Nurse asks young woman to wear mask and is attacked in Metro de Madrid

UA nurse at the 12 de Octubre hospital in Madrid was brutally attacked when, while traveling on the city’s metro last Thursday, he asked a young man in the same train to put on a mask. Not liking the question, the boy hit the health professional in the eye with “a sharp object”.

The man was still referred to the health unit where he works, but, as El Mundo progresses, the damage was “irreparable” and the nurse even ended up losing sight in one of his eyes. “It will not come back to him”, police sources indicated to the referred publication.

In a video of the moment shared on social networks, it is possible to see the attack and how everything unfolded before the incredulous eyes of the other passengers.

After being hit, the nurse was forced to step back and get down on his knees, due to loss of balance on impact. The aggressor – who abandoned the subway at the Alto del Arenal station – has not yet been identified and the authorities have already asked the population for help to obtain information about this.

You can see the images below:

[Aviso: as imagens podem ferir a suscetibilidade dos leitores mais sensíveis]

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A woman died in Madeira after being assaulted by a family member

“A The victim was a resident of that parish and suspicions are that she was attacked by a family member,” said the same source to Lusa news agency.

The alert for this occurrence “was given in the middle of this afternoon”, he said, adding that the woman “was assisted by the firefighters because she was in cardiorespiratory arrest” and that “resuscitation maneuvers were carried out”.

A Rapid Intervention Medical Team (EMIR) was also at the scene, but the victim “ended up dying on the spot”, he added, mentioning that “the PSP took care of the occurrence”.

A source from the Judiciary Police (PJ) confirmed to Lusa that he “was called” and that the agents are examining the place and investigating the situation, refusing to reveal more details at the time.

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Mother saves child from being kidnapped in broad daylight in New York

New York police arrested this Saturday a man who tried to kidnap a five-year-old boy in broad daylight in the neighborhood of Queens, New York.

The case became famous for the action of the child’s mother. With visible courage, Dolores Díaz López did everything to prevent the man from taking her son, having managed to avoid the worst. On social media, images have gone viral.

The suspect was identified by authorities as 24-year-old James McGonagle, who has been charged with attempted kidnapping, among other crimes.

The detention was based on images circulating on social networks, where Dolores Díaz López with her three children can be seen, around 20:00 local time (00:00 in mainland Portugal).

Suddenly, a man gets out of a car and rushes to take one of the children, putting her in the back of the car where he was going.

The five-year-old’s mother and two brothers managed to grab him through the window, pulling him out of the vehicle before James McGonagle managed to pull away.

To the media, Dolores Díaz López explained that she was on her way to work with her husband, father of the children, when her son Jacob was grabbed by the suspect.

About the heroic act, he has no doubts: “It was necessary to do whatever was necessary, however it was”.


Thousands demonstrated in France against health measures

MIslands of people demonstrated today in the main cities of France against the Government’s new measures to stop the pandemic, namely the mandatory vaccination of health professionals and the requirement to have a digital certificate.

They should be approved on Monday by the French Council of Ministers and on Wednesday they will be debated in the National Assembly.

In Paris, the protesters, many of them dressed in yellow vests, are concentrated in the Louvre area and from there they made their way to the Ministry of Health, without incident, according to the agency Efe. You can see the images of the protests in the gallery above.

The new measures, announced by the President of France, Emmanuel Mácron, on the 12th of this month, aim to encourage vaccination to combat the growth of the delta variant, which is believed to be responsible for 67% of new cases detected in France.

Among the measures is the obligation for all health professionals to be vaccinated and the requirement to have a digital vaccination certificate or a negative test to access various social activities.

The Government’s objective is to prevent a new wave of the pandemic from affecting the country and forcing new confinements, with negative consequences for the economy.

After Macron’s announcement, in less than 24 hours, nearly two million people scheduled vaccination across the country and on Friday, the national record of inoculations was broken, almost 800,000.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused at least 4,070,508 deaths worldwide, among more than 188.8 million cases of infection by the new coronavirus, according to the latest report by Agence France-Presse, released on Friday.

The respiratory disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, detected in late 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China, and currently with variants identified in countries such as the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Brazil and Peru.

