Fury for the churrero that is equal to Di María

Ángel Di María is one of the men of the moment. The PSG crack comes from scoring a historic goal in the final of the Copa América against Brazil and now he made the news for a very particular story …

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Happens that A churros seller appeared in Rosario who was surprised by his resemblance to Fideo. His image immediately went viral and he became famous, rapidly multiplying sales. “I don’t say that I look alike but people do”Alejandro, a native of Barrio Acindar, explained in a talk with Rosario 3.

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The churrero said that his life changed completely since last Sunday, after the former Real Madrid defined above Ederson to seal the long-awaited title. Turns out that a shopper who passed by his stall compared him to Di María shouting “Hey, Fideo!“and nothing was the same.

In addition, he said that it is not the first time that his resemblance has been mentioned to him. In fact, for several years now, he has been nicknamed the same as the former Central, but now, as a result of the consecration in the Maracana, Alejandro lives days of glory when he sees how the sale of churros grows by leaps and bounds.

“A long time ago some boys told me that I looked like Noodle, I asked who he was and there they told me, I didn’t know him, some have even asked me for autographs“He said, laughing, and added that he is a River fan.

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In addition, he said that he does not seek to profit from his resemblance, but that it is the people who emphasize it. “I am a churrero, I live from this and I have dedicated myself to this for 14 years”, completed Alejandro, who, like Di María, lives days of glory.


Naim Darrechi, son of patriarchy and lack of sex education

Naim Darrechi He is a Spanish tiktoker and singer with more than 26 million followers on that social network. Days ago, during an interview with the youtuber Mostopapi he boasted of not using a condom and of making his sexual partners believe that this should not be a concern because he assumes that he is sterile.

I have a hard time with a condom, I never use it. One day I thought it was weird that I didn’t get any girl pregnant during all this time and I said ‘I’m going to always end up inside’, and nothing has ever happened, “he said to the repudiable laugh of his interviewer. son, bless him, “he added.

The criticism was not long in coming and even the well-known streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea it ruled against such claims.

But not only that: the case has already been reported by Irene Montero, the Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain. “Removing the condom or ejaculating inside without consent is today sexual abuse and the Only Yes is Yes Law will recognize it as aggression. Bragging to 26 million followers of something like this reflects the urgency of putting consent at the center. We will inform the Prosecutor’s Office, ”the official announced.

After the scandal, both the interviewee and the interviewer referred to this note. “I want to apologize for my unconsciousness. I did not realize the responsibility that I have. Sorry, it’s my fault, whatever they say about it, they are right, ”said Darrechi.

For his part, Mostopapi deleted the video and he justified himself: “My laugh has been misinterpreted because at no time would I laugh at something like that. So if you think that I have laughed at what Naím has said, I am sorry, but that has not been the case. against all kinds of abuse, mistreatment and inequality between men and women. I would never promote something like that, ever “.

Consequences of the absence of Comprehensive Sex Education

In dialogue with Clarion the sexologist and psychologist Patricio Gomez Di Leva (on Instagram, @respuestasexual) assured that “the main problem is not in what they said, since they do not have to know something that they did not teach them, but that the people who listen to them – in general, young people – he doesn’t have the tools to process that information ”.

The specialist’s feeling is that neither Naim Darrechi nor Mostopapi were “aware of what they were saying”. “Those who are truly responsible are those who must guarantee sex education It is not happening in practically any country in Latin America and in a few countries in the world ”, he stated.

Mostopapi and his discharge.

In that sense, he explained that this “is not a problem only for young people, because adults did not have sex education either.” “Whenever we think of ESI we think of children and adolescents, and the reality is that sex education is lifelong, because sexuality accompanies us from the moment we are born until we die and there are always new things to learn ”, added Di Leva.

Sexual violence and patriarchy

How do you explain that a speech of such sexual violence has gone unnoticed throughout the interview? Why did it cause laughter and not the repudiation of the interviewer?

Gomez Di Leva ruled that “machismo and patriarchy are at the basis of sexual or gender violence”.

Against this, he explained, the solution is to insist with the ESI from a complete approach. “Comprehensive sexual education has to be with a gender perspective, otherwise it is not comprehensive sexual education. It is often thought that CSE has to be limited to contraceptive methods or to prevent sexually transmitted infections, but it also encompasses the study and reflection on concepts related to gender, patriarchy and others ”, he concluded.

Use a condom, always!

The condom is the only contraceptive method that will prevent us from contracting sexually transmitted infections. Use it always, from the beginning to the end of the sexual relationship!

