Hamburg vaccination center busy at the weekend | – Nachrichten – Hamburg

Status: 06.03.2021 9:15 a.m.

In the Hamburg vaccination center, around 4,000 people from Hamburg are to be vaccinated every day this weekend. That is the highest utilization so far.

Starting next week, the first people with serious pre-existing illnesses in Hamburg should also receive an invitation to vaccinate. The vaccination of daycare workers is also starting. According to the social welfare authority, there is a great demand among the 27,000 or so people entitled to vaccinations.

Specialized practices invite cancer, lung and dialysis patients

What is new is that vaccinations will soon be available in 27 specialized practices. They are now inviting their cancer, lung and dialysis patients to be vaccinated by letter. How quickly appointments are made depends on how much vaccine there is from AstraZeneca, according to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. An announced batch had not recently been delivered.

Social authority: Vaccination entitlements are not withdrawn

In Hamburg, the active ingredients from Biontech and Moderna are currently reserved for people over 80. Probably next week, however, a new vaccination ordinance should also release the AstraZeneca active ingredient for older people. How this will affect the vaccination sequence in Hamburg is not yet clear. Vaccination entitlements are not withdrawn, so the social authority. Anyone who has already been called to vaccinate will continue to receive an appointment.

AUDIO: Many vaccinations planned (1 min)

Further information

A drop hangs from the tip of a needle.  Behind the word "vaccination".  © picture alliance / Friso Gentsch / dpa Photo: Friso Gentsch

Operation in the vaccination centers in the north is ongoing. Who’s turn when? How can you sign in? An overview. more

Vaccinated persons in the additional hall A2 in the Hamburg vaccination center.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Christian Charisius

With an appointment, but not yet entitled to a vaccination: Around 200 people who wanted to be vaccinated were recently sent home. more

A virus hovers in front of a crowd (photo montage) © panthermedia, fotolia Photo: Christian Müller

How is Hamburg doing with the corona pandemic? Here you will find the latest figures, news, videos and background information. more

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Usedom: drilling started for the Swinetunnel | – news

Status: 05.03.2021 4:22 p.m.

In Świnoujście, Poland, construction of the car tunnel under the Świnoujście has started. The structure should be ready by the end of 2022 and the first cars will roll through the Swinetunnel in 2023.

The tunnel boring machine started moving in the starting chamber on the Usedom side on Friday morning. “Our dream is a strong coastal region that not only forms a window to the world, but also integrates Poland and strengthens our development opportunities,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the start of the drill. The drill advances about six centimeters per minute. At the same time, concrete rings more than twelve meters wide are being laid – around five to six per day. In six months, when the machine has reached the side of the island of Wollin, there will be around 780 concrete rings that will then form the tunnel under the Swine.

Connection between Usedom and Wollin

Swinoujście (Świnoujście) is divided by the Swine, an arm of the Baltic Sea that runs between the islands of Usedom and Wollin and connects the Szczecin Lagoon with the sea. The tunnel is intended to connect the two islands and thus also the districts on them. So far, drivers and pedestrians still have to cross over by ferry. Overall, the tunnel will have a length of almost 1.8 kilometers, which, according to the city administration, will make it the longest structure of its kind in Poland.

Cars are expected to roll through the tunnel in 2023

Swinoujscie mayor Janusz Żmurkiewicz said at noon when the machine started that he was convinced that the tunnel would be ready by the end of next year and that Swinoujscie would then be permanently connected to the rest of the country. From 2023 – according to the plans – the cars will be able to roll through the tunnel. The project costs around 220 million euros. 85 percent of them come from the EU. The city of Swinoujscie pays the rest.

Is there a risk of traffic collapse?

After completion of the tunnel, experts expect increasing numbers of tourists on Usedom – but above all with more traffic. Truck drivers in particular could use the new route and aggravate the traffic situation in the region. There are already massive traffic problems on the island, especially during the main holiday season.

