The Truffaut premiered a noon session on Friday

The Truffaut cinema in Girona will premiere a lunch session as of this Friday. With the obligation to have the cinema closed from 10, the Collective of Critics that manages the cinema proposes to its spectators “new schedules adapted to these days and that, in addition, adjust to a generalized frame in all Europe of being able to reconcile the working life with the familiar one ”, they explain.

Cinema is advancing the first session around two in the afternoon, forming a regular schedule of four sessions, the last of which will always end before 10 as marked by the curfew. The first pass will be on the 30th at 2.15pm with Regreso a Hope Gap.

“We hope that this proposal will enjoy the complicity of our viewers and that it will become a success that will allow it to consolidate,” say the film managers. The price of this first session will be 4 euros from Monday to Thursday, except public holidays, and 5 euros from Friday to Sunday.

For the time being, the Truffaut continues its activity in the provisional headquarters of Plaça Jordi de Sant Jordi, in room 12 of the Albeniz Plaça Cinemas, while the works of the old Modern cinema continue at a good pace, where it will soon have two rooms. of projection.


Die Ärzte and the new album “Hell”: Striving for beauty

How stable is a love for the punk band Die Ärzte? Our author asks herself this after many ups and downs and because of the new album “Hell”.

They are now perceived as dignified older men: the doctors Photo: Jörg Steinmetz

Lennon-McCartney. Jagger-Richards. Vacation Felsenheimer. As a child I was a big Beatles fan – my favorite Beatle wasn’t one of the main composers, it was Ringo, an absurd choice – but my soft spot for drummers was set. In 1998 my father – a Stones fan – gave me “13”, the then current album by Die Ärzte.

I knew that this work lifted the popularity of the Berlin band to a new level (“Men are pigs”) and that it was the first album that they released on their own label, even though the enormous stress almost led to the dissolution again not yet. When I was six years old at the time, I loved her song “Goldenes Handwerk”: It is about drummers. More precisely, about the one of the doctors – Bela B – I chose him as my hero.

The doctors taught me what irony is: the drummer sings about drummers being stupid ?! Men sing about men being pigs ?! “This is a song for you because you always sucked us”? The concept of provocation was still hidden from me at the time. Where it says in “My Friends”: “They just fuck each other in the buttocks”, I understood at the time: “They just pinch each other’s buttocks like that.”

I only became a doctor ultra as a teenager – her music was a constant companion of my puberty. The world and myself changed, one point of my identity remained fixed: Doctor Fantum. I inhaled all the information I could get about my heroes, dragged my parents to Spandau on vacation in Berlin to visit the historic site of the first meeting of Bela B and Farin Urlaub.

Forget the scandalous times

Every time I got my hands on a new doctor record, it was like being treasured. No strain was too great to be in the front row at their concerts (15 hours without going to the toilet!). Anyone who – like me – was socialized with doctor shows is forever messed up for all other concerts: Only the doctors play three hours, one hour of which is announcements, organize La Ola escapades, spontaneously change lyrics!

The artists are now perceived as dignified, older men – forgotten are the scandalous times when people fought for concerts of the most censored German band to be banned.

In the age of gangsta rap you can’t shock anyone by being a doctor fanatic. Except maybe my grandma, she didn’t want to give me the live DVD “The Band They Called Horse” because she read the song title “Motherfucker 666” on the back of the cover. Sure, I would hardly hang a life-size poster of a skeletonized, bound woman in my room today.

If not about shocking, then it was about demarcation. You don’t understand the doctors? Then you don’t understand me! But actually I don’t want to be understood at all. Because of course you are the only one who really understands the band and you want to have them to yourself. A pious wish if your favorite band is the most successful punk rock band in the country.

Talking nonsense in interviews

You may not be a gifted musician, but that’s not what doctors are about. What they are about is the demarcation of doing things that nobody else does. To become a pop star because you claim to be just that; just talking nonsense on stage and in interviews; dissolve when you are most successful; Lining albums in plush sleeves and pizza boxes; censor your own music video; to be celebrated for level jokes; Compose songs that live from their own turning points.