Also, remember that the condom does not decrease sensitivity (There are all kinds of thickness, models, textures to try) nor does it have to be a condition to maintain the erection of the penis. To consult and ask for professional help if this happens!

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Nairo Quintana: options to win the mountain, Tour de France 2021 – Cycling – Sports

Tadej Pogacar won stage 17 of the Tour of Francia disputed this Wednesday between Muret Y Saint-Lary-Soulan Col Du Portet, of 178 km, increased the difference in the leadership and Rigoberto Uran he gave up the podium and is already fourth in the general classification.

The fight for the mountain title continues. This Thursday this classification will be defined in a tough day, with a high finish and with the Tourmalet on the way.

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There are 233 points in dispute on the stage Pau Y Light Ardiden, short, 129 km, with four mountain passes: two fourth and the rest out of category, one of them the Tourmalet, 17 km uphill and average ramps of 7.3 percent incline.

The final climb will be 13 km, with average ramps of 7.4, in which the score is doubled and the winner will win 40 units.

Nairo quintana He tried to score points this Wednesday, but although he scratched, well Wout Poels He also added and is the leader with 78 points, while Nairo was left with 66 in the third box, as well as Michael Woods.

Without a doubt, the Boyacá cyclist has options to be the champion, but the present is very different. Nairo has not been well, his rivals are far superior when it comes to scoring points.

Tadej Pogacar, solid leader of the Tour de France.

He has gotten into the getaways, but he has not fulfilled the objective of recovering the red seeds shirt. In favor, it must be said that their close rivals have not seen each other in an extraordinary way and that the differences remain.

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However, there is a ‘fly that falls into the soup’, and his last name is Pogacar, who is already second on the mountain with 67 points and with the clear options of winning it, of beating the others.

Pogacar does not aim to win this classification, but everything has been given to him. It remains to be seen if this Thursday can be the day for him, because if he arrives in the top positions, in a situation similar to that of this Wednesday, he will undoubtedly take over the mountain.

Quintana has lost many options to be the leader, however, the physical conditions are not the best and it is not seen that he can achieve that goal.

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Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO


two centuries underground and an honorable return to France

The general Charles-Étienne Gudin de la Sablonnière, one of the closest military personnel of Napoleon, who died more than 200 years ago during the Russian campaign, will finally rest in his homeland. Russia handed over his remains to France on Tuesday.

“It is a truly historical fact, because a person who was an enemy of Russia in his lifetime, in 1812 became a symbol of reconciliation and even the strengthening of relations between the two countries,” Elizaveta Peskova, vice president of the Foundation, told the EFE news agency. for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives.

In the arms of historical rebuilders, dressed in Napoleonic guard uniforms, the coffin was transferred to Moscow’s Vnukovo 3 airport, used for official foreign delegations, where it was handed over to the general’s descendants.

The coffin, covered with the French flag and accompanied by shouts of “Viva Francia” and drum roll, was honored by forty Napoleonic soldiers, who paraded with their sabers raised.

In addition, a Russian military band performed the “Marseillaise” while a platoon of the Russian Guard honored it by parading on a red carpet.

The remains of General Charles-Etienne Gudin, who died in Russia in 1812, were taken to France on Tuesday. Photo: AFP

Photos of the spectacular parade in France for Independence Day

Those present dedicated a minute of silence to the memory of the general before transferring the coffin to the plane to the accompaniment of a funeral march.

Back to france

As reported by the Foundation for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives, the general’s great-great-grandson, Albéric d’Orléans, traveled to Russia to collect the remains of Gudin de la Sablonnière.

“A ceremony is scheduled for December 2 in Les Invalides (in Paris), with the presence of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, but we do not know if he will invite the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin,” Peskova said.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, told the TASS agency on Tuesday that “for now” the Russian president does not plan to attend the burial of the general’s remains.

A skeleton and a historical find

On July 7, 2019 a group of Franco-Russian archaeologists found near the Russian city of Smolensk a skeleton. After performing DNA tests it was shown that he was Charles-Étienne Gudin de la Sablonnière, one of Napoleon’s closest generals.

General Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere returned to France this Tuesday with honors from Russia, where he died more than 200 years ago.  Photo: EFE

General Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere returned to France this Tuesday with honors from Russia, where he died more than 200 years ago. Photo: EFE

The main promoter of this search was the historian Pierre Malinowski, 33, a former French military man and former assistant in the European Parliament of Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the far-right National Front.

