Germany exceeds 7,000 daily infections for the first time

Germany today exceeded 7,000 daily infections for the first time since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), coordinator of the national fight against the pandemic in this country, announced the record in the last 24 hours of 7,334 new infections with the Sars-Cov-2 virus, bringing the total number of infected since that the disease began to spread is already 348,557 people. The number of deaths increased in the last 24 hours by 24 people to a total of 9,734 deaths from coronavirus in this country. With 6,638 new infections, Germany this Thursday exceeded the maximum number of infections registered in a day last spring due to the first wave of coronavirus. The RKI also reported a significant increase in patients with coronavirus who are treated in the intensive care floors of hospitals in this country. In total 655 people, of which 329 need assisted respiration. A week ago there were 487 and 239 people, respectively, and two weeks ago 362 and 193 patients.

With the increase in infections, large sources of contagion also increase. The number of German towns or districts in which the rate of new infections exceeds 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in a week now rises to 70, while two days ago it was only 40. Among those critical places due to the high number of infections are They find large metropolises like Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart or Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, the fear that with the beginning of the school year in a normal attendance situation, the educational centers would become centers of spread of the virus has not been confirmed by the regional governments.

A survey carried out by the German Newsroom Network (RND) among the ministries of Education of the 16 federal states has revealed that up to the beginning of the autumn holidays, 98% of the students had received face-to-face classes. In states such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein or Bavaria, only 0.04% of students have tested positive for the coronavirus, while in Berlin the rate was somewhat higher with 0.07% of infections among students and in Saxony-Anhalt no cases have so far been reported. Also infections among teachers have been minimal so far. In North Rhine-Westphalia 0.1% of teachers have tested positive for the virus, while in Berlin it has been 0.14%. In the first of the two states, 98.1% of the students and 95.7% have not been affected by any quarantine.

Meanwhile, The great coalition of conservatives and social democrats that governs Germany intends to extend the special powers of the Federal Minister of Health until March 31 through the emergency procedure, Jens Spahn, to fight the epidemic. These include the autonomous issuance of decrees “necessary to protect the population from the threat of a serious, highly contagious disease.” Among other things, Spahn has powers to control domestic and international passenger traffic. The head of Health has the authority to issue regulations and rules in ports and airports if the situation of the pandemic makes it necessary. The German Minister of Health is one of the great political protagonists of the current crisis in Germany. His management is approved by a large majority of Germans. Spahn is in favor of severe measures to stop the disease and has warned the population that “our response now depends on how we will celebrate next Christmas.”


In Moscow, revealed the minimum number of infected COVID in almost three weeks :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”

Over the past day in Moscow, a coronavirus infection was diagnosed in 3,670 people. This is reported by the operational headquarters for the fight against COVID-19.

As follows from the data of the headquarters, this is the smallest daily increase in cases since October 8, when 3,323 new cases of infection were detected per day.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Moscow, COVID-19 has been diagnosed in 409,022 people. Of these, 300,051 people recovered (4,577 per day), 6,578 died (75 per day).

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for October 28

According to the head of the Moscow department of Rospotrebnadzor Elena Andreeva, the situation with coronavirus infection in Moscow was stabilized. Andreeva noted that the increase in the incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 in the capital is now much lower than at the very beginning of October.


“A text of sorrow, a text of anger”: Nicolas Bedos defends his anti-mask platform


UPDATE – Guest of Daily, Nicolas Bedos returned to the controversy born from his platform calling on the French not to respect barrier gestures. The director defended his artistic freedom and “a cry from the heart” in a difficult personal time.

Nicolas Bedos persists and signs. The director of the next OSS 117 was this Monday the guest of Yann Barthès in Quotidien to talk aboutIncorrect, a book which pays homage to the singers of irreverence, from the 1970s to the present day, and for which he signed the preface. The perfect opportunity to discuss the controversy triggered by the text he published on September 24, calling on the French to “live even if it means dying” and not to respect the health measures of the government to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

“I understand the controversy. It is an excessive text. I wrote it in anger, the day after the mass which had been organized for my godfather, Jean-Louis Dabadie“, he explained, acknowledging that his text was “a little irresponsible”. “But that raises the question of the responsibility of an artist”, he continued, quoting Salvator Dali: “Does an artist have a vocation to hold responsible words? I don’t think so”.