Further information

Construction site of the Swinetunnel in Swinoujscie © Matthes Klemme Photo: Matthes Klemme

The Swinetunnel is to be drilled with a drill from China. Now the machine has arrived in Swinoujscie. more

In Wolgast, cars are stuck in traffic on the route to Usedom.  © Tilo Wallrodt Photo: Tilo Wallrodt

Even more traffic could roll through the Swinetunnel via Usedom in the future. A bypass in Zirchow could therefore now be built with a special permit. more

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Golden Globes: Helena Zengel goes away empty-handed | – culture

Status: 01.03.2021 8:00 a.m.

The 78th Golden Globes were awarded in Los Angeles on Sunday evening. ARD correspondent Marcus Schuler followed the award ceremony. He reports on the winner “Nomadland” and the German nominees who came away empty-handed.

This year’s film prizes were awarded at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles on Monday night – albeit virtually due to the corona pandemic. Comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the ceremony from separate stages in California and New York. The German nominees came away empty-handed. The Golden Globe for best drama and best director went to Chloé Zhao and her road movie “Nomadland”. “Zhao, who was born in China, is only the second woman to receive the award for the best directorial drama,” emphasizes Marcus Schuler. Sacha Baron Cohen’s biting society satire “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” (“Borat Anschluss Moviefilm”) won the awards for best comedy with Cohen as best actor in a comedy.

No Golden Globe for Helena Zengel

There was no award for the twelve-year-old Helena Zengel from Berlin, who was nominated in the category “Best Supporting Actress” for the western “News from the World”. “Zengel succumbed to a visibly surprised Jodie Foster who was hanging around on the sofa in her pajamas at home. You could see little Helena’s disappointment,” reports Schuler. “That’s a shame and actually a blatantly wrong decision, I think.” 58-year-old Foster received the trophy for her supporting role in the political thriller “The Mauritian”.

Further information

Nora Fingscheidt’s film drama “Systemsprenger” about an extremely difficult child is an emotional roller coaster ride. Now the cinema drama has won the German Film Prize. more

“Unorthodox” comes out empty-handed

“Netflix has cleared away in the areas of film and television,” Schuler sums up. Four prizes went to the British royal family series “The Crown”. The best miniseries of the year also comes from Netflix: “The Queen’s Gambit”, in which Anya Taylor-Joy plays a chess genius and was awarded the Golden Globe for best actress in a miniseries. “‘Unorthodox’, the Netflix miniseries by director Maria Schrader, unfortunately went empty-handed,” said Schuler, both in the category of director and in the category of the main role, which is embodied in “Unorthodox” by Shira Haas.

Rosamund Pike best actress in a comedy

For another Netflix production – “I Care a Lot” – lead actress Rosamund Pike won the award for the best female lead in a comedy. For his role in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, leading actor Chadwick Boseman was posthumously awarded the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama six months after his death from cancer in August. His widow Taylor Simone Ledward tearfully accepted the Golden Globe. US actress and singer Andra Day (36) was named best drama actress for her impersonation of jazz singer Billie Holiday in “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”.

“Minari” best non-English language film

The twelve-year-old Helena Zengel is sitting on an armchair.  © picture alliance / dpa / magdalena hoefner photography Photo: Magdalena Höfner

AUDIO: Marcus Schuler reports from Los Angeles about the Golden Globes (4 min)

“Minari” by US director Lee Isaac Chung was named best non-English language film. In the mainly Korean-language family drama, Chung processes his own experiences as a child of South Korean immigrants in the rural US state of Arkansas. 90 international journalists who have been working in Hollywood for a long time decided on the awards from the Association of Foreign Press (HFPA) in 25 film and television categories. Because of non-transparent membership criteria and the appointment of exclusively white jurors, there had been harsh criticism of the association in advance.