The also president of the Foundation for the Development of Franco-Russian Historical Initiatives, created in 2018, embarked on “the largest historical project between France and Russia” with a team of about 50 people between experts from both countries and students, and that it had the direct support of the Russian Presidency.

Who was General Gudin?

Born in Montargis on February 13, 1768 into a family with a military tradition, Gudin studied at the military school in Brienne, where he was a companion of those who would become Emperor of France and where the two struck up a friendship.

A portrait of the French general Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere, during the ceremony this Tuesday at the Vnukovo-3 airport, in Moscow, from where the coffin left for France.  Photo: EFE

A portrait of the French general Charles-Etienne Gudin de la Sablonniere, during the ceremony this Tuesday at the Vnukovo-3 airport, in Moscow, from where the coffin left for France. Photo: EFE

Gudin had a brilliant military career and at age 44 he fought in the Battle of Smolensk during the Russian campaign of 1812.

A few days later he had to support Marshal Michel Ney with his division in the battle of Valútino, some 20 kilometers east of Smolensk, and there was hit by a Russian cannon shot which ripped off his left leg and destroyed his right calf to the bone.

Three days later he died of gangrene and was buried.

His death shocked Napoleon, who went to see the general directly after the battle and gave in to his private physician to try to save his life.

His heart was taken to Paris, where he rests in a chapel in the Père Lachaise cemetery and his name inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe.

Source: EFE



They capture the suspect of killing a girl and her uncle in Yorito, Yoro

San Pedro Sula, Cortés.

Last night he was captured Moisés David Ramírez (31), the main suspect in the murder of an uncle and his niece inside a house, an incident that occurred in the municipality of Yorito, department of Yoro.

The victims responded to the names of José Ángel Ramírez (22) and Ana Victoria Ramírez (9), who were allegedly attacked by Moisés Ramírez due to personal enmities.

Juan Sabillon, spokesperson for the National Police, reported that “this capture occurred in less than 48 hours after the event that shocked the inhabitants of Yorito last Sunday, this subject will be presented before the Public Ministry for assuming him responsible for the double homicide.”

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“There is preliminary information from the investigators that Moisés David Ramírez is directly responsible for the double crime. Apparently there was a discussion between the now arrested and one of the victims, in this case we have scientific evidence and testimonial versions that link him”, added the police spokesman in the northern zone.

The crime of the little girl and her uncle occurred Sunday night in the Las Acacias neighborhood. José Gregorio Ramírez, grandfather and father of the victims, said that at 8:30 pm that day he was at his home with his son who they nicknamed Capullo, his granddaughter and other relatives. Suddenly he heard that an individual was wanting to knock down the door of the house and shouted at his son: “Cocoon, open me!”.

What’s more: Up to 36 years in prison would face alleged murderers of Giorgio Scanu

The young José Ángel got up from where he was sitting and the guy opened the door and shot him with a pistol. At that moment the girl Ana Victoria was coming and the murderer also shot her in the head on two occasions.

Then the subject finished off José Ángel, who had been wounded face down on the edge of his bed. José Gregorio said that it was difficult for him to open the door to his bedroom and when he came out the man was already fleeing through the kitchen door.


From Argentina to Japan, how empanadas are prepared in every corner of the world

With gratitude and devotion, this is how the Genoese enogastronomic journalist Pietro Sorba writes about one of the favorite foods of Argentines. In the introduction in Santa empanada, his new book published by Editorial Planeta that compiles recipes from Argentina and the world, ponders its “portable size.” Also, its mysterious character “Because until you bite it, it is impossible to know what its colors, texture and flavor will be.”

In addition, it defends the empanada of sybarite arrogance that ignores it and, even more, exalts it as ambassador of identity, culture and tradition of dozens of peoples of the world for its ability to synthesize foods and recipes.

“It is a practical food to transport, portion and sell. Over the centuries that format was consolidated. There are triangular, crescent-shaped, taller, flatter … But all of them They allow you to eat without getting your hands dirty and have the added value that the food inside is moist and protected”, Details Sorba in dialogue with Clarion.

Samosas, the patties of India.

From the recipe book published in the book, the formulas from distant lands such as Iran or Bangladesh are surprising. To the author He was particularly interested in making the Japanese patty called Kare Pan. “It has beef and pork, it has spicy, cumin seeds, curry and garam masala, among other ingredients that give it many nuances of flavor. The filling is covered with a bread-like dough that is very sticky, finally moistened with water, passed through panko and fried. It is like a giant and elongated egg that is very crispy and aromatic”Sorba tells Clarion.

