Images of SpaceX rocket takeoff with four space tourists

Images of SpaceX rocket takeoff with four space touristsLeHuffPost SpaceX sightseeing flight: “All is well” for amateur astronautsLCI Sedative, clamp: the equipment of SpaceX tourists in case of dangerous behaviorFrance Live American space tourists spent their first day in orbit – all the news from Martinique on the internet – Martinique Inspiration 4. The […]

Astra’s rocket ‘leaves’ the launch pad @RT Play en Español – RT en Español

Astra’s rocket ‘leaves’ the launch pad @RT Play en EspañolRT in Spanish The spectacular – albeit unsuccessful – third orbital launch attempt of an Astra Rocket 3Microsiervos VIDEO: The rocket of an American ‘startup’ ‘leaves’ the launch pad due to an engine failure at the time of takeoffRT in Spanish See full coverage on Google […]


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a Chinese satellite collided in space with a Russian rocket

A Chinese satellite mysteriously broke in March, scattering into dozens of pieces. Now, a Harvard astronomer has figured out what likely happened: it seems having collided with a piece of Russian rocket. “This appears to be the first major confirmed orbital collision in a decade,” he said in Twitter Jonathan McDowell, who saw the likely […]

they launch a rocket, lightning explodes in a beam of light

The result of this experiment is phenomenal: scientists from the Atmospheric Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched a rocket hanging from a copper wire during a thunderstorm. Lightning struck the rocket and traveling the wire to the ground it exploded in a huge beam of light. The images are impressive. First the rocket, […]

China plans a manned mission to Mars in 2033

27. June 2021 10:12 Robert Klatt China wants to send the first humans to Mars in 2033. A permanent base is planned there from which the planet and its resources are to be developed. Peking (China). China is planning the first manned mission to Mars as early as 2033, according to an announcement by Wang […]

the great city of the future built by Elon Musk

Marina Fernandez 5 hours ago 7 min Elon Musk plans to build a large “Starbase” city around the Tesla and Starlink facilities he already owns in Boca Chica, Texas. Image: Video capture from Tech Archives. The South African physicist, entrepreneur and inventor, nationalized Canadian and American, never stands idly by, and despite being a tycoon […]