US Capitol Assault: Trump Condemns Raid, Promises “Orderly Transition,” But Will Not Go to Biden’s Inauguration

Violence never wins. Freedom wins. Let’s get back to work ». With those words, which will be remembered throughout history, the vice president, Mike Pence, resumed on Wednesday night the session in Congress that hours before had been interrupted by the assault of a “mob” of extremists enraged by Donald Trump. The extraordinary meeting, which lasted until dawn and will continue today, concluded the mission for which the legislators had been summoned: to certify the triumph of Joe Biden as president-elect.

Immediately, Donald Trump made a statement public through the Twitter page of his spokesman Dan Scavino after his account on the social network was censored. “Although I totally disagree with the outcome of the elections, and the facts support me, there will be an orderly transition on January 20”, got engaged. Almost 24 hours later came his sentence for the assault, although at no time did he assume any responsibility for the riots, despite the fact that he himself summoned the protesters from the most extreme right wing of the Republican Party, nor did he explicitly acknowledge Biden’s triumph. Now, he reiterates that “the fight to guarantee that only legal votes are counted will continue.” And he insists that he will return: “This represents the end of the best first presidential term in history”and “it’s just the beginning of the fight to make America great again.”

Trump already acknowledges his defeat. However, the still president of the United States has announced through a tweet that he will not attend the investiture ceremony of his successor, Joe Biden. “To all who have asked me, I will not go to the swearing-in on January 20,” he wrote.

A formality

The Senate and the House of Representatives validated the victory of the Democrat in the last elections of November 3, with 306 electoral votes, compared to 232 for the outgoing president. It was a mere formality, a procedure that would have gone practically unnoticed had it not been for the attack on the Capitol that cost four people their lives, left fifty detainees and forced the evacuation of both Chambers amid images of chaos and vandalism that they were described by Biden himself as “insurrection.”

The vote in Congress, this time, went smoothly. But the consternation and fear over what had happened could still be seen on the faces of the legislators. The gruesome scenes that shook one of the greatest symbols of American democracy made Republican parliamentarians change their minds who, encouraged by Trump, had raised objections to the result of the elections. One of the most symbolic voices was that of the senator Kelly Loeffer, who last night lost her seat in the decisive Georgia elections that have given Democrats control of both Houses.

“The events that took place forced me to reconsider. And I can’t in good faith object to certification, ”Loeffler said. Like her, the Republican caucus left Trump practically alone in his latest attempt to reverse his electoral defeat. Only six senators voted not to acknowledge the results, including Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Elaine Marshall, John Kennedy and Tommy Tuberville. The move, however, was rejected by Pence, despite pressure from the outgoing president, whom he had quietly obeyed so far during these four years in office.

Trump announced in a laconic tweet on Friday that he will not attend the inauguration ceremony of his successor, Joe Biden.

“To all who have asked me, I will not go to the swearing-in on January 20,” he wrote.

“The voters, the courts … have spoken”

“The final vote totals are considered a sufficient statement of the people elected as president and vice president of the United States,” declared the ‘number two’ of the Government. Meanwhile, his words were equally endorsed by the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, closely aligned with Trump throughout his presidency. Voters, courts and states have spoken. If we invalidate them, our republic will be damaged forever. “ he said shortly before calling the Capitol raiders “unhinged” that it hadn’t been stormed since 1814, when the British burned it down during the War of 1812.

Even more forceful, Senator Mitt Romney and former Republican candidate for the White House, described what happened as an “insurrection incited by the president of the United States”, whose political future has been seriously damaged and around which the voices are growing that demand that he be brought to justice for inciting disorder. And all this despite the fact that this Thursday he tried to breathe tranquility by ensuring that “there will be an orderly transition on January 20”, the date on which Biden will take office.

With the Electoral College certification and the excellent results achieved in Georgia, the Democratic leader is walking steadily towards the presidency. The two seats won in that state by Democrat Raphael Warnock – who will be the first black senator to represent that traditionally conservative region – and Jon Ossoff – who at 33 will be the youngest legislator in the history of his party – assure Biden the majority in the Upper House. Not surprisingly, although they have 50 seats, the same as the Republicans, the Constitution stipulates that future Vice President Kamala Harris will be able to tie the tie.

