Just dad is going out to deal with people trying to ban tiktok…

just dad is going out to deal with people trying to ban tiktok #tiktokban #dad #savetiktok #dadsoftiktok #martialarts #foryou #fyp


just dad heading out to deal with the people trying to ban tiktok #tiktokban #dad #savetiktok #dadsoftiktok #martialarts #foryou #fyp


five gift options to play on PC and consoles

Father’s Day always raises the same question: what to give dad to get out of the usual gifts? With the growth of gaming during this last year and the recognition of an increasingly common recreational activity, the market for video games, consoles, computers, laptops and peripherals grew a lot.

Happens that keyboard, mouse and headphones They end up being the most interesting since they are not only supported on computers, but the two main consoles on the market have support for them: Playstation and Xbox. And having good equipment changes the gaming experience.

The interesting thing is that video games were moved for all audiences: for those who have time and those who don’t, which makes it an interesting gift for “adult life”.

For example, the Xbox Game Pass service, which works on both console and PC, opens to a library of more than 100 games to play with paying a monthly amount, as if it were Netflix.

Due to the benefits of a laptop or a PC, which allows not only to play but also to work comfortably (“gamer” computers are usually very powerful at the performance level, which makes day-to-day work more agile), We are going to recommend here a product for each category, but it is worth clarifying that they also work on Xbox and Playstation consoles.

It is worth clarifying: the prices are, for the most part, quite high. But it happens that sometimes it ends up being better to invest a few pesos in a higher quality product, especially since there are usually convenient options like installment financing.

Headphones: Cloud HyperX II

Gamer gifts for father’s day.

The Hyperx family of peripherals handles unbeatable quality: solid components, durability and comfort. “The HyperX Cloud II headphones feature a new audio control design on a USB sound card that amplifies sound and speech to provide a optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience, which allows you to hear everything “, they explain from the brand.

The comfortable thing is that it comes with independent volume control and Virtual Surround Sound option 7.1, which for competitive games can be a bit annoying, but for single player games or even movies it provides a tremendously immersive experience.

The built-in microphone has sound and echo cancellation and it can be equalized via the USB input. As they have 3.5 mm input, they are also compatible with Nintendo Switch.

It is one of the most expensive gifts, since the category of headphones is quite complex. It is obtained in Mercado Libre for $ 9,999.

Mouse: Redragon Cobra FPS

Gamer gifts for father's day.

Gamer gifts for father’s day.

The Cobra FPS is a gaming mouse with 8 software programmable buttons and up to 5 different profiles for change the type of game.

It is equipped with LK optical switches that give it faster and good durability: up to 50 million clicks (10 times more than others in its category).

“Its optical sensor is the Pixart 3360, the most chosen in competitive gaming for its precision and speed”, Explaining from the company.

It comes with a screened cable and, of course, RGB.

It is achieved by $3.159 in Mercado Libre, depending on the provider.

Keyboard: VSG

Gamer gifts for father's day.

Gamer gifts for father’s day.

Mechanical keyboards are a “one-way”: it is very difficult to go back to a membrane keyboard, even to work, once this type of switch is tried.

VSG have very competitive prices in Argentina and in this case the model Quasar It is a good option that does not reach 6 thousand pesos in some Free Market offers.

“More than 20 lighting effects, hot swap technology to exchange switches, 1.8 meter long braided USB cable and gold-plated connector, new construction and extra elements inside the package, such as switch remover, keycap remover and 10 additional Outemu switches to complete the experience ”, they explain from VSG.

Costs about 5.391 pesos.

The joystick: Xbox, unbeatable on PC

Gamer gifts for father's day.

Gamer gifts for father’s day.

Strategy and first-person games are generally played with a keyboard and mouse. But for third-person and mainstream games they are usually played with control.

The Xbox is, without a doubt, one of the most comfortable on the market. Due to its robustness, the quality of its components and its ergonomics, it is still the most chosen option for gaming on PC.

For the price and the similarities they have, it is advisable to buy the last generation, Xbox Series XS and not the Xbox One, although they present few differences in design.

If you want to play on PS4, the option is Dualshock 4, which costs about 10,000 pesos.

Dualshock 4, the historical control of PS4.  Photo Sony

Dualshock 4, the historical control of PS4. Photo Sony

The Xbox one is also expensive, but it is worth investing in one like these before the cheaper options, with lower quality components. About 11 thousand pesos on ecommerce sites and up to 6 fees.

Game Pass

Gamer gifts for father's day.

