“Deep Nostalgia”: Learn how to give movement to old photos

Screenshot of one of the examples used by Deep Nostalgia.

As much as a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can often give more connection to the event than static photography. It is something that MyHeritage is well aware of in its new tool called “Deep Nostalgia”. It is an artificial intelligence that converts photographs of the past into video in an incredible way to move the user through nostalgia.

The tool, as we see in Genbeta, offers a similar result to Apple’s Live Photos. That is, it shows short videos of several seconds prior to the photograph taken. In this case, the video is actually generated by artificial intelligence and it is not exactly what happened, but of course its realism is amazing.

The idea behind it? Recreate the moments before the photograph was taken, when the protagonists of the photograph prepare to pose. To do this, artificial intelligence makes the subjects of the photograph blink, look at different places, move their heads and smile.

According to MyHeritage, the process is completely automated. Once the photographs are uploaded to the tool’s website, it analyzes them to understand the orientation of the subject, the depth of the image and the main elements and points of the face. Then choose one of the previously prepared guide videos of real people posing and apply the movements to the image.

The results that MyHeritage shows are without a doubt surprising, disturbing and realistic at the same time. It incredibly maintains the style of the photography and does not distort the elements. Your only two time limits are that you can only animate the head and one person per photo.

How to Animate Old Photos with Deep Nostalgia

The new MyHeritage tool, although part of their services, offers a free version. In the free version it is possible to animate a total of five free photos. To animate more photos, you will have to pay a subscription to the service. MyHeritage’s requirement to use Deep Nostalgia is to sign up for a free account.

To do this, we simply have to go to the MyHeritage website and upload a photograph to the service. The web app will automatically analyze the image and return a video with the person’s face animated. It is preferable to upload old black and white photos, which is what the AI ​​has been trained to do.

“Resuscitating” people from the past through deepfakes is not something entirely new, we actually saw it recently in a Cruzcampo campaign with Lola Flores. In the film industry, in fact, it is already common. Some even use it to speak in different languages.

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The first photos with Baby Daisy Dove

Katy Perry is enjoying her break in Hawaii. She became a mom for the first time in August 2020. Just six weeks after the birth, the singer was back on American TV – as a juror on “American Idol”. However, like so many other prominent mothers, she did not “train away” the baby pounds. Katy Perry is very relaxed about that. After Daisy Dove gave birth, she had already shared the unclouded after-baby body truth with her fans.

Katy Perry also takes it easy in Hawaii. With “Mama” cap and his sports dress, she pushes her little Daisy Dove in front of her in a very relaxed manner in the stroller, as seen in the video above.


The first photos with Baby Daisy Dove

Katy Perry is a casual celebrity mom

So far, megastar Katy Perry has not shown her first baby in public. The singer is currently on vacation with friends and partner Orlando Bloom (44) in Hawaii. Of course, the youngsters are there too. And Katy really is a very casual celebrity mom. The 36-year-old has absolutely no stress with the baby pounds. During the break, Mama Katy presented herself in a bathing suit – and now there are also the first photos with Baby Daisy Dove (6 months). We show the pictures of the relaxed mom-daughter walk in Hawaii in the video

Katy Perry loves her baby pounds

Katy Perry also takes it easy in Hawaii. With “Mama” cap and his sports dress, she pushes her little Daisy Dove in front of her in a very relaxed manner in the stroller, as can be seen in the video above.

The Truth About Women’s Bodies After Childbirth


Donald Trump’s security advisor: Secret agreements with Erdoǧan

The Turkish state bank is threatened with litigation in the USA. President Erdoǧan wanted to prevent this and therefore apparently turned to the then US President Donald Trump.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoǧan has tried several times to get his former US counterpart Donald Trump to end the investigations against the Turkish state bank Halkbank. That said Trump’s former security advisor John Bolton the “Spiegel”. Erdoǧan raised the subject of “Halkbank” in almost every conversation with Trump.

The US judiciary suspects Halkbank of helping the Iranian regime evade sanctions on a large scale. The trial against the bank is due to begin in New York in the coming weeks. According to observers, if convicted, Halkbank could face a fine of up to $ 20 billion in the worst case or expulsion from the international banking system Swift.

“I’ll take care of it,” Trump is said to have said

In earlier proceedings, a key witness testified that Erdoǧan himself was involved in the alleged breach of sanctions. US officials believe that this was one of the main reasons why Erdoǧan wanted to prevent Halkbank from being tried at all costs.