Control over the Senate gives Biden full legislative powers since the Democrats, in addition to the White House, also dominate the House of Representatives. Such a situation had not been experienced since the first two years of the presidency of Barack Obama. The way seems clear for the Democratic leader, who emerges strengthened from an “unprecedented” political crisis and will now have the difficult task of closing the wounds and “Restore the soul” of a divided country after four years of Trump’s rule.


big bosses call for an orderly transition

The honeymoon between Donald Trump and the big American bosses is well over. The big names in the economic world were quick to express their emotion at the events in Washington, evoking a feeling of ” shame “ and calling on “Respect for fundamental values” the United States.

Apple boss Tim Cook, for example, lamented on Twitter a “Sad and shameful chapter of history” the United States. He asked that “Those responsible for this insurrection” be “Held responsible” and that the transition be completed. “It is especially when they are challenged that our ideals count the most”, he concluded.

The boss of the country’s largest bank JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, calls out Donald Trump, without naming him, asking him to“Accept the results, as our democracy has been doing for hundreds of years” and D’“Call for an end to violence”.

An “assault on the nation”

The executive director of Citigroup bank Michael Corbat shared his ” disgust ” ahead of the footage of the invasion of Congress, while Sundar Pichai, CEO of parent company Google Alphabet, said in a statement that “Anarchy and violence” at the Capitol were “The antithesis of democracy”.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, called the attack on Capitol Hill “Assault on the nation” American. He asks for a “Peaceful transfer of power”.

IBM boss Arvind Krishna also posted a message on Twitter where he « condemns today’s unprecedented anarchy ”, adding: « These actions have no place in our society and they must stop for our democratic system to function. “

Donald Trump himself comes from the business world and has made his entrepreneurial career a campaign argument. Throughout his mandate, he wanted to defend the economic interests of companies. His tax reform at the start of his mandate was particularly favorable to them. For four years, the outgoing president has maintained good relations with most of the country’s big bosses.

Invoke the 25th Amendment

Such a wave of reactions is therefore particularly spectacular. Among all of these reactions, the most virulent is undoubtedly the press release from the National Association of Manufacturers. This important lobby of American industrial companies is known to be close to the Republican Party, of which it is a donor. However, its president, Jay Timmons, demands that Donald Trump be removed from power without delay.

“Vice President Pence should seriously consider working with Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to preserve democracy”, he writes. This amendment makes it possible to dismiss a president deemed unfit for his post.

“Throughout this disgusting episode, Trump has been cheered by members of his own party. It is not law and order. It’s chaos. (…) The outgoing president has incited violence in an attempt to retain power, and any elected leader who defends him violates his oath to respect the Constitution ”, continues this press release.

“Illegal Efforts to Reverse the Results”

Same condemnation on the side of the Business Roundtable (“Roundtable of Businessmen”), one of the main American business lobbies. In a statement, she condemns the riot of this Wednesday, January 6 in Washington and believes that it is “The result of illegal efforts to reverse the legitimate results of a democratic election”. She calls Donald Trump “To end the chaos and facilitate the peaceful transition to the top of power”.


SUV ZIL-2021 “Principle” presented in the first renders

A premium car would fit well into the luxury SUV segment in Russia.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Even taking into account the fact that the ZIL team, according to rumors, is now working with US on the Aurus project, his business lives on. A fan of premium limousines from the USSR, on the Principle virtual project, prepared his vision of the future SUV, which the editors called the ZIL-2021 model.

The author of the project tried to preserve the recognizable features of the legendary passenger cars. The length of the wings, the slope of the rear pillar, two spacious rear windows – for the desire to maintain proportions, an SUV with an extended hood and a roomy body turned out.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Of the other differences between ZIL limousines, the new project “Principle” retained square head optics, “multi-storey” taillights, as well as sporty-style alloy wheels.

If the original concept of ZIL-2021 “Principle” reaches at least a small series, then the main “luxury” SUVs in Russia – Rolls-Royce and Aurus – will have to nervously smoke. Obviously, the car would be sold at an exorbitant price, but the very fact of the presence in Russia of “our” crook with a national nameplate would be enough for the reputation of foreign brands to noticeably decrease.

Renders ZIL “Principle”, source: Instagram

Networks’ reaction to ZIL-2021 turned out to be ambiguous, but positive reviews prevail over negative ones. “Principle” is praised for its bold forms, a little scolded for not the most successful transition of the windshield to the roof and neatly hope that in the near future such SUVs will be able to afford every first motorist of the Russian Federation.

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“In general, the concept is successful, only the transition of the frontal to the roof needs to be finalized”, “Aurus after such a tarantass is boring”, “We are waiting for millions of salaries to afford such costs,” the Russians share their assessment of ZIL-2021 Principle.