The band was ultimately partly to blame that I moved to Berlin, and there I experienced the first doctor release as an adult in 2012 and asked myself why my enthusiasm had suddenly cooled: You can’t put it any other way, the doctor album “also” was disappointing. His first line of lyrics, “Fuck you and your sister” from the song “Is that still punk rock?” Has cult status, there wasn’t much more to get. Her song “ZeiDverschwÄndung” was a self-fulfilling prophecy: “There are better things to do than hear the doctors.”

After that it became quiet around the band, the three musicians went their own ways: solo albums, traveling, writing books, making films. Could it really be that the “best band in the world” ended its story in silence?

Afraid of the new album

No. After they re-released their previous complete works in the deluxe box “Seitenhirsch” and thus once again fueled rumors of dissolution, they went on a club tour across Europe in 2019 – they felt like it again and now recorded a new album called “Hell”. Then I heard the first new doctor songs in more than eight years – and was a bit scared of them.

Unfounded, because there it was again, the old magic. An intro with an enigmatic title, sound and charming megalomania: “Our striving for beauty and perfection leads us back to the microphone.” In the second song the clarification: “This is my life – there is no plan B.”

“Hell” is a treasure chest full of cross-references from the medical world: This time it’s not about how stupid drummers are, but how boring guitarists are. Once again the term punk is ironically exercised, Farin sings about summer, sun, beach and sea, Bela about losers.


Bassist Rod has only one song of his own and in it he sings about plastic – Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, but not with vermin, but with polyester and the climate crisis. An unusually large number of current references scratch the otherwise typical doctor timelessness: conspiracy ideologues, “Woodburger”, Chris Hemsworth, Beyoncé and “Hey Siri, tell me about sex with Alexa”.

The second single, “True Romance”, immediately became a number one hit, thanks to a 1A social media campaign: The track was already released as an a cappella version by the Donots, Carolin under the hashtag #singtrueromance Kebekus, Roland Kaiser, KIZ, den Toten Hosen and others went viral before the original version of the doctors was published.

Of course, “Hell” has weak moments: It’s a shame that so far only songs have been published as B-sides that are already known – this committee is otherwise an amusing navel-gazing in the medical world. But in many places the music on “Hell” feels like coming home. Yes, it’s fun again to hear the doctors.


Erdoğan’s leader state: Diary of a Turkish exile

Kurdish civilians are pushed out of the helicopter. Journalists who report on it are criminals. And the medical board? Full of “traitors”.

On October 18 in Sirnak: AKP leader Erdogan is greeted Foto: Murat Kula/Anadolou agency/picture alliance

20. September

I looked at wedding photos. Attorney General Yüksel Kocaman got married at the Sheraton in Ankara. The Chairman of the Court of Cassation, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of the Interior, the Chief of Staff, the Chairman of the Election Commission and many, many other important men were guests. The honeymoon before the wedding was already present in the media: by helicopter to the tourist coastal town of Bodrum, where you stayed in a hotel that costs 1,000 euros per night.

After the wedding, we went to the presidential palace. Tayyip Erdoğan in the middle of the bride and groom. The photo session with the president is wedding present enough. But how can a chief prosecutor, who in the past behaved like the tyrant’s devoted lackey anyway, top it off with thanks? More arrests, more state terrorism? Why do I now remember a sentence from Interior Minister Soylu, who was also the best man at the wedding? “You cannot compare us to Hitler. We didn’t kill anyone in gas chambers. “

The Mesopotamian News Agency, whose website is blocked in Turkey, reports an incident that happened nine days ago. In a village in Van Province, the villagers were rounded up by soldiers and had to kneel down. Two men, 55-year-old Servet Turgut and 50-year-old Osman Şiban, were taken away in a military helicopter. It was only days later that relatives were able to find them in a hospital several hundred kilometers from the village.