Another of his favorite “exotic” is the Indian Spicy Karanjy made from chickpeas, coconut and many spices. But you don’t have to travel that far. Among the Latin American empanadas there are also many contrasts. From the Uruguayan, which is the most similar to the Argentine, to others that bet on fillings and doughs of unsuspected production in these latitudes, there is a huge universe to savor.

Santa Empanada, the new book by Pietro Sorba

Santa Empanada, the new book by Pietro Sorba

“The Chilean has points of contact with us because for example, the pine pie is made with a mince of meat. But instead, Colombia has about 200 different versions of this dish, some very different from ours “, Pietro tells Clarín.

Very close to there, in Venezuela, the Patty it is also very popular. “At the level of the arepa and some are even made with the same flour that is used for that dish,” explains the gastronomic critic. And mention two varieties: the pabellón “which is their national dish and it is as if here we made a locro pie” and the dogfish empanada, which is a small shark. “That pie is very popular. Here a filling like this is much more rare,” he reflects.

Venezuelan shredded meat empanadas.  Photo: Shutterstock.

Venezuelan shredded meat empanadas. Photo: Shutterstock.

Argentine empanadas

In his book, Sorba estimates that in the country some 6,164,000 empanadas are made per day (not counting those made with homemade tapas). “If this last data is included it is reasonable to project daily consumption to ten million pieces”, He evaluates. The number is striking, as well as certain nuances that exist between the recipes from north to south and from east to west of the national territory.

-Why when we talk about traditional empanadas we almost always think of those from Salta and Tucumán?

-Evidently these empanadas They are among the most traditional, they are those who knew how to generate a story around this dish more than others. Tucumán has the National Empanada Festival and events like these have helped a lot over the years. Salta has its empanada day and it is also a very strong tourist destination which influences the spread of its empanada. The same thing happens with Mendoza, your empanada communicates a lot because Those who travel from abroad to taste the wines are fascinated by this food. There are places with exquisite empanadas that are not lucky enough to be so popular.

-Is it a myth that Salta’s “open-legged” empanadas are the juiciest?

-The juiciness of the pie has to do with the cook’s technique. Add the starchy broth of the potatoes to the filling of the Salteña empanada and cook it with fat. When it rests in the fridge, it solidifies. When cooking the patty, the fat returns to its liquid state that generates these juices. But the same can happen for example, with a tucuman pie to which they add the matambre broth.

Pietro Sorba, food critic and author of the book "Santa empanada".  Photo: Germán Romani.

Pietro Sorba, food critic and author of the book “Santa empanada”. Photo: Germán Romani.

-Another empanada whose recipe is highly sought after is the one from Santiago, what is its peculiarity?

The empanada from Santiago is highly sought after because Mrs. Petrona was from Santiago del Estero. It is a succulent pie, with a lot of eggs and a lot of fat. Sometimes it has seedless raisins but that is optional.

-Is the best empanada the one cooked in a clay oven?

The best are fried or baked in clay, which is an important tradition in the north of Córdoba, in Cuyo and in the Northwest. The added value goes through that violent heat that makes the filling juicy and the dough cooks quickly. In a traditional domestic oven there is a greater risk of the patty being dry. It is the same effect as with a pizza.

-In our country the size of the pie varies a lot, but not so much the format, did you find an explanation?

Northern empanadas, in general, are small. As latitude decreases, the size increases frequently. The yield of an empanada from Salta is much higher than that of a porteña. With the same amount of filling that is used in Buenos Aires, two or three norteñas are made. And with respect to the repulgue, there are the dogmatists who even count the amount, which ranges between 16 and 19. All are normally shaped like croissants. It is true that the format of the Argentine empanada is very standardized.

Recipes to prepare at home

Pastel mand'io, the Paraguayan version of the empanada.  Photo @cantaelgallo.

Pastel mand’io, the Paraguayan version of the empanada. Photo @cantaelgallo.

Empanadas of the world

-Mandi’o Cake Recipe (Paraguayan Empanada)

-Spanish tuna dumplings recipe

-Recipe of Venezuelan pie with shredded meat

-Venezuelan Dogfish Empanada Recipe

-Cheese bureka recipe (Israel)

-Recipe of seafood empanadas (Chilean)

-Cornish pasties recipe (British patties)

-Recipe of Empanadas de ají de gallina (Peruvian empanadas)

-Samosas recipe (Indian empanadas)

-Recipe of open Arabic empanadas

Empanadas Salteñas "open-legged". Foto: Shiba.