The most important prices at a glance

  • Bestes Filmdrama – “Nomadland”
  • Best Comedy / Musical – “” Borat Subsequent Movie Film »
  • Best Regie – Chloé Zhao (“Nomadland”)
  • Best Actor, In Drama – Chadwick Boseman, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”
  • Beste Schauspielerin Filmdrama – Andra Day (“The United States vs. Billie Holiday”)
  • Best Actor, Comedy / Musical – Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm”)
  • Best Actress, Comedy / Musical – Rosamund Pike (“I Care a Lot”)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Daniel Kaluuya, “Judas and the Black Messiah”
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jodie Foster, “The Mauritanian”
  • Best Non-English Language Film – “Minari” (USA)

Further information

Two prizes of the Golden Globes in Los Angeles © Chris Pizzello / Invision / AP / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk

3 Min

The road movie by director Chloé Zhao won the “Best Film Drama” category. There was no award for the young German actress. 3 min

Actress Helena Zengel in the film "News of the World" © Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

A conversation with the ARD correspondent Katharina Wilhelm about the German chances of winning the Golden Globes 2021. more

Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel are in the Netflix film "News from the world" on a driver's seat © picture alliance / Everett Collection |  © Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

Helena Zengel’s appearance in “Systemsprenger” inspired many. Now she plays alongside Tom Hanks in “Neues aus der Welt”. more

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Corona case near Szeged: Flensburg game canceled, points for SG | – Sport

Status: 02/28/2021 7:48 p.m.

The handball players of SG Flensburg-Handewitt have to cope with another loss of play in the Champions League. The European association EHF canceled the game in Hungary due to a positive corona test in the Pick Szeged support team.

The game in Flensburg’s group A in Szeged should kick off on Sunday at 6 p.m. The SG had booked a charter plane to handle the outward and return journey on the match day. After the cancellation on Saturday evening, the flight was canceled in good time. According to the “polluter pays principle”, the European Handball Federation (EHF) rated the game as expected with 2-0 points and 10-0 goals for Flensburg.

Catch-up game in Kielce on Thursday

The game in Szeged has a longer corona history: at the end of October the game had already been postponed because Szeged complained about three corona cases. Next Thursday it should continue in the Champions League for the SG. Then the top game in Kielce is on.

Machulla on evaluation at the green table: “A scandal”

The Bundesliga leader had already lost four points on the green table in the “premier class”. The canceled games against Vardar Skopje and FC Porto were each rated with 0: 2 points and 0:10 goals against the SG. Both games had been canceled due to quarantine and entry regulations in Germany.

Further information

The ambitions of the top German handball clubs in the Champions League have been dampened at the green table. more

Those responsible in Flensburg had then sharply criticized. “I feel incredibly sorry for my players, who did a huge job. We have to accept decisions from officials in a completely powerless way,” said coach Maik Machulla, whose team was well on the way to winning Group A. “For me that is incomprehensible. Certainly a fair solution is difficult in view of the current situation, but to evaluate so differently is a scandal for me. We accepted the decision that everyone play the round of 16 without further ado. But the current one Decision like that is not acceptable for me. “

EHF requests a correction from Flensburg

The EHF representatives were sniffed at the public scolding from Flensburg. “The game rating as such, as it was communicated on February 26th, was neither ‘completely surprising’ nor is it true that these decisions were made without prior communication to the clubs,” said a statement. “The SG Flensburg-Handewitt association was asked to publicly correct the statements made by the association’s representatives,” the continental association said.

SG rows back a little

Flensburg did that too, at least a little. In fact, the EHF had informed the clubs involved before the press release, the SG admitted on Sunday. “Due to technical problems, this message did not reach the SG management,” said an official message in which the Bundesliga club also underpinned its criticism of the EHF: “Information for all Champions League clubs to vote about half an hour before Publication of the actual press release on February 26th should nevertheless be critically examined in this case. “

In addition, the association reserves the right to “take a critical look at one or the other decision made by the EHF. We admit that in this case there were several communication breakdowns not only on the part of the SG”, explained the Flensburg managing director Dierk Schmäschke.

