Nursing homes in the second corona wave: Just no more visiting bans

Nursing homes prepare for increasing numbers of infections with rapid tests and infrared thermometers. But who is actually allowed in?

Nursing home residents are often particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus Photo: Tom Weller / dpa

BERLIN taz | The residents, including those with dementia, have got used to the fact that the nursing staff in the home wear masks. “It has become everyday life,” reports Kristina Baumstark, director of the “Haus im Schelmenholz” senior citizens’ center in Winnenden.

It is now part of everyday life that employees at reception measure the body temperature of the visitors, contactless, with an infrared thermometer in front of their foreheads. And the new tests are coming soon. “I hope that we can organize the procurement of the rapid tests in the next few weeks,” says Baumstark.

The senior citizen center is one of thousands of nursing homes in Germany in which a compromise has to be found – between the needs of the residents and the requirements for infection protection in the second wave of the corona pandemic. Rising numbers of infections in the country are currently again leading to “sometimes disproportionate restrictions on visits to nursing homes,” says David Kröll, spokesman for the Biva-Pflegeschutzbund in Bonn.

The Schutzbund advises relatives and those in need of care and fears a repetition of the momentous isolation of home residents like in spring. Homes had imposed general visits and exit bans, a precautionary measure as mass outbreaks of Covid-19 had occurred in some nursing homes, in which dozen of residents died. The frail senior citizens became lonely due to the general ban on visits. “After all, relatives take on a lot when they visit, for example helping with food and drink, which then disappeared,” says Kröll.

20 rapid tests per resident

The Biva-Pflegeschutzbund recommends taking legal action if you cannot resolve a conflict about a visit ban with the home management or home supervisory authority and in contact with the health department. He refers to a ruling by the Minden Administrative Court in which the judges lifted the isolation of a nursing home resident due to a lack of authorization and questioned the content of a corona protection ordinance.

“We definitely don’t want general visitor bans again,” says Baumstark. The senior center is prepared. “We are better equipped now. There is enough protective clothing, gloves, FFP2 masks, ”says the house manager. If one of the residents in the 135-bed house were to test positive, she could be isolated from the others and cared for by caregivers in protective clothing. The district of the home records more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, which is why the body temperature of the visitors is measured at the entrance as a precaution.

The home has applied for 20 of the new rapid antigen tests per resident per month, says Baumstark. The contingent of 20 tests must be enough for a resident, her caregivers and her visitors. Specially trained nurses will then swab the throat area of ​​the visitors at reception. The result of the rapid antigen test can be read after 20 minutes.

Tests should be carried out, for example, if the symptoms are unclear or if a visitor has had contact with those who tested positive or if nurses look after someone who is positive, explains Baumstark. If you come to visit frequently, a weekly smear is provided for.

The relatives only meet the residents in the room or outside, but not in the common room. Since Corona there have been no cross-residential events in the senior citizen center. “You have an enormous responsibility,” says Baumstark. She is happy that with the Protestant Home Foundation she has a support behind her who runs several facilities and helps with decisions about infection protection.

“Limitations always create suffering”

The restriction of visits or even exit bans are always legally tricky. “With the visiting and exit bans in spring and summer, we were entering new legal territory. We were catapulted into a situation where there was no authorization and no qualification, ”says Ulrike Kempchen, lawyer at Biva. “We would like to see uniform national minimum standards for visiting regulations in the facilities.”

The visiting regulations have so far differed regionally, states the Schutzbund. In Berlin, residents can receive up to three visitors a day, masks must be worn in closed rooms. In Baden-Württemberg there is no mask requirement and a minimum distance of 1.50 meters for close relatives. In Hamburg, a maximum of three hours of visits per week and resident for a maximum of two people are permitted in the interiors of the care facilities, physical contact of a maximum of 15 minutes per visit is permitted. In addition, the homes have special rules.

The federal government’s representative for care, Andreas Westerfellhaus, has now announced a nationwide “handout” for visiting concepts in care homes, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute. Every restriction always creates suffering. Kempchen says: “I see surveys where residents are quoted saying that I want to decide for myself what I’m going to die of and I don’t want to live in isolation.”


