Poland: Constitutional court rejects European human rights convention in parts

foreign countries Rule of law Polish Constitutional Court rejects the European Convention on Human Rights in parts Stand: 11:43 a.m.| Reading time: 2 minutes According to a ruling by the Polish Constitutional Court, parts of the EU Convention on Human Rights are incompatible with the country’s constitution Quelle: dpa / Czarek Sokolowski At this point […]

Criticism of the Taliban, which bans films and series with women

AAfghan journalists and activists have criticized the Taliban government’s new restrictions on women on television. The “guidelines threaten the freedom of the media” and restricted “the presence of journalists,” wrote the broadcaster San TV on Twitter on Tuesday. San TV is the first Afghan broadcaster to exclusively employ women as producers and reporters. The Ministry […]

Shot starts at the security check

A shot at a security check caused panic at Atlanta Airport (USA) on Saturday. Apparently a gun was accidentally fired – the owner fled. At the international airport in the US metropolis of Atlanta, the unintentional unloading of a weapon caused panic among passengers. “There is no active shooter,” said the administration of Hartfield-Jackson Airport […]

Astroworld festival: Tracking the tragedy l ABC News – ABC News

Astroworld festival: Tracking the tragedy l ABC News  ABC News Astroworld was a tragedy, but let’s not forget festivals have a special place in Black culture  Yahoo News ABC News’ Astroworld timeline gives organized view of the disaster  WTVD-TV Astroworld: Concert from Hell  KTRK-TV Should Astroworld attendees accept a ticket refund?  FOX 26 Houston .

Very hard response from Karina La Princesita to Eduardo Feinmann

After Eduardo Feinmann will question Karina The Little Princess for the show that I gave days ago in The slaughter, the tropical singer, far from being silent, replied with strong messages from Twitter. The fight between the journalist and the artist is not in the mood to end. That is why Karina decided to use […]

Skeptics are ridiculed under #LieberTee online

At every Corona demo, skeptics, freedom tyrants and co. Chant the battle cry “Liberté”. A countertrend has now developed on Twitter. Liberté calls at a corona demonstration. The rallying cry has now been adopted by proponents of measures. – Nau.ch Ad the essentials in brief The critics of the measures have become known for screaming […]