Disfigured their bodies, they are in the hospital. “My father has 11 broken bones, hemorrhages and cracks in his lungs,” says Turgut’s son. The men were pushed down by the helicopter. The sentence is inhuman, but true: “No cock crows at any poor Kurdish farmers.”

25. September

The exclusive honeymoon, the pompous wedding and the photo shoot with the president are bearing fruit. In the early hours of the morning, police counter-terrorism units struck. 82 top officials of the HDP (Democratic Party of the Peoples) were arrested. Among them the mayor of the city of Kars, Ayhan Bilgen, and the former MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder, who once worked with the government on a peace plan for the Kurdish question.

According to prosecutors, the arrests are linked to the October 2014 events in which 46 people died. The Kurdish border town of Kobani in Syria was about to be captured by the jihadists of the “Islamic State”. Tayyip Erdoğan celebrated the impending fall of the city with relish. The Kurds in Turkey were in an uproar and the HDP called for mass protest.

Those arrested are likely to spend years in custody, like the former leader of the party, Selahattin Demirtaş. The most brilliant politician Turkey has ever seen has been in prison for four years. “Membership in an armed terrorist organization” is the charge. The HDP received almost 12 percent of the vote in the last parliamentary elections. Perhaps the Fiihrer will have it banned. Thousands of party officials are behind bars anyway.

29. September

An opposition MP has published an internal official document on corona cases in Turkey. It is a detailed inventory of September 10th – number of approved tests, test results, etc. According to this, 29,377 people tested positive for Corona on this day. That is twenty times what was officially announced. The daily announcement by the Ministry of Health speaks of 1,512 people who tested positive for this day.

I spoke to my mother on the phone. “These villains lie,” she keeps saying. “You lie about everything. Why shouldn’t they lie about the corona cases? ”In the past few months, mayors, doctors and hospital staff who were confronted with the consequences of the virus on site had repeatedly questioned the official statements.

October 1

The daily newspaper spokesman has documented the strange transformation of a German textbook for 9th grade students. In the old edition of the year there is a map of Germany with “typically German” symbols. For example the Brandenburg Gate, the Frauenkirche in Dresden, the Cologne Cathedral, a car, a woman in a dirndl. A wine glass, a beer mug and the Oktoberfest are also represented. “Researched! What information can you find about Germany? Discuss your results in class! ”Says the textbook. The beer mug, wine glass and Oktoberfest have now been eliminated in the new edition. There are now white spots there thanks to Photoshop experts at the Department of Education.

Anyone who makes beer glasses disappear from school books in the national interest can certainly also manipulate corona case numbers. “In the fight against the pandemic, our state must protect not only the health of the population, but also national interests,” tweeted Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. Before that, he gossiped at a press conference. At some point it was decided to no longer disclose the number of cases of infected people, but only those of the sick who show symptoms. Even the Scientific Council he set up to combat the pandemic did not know that.

Neither did the World Health Organization, which included the Turkish numbers as daily infection cases in their statistics. There was also no indication of the change in the basis of the survey on the website of the Ministry of Health: There was talk of “infections”, not “sick people with symptoms”.

What’s the point of the medical association protesting? In any case, her explanation does not appear in the media that are in line. The Medical Association has appealed to the government dozens of times to handle data transparently. In cooperation with scientists, she wrote detailed reports on the development of the pandemic. On a day of action in September, doctors and nurses protested against the government’s failure with a black cord.

The synchronized media, however, spread the statement by Devlet Bahçeli, chairman of the Nationalist Action Party, the most important partner and supporter of President Tayyip Erdoğan: “Because of an alleged increase in corona cases, the band of traitors called the Medical Association wants to wear black cords. This is a poisonous and humiliating plot. The Turkish Medical Association is as dangerous as the coronavirus. “

I looked up the meaning of “delirium” in the Duden dictionary: “Clouding of consciousness that manifests itself in confusion and delusions.” I wonder whether only individuals can fall into delirium. Or even entire societies?