On video

VIDEO LCI PLAY – OSS 117 is back

Nicolas Bedos also criticized what he feels like a single media thought in the face of the pandemic. “We hear exactly the same thing because we have to answer the same doxa, otherwise we get polluted on social networks”, he regretted. “But this problem is complicated because there are several truths. There is the truth of the politicians, and they are right, of the nursing staff … I also understand that my text shocked them, it is a text by grief, anger text“, admitted that also lost his father, Guy Bedos, during confinement and, during the summer, his godmother, Gisèle Halimi.

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If he was the target of sharp criticism on social networks, Nicolas Bedos explained that he had received many messages of encouragement during the controversy. “When I go out in the street, there are people who understand because they follow my Instagram account, he assured. “They know what period of my life I find myself in, they know that I was not able to accompany my relatives, that my father partly left because of confinement and his imposed loneliness. They know it’s a cry from the heart.”

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Marita Lintener joins Skyguide at the head of international affairs

Marita Lintener joins Skyguide at the head of international affairs

Monday, 26.10.2020

Marita Lintener notably founded Lintener European Aviation Consultancy in 2004, of which she is managing director.

Swiss air traffic controller Skyguide announced on Monday to strengthen its management with the recruitment of Marita Lintener as head of international affairs from 1is January. This 56-year-old economist will be responsible for all international affairs and European public affairs files and will lead a team of three experts in these fields.

Marita Lintener founded Lintener European Aviation Consultancy in 2004 and has since led public affairs and transformation projects for airlines, air navigation service providers, air transport system providers and other key players in the European aviation industry. For seven years, she was President of the strategic airline group A4, the industry’s leading group of operational investors at European level.

“The successful implementation of our innovation strategy also requires the right European regulations that create incentives for forward-thinking companies. I am therefore delighted that Marita is taking charge of our international business activities. a significant contribution thanks to her deep understanding of the aviation industry and its regulatory framework as well as its strong European network “, says Myriam Käser, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer of Skyguide.


Aryzta: Veraison welcomes the end of talks with Elliott

Aryzta: Veraison welcomes the end of talks with Elliott

Monday, 26.10.2020

The general meeting has been postponed to December 15, in order to allow Aryzta’s board of directors to examine all possible options. (Keystone)

The investment company Veraison, shareholder of Aryzta, welcomed on Sunday evening the end of talks with the British subsidiary of the Elliott fund, in the hands of the American billionaire Paul Singer, with a view to a takeover of the industrial baker.

“The way is thus finally cleared to position the company, under new management, on the path of industrial success and take into account the options available”, said the Zurich company in a press release issued a few hours after that of Aryzta announcing the end of discussions.

The board of directors of the industrial baker had announced a few hours earlier of its intention to examine all the strategic options in the best interest of the company and its shareholders, in the words of the new president Urs Jordi.

For Veraison, “the wishes of the shareholders are respected and thus the confidence of the capital market is assured”. The Zurich investment company says it is looking forward to further positive steps before the next general meeting.

Initially scheduled for November 11, this has been postponed to December 15, in order to allow Aryzta’s newly renewed board of directors to examine all possible options, including a sale of one block or in parts. . (AWP)

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Men’s brains are bigger, women use them better: “Women’s brains are more active” – – Welingelichte Kringen

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Business down for ABB in Q3

Business down for ABB in Q3

Friday, 23.10.2020

Sales fell 4% to $ 6.58 billion (Keystone)

Faced with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Zurich electrical engineering giant ABB has seen its orders, sales and profitability contract in the space of a year.

Between July and the end of September, net profit attributable to ABB shareholders alone soared to 4.53 billion dollars (4.07 billion francs), against 515 million twelve months previously, writes ABB on Friday. However, this result includes a 5 billion income related to the sale to Japanese Hitachi of most of the activities of the Power Grids unit.

Operating income before interest, taxes and depreciation (Ebita), for its part, fell 2% to $ 787 million. At constant exchange rates, the decline was 5%. However, the corresponding margin improved by 30 basis points to 12%.