The media learned about the refusal of the Pentagon intelligence to meet with the Biden team :: Politics :: RBC

Officially, the Pentagon says they are not hindering Biden’s team. But, according to CNN and WP, ​​representatives of the Democrat are not able to meet with everyone.

Joe Biden

(Photo: Kevin Lamarque / Reuters)

The administration of President Donald Trump has prevented the team of likely new President Joe Biden this week from meeting with the Pentagon intelligence agencies as part of the transfer of power. It is reported by CNN with reference to a former high-ranking intelligence official.

Biden’s team was unable to meet with representatives of military intelligence within the Ministry of Defense, including representatives of the Department’s Intelligence Directorate and the National Security Agency, the channel reports.


The interlocutor of the agency said that on Friday, December 4, briefings on military issues, including international security, were held for the transition group for the transitional group, but intelligence issues were not touched upon.

The Washington Post also reported that Biden’s team had problems with the Pentagon’s intelligence agencies.


Barely nominated, Biden’s budget candidate under fire from critics

If confirmed by the Senate, currently controlled by Republicans, Neera Tanden would be the first woman of Indian descent to serve as director of the Office of Management and Budget at the White House (OMB).

This very powerful service is in particular responsible for developing the budget desired by the president and for evaluating the projects and expenses of his ministers.

A great critic of Donald Trump, Neera Tanden, 50, is now president of the Center for American Progress, a left-wing think tank. She would need to be approved by a majority of senators to take the post when Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States on January 20.

Ms Tanden has launched “a continuous stream of derogatory comments about Republican senators” which will be necessary for her confirmation, tweeted Drew Brandewie, spokesman for Republican Senator John Cornyn. It therefore has “no chance of being confirmed”.

The next majority in the Senate will be played on January 5 in a double by-election in the conservative state of Georgia.

If Republicans maintain control, Neera Tanden’s appointment will have been a “sacrifice to the confirmation gods”, predicts ex-chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Josh Holmes .

An ironic reference to the fact that in recent history, one of the choices of the president-elect has been rejected each time by the US Senate.

Neera Tanden is also criticized by some supporters of Bernie Sanders, who notably protest against the proposal to establish a universal health coverage system.

Hearings in the US Senate to confirm the candidates of an elected president can start before he takes office. No date has yet been set for the choices of Joe Biden.


Trump avoids talking about the transition

Donald Trump y Mike Pence

Donald Trump y Mike Pence

In an unexpected speech at the White House, the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, came out on Tuesday to talk about the record registered by the Dow Jones index of Industriales and advances in the vaccine for COVID-19, not to mention the transition process, in an appearance that surprised locals and strangers.

Three minutes beforehand, the White House announced that the outgoing president would come out to speak, just half an hour before the president-elect, Democrat Joe Biden, presented, as scheduled, the national security and foreign team of his future government.

Trump boasted of the COVID-19 vaccine advancements, noting: “Nothing like this has ever happened medically, and I think people are recognizing it“.

He also attributed the unprecedented rise of the Dow Jones Industrials to 30,000 points to the management of your Administration, despite the fact that many analysts have linked it to his announcement, on Monday afternoon, that he had given the green light to the process of transferring power to Biden.

Despite that announcement, Trump has not yet acknowledged his electoral defeat, although this Tuesday he closed his speech of about two minutes in length with an effusive: “And most importantly, I want to congratulate the people of our country, because there are no people like you. Thank you very much to everyone, thank you. “And he left abruptly without answering the questions of journalists.

Trump had been Biden since last November 7, the day the media projections gave Biden the winner in the presidential elections four days earlier, obstructing the power transfer process to the Democrat, who will assume the Presidency on January 20.

The outgoing president has not yet acknowledged his defeat by alleging that there was electoral fraud and has presented various lawsuits in court of key states, which have been dismissed.


Spain steps on the accelerator of the energy transition

The energy transition it will be the lever for the socioeconomic growth of the European Union, in general, and of Spain, in particular, during the next decade. This was stated by the experts summoned to the online debate table Spain and the challenge of the energy transition, held by Prensa Ibérica with the collaboration of Heineken Spain and Aldro Energía on November 11.

The debate, moderated by Fausto Oviedo, delegated advisor of the Association of Renewable Energy Companies in the Balearic Islands, he highlighted the enormous possibilities for Spain in this energy revolution but also the need to commit all agents to change.

