or has not been vaccinated.

Speaking to Efe this Friday, Biggs considered that these accreditations will only serve to impose the surveillance system of “Big Brother” in American society.

The bill, backed by 18 other ultra-conservative lawmakers close to former President Donald Trump, has no chance of being passed by the Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives, but it shows how far Republicans are willing to go. .

Faced with this, the Joe Biden Administration has made it clear that it has no intention of getting involved or supporting any effort to create a credential that is mandatory at the federal level, although it has left the door open for the private sector to develop its own systems.

An idea promoted by the private sector

The idea of ​​the private sector is to create a universal credential that airlines, restaurants or stadiums can use to allow entry to Americans who have already been vaccinated, in an attempt to increase the sense of tranquility and return to pre-pandemic economic activity .

Those credentials would be similar to boarding passes for airplanes, which can be displayed with an app on the phone or can be printed out in a pdf document.

Popularly, they have been called “immunization passports,” but their use would only be within the US, not abroad.

Behind that proposal is a coalition called the “Initiative for Vaccination Credentials” and which is made up of 225 public and private organizations, including Cínica Mayo and the tech giants IBM and Microsoft.

IBM, for example, has already helped New York state create its own digital credential dubbed “Excelsior Pass” that some New Yorkers began using last week to enter Madison Square Garden.

Other members of that coalition is The Commons Project, a non-profit organization specialized in technology and that has developed the “CommonPass” application that travelers on some JetBlue, United and Lufthansa routes are already using to show that they have given negative in a covid-19 test.

Aerolineas por América, the US business association for the industry, does not want the government to force passengers to get vaccinated in order to get on a plane, but it is in favor of creating a credential that increases the feeling of security for passengers. Travellers.

How to choose from 17 options

One of the biggest challenges, however, is choosing the best system among the 17 currently being developed by companies or non-governmental organizations.

One of them is the technology EagleForce, which last year launched an application called “myVAx” that allows users to document all their vaccines, including anticovid, and which is already available in the US, as well as in other countries in the world. American and African continent, its executive director, Stanley Campbell, explained to Efe.

Campbell, originally from Florida, was in talks with the Florida government to implement it; but just last week the governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, signed an executive order that prohibits companies from asking their clients for this type of credential.

Another of the GOP’s star governors, Greg Abbott of Texas, has passed a similar measure this week and is being evaluated by Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves.

At the international level, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not recommended the use of these credentials because it is not yet known to what extent vaccines reduce the transmission of the disease.


Brazilian parliament asks UN for help to fight pandemic

Both the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, and the leader of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, informed on their social networks about the talks with Guterres, to whom they explained the critical situation in Brazil, which exceeds 350 thousand deaths and 13.4 million cases of the new coronavirus, with hospitals on the verge of collapse.

“We exposed the dramatic situation in Brazil” and “we reinforced the request for help from the UN so that the country becomes a priority for the Covax Facility consortium, so that there is an anticipation in the delivery of vaccines”, explained Pacheco.

The Covax Facility consortium is an initiative that brings together about 150 countries and aims to ensure a balanced distribution of vaccines, of which Brazil has reserved 42 million doses, but has not yet received any.

In addition to these, the Brazilian Government, chaired by Jair Bolsonaro, ensures that he has “contracted” another 500 million doses of immunizers to several laboratories, enough to vaccinate the 212 million Brazilians who are expected to arrive in the country this year.

However, the immunization process is advancing very slowly in Brazil and, so far, according to official data, only 26 million people have been vaccinated, the vast majority with the first of the two necessary doses.

Most of the vaccines that Brazil hopes to receive this year will be produced by the Butantan Institute, in São Paulo, and by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), in Rio de Janeiro, which have agreements for the production of antidotes developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac and Peko AstraZeneca / Oxford University consortium.

However, until now, both institutes have limited themselves to packing vaccines in the country, and they will only be able to produce them in full as of the second half of this year.

Pacheco and Lira’s conversation with Guterres came twenty days after the Brazilian Senate passed a motion in which it asked the international community for help with vaccination against covid-19 and warned that the South American country could be a “risk” real to the world. “

The request was addressed to the UN, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as well as the G20, the parliaments of the United States, the United Kingdom and China, and the vaccine-producing laboratories. .

The document highlighted that this request occurs “when the nefarious shadow of death looms over millions of Brazilians and when new forms of the covid-19 virus become a global threat”, in allusion to the new strains that circulate in Brazil, including three times more contagious and detected in Amazonas (P.1).

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,937,355 deaths worldwide, resulting from more than 135.9 million cases of infection, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

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at least one dead and one gunshot wound in a high school in Tennessee

A police officer was reportedly hit. The police quickly intervened and a security cordon was deployed around the school establishment.