Sales fell 4% to $ 6.58 billion. Excluding currency effects and changes in the scope of consolidation, sales also contracted on an organic basis by 4%. ABB was thus able to do better than in the previous quarter when revenues fell 10% on an adjusted basis.

The development was similar for new orders, which fell in organic terms by 8% to $ 6.11 billion. In the second quarter, orders received by ABB had plunged by 14%.

The group’s overall performance, however, proved to be higher than analysts’ expectations. Surveyed by AWP, they had anticipated average revenues of $ 6.24 billion, new orders of 6.06 billion and an Ebita of 675 million.

Referring to the rest of the year, ABB is counting on a difficult partial fourth, with revenues expected to decline compared to the quarter under review. However, margins should once again grow year-on-year. (AWP)


State Secretary Keijzer comes with a law that prohibits fake reviews –

State Secretary Mona Keijzer has published a draft bill that imposes stricter rules on online stores and prohibits the posting of fake reviews. Interested parties can respond to the plan that is presented for a month.

The cabinet wants to offer consumers the same protection in web shops as in physical shops. “Too often information on social media, digital platforms and web shops is still incomplete, unclear or sometimes even misleading,” says Keijzer. “That means that as a consumer you can make a purchase or conclude a contract without being well aware of the conditions.” The law, she says, is “necessary to make our economy fairer.”

This is a European directive that must be applied by all member states from 22 May 2022. The law has significant consequences for online stores such as Zalando and When consumers search for a product on such a site, the web shops must, for example, indicate whether certain products are placed high because the seller has purchased an advertisement. It must be made clear how the order in which the consumer is shown the search results was established.

If web shops show a ‘personalized’ offer, based on information about other websites that the consumer has previously visited, this must be made clear. Web stores that work with third parties are also required to indicate whether they themselves or the external sellers are responsible for returns. This way the consumer knows where to turn for questions.

The law is also intended to protect consumers who receive free services in exchange for providing personal data. Companies that offer these types of services will soon have to make clear how long the contract will be and how it can be terminated. According to the law, consumers are allowed to immediately terminate such an agreement “for no reason” within fourteen days. If the consumer chooses to do so, the provider must delete the personal data.


Maus Frères appoints new CEO

Maus Frères appoints new CEO

Thursday, 10/22/2020

Thierry Guibert will continue to act as CEO of Lacoste.

Maus Frères, a discreet Geneva-based holding company, in particular the owner of the Manor department stores, has appointed Thierry Guibert as CEO. The latter will take up his duties on January 18, 2021, replacing Didier Maus at the helm of the group.

“After working with Thierry Guibert over the past six years, I wanted to entrust him with the executive management of the group,” said Didier Maus.

Mr. Maus will retain his non-executive role as chairman of the board of directors and Thierry Guibert will continue to serve as CEO of Lacoste, the company said in a statement Thursday.

After having worked for KPMG, Kering and Fnac, Thierry Guibert took the reins of the French furniture group Conforama. From 2015, he managed the international activities of Maus Frères, which include in addition to Lacoste the ready-to-wear brands Devanlay, Aigle,
Gant, Tecnifibre and The Kooples.

In Switzerland, the holding company owns the Manor and Jumbo brands (AWP).


new corona measures in the making –

The Swedes knew better this spring: a lockdown, they were not going to start on that. The result: during the first corona wave, more people died from Covid-19 than in the three neighboring countries combined. And group immunity did not come either. After new outbreaks, Sweden is now considering a different approach with possibly even local lockdowns.

In the Scandinavian ‘guide country’, schools, restaurants, shops and offices remained largely open in April and May. Face masks were not required. Keeping a little distance should be enough. It wasn’t. There were 20 times as many infections as in Norway and the death rate was among the highest in the world.

It seemed that there was some degree of herd immunity at least in Stockholm, yet major outbreaks are again taking place in the Swedish capital and also in nearby Uppsala. That is why the authorities are now considering additional measures. Even local lockdowns are not excluded. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, there will be new policy this week.

But for now it will probably stick to strict advice to avoid public transport and other busy places, such as restaurants and shopping centers. “The new guidelines strike a balance between regulations and recommendations,” says top woman at the Swedish Institute of Public Health, Bitte Brastad, describing the changed view.

We have seen in the Netherlands how well such advice helps. See if the Swedes listen better.