The European Green Deal represents the growth strategy of the European Union for the coming years, the roadmap for a sustainable economy until reaching the desired climate neutrality in 2050 thanks to the decarbonization of the economy and a regulatory, political, legal and financial framework appropriate to this goal. Europe is already a world technology leader in renewable energy.

All member countries, including Spain, have adapted the European strategy to national plans with which to channel its particular path towards climate neutrality that involves the decarbonization of the economy, a path from which the pandemic has not alienated us either, as Juan González Mellizo, political analyst of the Representation in Spain of the European Commission. “The short-term priority for European and national institutions is to defeat the pandemic and its economic and social repercussions, but the energy transition will be an important lever for this,” he said.

In fact, Member States must dedicate 37% of the budget of the recovery fund to generate growth and employment through the ecological transition. Specifically, Spain will receive 140,000 million euros.

With the aim of achieving a 30% percentage of renewable sources in electrification, doubling the renovation rate in buildings, making them 24% of transport, reducing oil consumption by a third and gas consumption by a quarter, The EU has endowed its States with the Mechanism for a Just Transition, a tool that will provide financial and tailored support to help workers and generate the necessary investments in countries with abundant wind and sun, such as Spain.

The European Union has also set a recent target of reducing greenhouse gases by 55% by 2030. “Ambitious but feasible goal”, in the words of Juan González Mellizo. “To achieve this, we will work diplomatically with other countries seeking conciliation but the European Union will also impose a border tax on the import of CO2,” the European Commission analyst advanced. “We are facing an industrial revolution that affects all sectors of the economy,” he contextualized. “Energy is placed in the center but transport, biodiversity, agriculture, consumption, the circular economy, and transport are closely linked.”

Spain emptied

A transition that Capital Energy wants to take advantage of to help solve the problems of emptied Spain. The director of Digital and Sustainability of the company, Great Victor Gimeno, defended the sustainability strategy of the renewable energy company, linked to the creation of wealth and employment in the rural world. “We have plans for 1,000 municipalities in 40 provinces, mainly affected by the dismantling of mining activities and thermal power plants, where we will locate strategic projects that boost employment and reduce the inequality gap suffered by these territories,” he explained.

“The idea is not only to save the planet but to generate jobs at the same time, ensure the supply of energy and increase the competitiveness of companies,” agreed Antonio Colino, CEO of Aldro Energía. “This objective requires very profound changes in the way we live and consume and companies and industries operate,” said the head of the marketer in line with the rest of the panel and, in particular, with the director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from Heineken Spain, Mauricio Domínguez Adame, who took the opportunity to explain the company’s sustainability plans under the command of its Green Over the World strategy.

Bet on green

As an energy consumer, Heineken Spain is committed to reducing the carbon footprint throughout its production process, starting with the farmer, to continue with the consumption of electricity, packaging and transportation. For this and among other measures, as explained by its director of CSR, the brewery and Iberdrola have signed a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for the start-up of a photovoltaic plant of 100 hectares, enough to supply electricity to the city of Cádiz as an example, and which avoids the emission of 15,000 tons of CO2. “We wanted to go to one hundred percent renewable and sustainable electrical energy and we did it with this innovative option in Spain,” he acknowledges.

The experts also focused on the final consumer and, above all, on the most vulnerable and with difficulties to face the energy bill. Both Juan González Mellizo and the rest of the participants stressed the importance of giving priority to these citizens when it comes to accessing efficient housing. Antonio Colino, from Aldro Energía, also introduced the need to moderate supply and demand, making the final consumer aware of adapting to moments of high and low production.

As an intermediary in the production of renewable energies, Gabriel Leal, CEO of Signus, a non-profit foundation dedicated to recycling tires for energy production, highlighted natural rubber as a fuel for energy production in the cement and generation industries. The Foundation, which works with a network of 36 managers and recovers 200,000 tons of tires per year in 25,000 points in Spain, has measured the carbon footprint produced by its agents since 2018 with the intention of reducing it as much as possible. A policy accompanied by the will to make the necessary energy transition a reality sooner rather than later.


US presidential election: a chaotic transition begins

“71 million legal votes. A record for a current president ” ; or « Observers were not allowed in the counting rooms. Bad things happened that our observers were not allowed to see. But I won the election with 71 million legal votes ”. Donald Trump’s tweets after the declaration of victory by his rival, Joe Biden, show that until the end, the 45e President of the United States will revel in his role as the unpredictable, irascible and divisive tribune.