Covid-19: Germany before the next lockdown – society


Sebastian Herrmann and Christian Mayer

It is the last days of October and the dark months are beginning. Germany is preparing for a tough time – the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, which the federal and state governments have jointly decided, will paralyze public life from Monday. “Oh, this month is wearing the mourning ribbon,” wrote Erich Kästner in his melancholy November poem, not realizing that a Corona autumn would hit the mood even more: Unlike the first time we went down at the end of March, when at least the weather was good , there are fewer opportunities to escape from your own four walls in November. The fear of loneliness and psychological overload is enormous for many people, especially since they know what they will soon be missing: real human closeness.


The peak of COVID-19 in Russia will be in early and mid-November – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The increase in the incidence of coronavirus in different regions of Russia began at different times, therefore, its peak will occur at different times. According to Alexander Gorelov, deputy director for scientific work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, this will happen approximately in early to mid-November.

According to him, it is difficult to make a more accurate forecast, since many factors, including climatic and social, affect the development of the epidemic process. Gorelov noted that at the peak, the number of new detected cases of coronavirus per day will be about 20 thousand, writes TASS. However, the epidemiologist stressed, a lot depends on the consciousness of citizens and their compliance with preventive measures.

The expert also urged not to be intimidated by the statistics on new cases identified. Instead, it is important to understand the complexity of the epidemic situation and “adhere to all measures that are aimed at reducing the risk of the spread of infection.”

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor recalled the impact of weather factors on the incidence of COVID-19. According to the deputy director for clinical and analytical work of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, Professor Natalia Pshenichnaya, in bad weather, hypothermia makes the body more susceptible to infections.


Activist on the abortion ban in Poland: “An incredible frustration”

The Berlin group Ciocia Basia helps unwanted pregnant women from Poland to get an abortion. The activist Anne Pfautsch speaks about her work.

A protester during the protest against the Polish abortion law in Warsaw Photo: Agencja Gazeta / imago

taz: Ms. Pfautsch, the Polish constitutional court has declared a de facto total ban on abortions. What does the judgment mean for your work?

Anne Pfautsch: We have been flooded with emails since the decision last Thursday. Pregnant people in Poland with a sick fetus contact us. Some already had appointments for a demolition on site, they have now been canceled. People are angry and desperate.

Can you help you?

Abortions in Poland have already been largely restricted. Those that have now been banned by the change in the law have accounted for 95 percent of the few previously legal breaks. It is about the fetal indication, i.e. cases in which the fetus is sick or will not be able to live. This often only becomes clear late. Late terminations are complicated and expensive in Germany too. In this country, too, many people forget that abortions are prohibited by law and only exempt from punishment up to the 14th week of pregnancy under certain conditions.

So what can you do?

Almost a year ago we started a Europe-wide network, Abortion Without Borders, which consists of six different groups from Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. This network is extremely important: together we organize how we can best and fastest help unwanted pregnant women.

Which countries are eligible?

For late terminations, we send people either to the UK or the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium are also possible. Otherwise we organize pills for the pregnant person up to the eighth week for an abortion with medication or they come to Berlin for an operation. We also provide you with accommodation, accompany you to the preliminary talks and the demolition and translate for you.

Can you already estimate how the inquiries will develop?

34, is involved with Ciocia Basia Berlin. The activists of the group, which is called “Aunt Barbara” in German, unwittingly support pregnant women from Poland in getting abortions.

Before Corona, we had two to three inquiries a week about pills and three to four from people who then came to Berlin for surgical interventions. That has doubled since Corona. And since the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court, there has been a lot going on via email, social media and telephone – both because people want preventive information and because they need concrete support. The Polish groups are currently overburdened, so that those of us who speak Polish sometimes take over their phone shifts.

What do your Polish partners say?

They’re on their feet the whole time, also because of the demos. There is an incredible amount of frustration that is breaking out, but there are also many tears. Since 2016, since the so-called black montages, people have been taking to the streets to prevent precisely these tightenings. Now they are there.

What does the judgment mean for the social perception of abortions in Poland?

The situation has been pretty bad for a long time. Cancellations were allowed until 1993. Since then, the rights of women and lesbian, gay, bi-, trans, queer, intersex and asex people have been extremely restricted. Abortions are stigmatized, unwanted pregnant women are exposed to hostility. We are told again and again: If you newsylist for cancellation options, you will mainly find websites that suggest that you will burn in hell. It takes strength to even decide to abort in such a situation.