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“Hollywood Ripper” was sentenced to death in Los Angeles

O criminal known as the “Hollywood Ripper” (“Hollywood Ripper”) was sentenced to death for the murder of two women and the attempted murder of a third, in a case that has been dragging on in the courts for 20 years.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo [à direita na imagem], now 45, heard the sentence read on Friday in a Los Angeles courthouse. “Wherever Mr. Gargiulo went, death and destruction followed him,” said the judge.

It should be noted that Gargiulo’s case received even more media attention when it became known that one of the victims was about to go out on a date with actor Ashton Kutcher, before being murdered. Kutcher testified in court in 2019 as he went to the home of the victim, 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin.

Gargiulo was found guilty of the murder of Ashley, a fashion design student who was getting ready to leave her Hollywood home in 2001. In court, Kutcher said he was late to pick her up and that she didn’t opened the door.

The young woman was found the next day by a friend. She had been stabbed 47 times.

The four known victims of Michael Thomas Gargiulo. Only Michelle survived.© Al Seib-Pool/Getty Images

The accused was also convicted of the murder of 32-year-old Maria Bruno. The mother of four children was at her home in El Monte when she was killed in 2005.

Additionally, Gargiulo was found guilty of the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in 2008, which managed to scare him away. Murphy was the key witness in the case.

According to press reports, it is difficult for Gargiulo to be executed in the state of California, where no one has died at the hands of the state since 2006. The man could, however, be extradited to his home state of Illinois, where he is guilty of the death by Tricia Pacaccio, in 1993.

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Viral image of submerged car with offense to Greta Thunberg is false

A a photograph that began circulating on social media late this week, where you can see a partially submerged car with a sticker that reads “Fuck you, Greta” (“Fuck you, Greta”), is tampered with. As you can see below, the original image does not have any sticker on the rear glass.

The idea behind the message was to criticize the deniers of global warming, placing this type of discourse framed in a reality that has been successively deconstructing it.

The original image, however, was captured by photographer David Young, from the German news agency DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur), and was published by the German newspaper Bild, for example, in a report on the devastating impact of the floods in the country.

There was no sticker or message in the original image, as confirmed by David Young to the G1. “There was no Greta sticker on the car. Someone thought it would be fun to make a joke,” he said.

The image was taken in the city of Erkrath, which is part of the administrative region of Düsseldorf, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Original image, in Bild newspaper© Bild Reproduction

The number of fatalities from floods in Europe has risen to more than 150, with the majority in Germany, where many people are still missing, predicting that the balance will worsen.

Remember that both the environmental organization Greenpeace and the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thumberg warned that floods are a consequence of the climate crisis and warned that these are just the beginning of a series of similar phenomena.

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6 Delta clusters and a multiple variant focus

The weekly report from Public Health France provides a snapshot of the health situation in Reunion Island. The coronavirus epidemic has continued to gain momentum for three weeks now. A record for the number of contaminations was recorded last week and the incidence rate has also exceeded the containment threshold set by the prefect last February. Réunion is currently still under the threat of a total restriction of movement.

Covid: Where are the 33 active clusters?

More than half of the municipalities are above the threshold of 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 7 are above the threshold for confinement. There are a total of 33 active clusters, 20 of which are of high or moderate criticality.

The Port – which also has an incidence rate of 500 per 100,000 inhabitants – has 4 high-criticality clusters as well as 3 in Saint-Paul and Saint-Pierre, 2 in Tampon and 1 in Saint-Leu.

There are 3 moderately critical clusters in Saint-Denis, 2 in Saint-Pierre and 1 in Port and Le Tampon.

All the clusters bring together 336 of the 1,441 cases recorded last week in Reunion.

The name of Delta double clusters

Santé Publique France also takes stock of the progress of the Delta variant in Reunion. The director of health surveillance at the Regional Health Agency, Xavier Deparis, announced Tuesday the confirmation of 40 cases on the island. 3 new clusters were also identified, bringing the total number to 6.

The national body stresses that “clusters where variant cases have been reported this week are related to large gatherings of people and several family homes“. A case was notably recorded via a participant in the private party which brought together 500 people at Le Tampon last weekend.