At least one person was killed and another injured Monday April 12 by gunfire at a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee, police said. “Knoxville Police Department officers dispatched to Austin-East Magnet High School after a suspected armed man was reported in the facility.”, police said on Twittter, after calling on the inhabitants of this city of 180,000 inhabitants in the south of the country to avoid the area. “Shots were fired as they approached the suspect”, she detailed, adding that a police officer had been hit but that his life was probably not in danger. One man died on the spot, while another was taken into custody “For further investigation”, add the authorities. They do not specify whether the deceased is one of the suspects. The city’s mayor, Indya Kincannon, told the local press that she spoke with the affected police officer who “is conscious” and “Stay positive”.

A site for families to reunite has been opened in a baseball stadium adjacent to the high school, authorities said. “The establishment was secured and the students who were not affected by the incident were entrusted to their families”School district official Bob Thomas said in a tweet. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee lamented a situation “Tragic and very difficult”. Four days earlier, the same governor had yet signed a bill authorizing from July 1 any adult over 21 in the state to carry a handgun without a license.

School shootings have been a recurring scourge in the United States since the Columbine, Colorado, April 1999 massacre. “epidemic”President Joe Biden unveiled targeted measures to limit the proliferation of firearms in the United States last week.


Elizabeth II, Life Without Philip – BFMTV

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Woman with mental health problems kills her three children

Liliana Carrillo, 30, will have killed her three children this weekend in California (United States). The woman, it was concluded, would not be mentally well.

According to the NY Post, the children’s father asked the court to take custody of the children after he allegedly denounced the woman’s unusual behavior.

As a result, the woman filed a complaint of domestic violence against the man, which would eventually be concluded to be unfounded.

Liliana was due to deliver the children to her father on Sunday, the day after the bodies of the three children – Joana, 3, Terry, 2, and Sierra, 6 months, were found by Liliana’s mother.

The woman reportedly beheaded her own children and, after that, ran away, having been detained more than 300 kilometers from home.

A photo of the children was shared by the father on Sunday.

The police have not yet confirmed the cause of the children’s deaths, nor what motivated the crime.

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There are 29 counties above the defined limit (and at risk of not being suspicious)

Há 29 counties with more than 120 new cases of Covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants, the incidence limit established by the prime minister as the maximum to be applied at national level. They are, therefore, at risk of not suspecting. The data appear in the epidemiological bulletin of Friday, April 9, and will, from now on, be released at the end of each week.

Looking at the DGS Friday report, which brings figures up to April 6, the county where the situation is most serious It’s Alandroal, in Alentejo, with 581 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days.

Last Monday, it is recalled that 26 municipalities exceeded the limit defined by the Government, so there was an increase in the number of municipalities in the risk limit.

To check the status of your municipality, you can access the Friday report here and consult the pages 4, 5 and 6. The DGS indicated, on that day, that the cumulative incidences for 14 days per municipality will become part of the Covid-19 epidemiological situation reports published to the Friday.

“With this change it is intended shorten the time between data extraction and publication, since the published data reflect the incidences accumulated in each previous Tuesday “, referred the DGS.

Portugal is about to enter the yellow

As usual, the DGS report from this Monday, the day on which municipalities were usually published, is accompanied by an update of the risk matrix, which will serve as a ‘compass’ for the deflation plan. Currently, the data reveal that Portugal is almost in the yellow, with the Rt above the defined limit.

Risk matrix reveals that Portugal is about to enter the yellow© DGS

O Rt national growth rose from 1.02 to 1.04 and Rt and in the continental territory from 1.02 to 1.03. THE incidence national growth also worsened from 65.7 to 70.0.

Portugal added, in the last 24 hours, another 271 new cases and two deaths related to Covid-19. With this update, the country starts to account, since the beginning of the pandemic, 827,765 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 16,918 deaths associated with the disease.

The deconfination plan foresees new phases of reopening on April 19 and May 3, but the measures can be revised if Portugal exceeds 120 new cases of infection by the new coronavirus per day per 100 thousand inhabitants in 14 days, or, still, if the SARS-CoV-2 virus transmissibility index (Rt) exceeds 1.

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Treat Covid. AstraZeneca diabetes medication falls short

A Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced this Monday that its diabetes drug – Farxiga – is not effective in treating patients with Covid-19, as the first results of clinical trials have suggested.

Recent final-phase data, cited by Reuters, show little statistical relevance in reducing the risk of worsening the disease in hospitalized patients.

These are the first results of a phase 3 clinical trial conducted with 1,250 people. The pharmacist worked in collaboration with the American Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Saint Luke’s Mid America.

The full results of the tests are due to be published in May.

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