Do you reach many people with your offer?

In the meantime already. We did a lot of flyers, put stickers, and did public relations. We get inquiries from people from all walks of life, from cities and from the country, that was certainly different at first. But of course people will still fall through the cracks.

That is, they carry unintentionally sick fetuses.

Or they resort to unsafe abortions. A ban does not mean that there are no more abortions – it just means that these are life-threatening for those affected. I hope that people in need will contact us because we guarantee that they will get safe abortions from us.

How do you organize yourself now?

Above all, we want to become more visible and acquire more donations. So far, for example, we are not a registered association because we would then be accountable for our expenses. We didn’t want to put such additional burdens on people, for example when they book their trip. Now we are thinking about how we can do this in the future.

Are you currently receiving a lot of donations?

Yes. We are currently experiencing a wave of support: people are giving money, for example for our campaign on Gofundme, or they are signing up to join the group. That’s nice. And yet visibility also means that it attracts opponents. We’re also getting a lot of hate mail right now.

Would you have hoped for a political reaction from Germany?

Hopefully, but I didn’t expect it. Abortions in this country are next to murder and manslaughter in the penal code. This backward-looking development is transnational and does not only affect Poland.


“Also our enemies!”: The mufti of Chechnya threatened the French in Russia

The Mufti of Chechnya Salah-Haji Mezhiev told that he considers all the French who support the policy of President Emmanuel Macron to be enemies. He noted that the French, who do not approve of Macron’s decisions, may be restless in Grozny and in Moscow. But the rest are not.

“And if they do, they are our enemies too!” – said Mezhiev. He noted that in order to find out the position of people, they will communicate with them. “And then … Macron is far away, he is close, so it may turn out that he will have to answer for the words of his president,” the spiritual representative of Muslims emphasized.

Mezhiev also supported the statement of the fighter Nurmagomedov regarding Macron. “I agree, because I also consider such a vile attitude towards other religions to be absolutely unacceptable,” the mufti stressed.

We will remind that earlier Ksenia Sobchak announced threats against her from radical Muslims. She called Macron her “hero” after he insisted on the need to continue publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad after the murder of Mr. Simon Pati’s school teacher by a young Chechen Abdullah Annzorov.


Legal dispute over the film “Keinohrhasen”: author is allowed to see the proceeds

Anika Decker, screenwriter of “Keinohrhasen” wins against Til Schweiger in court. You can find out how much the film made.

Screenwriter Anika Decker at the German Film Ball in January 2020 Photo: FrankHoermann / image

BERLIN Taz / dpa | The screenwriter Anika Decker is allowed to take a look at the income from Til Schweiger’s movie hits “Keinohrhasen” and “Zweiohrküken”. According to information on Tuesday, the Berlin district court granted Decker’s request for information against the production company and rights holder of the films as well as against a film and media group in the first instance. Together with Til Schweiger, Anika Decker wrote the scripts for his films “Keinohrhasen” from 2009 and the sequel “Zweiohrküken” from 2011.

Decker received low to medium amounts in the five-digit range for this, she said FAS Reported in mid-October. However, she was no longer involved in the profit. “Keinohrhasen” grossed 70 million euros in the cinema alone, “Zweiohrküken” a good 41 million euros.

Decker is now taking action against Schweiger in a so-called step action. First of all, she wanted his production company Barefoot Films and the distributor Warner Bros. to disclose how much they had earned through the various evaluation areas – such as DVD, pay TV and streaming services. The Berlin court has now granted this.

The next step could be the question of appropriate remuneration. Decker relies on the “fairness clause” in copyright law. It provides for additional remuneration if the originally agreed remuneration and the income generated later are noticeably disproportionate.

Civil Chamber 15 of the Regional Court justified the decision, according to a communication, by stating that, due to the above-average success of the two films, there were indications that the plaintiff might claim further participation. It could remain open whether the plaintiff was the sole author of the scripts or merely a co-author.


FakeMelania: Where’s the First Lady? – Society

It cannot be said that this has not happened before in Washington. Except that in 2006 George W. Bush still had the decency to appear at the Gala Dinner of the White House Press Corps with his double. While the real president deliberately reeled through his speech, mispronouncing words and constructing unreasonable phrases, the fake Bush (comedian Steve Bridges) stood by and explained what the president was trying to say. That was a laugh that didn’t make Bush’s lousy popularity ratings much higher.