Salta “open-legged” empanadas. Photo: Shiba.

Empanadas from Argentina

-Recipe of Empanadas from Salta

-Recipe of Cordovan Empanadas

-Recipe of Tucuman Empanadas

-Recipe of classic Mendoza empanadas

-Recipe of super juicy Mendoza empanadas

-Recipe of Empanadas from Santiago


The video of the stray dog ​​who meets a house for the first time

The dog, used to living on a bank, did not want to enter his new home. Of course, I had never lived in a place with a roof, closed, without suffering.

Through a video posted on TikTok, Samantha room, a young woman from Houston, United States, recounted in what conditions she found Boomer and his street ‘brothers’. She learned of the existence of four dogs thanks to someone filming them. The woman went out determined to look for them, but only managed to find two.

The next day he returned and was able to rescue the rest, one of them was ‘Boomer’, who for obvious reasons was not very easy to get caught. The dog, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, It was fed by residents of the area. Yet others, very cruel, they beat him and shot him with compressed air guns.

Video is all the rage on TikTok.

Samantha Zimmer decided to shelter them in her garage and backyard for the first few weeks so Boomer can adjust to the new life under one roof. She found the puppy in deplorable conditions: he had a fracture in his femur and he also had a pellet lodged in his ribs.

After two weeks, The moment came for the little dog to take its first steps into its new home. That is why the rescuer prepared everything and recorded the moment in an unmissable viral video. “Friend, come. You are already a house dog, ”Samantha is heard saying while Boomer stood at the door, very fearful and without wanting to enter.

Shortly after, in another recording, it was learned that the pet managed to enter the house and enjoy his new home.

“I only knew the street. Dogs are family. They should be able to be in a house ”, is the description that Zimmer left in the viral video posted on his TikTok account @streetlifetothesweetlife.

“He was too scared to come to us, but with love and patience he won the hearts of millions of people,” the woman told the Daily Mail.

Regarding the number of dogs that live on the street, the statistics are not conclusive and differ from each other, since the calculation method varies according to the population density. There are up to 300 million stray dogs in the world. On the other hand, it is estimated that of 10 animals that are born, 9 will not find a home.

Sources: Daily Mail / El Comercio newspaper


Scandal over Turkey’s new 300-room mansion

The 1,150-room presidential palace in the heart of Ankara, the twin of Ceausescu’s in Bucharest, evidently it was not enough for the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The president had a new ultra luxury residence on the southern Aegean coast of Turkey, in Marmaris, the same exclusive resort town from which he managed to flee in extremis on the night of the failed coup five years ago.

The mansion has 300 rooms and was built on a large surface like 130 soccer fields (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

A mansion of 300 rooms, raised on a surface big like 130 soccer fields and what it cost Turkish taxpayers, between 2018 and 2021, more than 70 million dollars.

Completed in 2019, the residency had been shrouded in mystery. Now its designer, Sefik Birkiye, the presidential architect par excellence, was in charge of show pictures for the first time.

The mansion cost Turkish taxpayers more than $ 70 million (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The mansion cost Turkish taxpayers more than $ 70 million (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

Birkiya had already designed the White Palace in the Turkish capital, named after the expensive marbles used in construction, and some of the most relevant buildings of Erdogan’s last times in power.

Including the great mosque inaugurated just over a month ago in the heart of Taksim Square in Istanbul.

A luxury villa

The Marmaris villa has a dream pool and a beach with private access to the sea, in one of the best holiday areas in Turkey, as well as a heliport.

An unbridled luxury that seems to wink at another long-secret residence, the dacha on the Black Sea of ​​his “friend” Vladimir Putin, revealed in that case by opponent Alexei Navalny.

The Marmaris villa has a dream pool and a beach with private access to the sea (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The Marmaris villa has a dream pool and a beach with private access to the sea (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The Marmaris complex has already been used to forge precious geopolitical alliances.

Among those golden rooms, Erdogan would have received the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, with whom he signed new strategic economic and military cooperation agreements only about twenty days ago, and the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, a political leader crucial for Ankara’s penetration in the Balkans.

One of the 300 rooms (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

One of the 300 rooms (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

In addition, the Turkish president himself claimed in the past the importance of architectural grandeur to express politics.

New summer palace

The images of this new “Summer Palace” (as its detractors have already baptized it) were published in the secular opposition newspaper Sozcu, from where they went viral on social networks, before the indignation of many users.

