He took advantage of going to the hospital with his daughter to report domestic violence

UA 46-year-old man was arrested by the National Republican Guard (GNR) in Leiria on Thursday and will face legal charges for the crime of domestic violence.

The military found that the suspect inflicted verbal and psychological abuse and death threats on his 26-year-old partner during the four-year relationship.

The authority further details, in a note sent to the newsrooms, that the suspect controlled the victim’s daily life and even inflicted physical aggressions, which have intensified in recent weeks. In addition, the suspect coerced the victim not to press charges under death threats and violent assaults.

The victim, under the pretext of taking their youngest daughter to a medical consultation, managed to report the facts at the hospital, which in turn reported the case to GNR.

The detainee was present this Thursday, March 5, the first interrogation in the Judicial Court of Leiria and the preventive detention coercion measure was applied to him.

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FBI detains Trump administration official for breaking into the Capitol

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detained a former Donald Trump administration official on Thursday for the January 6 invasion of the Capitol.

This is Federico Klein, a 42-year-old man who, during the Trump administration, was appointed to work at the State Department.

The detainee was first assigned to the Western Hemisphere Affairs Office, specifically in the department responsible for monitoring Brazil and the Southern Cone (South America region), and then transferred to the person who handles requests for access to federal information, known how was the.

Klein, who was detained in Virginia, had previously worked for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as an analyst.

Before engaging in politics alongside Trump, Klein served in the Marine Corps in Iraq.

More than 300 people have been charged in federal court for the attack on the Capitol, but Klein is the first with clear ties to the Trump administration.

On January 6, a crowd of Trump supporters invaded Congress with the intention of halting the certification process – which at that time was taking place in the two legislative chambers – of the election results that gave victory to the current President, Joe Biden.

During the invasion, five people were killed, four Trump supporters and a policeman. Two other agents who participated in the operation during the assault committed suicide in the days that followed.

Trump was subjected to a second impeachment process in Congress, following the invasion of the Capitol, accused of the crime of “incitement to insurrection”, but was acquitted of the ‘impeachment’, with 56 votes against and 44 in favor.


Tikhanovskaya tried to call the Kremlin, but they didn’t answer her // Look

The leader of the Belarusian opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said that she and her supporters tried to establish contact with the Kremlin.

The politician noted that they tried to contact the Russian authorities for many weeks, but no one answered them, reports the Tagesanzeiger newspaper. Earlier, Tikhanovskaya had already announced her desire to meet with Vladimir Putin.

The leader of the Belarusian opposition is sure that the president of their country is supported by Russia.

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is wanted both in Belarus and in Russia. Such agreements operate within the framework of union documents. The day before, Lithuania announced that they were not going to give Tikhanovskaya to Minsk.

The husband of the politician is currently in prison. His case will go to trial in March.



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PENALTY PANNE! RB LEIPZIG beats WOLFSBURG and is in the semi-finals of the DFB CUP I WELT Sport – WELT news channel

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Elon Musk’s spaceship exploded after landing // Watch

Another prototype of the reusable American spacecraft Starship crashed. But the device succeeded in what the previous models could not do – to carry out a vertical landing.

The American company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, on March 3 at 18:15 local time (at 02:15 Moscow time on March 4) launched another experimental model of the Starship spacecraft, which was tentatively named SN10, reports TASS.

The predecessors of the tenth model – SN8 and SN9 – took off, but could not land properly. Both models exploded while attempting to land vertically on the launch pad. Moreover, SN9 landed so unsuccessfully that the explosion of the device almost caught the SN10 model, which at that time was already at the start, waiting in the wings.

On Wednesday, March 3, during the tests, SN10 was able to land vertically, but after a few minutes it also exploded, pushing Elon Musk one step further towards the implementation of flights to Mars.


Another repatriation flight from Brazil to Portugal is scheduled

A new flight is scheduled for March 11, by TAP Air Portugal, from São Paulo and bound for Lisbon, after authorization from the Portuguese Government.

In the context of the current epidemiological situation, flights to or from Brazil and the United Kingdom are prohibited, except for trips that take place for humanitarian reasons or are considered exceptional by the Government.

Information on a new flight, similar to that of February 27, has been advanced in the website of the Consulate General of Portugal in São Paulo. On February 28, a TAP plane carrying 300 passengers from Brazil landed early in the morning at Humberto Delgado airport, in Lisbon.

According to the Government, close to 100 passengers were considered priority, because they needed to return for reasons of health, family or financial problems.

The humanitarian flight was organized by the Executive, at a time when flights between Portugal and Brazil remain suspended until March 16.

The Government had admitted, at that time, to carry out another humanitarian flight between Portugal and Brazil, in case there were more passengers in priority situation who were unable to seat on this TAP flight.


Saudi exiles feel in danger after a dissident disappears in Canada – PUBLIC

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Fire destroys the only restaurant on Ilha Deserta in Faro

Dand according to the commander, the authorities received the alert at 11 pm on Tuesday and mobilized the Maritime Police and the Sapadores de Faro Firefighters.

“The fire is visible even from Olhão and Faro, on this side of the Ria [Formosa]”, described the commander, adding that the fire is” large “and that the restaurant” is being consumed “and” there is nothing to save “.

Commander Rocha Pacheco added that there were no injuries, since it is “a desert island, in the abstract, there is no one there”.

The owner of the establishment has already been contacted and firefighters are trying to “quell the flames.

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Infection with “Nigerian” coronavirus detected in Italy // Watch

In the northern Italian city of Brescia (Lombardy region), experts first discovered a “Nigerian” strain of coronavirus, which is of particular concern to scientists. The fact is that the vaccines developed to date may be ineffective against it.

The identified rare strain is currently spreading mainly in Africa, namely in Nigeria, but the world has already identified a few, but growing cases of infection with it.

In Brescia, the “Nigerian” strain was discovered by chance during a study of biological material collected from patients during follow-up checks. He was found to be of African descent and tested positive for coronavirus. Local microbiologists are now investigating whether this is an isolated case or whether this strain is already circulating in this area of ​​Lombardy.

The “Nigerian” strain of the coronavirus was identified at the end of December last year by employees of the African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control. It was reported to be similar to the “British” and “South African” strains, but data on its properties were very limited.

So far, three strains of the coronavirus have been identified in Italy – “British”, “Brazilian” and “South African”, and both of the latter variants have been found in Lombardy. Currently, on its territory, the share of these variants of the coronavirus is more than 60 percent of all infected, despite the fact that two weeks ago it was half as much. The dominant strain of the virus in Lombardy is now the “British” variety.