A court in Van has issued a ban. In view of the ongoing investigations, it is not allowed to report on the Kurdish farmers thrown from the military helicopter. One of the men, Servet Turgut, is now dead.

October 6th

The four journalists who investigated the drop from the helicopter for eyewitness and medical reports were arrested. A question of time, when they will be tried for “supporting a terrorist organization”.

October 13

The daily newspaper calendar headline: “Our words to the constitutional court member Engin, whose face resembles an assassin’s whiner: You will dangle on the gallows of this flagpole”. The Constitutional Court had conceded the judgment of a criminal chamber against Enis Berberoğlu, an opposition MP. For once in history, the criminal chamber refused to obey the judgment of the Constitutional Court. Engin Yıldırım, one of the chief judges, tweeted a night photo of the Constitutional Court with the text “Our lights are on” after the judgment received.

Yıldırım, a conservative who was appointed constitutional judge in the Erdoğan era, was then referred to as a “coupist”. “Our lights are always on,” says the Interior Ministry’s official Twitter account. The poor man. That he deleted the tweet and apologized will be of little use to him. Someone tweeted: “We are prisoners of violent pornography.”

The daily newspaper calendar belongs to the Turkuaz media group, led by the brother of Tayyip Erdoğan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, who is in turn finance minister. The media group Turkuaz (in the pool are the Turkish editions of Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, House Beautiful and many more) belongs to the Kalyon construction company. The group that always wins public tenders.

I think I remember that the company made it world famous. Google, World Bank website: Private participation in infrastructure 1990–2019. Kalyon is one of the top ten companies in the world that have implemented public infrastructure contracts. Four are from Turkey, all of them linked to Tayyip Erdoğan.

October 14th

Erdoğan rages against the medical association. “How can we entrust our sick to them. How can we expect recovery? Can we expect that from terrorists? ”I think of Şebnem Korur Fincancı. She is the chairwoman of the Medical Association. An extraordinary woman. Professor of Forensic Medicine. She has contributed to the constitution of the United Nations standard work on the investigation and documentation of torture. In 1996 she was involved in the exhumation of mass graves and autopsies for the International Criminal Court in Bosnia.

She was able to prove murder and torture in the Philippines and Bahrain. She was once the head of the forensic medicine department. She was able to convict the head of the organized crime department of torture. It documented the murder of the trade unionist Süleyman Yeter. Many international awards, in Germany the Hessian Peace Prize. A few years ago we were waiting in front of an Istanbul prison for her to be released from custody. It only seems a matter of time before the medical board will be smashed.

15th October

Özer Sencar, professor and head of the Metropoll polling institute, is a trustworthy source. In an interview, he said that President Erdoğan’s party always had a voter approval between 30 and 35 percent. The party that has ruled Turkey for 18 years never sagged below 30 percent. The approval for Tayyip Erdoğan is significantly above this percentage. How can that be in view of the catastrophic development, the decline of the lira, impoverishment and mismanagement in the corona crisis?

Are nationalism, religious slogans, an expansionist and aggressive foreign policy enough to cover it all up? The professor, a man of empiricism, statistics and numbers, gives an answer that is actually inappropriate: “It is the belief in Tayyip Erdoğan.” The belief. It’s like gambling: once you’ve bet on a horse, there’s no going back. Even in the face of disaster, one does not want to admit mistakes. After all, Turkey is on the way to becoming a great power.


Art campaign “Bad Beuys go Africa”: feigning art theft – culture

The “Capri Battery”, a multiple by Joseph Beuys, is not in Tanzania after all. The robbery was staged by the artist group Frankfurter Hauptschule, which worked with the Iringa Boma Museum in Tanzania on the action. The “Bad Beuys go to Africa” ​​campaign triggered police investigations last week.