What is especially in the sights are the high costs of the building, in a period of great economic difficulties for the country, and a strong devaluation of the Turkish lira.

The criticisms reach the environmental impact of the structure, which extends over about 90,000 m2 (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The criticisms reach the environmental impact of the structure, which extends over about 90,000 m2 (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The criticisms reach the environmental impact of the structure, which extends over some 90.000 m2.

50,000 trees were cut down for its construction.  The aerial photo shows the before and after and deforestation (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

50,000 trees were cut down for its construction. The aerial photo shows the before and after and deforestation (twitter @ aykiricomtr).

The associations denounce the massive deforestation of a pristine natural area. According to the social democrat CHP, the first opposition force in parliament, the extension of the town (formerly the most modest summer residence of former president Turgut Ozal) would have cost the felling of 50,000 trees.

An indictment that echoes the devastation of the protected area of ​​the historic Ataturk protected forest to build the Ankara palace.

ANSA Agency.

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What information do diamonds contain about the origin of life – Science – Life

Diamonds ancient and volatile gases they contain have revealed that the chemical composition of the atmosphere Earth was adequate for the diversity of life at least 2.7 billion years ago, according to a study presented at the Goldschmidt International Conference on Geochemistry.

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A team of researchers Canadians and French used ancient diamonds – which look little like today’s – as if they were “a time capsule” to understand the conditions inside the Earth’s mantle and saw that the proportion of volatile gases they contained has changed little in the last 2,700 millions of years.

This shows that “one of the basic conditions necessary to sustain life, the presence of vital elements in sufficient quantity, appeared shortly after the formation of the Land and it has remained fairly constant since then, “the researchers say.

Volatiles, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, neon, and carbon-bearing species, are light chemical compounds and elements that can easily vaporize due to heat or pressure changes, but are also necessary for life.

These substances mostly spring from the interior of the planet and are brought to the surface through, for example, volcanic eruptions; so know when they arrived at the atmosphere it is key to understanding when the conditions for the origin and development of life were met.

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The team used the diamonds to know the conditions of the interior of the Earth’s mantle – which begins about 30 kilometers below the surface of the Earth – in the distant past.

Studying the current composition of the mantle is “relatively straightforward,” explained lead researcher Michael Broadley of the University of Lorraine (France), but it is not the same in the past, as the movement of tectonic plates has caused the destruction of the most of the samples.

Diamonds, however, “are comparatively indestructible, they are ideal time capsules,” he added. The team studied diamonds that were trapped in 2.7 billion-year-old rocks in Lake Superior in Canada. Thus it is known that they are at least as old as the rocks in which they are found, but they can probably be older, since it is difficult to date them.

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These diamonds are “incredibly rare and are not like the beautiful gems that we think of when we think of diamonds,” explained the expert, adding that they were heated to more than 2,000 degrees to transform them into graphite, which released small amounts of gas to your measurement “.

The team measured the isotopes of helium, neon, and argon and found that they were present in proportions similar to those found in the upper mantle today.

Broadley noted that it was a “surprising” result and that it means that the volatile-rich environment we see today is not a recent development: “Our work shows that these conditions were present at least 2.7 billion years ago, but diamonds that we use can be much older, so it is likely that they were given earlier. “


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After change of CEO, Glencore appoints new Chairman of the Board of Directors

(Agence Ecofin) – With this latest appointment at the head of the company, Glencore completes its reshuffle and is now moving forward in achieving its objectives. Reducing the carbon footprint and responsible management of coal mines are at the heart of the projects awaiting the new managers.

July is increasingly ringing as the month for change in Glencore’s organizational chart. After the new CEO Gary Nagle took office a few days ago, the Swiss commodities giant will have a new chairman at the head of the Board of Directors from July 30, we learned in a press release published on July the 5th.

The 64-year-old Briton Tony Hayward, who joined the company in 2011 and appointed chairman of the board in 2013, is leaving the head of the body. He will be replaced by Kalidas Madhavpeddi (photo), member of the board since February 2020. With a solid experience of more than 40 years in the international mining industry, the future president notably served as CEO of China Molybdenum for 10 years ( 2008-2018).

« I am looking forward to working with Kalidas. His decades of experience across the resource sector will be invaluable to Glencore as we focus on achieving our goals of sustainable shareholder return and achieving our ambition of total zero net emissions by here. 2050Gary Nagle commented.

Emiliano Tossou

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