Further information

The Handball Champions League Cup © picture-alliance / Sven Simon

Results and table of the Champions League handball group A 2020/2021 with SG Flensburg-Handewitt. more

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Hansa Rostock climbs to promotion rank two | – Sport

Status: 02/27/2021 3:53 p.m.

Third division soccer team Hansa Rostock underpinned its ambitions for promotion on Saturday with a 2: 1 (1: 1) win at Viktoria Köln. The North Germans remained unbeaten for the eighth time in a row.

by Johannes Freytag

The reward for the series of successes: Rostock climbed to second place in the table. The lead over the third-placed Wiesbadeners, who have already played one more game, is one point. Ingolstadt in fourth place has as many games as Hansa and one point less.

The prospects for the team of coach Jens Härtel to consolidate the promotion place are good. The next three opponents come from the table cellar: On Wednesday it goes to the bottom of the table VfB Lübeck, on March 6th the table 15 will be a guest. Kaiserslautern in the Ostseestadion and on March 9th, Hansa will compete at KFC Uerdingen, who is in 16th place.

Riedel plays Kolke – 0: 1

The game in Cologne began for Rostock with a goal from the brand “Kacktor”: In an attack that had already been clarified, Hansa goalkeeper Markus Kolke’s “Leo” call could be heard clearly, but instead of letting his keeper take the ball, Julian stepped Riedel passed the play equipment past the perplexed Kolke towards his own goal, Cologne’s Marcel Risse ran there and pushed the hosts in to make it 1-0 (6th).

Hansa think about Rothers compensation

But the Hanseatic League had the right answer ready: Björn Rother slammed a sharp cross from Nico Neidhart into the short corner – Cologne goalkeeper Sebastian Mielitz didn’t look good (13th). Ten minutes later, John Verhoek hit the post out of the crowd.

VIDEO: Viktoria Köln – Hansa Rostock: The highlights (2 min)

Hansa now had the game under control, played patiently forward and, after Riedel’s buck from the initial phase, did not allow any more dangerous situations in his own penalty area. Philip Türpitz (40th) and Verhoek (45th) gave away further opportunities.

“Golden Hand” from trainer Härtel

Even after the restart, the North Germans continued to dominate the game. Bentley Baxter Bahn’s shot held Mielitz easily (48th), a tight free kick from Türpitz flew just over the Viktoria case (50th).

The action took place almost exclusively in the Cologne half, in phases like handball: the Rostockers passed the ball back and forth in front of the hosts’ penalty area. And so the goal was only a matter of time – and the result of a good personnel decision by coach Härtel: Aaron Herzog served Pascal Breier, who had just been substituted, and made it 2-1 (73rd).

Further information

Hansa fans are in each other's arms.

The Hanseatic city of Rostock wants to become a model region for corona easing – football games and theater performances are part of the concept. more

A little later Breier had the 3-1 on the foot, but Mielitz parried (74th). Herzog also failed at the Cologne keeper (78th). The inability to exploit the chances almost took revenge, but Cologne’s Michael Schultz drove the ball just over the goal in stoppage time. So the Rostock victory was happy in the end, but well deserved overall.

Matchday 26, 02/27/2021 2:00 p.m.

Viktoria Cologne


Hansa Rostock



Viktoria Cologne:
Mielitz – Koronkiewicz, Mi. Schultz, Rossmann, Handle – Lorch (76th Kyere), Klefisch (89th Hajrovic) – Holzweiler (82nd Holthaus), Klingenburg, Risse – Cueto

Hansa Rostock:
Kolke – Neidhart, Riedel, Löhmannsröben (84th Sonnenberg), Scherff – Rother (37th Duke), Rhine (84th Roßbach) – Omladic (64th Swede), BB Bahn, Türpitz (64th Breier) – Verhoek


More data about the game

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HSV embarrassed themselves at the bottom of Würzburger Kickers | – Sport

Status: 02/21/2021 4:05 p.m.