With a letter of responsibility and a video, the collective publicly admitted that they had stolen the work of art, which belongs to the LWL Museum in Münster, from an exhibition in the Oberhausen theater and handed it over to the museum in Tanzania. The artists shared that one wanted to consciously accept legal consequences Süddeutsche Zeitung With. It is about addressing the consequences of colonial art theft.

But now Deonis Mgumba, curator of the Iringa Boma Museum, has made it clear that it was a symbolic action. The “Capri-Batterie” rest “safely packed” in a storeroom of the theater.

© SZ vom 27.10.2020 / lorc / tmh


Disney takes over the management of the Moroccan pavilion in Orlando

Walt Disney World will officially take over the operations management of all Morocco Pavilion activities in the Epcot theme park in Orlando.


October 26, 2020 at 10:32

Modified October 26, 2020 at 10:33

Owner of the Moroccan pavilion at the World Showcase at Epcot since its opening in 1984, Disney had mandated the company Marrakech Morocco Restautant (SARL) to operate the site’s restaurants and stores.

The company, in difficulty following the crisis linked to Covid-19, and Disney have reached a mutual agreement to begin the process of transitioning operations from the pavilion to Disney, by the end of 2020, we confirm with Walt Disney World Resort.

The Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and the Moroccan Embassy in Washington will continue to fulfill their role of advisers in the management of the pavilion.

“After many years of working together, we have reached a mutual agreement to begin the process of transitioning operations from the Morocco pavilion to Disney. By the end of the year, Disney will assume the operations of this important part of Epcot. . Under the management of Disney, the lodge will continue to honor the rich traditions and heritage it has had since its opening, “read a joint statement sent to Media24, quoting Walt Disney World Resort representative Jacquee Wahler, and Rachid Choufani and Rachid Lyazidi, representatives of the Moroccan pavilion.


The Albniz cinemas in Girona receive the last spectators before closing until January due to the losses they have

The cinemas Albéniz de Girona have received their last spectators this Sunday afternoon before closing until the gener. The reason for lowering the shutter temporarily is that the business has been opening with losses for the last three months. The head of programming, Josep Maria Pallàs, explains that the main problem is that there are no releases, because the sector in the United States is stagnant. This has dropped the number of customers to the point that it has forced them to close during these months. “At most we will be closed until January 31 to have ERTO coverage, but if we can open sooner, we will,” says Pallàs. In addition, this Sunday the curfew has forced the cancellation of the last session.

The Albéniz’s head of programming hopes that they can return in three months because “we are confident that we will be better off from the pandemic.” “The key is that a message of reassurance can be conveyed again. Then we will have it easier,” Pallàs remarks. The last day of the opening of the cinemas coincided with the approval of the state of alarm and the curfew. For this reason, the people in charge of the Albéniz have had to cancel the last session, because it became impossible to comply with the new regulations to close at nine in the evening.

Pallàs hopes to “be able to return as soon as possible” and says that in case there are releases they will be “ready” to open again. “We have set January 31 so as not to leave our workers lying and that they are covered by the ERTO, but if there is a film for Christmas, we will be there,” he said.

The spectators, sad

Rosa and Dolors are two regulars at the cinema and, in fact, they approached it specifically because they knew it was closing this Sunday. “It’s a shame, especially for the people who work there, this is the most serious of all,” remarks Rosa.

Dolors explains that from now on they will look for “another alternative” because they don’t want to stop going to the cinema. “This one is very comfortable for us because we have it in the middle of Girona and it is very good, but now we will look for another one,” he laments.


Albniz cinemas close until January due to the losses they suffer

The Albèniz cinemas in Girona received their last spectators yesterday afternoon before closing until January. The reason for lowering the shutter temporarily is that the business has been opening at a loss for the last three months. The head of programming, Josep Maria Pallàs, explains that the main problem is that there are no premieres, because the sector in the United States is stopped. This has dropped the number of customers to the point that it has forced them to close during these months. “At most we will be closed until January 31 to have coverage of the ERTOs, but if we can open sooner, we will,” says Pallàs. “The key is that a message of reassurance can be conveyed again. Then we will have it easier “, he remarks.