A cluster with multiple variants

Finally, Santé Publique France mentions a particular situation: “We are observing an increase in the number of risk exposures within communities and large gatherings of people with, in particular, the concomitant circulation of several variants within the same cluster. This is in connection with the intensification of the circulation of the virus on the territory, the significant share of variants, as well as the relaxation of barrier gestures.


Colombia and the US begin the international air exercise Lightning VI

Deployment of F16 and Kfir fighters

F16 during exercises. Photos: Jonahtan Ortiz for

07/17/2021 | Black

Erich Saumeth

The Colombian Air Force (DO) and of the United States (USAF) have started their participation in the international exercise Lightning VI, which takes place over Colombian skies, more precisely from the Cacom Air Combat Command No.5 located in the city of Ríonegro, in the north-east of the country and which will run during this week.

Colombia deployed units of its IAI Kfir C10 / 12 COAwhile the USAF, its squad of Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 (made up of five F16C and a F16D), in a series of missions aimed at strengthen interoperability, guidelines, tactics, techniques and doctrines between both forces, within the framework of the standards of the OTAN, an organization of which Colombia is a global partner.

In developing the maneuvers, particular emphasis will be placed on on S-type missionsEADIn other words, the destruction of anti-aircraft defenses, operations in which the FAC is continuously trained, as well as in air support and surveillance and control of airspace.

Lightning VI It occurs by virtue of the close relations that both countries have in terms of defense and security, and as a strategic ally of the South American country, also with the aim of dissuading possible regional threats against Colombia.

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Mallorca “safe holiday destination”: Balearic Islands report high level of infections

Mallorca “safe holiday destination”
The Balearic Islands report high levels of infections

Once again, more people in the Balearic Islands are infected with the coronavirus than ever before in one day. New measures are up for debate, but a night-time lockout is probably out of the question. Anyway, the situation is “completely under control”, assured the regional president.

The number of new infections continues to skyrocket in the Balearic Islands with Mallorca as the Germans’ favorite holiday island. The health authorities of the Spanish Mediterranean islands in Palma announced that 864 coronavirus infections were recorded within 24 hours, more than ever before in a single day since the outbreak of the pandemic.

The previous maximum value from the previous day was exceeded by 69 cases. The last time there were significantly more than 700 infections per day was in January. The region with just under 1.2 million inhabitants temporarily had the highest values ​​in Spain in terms of population in winter. Despite the rapidly increasing numbers, the regional government continues to rule out the reintroduction of a night-time blocking, as it was decided in the regions of Valencia and Catalonia, reported the newspaper “Última Hora”, citing the authorities.

Situation in hospitals “under control”

However, new restrictions are being considered, including limiting the number of people who can meet privately or publicly. Regional President Francina Armengol said there will be no new measures before the end of next week. The current wave of infections has nothing to do with the previous one, she said. The situation in the hospitals is “completely under control”. The Balearic Islands are “an absolutely safe holiday destination”.

Everywhere in Spain, the authorities assert that one should exercise caution, but not panic. It is mainly younger, not yet vaccinated people who are currently infected. The course of the disease is therefore usually much milder. Since the end of June, the corona numbers have not only climbed in the Balearic Islands, but throughout Spain.

The federal government therefore recently classified the entire country as a risk area. According to the Ministry of Health in Madrid, 270 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were recently reported within seven days on the Mediterranean islands. For comparison: In Germany this value was currently only nine.


“The generalized health pass is as effective as confinement”

INTERVIEW – The Pr Antoine Flahault is an epidemiologist and director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Geneva.

The Pr Antoine Flahault is an epidemiologist and director of the Institute for Global Health at the University of Geneva.

LE FIGARO. – Does the British situation foreshadow what we are going to experience in France?

Antoine FLAHAULT. – There is an increase in the incidence in France comparable to that experienced in the United Kingdom two months ago. This delay gives me hope that France can remain relatively spared during the summer. That said, the British seem better equipped to deal with it since nearly 70% of the population has already received at least one dose of the vaccine. The French situation would in fact be closer to what is happening in Portugal, which is a month ahead, and where vaccination coverage is 60% against 54% in France. In the United Kingdom as in Portugal, the death toll remains low but is already starting to increase. But Emmanuel Macron’s recent announcements could be a game-changer.

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