Hamburger SV has embarrassed itself to the bone at the bottom of the second division, Würzburger Kickers. After the 2: 3 (0: 2) bankruptcy, the Hanseatic League threatens to lose the championship lead.

by Hanno Bode

The north rival Holstein Kiel on Monday evening in the game at SpVgg Greuther Fürth is enough to displace the Hanseatic League from the place in the sun. How HSV, who had previously been unbeaten eleven times in a row, got there was not apparent on Sunday afternoon. In any case, the performance of the six-time German soccer champions against the Mainfranken did not meet any higher demands. In this condition, the North Germans would probably be a point supplier in the Bundesliga, as is currently FC Schalke 04.

“That wasn’t enough of us in the first 70 minutes. Sometimes there are days when things don’t go that well,” HSV captain Tim Leibold said to NDR: “We made it easy for the Würzburgers, we weren’t aggressive in the duels.” Coach Daniel Thioune was also served. “That is not our expectation, as we presented ourselves here today. It hurts,” said the 46-year-old.

AUDIO: HSV captain Leibold: “Made it easy for Würzburg” (2 min)

Thioune-Elf with no structure in play

The Hanseatic League had a déjà vu in the stadium at Dallenberg. As in the first round duel with the promoted team (3: 1), they weren’t able to put their stamp on the game in the first section despite their individual superiority. The aggressive but not unfair duel behavior of Bayern as well as their high start was not to the gusto of the promotion candidate. And if HSV had once overplayed the home side’s first line of defense, it then acted too imprecisely. The guests didn’t develop a single chance in the first 45 minutes from the game. Top striker Simon Terodde was a phantom before half-time.

Still, not much was missing, and Hamburg would have taken the lead: Sonny Kittel failed with a free kick from 25 meters from the post (10th). The favorite couldn’t offer anything more than this standard.

Further information

Soccer table © Panthermedia, screenshot / NDR photo: Tobias Eble

Results, table standings and game days at a glance. more

Gyamerah stretches before 0: 1 Heyer to the ground

But the Thioune-Elf showed many shortcomings not only in the forward movement. The work against the ball also left a lot to be desired. Right-back Jan Gyamerah met his teammate Moritz Heyer while trying to clear the ball in midfield. The latter went down, Martin Hasek, who was standing next to him, grabbed the play equipment, ran a few meters and then defeated keeper Sven Ulreich with a low shot (19th). The closure of the Würzburg winter access did not seem entirely untenable. The fact that Hamburg’s goalkeeper had almost made an own goal shortly before after a back pass from Gideon Jung (11th) was somehow symbolic of the erratic performance of the North Germans.

HSV offensive harmless, defensive desolate

What was also questionable: After the 0: 1, the HSV showed no reaction worth mentioning until the break. On the contrary, his performance got even worse. Against passionate fighting and running kickers, the Thioune team has now completely bought the guts. And the defense continued to apply for a lot – for example the free swimmer – but not for more minutes in the upcoming matches. It was at least astonishing how indifferent the guests let the ball slip through their rows after a corner kick that was initially blocked. He finally landed at Douglas Franco Teixeira, who defeated Ulreich with a tight right-footed shot (30th) – the half-time result.

Hamburg's trainer Daniel Thioune © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Timm Schamberger / dpa

AUDIO: HSV coach Thjoner: “Das tut schon weh” (3 min)

Leibold’s bad pass destroys almost all hope

At halftime, Thioune took Khaled Narey (tried, but completely ineffective) and Aaron Hunt (primarily because of their position loyalty) from the field and switched to Manuel Wintzheimer and Jeremy Dudziak for the second round. The first Hamburg actions after the restart were also a little bit better than before. But nothing more. Because after two good attacks, Leibold destroyed the tender plant hope of a turnaround by carelessly losing the ball. The Kickers switched vigorously and brought Patrick Sontheimer into position, who scored 3-0 with a left-footed shot (54th).

