Women, children, affairs – his turbulent love life

Elon Musk also leads a life of superlatives in his private life. His friends include Hollywood stars and pop singers. He has six children and has been divorced several times. And it wasn’t always considerate. He blows everything that has gone before. Elon Musk not only revolutionized the automotive industry, but even extended his feelers […]

“Uchuu”, the most realistic simulation of the universe available to everyone

Christian Garavaglia Yesterday 3 min Uchuu will allow us to study in detail different moments and scenarios in the history of the universe, over more than 13,000 million years. The most realistic simulation of the universe made so far it is now available to everyone on the internet. Baptized as “Uchuu” (which means universe in […]

Nasa reveals landing site for moon mission

With the rover “Viper”, NASA wants to search for water on the moon. Now the space agency has determined a landing site. The moon shrouded in fog and darkness. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief NASA wants to look for water on the moon. This could be used in the future to produce rocket […]

Colonists could build stations out of blood and urine

Transporting building materials to Mars is expensive and difficult. A British study explains that you could create your own structures from blood. Three Mars missions are entering the next stage. – DPA / Keystone / Nau.ch Ad the essentials in brief Researchers have made a new finding for a hypothetical Mars mission. Extra-hard concrete can […]

Mars is not habitable due to its size

AGI – Mars may be too small to hold adequate quantities of water, necessary for the development of life. Reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this hypothesis was formulated by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis, who they analyzed Martian meteorites on Earth. Despite growing evidence of the past […]

SpaceX. Tourists spoke with Tom Cruise and give details of his flight is

Space tourists orbiting the Earth aboard a spacex ship they chatted with actor Tom Cruise this Friday and provided details about life aboard the spacecraft in a live contact. SpaceX’s first space tourism mission, from Elon Musk, took off from Florida on Wednesday for a three-day trip that will end with a splashdown in the […]

Successful take-off for SpaceX’s first tourist space mission

SPACE TOURISM – At 2:02 am last night, the launch of SpaceX’s fourth manned mission, the first entirely with civilian passengers, went as planned. The four Americans aboard the Crew Dragon capsule will remain in orbit for three days. FS with AFP – 2021-09-16T06:57:00.000+02:00 BACK TO IMAGES ON A HISTORICAL TAKE-OFF The Falcon 9 rocket […]

Images of SpaceX rocket takeoff with four space tourists

Images of SpaceX rocket takeoff with four space touristsLeHuffPost SpaceX sightseeing flight: “All is well” for amateur astronautsLCI Sedative, clamp: the equipment of SpaceX tourists in case of dangerous behaviorFrance Live American space tourists spent their first day in orbit – all the news from Martinique on the internet – FranceAntilles.frFranceAntilles.fr Martinique Inspiration 4. The […]

Video: create a simulated universe capable of moving you through galaxies and dark matter

You have successfully registeredPlease click the link in the email sent to Send the mail again Science The most important findings and most exciting achievements in the field of science. https://mundo.sputniknews.com/20210915/video-crean-un-simulacro-de-universo-capaz-de-trasladarte-por-galaxias-y-materias-oscuras-1116068287.html Video: create a simulated universe capable of moving you through galaxies and dark matter Video: create a simulated universe capable of moving you through […]

new observations reshuffle the cards

New observations of the asteroid Kleopatra have allowed astronomers to more accurately determine its size, mass, the history of its formation and the orbits of its two moons. The results are just as interesting as how to get there. By relying on the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (more commonly known as […]