→ READ. US presidential: Biden promises to bring country together, Trump denounces ‘stolen’ election

The current president is focusing his criticism on postal votes – very numerous this year, these “Tens of thousands of illegally arrived ballots” -, as on the lack “Rude” transparency on the count. Messages that Twitter now accompanies a warning about their character “Contested”, or “Misleading”.

Because he did not cease his invectives throughout the campaign, his voters are fewer than those of Joe Biden to have chosen the postal route to express their voice: it is therefore logical that these ballots are favorable to the Democrats. Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer, added, also referring, without providing any evidence, to bulletins on behalf of deceased persons and « manipulations ».

Legal appeals and recounts

“I am not aware of a single recourse having a legal basis, with a small exception in Pennsylvania”, however, answers Steven Huefner, professor of law at the University of Ohio, questioned by AFP. Pending a decision from the Supreme Court, the authorities in that state have ordered ballots mailed on November 3 but arriving after that date to be counted separately, in case they are ultimately invalidated. The Republicans having assured that some polling stations did not follow these instructions, a judge of the Supreme Court gave them satisfaction by ordering all the stations of Pennsylvania to comply.

→ REPORT. Joe Biden wants to unite and “heal” America

Even if these ballots are invalidated, the outcome is unlikely to change. As for the recounting of votes – requested in Wisconsin and already decided by Georgia, given the small gap between the candidates – they should delay the announcement of the official results, without modifying them. “In modern history, they have never made it possible to recover more than a few hundred votes”, recalls Steven Huefner.

Illegal trial of his successor

While there is therefore little doubt, for observers, that the Democrat will be elected by a large majority on December 14 by the college of grand voters, the coming weeks are nonetheless likely to be chaotic. With his relatives, and in particular his very combative campaign manager, Bill Stepien, the current president tries to accredit the thesis according to which “The election was stolen from him” and, tirelessly, investigates the illegitimate trial of his successor.

He could also, during the seventy or so days remaining to rule the country, make political decisions that complicate the situation. A dangerous fight in which all the elected officials of his party are far from following him. Criticisms against Donald Trump also arise from his own camp. “Get Rudy Giuliani off the TV. Ask for the recounts you’re entitled to, then wish Biden the best of luck and look ahead ”, launched an editorial in the conservative daily New York Post, who had strongly supported his campaign.

“I think what Donald Trump does in the next seven days will determine his future and that of America”, analyzes consultant Frank Luntz in the Washington Post. “For his closest supporters, he has to stay and fight. For everyone else, he must accept the result. There is no common ground ”. The handover on January 20, 2021 still seems a long way off.


Some names that already sound for the new government of Pierluisi

Although the governor-elect Pedro Pierluisi said that his aspiration is to announce the first appointments in December, there are already names that are under evaluation for the new constitutional cabinet. Some more advanced than others.

Pierluisi said he is evaluating candidates. Metro learned that a very close group helps him with his homework.

One of the figures who is practically assured in the new government is Dr. Carlos Mellado, who led Pierluisi’s platform effort. In addition, from the beginning of the pandemic, he was seen advising the then candidate on the positions to express related to the virus. Although, there has been talk that he could occupy secretariats such as the Government, the doctor’s inclination would be to the Department of Health, according to a source told this newspaper.

Another of the names that would be on the finalist lists would be the businessman Manolo Cidre for the Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce. Cidre, a retired businessman, was an independent candidate for governor in the 2016 cycle. Then, in the four-year term that is about to end, he collaborated from the Puerto Rico Education Foundation with the former Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher. More recently, he has been an analyst for the program Playing Hard Ball in its radio and television versions. In fact, yesterday on the television show Pierluisi was questioned about whether Cidre was under consideration, but the governor-elect was elusive.

The former Secretary of Finance, Teresita Fuentes could be in some role as part of the Pierluisi government. As this newspaper learned, he would be considered for the Secretary of State or in some position that leads the effort to attract pharmaceutical companies back to Puerto Rico.

“Do not rule out incumbents in the Legislature or former legislators,” mentioned one of the Metro sources, noting that the senator, Carmelo Ríos or the former senator, Larry Seilhamer could be considered for the Secretary of the Interior. Ríos has always been a staunch supporter of Pierluisi at the political level, and being in the minority in the Legislature could be a factor that leads him to consider leaving the seat to go to the executive. While Seilhamer, also related to Pierluisi, is considered a conciliatory figure, in addition to knowing first-hand the goals of the energy reform, for having been one of its authors.