Dudziak and Wood meet – Onana is thrown off the field

With that, the drop on Dallenberg seemed to have been sucked. And somehow it was, although in the end “only” a 3: 2 for the Kickers on the scoreboard. Because HSV could not exert a longer period of pressure at any time despite his goals from Dudziak (72nd) and Bobby Wood (89th). The yellow-red card for Amadou Onana (90th) was the bitter end of an afternoon that left the neutral audience doubting the Hamburg’s ability to climb. Not with Leibold, however. “The last few weeks have been so strong of us. That doesn’t throw us off track,” said the left-back.

Matchday 22, February 21, 2021 1:30 p.m.

Wurzburger K.


Hamburger SV



  • 2:0
    Franco Teixeira (30.)

Würzburger K .:
Bonmann – Feltscher, Franco Teixeira, Strohdiek, Feick – Hägele – Sontheimer (90. + 1 L. Dietz), Hasek – Lotric (79. Kopacz) – Pieringer (86. van La Parra), Munsy (79. Baumann)

Hamburger SV:
Ulreich – Gyamerah (81st Vagnoman), G. Jung, Heyer – Narey (46th Dudziak), Onana, Hunt (46th Wintzheimer), Leibold – Kinsombi (82nd Wood), Kittel (69th Heil) – Terodde


More data about the game

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Sports club | 02/21/2021 | 11:00 p.m.

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How to treat pubic bone pain properly | – guide

Status: 02/18/2021 10:54 a.m.

Pain in the pubic bone can result from overloading the connective tissue, for example during exercise or during pregnancy. How do you treat the complaints?

The pubic symphysis (symphysis) is a disc-like connection between the bony halves of the pelvis. It sits in the center of the lower pelvis and stabilizes the entire hip region. Anyone who overloads the firm connective tissue, for example during sports, risks damaging the pubic bone. This results in fine micro-cracks that no longer heal with constant stress.

Causes of painful pubic bone

The cause can be a fall or an injury – especially common among athletes in sports such as soccer, hockey, and horse riding. In women, the pubic symphysis can cause problems during pregnancy: Like the sacroiliac joints between the intestine and sacrum, it loosens to make room for the birth.

Symptoms of pubic irritation

The pain often occurs first in the groin region, but it can spread widely: to the genital area and the perineal region, to the thighs, hips and lower back. Typical are:

  • Pain radiating outward from the pubic symphysis, especially when standing on one leg
  • burning or stabbing groin pain
  • often unilateral pain at the adductor attachment of the pubic symphysis
  • Increase in pain when running or abrupt exercise such as shooting a ball, braking, starting, changing direction and lying on the affected side
  • Pain triggered by simply walking, climbing stairs, coughing or sneezing
  • Pain relief at rest
  • Snapping sensation on the pubic-hip level when sitting down, lying down or when walking on uneven ground
  • Feeling weak and having difficulty walking

However, the pain at the beginning is often so unspecific that the cause is often suspected in other regions, for example in the spine. In addition, most doctors hesitate to palpate the sensitive region. It usually takes months for the correct diagnosis to be made. The doctor can objectively examine pain on pressure over the upper pubic branch, pain over one or both sacroiliac joints and sciatica-like pain.

Diagnosis by pressure test and magnetic resonance tomography

With a few tests, the doctor can track down a disease of the pubic bone.

  • To do this, he checks the Hip mobility, has the person hop on one leg and clench their fists with their knees.
  • The so-called direct Symphysis pressure test the pain can be triggered by pressing the pubic branches sideways with the fingertips.
  • That plays an increasingly important role Magnetic resonance imagingwhich also represents changes in the non-bony structures and can show the cause.

Save irritated pubic bone

Those affected should do small sports units slowly and carefully at first, otherwise there is a risk of renewed symptoms.