Meanwhile, people trust the Trump couple to do everything except humor. That she fake are, who would ever have doubted? The fact that one of them could sometimes not be himself (or rather she), this theory has once again been widely debated in recent days and, like everything that is speculated on this planet, has long had its own hashtag: #FakeMelania.

A few days ago you had to have the helicopter ready for take-off as the sun-tanned First Lady at the side of her husband Marine One boarded, already equipped with an equally lofty imagination to notice the changes. This imagination is notoriously present on Twitter. According to the rules of the “Spot the difference” game, hundreds of users put Melania photos next to each other and proved the double in the helicopter to have the following errors: “The hair looks fluffier and shorter, the nose looks more pointed, and the distance between the upper lip and the upper lip Nose looks shorter. ” Wrinkles around the mouth are no longer there. The incisors are less angular. Conclusion: “THAT AIN’T HER.”

Saddam Hussein had three doubles

It is actually a miracle that the security forces did not step in immediately and toss the cheap Melania copy from the White House lawn. It is even more astonishing that, even after extensive photo studies, you cannot determine any differences.

On the other hand, the business of doppelganger is naturally one that takes place largely in secret. If someone sends a double because he is afraid for his life, has no time for a public performance or is not in the mood for dinner with the boss and his blasé wife, then he (or she) wants to Notthat he (or her) can be found out.

The fact that Osama bin Laden, Nicolae Ceaușescu and Muammar al-Gaddafi used doubles is likely, but has not yet been conclusively proven. That the actor Felix Gadschijewitsch Dadajew, disguised as Josef Stalin, gave radio speeches and sometimes held the parade on Red Square, he told him Truth only decades later. Saddam Hussein’s three doubles could only be captured because computer-aided image analysis was invented at some point. On the other hand, the claim of a Tokyo professor that the brave North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il died of diabetes eight years before his official death and was then represented by a doppelganger remains unconfirmed.

Only the less totalitarian doubles were caught inflagranti. The paparazzi already suspected on the red carpet that at the gala of the Prague Film Awards 2015 it was not the real Jim Carrey but a no-name named Hari Zinhasovic who was on stage. Moldova’s weightlifters also got upset when they sent doubles for doping tests; there probably weren’t any believable musclemen available for the tiny $ 60 rent. The footballer Neymar was not much more skilled: while he was carefully curing his broken ankle before the Brazil World Cup, he sent a doppelganger to advertising appointments, which despite a certain similarity in the hairstyle area did not go unnoticed.

Three to twelve false emperors for Beckenbauer

There is also a persistent rumor that Franz Beckenbauer employed three to twelve false emperors for the German summer fairy tale in 2006 in order to be able to attend 48 of a total of 64 World Cup games. Whereby, as a Franz double, you live dangerously around the magic foot. Once you don’t shoot the ball from the wheat beer glass through the goal wall, you’re exposed.

Melania Trump is not aware of any noteworthy football or other defining talents. A doppelganger would only have to be beautiful, speak American with a Slovenian accent and master the perfect hair-dryer, and the matter is already underway. And although it is not likely, there is something comforting about the idea: that another im Marine One Helicopter, stumbling through the virus hell of the White House without a mask and fulfilling the duties of conjugal cohabitation, while Melania sits in the parental garden of the 18,000-inhabitant community Sevnica, looks at the lively rippling Sava and knits sweaters for the upcoming Corona winter. We send warm greetings from Munich.


Mattarella, deep crisis, saving aid restart – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 30 – “This Day is held during a deep crisis, which requires urgent measures to safeguard the present and, above all, the future of our society. Savings, a traditional heritage of our country – whose protection is sanctioned by the Constitution – can contribute to the restart “. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the World Savings Day, in a message sent to the President of the Association of Foundations and Savings Banks SpA, Francesco Profumo.

“The serious economic situation and the worries about the spread of infections – says the Head of State – have led to a significant increase in the savings rate of families and businesses. These resources, if properly used, can help support a rapid recovery in consumption and investments, once the pandemic is tamed and uncertainty about future prospects has been reduced.

It is essential to create the conditions necessary to restore a climate of trust “. (ANSA).