The last day of the cinemas opened coincided with the approval of the state of alarm and the curfew. Therefore, the leaders of the Albéniz had to cancel the last session, because it became impossible to comply with the new regulations to close at nine in the evening.


The second battle of dramaturgy faces Monegal and Manzanares

The La Planeta room in Girona will host today the second fight of the tenth edition of the Catalan Dramaturgy Tournament of the Temporada Alta festival. In this new confrontation, the texts of the actresses and playwrights Mar Monegal and Eu Manzanares will feature the actors Paula Blanco, Biel Duran, Mima Riera and Esther López; who will be in charge of reading them and performing them to the audience at eight in the evening. Due to the conditions and restrictions due to the current pandemic, this edition can also be followed online via the festival website.


Institute of virology in Berlin targeted by ‘molotov cocktails’

Saccording to the German police, quoted by the Spanish news agency EFE, a security guard at the building saw, at 02h40 local (01h40 in Lisbon), several people throwing bottles at the facade of the building, located in the neighborhood of Tempelhof.

The incident caused no injuries, but left a broken window and a fire, which officials were able to extinguish quickly.

The authorities in charge of political crimes have already opened an investigation for attempted arson, adds the police statement.

The Robert Koch Institute, which has not yet commented on the incident, plays a central role in the fight against pandemic of covid-19 and has been a frequent target of criticism from people who deny the existence of the virus and who belong to groups that share conspiracy theories.

Also today, about 3,000 people demonstrated at the Alexanderplatz, central square of Berlin, against measures to contain the pandemic, according to organs local communication channels.

Several protesters were arrested after the police asked them to respect the distancing rules and several people refused to comply with the order.

For this afternoon several protests are called in front of the Porta de Brandenburg and a demonstration at 17:00 local (16:00 in Lisbon), with around 10,000 participants expected.

According to EFE, Germany registered 11,176 new infections in the last 24 hours, less than the new maximum of 14,714 cases registered on Saturday, which can be attributed to the fact that not all federal states report their data over the weekend.

According to data from the Robert Koch Institute updated this midnight, the total number of positives since the announcement of the first contagion in the country, at the end of janeiro, is 429,181, with 10,032 deaths.

About 317,100 people have recovered from the disease and Germany now has about 101,000 cases active.

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Friends of Angola ask João Lourenço to release detained protesters

A Saturday march, called by activists civil society, but with the support of the UNIT and other opposition forces, aimed to demand better living conditions, more employment and the holding of the first municipal elections in Angola, which were scheduled for this year, but were postponed without a new date.

The non-governmental organization cites witnesses that “the police acted brutally” against the protesters, using “gas tear, horses and police vehicles to intimidate and disperse a peaceful protest “and that the injured were denied medical care.

“We asked President Lourenço to release all the protesters who were illegally detained during the protest,” reads a statement released by Friends of Angola.

They stress that the demonstration was in accordance with the Angolan Constitution and call for the opening of an investigation to “bring those responsible to justice”, which they consider a violation of rights by the authorities.

“These rights are clearly stated in the Constitution and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ratified by Angola, but they are being violated by authorities who, by legal imperative, should be the first to respectthe“, they argue.

Friends of Angola point out that the demonstrators only displayed posters, were unarmed and protected themselves with face masks, “respecting the distance.ncia needed in the context of combating pandemic gives covid-19″.

They also argue that the reasons for the demonstration are justified: “The lack of job opportunities, the endemic corruption that continues to cost Angolan treasury millions and the lack of an independent electoral commission”.

“We hope that President Lourenço will embrace democratic values ​​and respect the freedom of expression and assembly of Angolan citizens”, they add.

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