Gamer gifts for father’s day.

Among so many gifts of thousands of pesos, this is a salvation: Xbox Game Pass, available on PC, costs 599 per month in its cheapest version.

Microsoft’s idea revolutionized the video game market, as the custom has always been to buy one game at a time. Gamepass is a Netflix-style subscription which opens the door to a library of more than 100 games and immediate access to premieres.

Additionally, Microsoft demonstrated at this E3 that some games like Starfield Y Halo Infinite will be exclusive to your property, with what the offer becomes more interesting.

The game offer is very varied, from long single player adventures to competitive games with shorter sessions.

Ideal for the father who does not have much time to dedicate to this hobby but wants to break the habit to relax.

As a clarification, it is the only gift that no It works on Playstation, since it is a Microsoft service, Sony’s competition in gaming.

Cost 599 pesos per month in its most basic version and 899 in the most premium, with a more refined library (Games With Gold).



The perfect gift for an off-road dad

Brand Studio para Kioshi

The Father’s day It is very close and this year it falls back into a stage of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Surely many families cannot reunite, but choose send a gift to make a mime and say present, even from a distance.

The question is:what should be given in this particular context?

Sneakers, a great option

Indeed, these unmissable garments not only encourage sportsmanship, but they are also super comfortable and suitable for going through our daily routines. Currently there are many options to consider, but those that are designed to carry out activities of trekking or hiking.

Why? Because they have dual functionality: they come with urban designs, so they are perfect for the daily routine, and they also have a system that allows them to be used to go out into nature and live the adventure.

The model Tuesdayfrom Kioshi Footwear is the perfect example. With a rubber sole, it presents a great adhesion to wet surfaces, which implies that the risk of falls is minimized.

This is possible because the tread is specially designed to improve traction and grip on steep and winding surfaces. This shoe provides a great cushioning on uneven terrain without compromising tread stability. Balance is further assured with a comfortable ankle fit and a reinforced and padded heel that provides superior comfort.

In addition, this shoe has micro-perforated toe cap, which allows the foot to always be cool and comfortable. Both the front and the sides included reinforcements to enhance the durabilityeven on demanding hikes. In short, they are designed to withstand heavy use in harsh conditions.

The Torek model and its dual functionality: daily use and outdoor walks.

Rediscovering nature

Such a gift is ideal for outdoor lovers, which perhaps have green spaces nearby and can make a getaway to make the most of contact with nature. But it is also very good for those who they don’t have such built-in habits and they plan a change of life. The benefits of training outdoors, and especially with the right equipment, are many.

In itself, a walk is beneficial for the body. If it is practiced in nature, the effect is enhanced. Outdoor activity allows improvements in breathing, the heart and the immune system.

It is also proven that long walks along trails can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, they give a greater sense of satisfaction and increase the propensity to perform more physical exercise.

All about trekking

Aerobic work, such as trekking, stimulates the body to produce more red blood cells, and this increases oxygen in the muscles, which mimproves physical performance. Meanwhile, hiking helps control blood pressure, lowers heart rate and cholesterol.

It also collaborates in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and overweight, diabetes and osteoporosis. These benefits also reach the youngest, since the walks reinforce their natural defense system and sharpen the thermoregulation capacity, something that is especially positive at this time of year with low temperatures, since it prevents the typical diseases of the cold months .

The Torek, designed by Kioshi Footwear, offer superior comfort not only for the demands of the mountain but also for the urban environment. They are designed to live all kinds of adventures, anywhere: urban but with an outdoor spirit. They are the all-terrain of the shoes and that is why they are perfect for an all-terrain dad.

It is important to have the correct equipment to minimize the risk of injury. Torek shoes are essential, but you also have to take other things into account.

It is recommended to use rcomfortable opa and suitable coatas the weather can change quickly. It is also necessary to carry a ergonomic backpack with provisions, hydrating drinks and first aid kit.

If the plan is to transit difficult terrain, it is important to consider the use of support poles, that help to maintain a correct posture. There are some that are very practical since they can be shortened and placed in the backpack when not in use.

Of course, it is key to use a safe footwear, specially designed for the activity, which offers secure foot support.

During this Father’s month, Torek sneakers and other men’s models have 15% discount (in addition to 6 installments without interest). All of them are available in your online store: kioshifootwear.com.ar.


