🚗 First Assembly at Domestic Car TOGG: Here are the Photos

In the previous statement made by TOGG, it was stated that the construction activities at the Gemlik facility were continuing at full speed and according to the plan, and it was announced that the facility was aimed to be completed towards the end of next year.

Your first serial car in the last quarter of 2022 It was reported that the target of reducing the band from the band, which was 51 percent at the beginning, will increase to 68 percent in 2025.

TOGG announced that it will produce 5 different electric and connected models on a common platform until 2030.


Luisa Neubauer reaps criticism for climate strikes

AIn view of the severe storms in western Germany, the climate protection movement Fridays for Future has announced strikes in more than 40 locations. “The extent of the destruction leaves you speechless,” wrote climate activist Luisa Neubauer on Twitter. The strikes on Friday would also take place in solidarity with those “who have lost so much”.

“These disasters must have political consequences,” Neubauer continued. In response to the severe storms in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, which has now more than a hundred fatalities, politicians from several parties also called for increased climate protection.

The 25-year-old received a lot of praise for the announced strikes – but not exclusively: Many people called on Neubauer to help even in the crisis areas. “Yes, a strike is an incredible help for those affected. Cool idea, ”wrote one user ironically.

In view of the severe weather disaster in western Germany, Neubauer had particularly sharply criticized the CDU / CSU’s climate protection plans. While the people in the stormy regions had to struggle with the consequences of the climate, Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) “is running an election program for the federal election that will accelerate the climate crisis,” said Neubauer of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post” (Friday edition).

Neubauer called it “phenomenally lying” that Laschet was now calling for “more speed” in terms of climate protection. “He has governed NRW for years and is currently doing everything with his politics to ensure that the global climate targets are missed,” is her allegation. “We will increase our pressure, there can be no ‘business as usual'”, emphasized the organizer of Fridays for Future in Germany.


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The sudden end of the Clubhouse talk app

As Clubhouse informed its users in May via a push message that the app was now also available on Android phones, this message elicited little more than a surprise from the German millennials: “Oh, I still have the app on my phone?” Hard to imagine , considering the hype that Clubhouse generated in January 2021. The live talk app became the number one medium incredibly quickly. Almost everyone who “did something with the media” and wanted to tell everyone about it, joined the club. Some even paid for it – the invitations were traded for a lot of money on eBay. The fear of missing out was great. Celebrity users, exciting rounds of talks, small scandals like Bodo Ramelow’s CandyCrush affair – there was always something going on.

The clubhouse concept hit a nerve. Finally entertainment again in the dreary Corona January. The app was also new technically. Live discussions with some celebrities have never existed before. A few months later, it’s hard to remember. How did it happen that Clubhouse went as fast as it came? Clare Devlin, journalist and founder of the social media consultancy “Logical”, believes several factors contributed to the quick fall. The app takes up a lot of time that nobody seems to have after the lockdown. The topics of discussion also flattened out: “I had the impression that after two to three weeks the discussions were turning in circles. The same arguments and topics over and over again. That was quickly told. “

In addition, the beta version rolled out in Germany could only be installed on iPhones. “Many content creators, influencers and media houses had to justify themselves very quickly why they distribute content on a platform that excludes so many people.”

No moderation, no filters, no data protection

Ann-Katrin Schmitz, podcaster, entrepreneur and independent consultant for influencer and social media marketing as well as e-branding, protects Clubhouse on the technical side. The artificial shortage was certainly strategically sensible at the beginning, but technically it was hardly avoidable. “The beta version of Clubhouse was still being developed. The app would not have been able to cope with an onslaught of all smartphone users. ”Nevertheless, it also lists several factors that led to the rapid increase in the Clubhouse app. The discussions lacked good moderation. There were also no filters that recognize and block inappropriate content. Schmitz misses a higher-level authority that ensures that all users adhere to the guidelines.

These points of criticism shouldn’t be new to Clubhouse. Critics noted early on that the discussion rooms were not controlled by the app. Data protection was also a problem. Anyone who created an account granted access to all contacts in the address book. An exclusion criterion for many users.


Psychonauts 2: The new barrier-free action-adventure game

With “Psychonauts 2” a completely barrier-free game will be released on August 25th for all platforms. Developer Double Fine explains his philosophy on Twitter.

the essentials in brief

  • In «Psychonauts 2», everything from visual to difficulty can be set precisely.
  • The action adventure from developer Double Fine should be as barrier-free as possible.
  • The studio explains on Twitter: Everyone should be able to enjoy games.

The new action game “Psychonauts 2” should be as barrier-free as possible. Numerous customization options, from optical controls and color blind mode to many options for the level of difficulty, make the game playable for everyone.

Developer Double Fine Productions recently responded to a tweet from Xbox that said, “Beating a game on the lowest difficulty is still beating the game.” Double Fine replied that this also applies to everyone who would use the invincibility mode in “Psychonauts 2”.

The developer also pokes fun at players who look down on others playing low-difficulty games. Double Fine takes the position: «Everyone should be able to enjoy games. All ages, all kinds of special needs. This is an important process for our industry and a challenge that we have to face. “

“Psychonauts 2” will be released on August 25th for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Suspect of Pınar Gültekin’s Murder Avcı Defends Removal of Istanbul Convention at the Hearing: ‘It was good…’

Cemal Metin Hunter is a murderer, this is a very clear situation. Is his family involved in this? probably in. Well, this man is on trial as he is under arrest. There is only one point that I do not understand, why is the lawyer of the victim family objecting to a warrant to the United States for Pınar Gültekin’s Android password? why doesn’t the cloud storage want whatever image is exposed? if there is a lawyer can reply to the comment?

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Branson awaiting flight in public space photo with Musk – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 11 – “We have a great day ahead of us. Great to start the morning with a friend”, writes Richard Branson on Twitter, posting a photo with Elon Musk, just before the flight that will take him into space. “I feel good. I feel elated. I feel ready”, it reads. (HANDLE).