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COLLAR BREAKED: Corona rapid test debacle pulls on Jens Spahn’s nerves – WELT news channel

  1. COLLAR BREAKED: Debacle over Corona rapid test pulls on Jens Spahn’s nervesWORLD news channel
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ATOMKRAFT ADE: Energy companies grab billions in compensation for nuclear phase-out – WELT news channel

  1. ATOMKRAFT ADE: Energy companies take billions in compensation for nuclear phase-outWORLD news channel
  2. “This compensation is the Merkel dividend for corporate coffers”FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  3. Nuclear moratorium: State pays energy companies 2.4 billion eurosTHE MIRROR
  4. For nuclear phase-out: the federal government pays nuclear power plant operators 2.4 billion eurost-online.de
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what China is up to // Let’s see

A strategic, according to lawmakers, victory to contain the coronavirus domestically helped China enter 2021 as the world’s only leading economy with positive growth.

The main political event of the year cannot have sensations. And the text of the report is already in the hands of three thousand delegates. The development strategy for the year – it is announced by the PRC premier – is a 6% GDP growth. Against the backdrop of a pandemic recession, it is not an easy task. But this is the second economy in the world.

“We have won a complete victory in the fight against poverty and have made decisive strides in ensuring complete victory in building a society that is moderately prosperous in all respects,” said Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

China seems to have said goodbye to the coronavirus. There are only 9 cases per day, and those are from visitors. But, except for the first row of the presidium, everyone in the hall is still wearing masks. Despite the fact that before that, everyone passed the tests and went through quarantine, and many are also vaccinated – there are already 52 million of them in China. So in the first place – we still need to accelerate. And while the delegates are making notes in the report, the Chinese press rhymes to the music “what else would you like to know about the two sessions” to attract the attention of the younger generation.

The report is about increasing jobs by 11 million, and about reducing harmful emissions, and also about the fight against corruption and monopolies.

Foreign newspapers are hooked on increasing the retirement age. China wants people to live and work longer. China has a whole five-year plan for this, which started this year. And for it, Beijing has a separate strategy – tax cuts and opening up the economy to foreign investment. As far as China is concerned, it is certainly possible.

“China will promote mutually beneficial business relations between China and the United States on the basis of equality and mutual respect,” said the Premier of the PRC State Council. Washington has not yet reacted to the conciliatory passage, but Beijing has a “B” plan. And we are not talking about increasing the military budget by almost 7 percent.

To get rid of dependence on foreign markets, China will invest billions in technological innovation. It would seem that this is what should have really excited the west. But they are concerned only with Beijing’s desire to change the electoral system in Hong Kong so that only those who pass the test of patriotism and loyalty can come to power.

“This project has a solid rule of law foundation to ensure Hong Kong’s patriotic governance and sustainable implementation of the one country, two systems,” said Wang Chen, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress.

Right now, in Hong Kong, a trial is underway over fifty instigators of anti-government protests, who are accused of undermining state power. In the west, it was called a sweep. In Beijing – interference in internal affairs.

There is no doubt that the electoral law for Hong Kong will be passed unanimously by the Chinese parliament. It is not customary in China to look back at someone, especially when in the year of the centenary of the Communist Party, it is important for Beijing to demonstrate the achievements of the system built here.


Matchday # 24 | The preview of TSGWOB – TSG Hoffenheim

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  4. Hoffenheim binds Baumgartner ahead of schedule: “On the radar of top international clubs”Transfermarkt
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“Sputnik V” became the second most popular in the world // Watch

The Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine has become the second most popular in the world. This was reported by the drug developers on Facebook, citing data from the Association of European Universities. The creators of the vaccine are grateful for the confidence in the drug.

Sputnik V has overtaken Moderna and Pfizer in popularity. In the first place AstraZeneca, but with a small margin.

Meanwhile, more and more countries are deciding to purchase the Russian vaccine. For example, the Zambian authorities are preparing a decision on the timing of the procurement. The Russian Direct Investment Fund is also in contact with partners from Austria regarding the use of Sputnik.

It also became known that the Gamalei Center and the Spallanzani Institute of Rome discussed cooperation around the vaccine.


Unpublished VIDEO: this was the capture of “El Marro”. A drone and body cameras detail operation

The Governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, exhibited unpublished images of the capture of José Antonio Yépez, “El Marro”, as part of his Third Government Report. The images show the drug lord subjected and the beginning of the operation that led to his arrest, after years in which he evaded justice.

Mexico City, March 5 (However) .– José Antonio Yépez, “The Brown“, He is lying on the ground, face up and with his hands handcuffed, while his face is photographed with a cell phone. These are the first photos of his capture that took place in the early morning of August 2, 2020 in the town of Franco Tavera, municipality of Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato.

The unpublished video of the capture of the leader Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima was shown in the first part of the Third Government Report of the Governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, where images of the operation carried out that day by the Special Immediate Reaction Group (GERI) of the Guanajuato Criminal Investigation Agency and the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena).

The barrels of the rifles of the security elements direct the cameras that they carry and that recorded the detention of the Huachicolero leader, who is attributed a threat to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he sent federal forces to Guanajuato as part of the operation against the theft of fuel from Petróleos Méxicanos (Pemex), a productive company of the Government that has been imposed to rescue from the crisis going through.

The captured images also show the moment of the start of the operation. A drone shows how the uniformed men surround and enter the premises where “El Marro” was detained, the recording shows the first arrests of the capo’s men.

That day, 11 collaborators of the “Marro”And a businesswoman who had been kidnapped days ago was released, according to the Sedena that day.

Five long weapons, three short weapons, a grenade launcher, a pick-up car, an ATV, a motorcycle and money were also seized, the amount of which was not disclosed.

“El Marro” became one of the priority objectives for the governments of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, whose operations were mocked by the criminal leader on several occasions, either by blocking the operations through the support of inhabitants of the towns he controlled or the tunnels built on his properties.

One of them occurred in June and the capo’s gratitude was also recorded. The criminal leader appeared in videos in which, with a broken voice, he thanked the people who with burning vehicles blocked the passage of the authorities in Celaya, Juventino Rosas and Villagrán.

Their criminal organization dates back to 2014, when they were engaged in fuel theft; By 2017, “El Marro” was already in command of the cartel and declared war on the CJNG, which continues and has left thousands of deaths in the center and west of the country. The cartel is named after the community of Santa Rosa de Lima, located in the Villagrán municipality, where it originates from and where a mansion was built similar to a water park, with swimming pools and green areas.

–With information from EFE


Meghan Markle’s liberation from the royals – CBS This Morning

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