If microcracks appear in the pubic symphysis, the most important measure is protection. Movements such as climbing stairs and lifting heavy loads are particularly stressful for the pubic symphysis. Those affected should also avoid sitting cross-legged and taking big steps. A pillow between the legs while sleeping on the side takes pressure off the pubic symphysis. For two weeks to three months, strenuous sport is taboo.

Manual therapy and physiotherapy

Manual therapy can relieve pain and muscle tension and help stabilize the pelvis. As soon as the symptoms subside, those affected can work specifically on their core muscles and posture to prevent the symptoms from recurring. Because affected athletes often neglect the balance between muscle strengthening and stretching. Helpful are:

  • Improve neuromuscular coordination
  • Strengthening of the pelvic girdle muscles
  • Strengthening of demonstrably weakened muscle groups
  • Swimming while avoiding the adductor strain when swimming the breaststroke

Operation is the exception

In rare exceptional cases or when conservative therapy fails, surgical therapy can help. However, the rapid improvement in symptoms is often associated with long-term reduced pelvic stability.

Healing can take six to twelve months

Often there is spontaneous healing and the symptoms disappear within six to twelve months. But only every second athlete is fully resilient after a year. Only when the pain has disappeared may physical activity be gradually resumed. If the symptoms return, the athlete must reduce the intensity and the scope of his training. Important:

  • Adjust training and do daily exercises to maintain flexibility of the pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joints
  • wear appropriate equipment and shoes
  • Recognize symptoms in good time so that training can be adapted quickly

Further information

A woman is holding her lower back.  © colourbox

Lower back pain is common. Often a blocked or inflamed sacroiliac joint is the cause. Manual therapy can help with ISG syndrome. more

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HSV Hamburg brings handball national goalkeeper Bitter home | – Sport

Status: 02/15/2021 3:05 p.m.

Johannes Bitter returns to HSV Hamburg for the next season. On Monday, the second division handball team announced the transfer coup and officially presented the national goalkeeper. For the 38-year-old, returning to the Elbe is an affair of the heart.

“I’m really happy to be back here. Everyone knows how attached I am to Hamburg,” said Bitter, who is currently under contract with Bundesliga club TBV Stuttgart. The veteran signed a league-independent contract with the Hanseatic League until 2026. “As a player”, as managing director Sebastian Frecke emphasized with a laugh.

Nevertheless, Bitter should on Sunday guest at the NDR Sportclub will also take on internal tasks within the association for the next five years. It should help “to further develop the economic sector and to expand the networks”, said Club President Marc Evermann. But there are no precise plans yet.

“This handball location needs to be in the spotlight again.”
Johannes Bitter

Bitter will probably make his HSV comeback in the Bundesliga. The Hanseatic League currently leads the second division and has good prospects of making the leap into the upper house. “This is a team that works extremely well,” said Bitter. However, he made it clear that the First League was not an obligation when he accepted. “Something new is emerging here, something good,” said the top goalkeeper. “Personally, it doesn’t really matter to me whether someone knocks on the gate again in a year, three or five years.” Bitter wants to be part of the Hamburg handball spirit of optimism and should lead the young, inexperienced team. “I see that as a great challenge that I enjoy.”

Bitter has not yet thought about continuing his national team career. “The qualification is due in March. It would be great to play at the Olympics again.” Everything else would have to be decided later.

After HSV bankruptcy to Stuttgart

The 38-year-old had already played in the Hanseatic city from 2007 to 2016. After the insolvency of the old HSV Hamburg, the 2007 world champion joined the Stuttgart team, for whom he had been active in the Bundesliga for the past five years.

FC Barcelona offer rejected

The return campaign is a coup for HSV, as Bitter also had an offer from the Spanish top club FC Barcelona on the table. The goalkeeper could have earned a lot more there than at his ex-club. However, the private circumstances also spoke in favor of returning to the Elbe. Bitter’s family still lives in Hamburg and his company for dietary supplements is based in Tangstedt.