Of the current secretaries, Francisco Parés could remain in the Treasury under the Pierluisi administration, according to one of the sources.

In Justice, a person who does not identify himself as a fervent activist of the New Progressive Party in search of generating trust as part of a four-year period of multi-party political forces would be sought.

At some point, Dr. Benjamín Colucci was consulted for the Department of Transportation and Public Works, one of the names presented by the candidate for governor, Alexandra Lúgaro as part of what would be her cabinet to prevail.

Officially, Pierluisi indicated in written statements that “at this moment we are working to begin the transition process. As you know, I repeatedly said that I was not going to offer any position until after the election. I am in the process of personally interviewing different people and as soon as I make a decision, I will immediately inform the people ”.


Green and digital revolution, keys to economic recovery | Trends

Facing the crisis caused by COVID-19 will require the development of reconstruction plans of an unprecedented magnitude. With them not only will recovery be facilitated, but they could also become an opportunity to transform our economy, making it more modern and more solid, more internationalized and more competitive.

Extreme weather conditions and, currently, crises such as the pandemic we are experiencing, have demonstrated the benefits of digitization. Just one example: in the case of Iberdrola, the investments made in recent years have allowed it to keep operations and projects underway during the state of alarm, while guaranteeing the safety of its employees and collaborators. They also explain how the digitalization process of the electrical networks in Spain allowed to restore service to 300,000 customers in one hour, during the DANA that devastated Murcia and the Valencian Community just a year ago.

Digital transformation, however, is not possible without a cultural change that promotes new ways of working and new tools. This was evident in the last Digital Summit recently organized by the company, which had the participation of representatives of leading institutions and companies in digitization such as MIT, Google, Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, TikTok (ByteDance), Twitter and EVO.

Investment and work

Nor is it possible if there is no purpose and, in this sense, it is necessary to orient innovation to the customer and the citizen to respond to their needs and be more efficient. In short, maximize the use of technology in those business areas that add value, either by improving processes and the productivity of its assets or by achieving more efficiency in activities.

To get out of the crisis, there is only one recipe: investment and work. And in this context it is also time to raise the ambition to combine the green and digital revolutions as key pieces of the economic recovery. Accelerate the energy transition, but also the electrification of transport, the residential segment and industry to make change possible and leave a more sustainable world for new generations. And in this field, digitization plays an essential role.

Iberdrola is a reference in how technology, resources and capabilities can be oriented to lead the digital transformation of the energy sector and turn it into a competitive advantage. The company has managed its electricity generation assets digitally for years and has transformed its networks into smart ones with digital tools and artificial intelligence.

Likewise, it applies the latest technologies in all its activities:

  • Blockchain for operations trading of energy, certificates of origin of ‘green’ energy, certification of documents and intra-group financing agreements, among other applications;
  • Robots Y drones to support risky actions or in hard-to-reach locations for the inspection of blades in wind farms, hydroelectric plants and high-voltage power lines or for fraud detection;
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality in training activities and actions on the ground, on power lines and infrastructures;
  • Internet of things, applied to initiatives such as Iberdrola’s Smart Home, which provide clients with information for greater management and decision-making capacity regarding their energy consumption;
  • Digital cufflinks, With which the virtual recreation of products and services is carried out that allow the company to anticipate and prematurely solve future incidents.
  • Big data and analytics, with which it develops, for example, advanced wind prediction systems or detects electrical fraud;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) y machine learning with which it applies algorithms to different processes, such as the identification of anomalies in photovoltaic plants, the prediction of natural disasters or the personalization of personalized offers to different customer profiles; etc.

Innovation is Iberdrola’s main tool to guarantee its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. For this reason, the company has allocated 2,000 million euros in the last decade, after having increased resources in this area by 115% annually in the last ten years. These activities have made it the utility most innovative in Spain and the third in the world for investments in R & D & i, according to the European Commission.

Global Center for Power Grid Innovation

Iberdrola is at the forefront of the use of digital technologies and is preparing to face a new era in which disruptive tools will be key in all businesses. As an example of this bet, the company has just announced the launch of its Global Smartgrid Innovation Hub, a center located in Bilbao that will act as a driving platform for innovation, combining its technological capacity with that of suppliers, collaborators and startups of all the world.

It is hub It will start in the spring of 2021 and has already identified more than 120 innovation projects for future implementation worth € 110 million. The lines of work, of an international scope, will allow the development and deployment of innovative solutions for Iberdrola’s electricity grid activity around the world.