On the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires in December 2018, Erdoǧan presented his American counterpart with a memo from the law firm King & Spalding, which works for Halkbank. Trump flipped through the pages without actually reading them, reports Bolton. Nevertheless, he assured Erdoǧan that he believed in the innocence of Halkbank. “I’ll take care of it,” Trump is said to have said, according to Bolton.

Erdoǧan: “We are close to a solution”

In April 2019, former US President Erdoǧan allegedly let it be known that he had personally entrusted then Attorney General William Barr and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin with the matter. “We are very close to a solution,” he is said to have promised Erdoǧan on the phone shortly beforehand.

Ex-Attorney General Barr put pressure on the New York prosecutor Geoffrey Berman. He should refrain from bringing charges against Halkbank. This was reported by people who are familiar with the process. Berman apparently refused. Neither Erdoǧan nor Barr could be reached for comment. Halkbank did not want to comment because of the ongoing proceedings.

The exchange between the two statesmen ultimately damaged Halkbank, says Bolton. The bank relied so much on Trump to bury the proceedings that it did not compromise with the US authorities. The New York trial could just be the beginning of a series of proceedings against Halkbank. “We heard a lot about possible corruption in connection with Halkbank,” says Bolton. “If Halkbank deals with the laws of other countries as it does with our Iran sanctions, it could face further proceedings.”


After showing a fictional bonus .. I found my dog ​​“Lady Gaga” – News Now

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Nagihan “Nagi” Karram and Anita Omoregie face the wobbly duel

Who doesn’t need to unpack their suitcase at DSDS?

The hot phase is now beginning at DSDS 2021. After the auditions and the first rounds of recall in Germany, 27 candidates are still in the running for the title “Superstar 2021”! They all traveled to Mykonos for the international recall. For some of them, however, the dream could still burst before the recall on the island has even started. Among them are Nagihan “Nagi” Karram and Anita Omoregie. Her appearance in front of Dieter Bohlen, who for once is accompanied by his Carina in front of the camera and for once has to make the decision without the rest of the jury, can be seen here exclusively in advance in the video.

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Why her fame doesn’t go to her head

Stand in front of the camera with Tom Hanks! For many actors, this wish will forever remain a dream. Not so with Helena Zengel. The student, who has been on a wave of success since her role in Nora Fingscheidt’s “Systemsprenger”, didn’t even know the Hollywood star before she worked with him. Nonetheless, it is also a great honor for her to be able to play at his side in “Neues aus der Welt”. And how does she find Tom? “Funny, sensitive, gentleman, adventurous and incredibly nice! And this personality, he’s just so funny. It’s really unbelievable, “enthuses Helena in the RTL conversation.

Even today, more than a year after the shooting, she is still in close contact with Tom. “We write each other emails, SMS – the Americans usually don’t have WhatsApp – and we also make calls every week, mostly via Skype. He’s like an uncle to me, ”she reveals in an interview with the dpa news agency. The student started acting at an early age. Already at the age of nine she was in front of the camera for Nora Fingscheidt’s “Systemsprenger” about an angry and traumatized girl and won a German film award for best leading actress in 2019.

On February 28th, Helena has the chance to win another award. In a series with Jodie Foster, Glenn Close and Olivia Coleman, she was nominated for Best Actress for a Golden Globe, the most important post-Oscar film award.


Daisy Dove’s first word is said to be “Dad”

Orlando works hard on Daisy’s first word

Orlando Blooms (44) and Katy Perry’s (36) daughter Daisy Dove is now six months old. The little one’s father can’t wait for her to utter the famous first word – and has developed his own method to influence the choice of the word. “I sing to her every day and I use every possible song that contains the word ‘Dad’. This should be her first!”, Orlando Bloom told the Daily Mail on the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show which will be broadcast on Friday evening.

Video: Katy Perry shows up in a bathing suit 6 months after Daisy’s birth

Orlando really thrives in his double daddy role

Turbulent love with a happy ending


Daisy Dove’s first word is said to be “Dad”

Orlando Blooms (44) and Katy Perry’s (36) daughter Daisy Dove is now six months old. The little one’s father can’t wait for her to utter the famous first word – and has developed his own method to influence the choice of the word. “I sing to her every day and I use every song I can think of that contains the word ‘Dad’. This should definitely be her first! “, Says Orlando Bloom according to the” Daily Mail “in the latest episode of the” Graham Norton Show “, which airs on Friday evening.