Was your father present? Mine was not and that’s why I’m so proactive for my daughter…

Was your father present? Mine was not and that’s why I am so active in my daughter’s life. #ACupgrade #parenting #lifehacks #dad #cheer


Was your dad present? Mine wasn’t and that’s why I’m so active in my daughter’s life. #ACupgrade #parenting #lifehacks #dad #cheer #fyp #love #girldad

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“I think my foot will never be the same again”

As the Welshman cooks burgers and sausages on the beach, he decides to move the disposable barbecues in order to keep them away from his children. But he forgets that the sand under the barbecues had heated up from the heat of the coal. This is where he walks on the hot sand …

Despite the pain, he manages to get his children home before going to the hospital using only his toes on the pedal. “On a scale of one to ten, I would say the pain was 25,” the father confesses to the Sun. “I have second, third and fourth degree burns all around the lower part of my foot. “

Doctors removed the thick blister that had formed on the sole of his foot, put on a bandage before sending him home with ibuprofen and paracetamol. He continued to suffer from excruciating pain because the drugs did not work.

Doctors told him that if he had gone directly to the specialist burn center, he could have had a skin graft for his fourth degree burn. Sure enough, the heat burned two layers of skin, forming a hole on the sole of her foot.

To recover, he will need to stay home for six to 12 weeks, with weekly appointments in the burns unit, before he can return to work or live normally. “Then I’m going to do physio to stretch my foot. I don’t think my foot will ever be the same again. “


Father and son beat and ax to death two robbers

The violent episode took place on the night of this Sunday, around 8:00 p.m., in a house located at kilometer 63 of Route 2, in the town of Ángel Etcheverry, La Plata district.

It all started when two armed criminals entered the house for theft and surprised a woman and her children, whom they threatened.

While one of the robbers beat and tried to tie the victims with seals, the other remained outside the property acting as a “bell.”

tvxn04cFVE3yr3M9 (1).mp4

A man and his son killed two robbers in La Plata.

It was under these circumstances that the owner of the property, a 48-year-old man, was immediately surprised and pointed a gun by the criminal outside, who under threats forced him to enter the house.

Once inside and when they were going to tie him up, the man managed to get away and attacked one of the assailants, a resistance to which one of his 20-year-old sons joined, who managed to get rid of the restraints.

Always according to the police account, the young man hit one of the assailants with a dumbbell on the head and left him lying dead on the ground.

After that, the father and son left the house in search of the second assailant, who they reached and attacked with an ax when he began to shoot at them with the weapon he was carrying.

The criminal managed to wound the 48-year-old man’s left leg with a shot, although he was finally hit with an ax in the abdomen area and died.


A man and his son killed two criminals in La Plata.

The rest of the family who were at the home managed to notify 911, and within a few minutes agents from the Patrol Command and members of the 15th police station were present at the scene. from the town of Olmos, together with a SAME ambulance, which transferred the family to the Alejandro Korn Hospital in Melchor Romero, where they received the corresponding care.

At the home, the police seized a 38 caliber revolver and a 9 millimeter pistol of the thieves and the ax and the dumbbell with which father and son attacked them.

The deceased have not yet been identified and that their bodies were taken to the morgue to be subjected to the rigorous autopsy.

The man who was shot, meanwhile, continued to be hospitalized and his recovery was awaited so that he and his son could testify about the event in court.

The fact, labeled for the moment as “Double homicide on the occasion of robbery”, He is being investigated by the La Plata prosecutor on duty, Ana Medina.


9-year-old boy runs away from home and goes to the police to report his father: “He abuses my stepsister”

Small but with great courage. A nine year old boy, ran away from home, reached a police station for report sexual abuse that the dad had committed on the step sister. Thanks to the child’s request for help, a teenager’s nightmare ended with the arrest of her mother and stepfather.

The story took place in Malaga, in Spain, and is told by the Diario Sur. The child, having left the house to go to school, he had instead gone to a police station to report various problems in the family. “I eat little and badly because I have to cook myself, no one takes me to school, I rarely wash”, the child had told the agents. Until the last revelation, even more chilling: his father sexually abused his stepsister.

The family consisted of a 41enne it’s a 36enne, a 15 year old daughter (had by the woman from a previous relationship) and others three children, 9, 7 and 3 years old. The eldest of the couple’s children, tired of living in a deeply degraded context and of witnessing the sexual abuse of his father on his older sister, had therefore decided to report an unsustainable situation.

After some investigation, the local police of Malaga broke into the apartment where the family lived, finding a dirty and degraded environment. For this reason, the couple was arrested: the 41-year-old is accused of sexual assault, his partner five years younger than having left him total freedom to rape his daughter.

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