Schwalb also returns

In terms of sport, the veteran also meets old companions at HSV Hamburg. With the current HSV trainer Torsten Jansen, Bitter not only won World Cup gold together. The two triumphed with Hamburg in 2010 in the DHB Cup, won the German championship in 2011 and the Champions League in 2013. The coach was Martin Schwalb, who is currently in charge of the Bundesliga team Rhein-Neckar Löwen. The HSVH vice president will give up his coaching job in Mannheim after the season and will return to the Hanseatic team as head of sport from the summer.

VIDEO: HSV returnees bitter: “I’m happy that it worked” (7 min)

Further information

Cheers among the HSV handball players © imago images / Beautiful Sports Photo: Schlikis

The Hamburger lead the second league sovereign. Martin Schwalb returns as head of sport (02/10/21) more

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Sport current | 02/15/2021 | 10:25 am

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Buxtehuder SV extends with Prior and Heldmann |

Status: 02/24/2021 11:56 am

With a view to the coming season, handball Bundesliga team Buxtehuder SV has tied two more players. The club extended the contracts of Paula Prior and Johanna Heldmann until mid-2022. “I’m looking forward to seeing how we will develop as a young team in the next year. I would like to do my part and I appreciate it, at least one more Year to play handball at the level, “said Prior in a club release. | 02/24/2021 13:54


“News from the world”: Western with Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel | – Culture – Film

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The film “News from the World” has been on Netflix since February 10th. Helena Zengel, who is nominated for best supporting actress at the Golden Globes, plays alongside Tom Hanks.

by Hartwig Tegeler

Far from the cities: Captain Kyle Kidd, played by Tom Hanks, reads newspaper reports to people. It moves across the country – one of many Western topoi, one of many bows to the genre.

One day, Captain Kidd finds a girl kidnapped by Indians. Your family was murdered. She lived with the Kiowa, became an Indian, then soldiers slaughtered Johanna’s new family. The twelve-year-old girl is played by Helena Zengel with a fascinating mixture of survival and tenderness. The Berliner had her breakthrough in 2019 with the film “Systemsprenger” for which she received the German Film Award for best leading actress. For her role in “News from the World” she has now been nominated for a Golden Globe for best supporting actress.

With “News from the World”, Paul Greengrass creates complex westerns

“News from the world” is the story of a journey through a country marked by violence after the devastating civil war, populated with robbers or human traffickers. Paul Greengrass’ Western is set in Texas, one of the defeated southern states, now virtually occupied by the Northern Army.

This United States is by no means united. The deep rift through the country, its divisions become tangible. With this aspect alone, Paul Greengrass’ Western proves that the genre, as always, has the power to tell of the past and what affects the present, and thus to lay fingers on open wounds.

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“News from the world”: a story about two homeless people

“News from the world” is a story about two homeless people: the girl who tries to return to the world of whites as an Indian, and the former soldier who lost all hope in the future.

At the same time, director Paul Greengrass allows his homeless characters a release from their trauma, the chance to return to life. The last newspaper report that Captain Kidd reads in front of an audience is the story of a resurrection. A man appeared dead but returned to life after vehemently voicing his existence to the wedding party at the church.

Bigger than life – on what will hopefully be a big screen

Like Captain Kidd standing in front of the shocked and moved audience, we see the sound woman Johanna, who laughs and gives the sound in this live radio play in Western times. In this way, “News from the World” becomes a song of praise for the reconciling power of stories and thus for cinematic narration. The premise of the little girl is to be followed. Because while Captain Kidd always talks about stubbornly looking forward, Johanna makes it clear that in order to look ahead, you have to remember first.

The end that this great film treats us to is filled with the liberating laugh of Helena Zengel as Johanna, which makes the film image bigger than life: bigger than life – on a hopefully big screen.

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News from the world

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