Tour de France 2021: Supermn Lpez says enough: The mountain ends and he ‘gets off’ the Tour de France

Tfollowing a race with numerous mishaps, and after helping the group in any way possible, Michelangelo he stops on his way, after the mountain, to recover in pursuit of next objectives. The talented Colombian runner is already preparing his challenge of LaVuelta a Espaa.


Trail running: A mountain runner dies after falling due to a cut in Candanch

La Mountain Civil Guard rescued the body of a young 22-year-old mountain runner that had been precipitated by a cut (opening or cut between two mountains) in Loma Verde (Candanch), predictably when disoriented by the fog when he made a trip through the Huesca Pyrenees.

The Civil Guard received a notice last morning that a mountain runner had gone out for training in the afternoon and had not returned.

With the Tuca Blanca as the last reference and after determining the route that the runner could have followed, personnel from the Mountain Section of the Civil Guard of Jaca accompanied by a doctor from 061 and the support of a helicopter began the search early in the morning in the area of ​​Aspe, Tuca Blanca and La Zapatilla, sources from the Corps have reported. in a press release.

It was a private person who notified at 10 am this Friday that he had located the body without a vinea of a person in the Loma Verde area, in the Candanch area, where the device was moved, who could only confirm the death of the young man, who presented injuries incompatible with life.

The Civil Guard believes that the mountain corridor could have been disoriented due to the fog that yesterday afternoon covered the area and would have been precipitated by a cut. The corpse of the deceased has been transferred to the Jaca depot, pending an autopsy.


Mountain skiing could make its debut at the 2026 Miln-Cortina Games

EMountain skiing could soon be an Olympic sport. Not surprisingly, it will be presented as an additional sport at the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Games, if it is approved at the next assembly in Tokyo.

The Executive of the organization agreed to forward this proposal to the assembly. In this sense, would imply the incorporation to the program of those Games of five new tests.

The five imagined competitions (men and women individual, men and women sprint, team race) They were tested during the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne (Switzerland) in January 2020.Keep reading…


Trail running: Emma Roca, pioneer of mountain running, dies

La trail runner Emma Roca died at age 47, a cancer victim. Your name will always be linked to mountain races and ultra-distance events. He made his way into this sport when he was still not so well known. In its palmars, are listed the triumph at Leadville (161 km in Colorado in 2014), in the GoreTex Transalpine Run (293 kilometers through the Alps as a couple in 2014); two third places on the Mont-Blanc Ultra Trail (2012 and 2013), a second place in the Maratn des Sables (2011) in other great results.

Degree in Biochemistry, PhD in Biomedical Engineering and professional firefighter from the rescue group of the Generalitat de Catalua (GRAE). He carried out the SUMMIT project -Health in ultra marathons and their limits. He also participated in adventure raids (champion of Spain in 2007 and world team champion in 2019) and mountain skiing.

The Reactions to his death have been noted among mountain athletes such as Kilian Jornet, the Pou brothers or Nuria Picas, among others. Picas wrote what he spoke to Roca a few days ago: “We don’t give up, we don’t throw away the bib. We are good fighters.” Despite the suffering, Emma said these words to me a few days ago, a lesson in life. The sports world cries, the firefighters … everyone cries. We will miss you. Wherever you are, Non Stop Emma! “


Campazzo was very self-critical with a play that fascinated the NBA

He played a very good game and made an important contribution to return to victory but, not because of that, he is no longer self-critical. Is about Facundo Campazzo, who assured that he is trying to enjoy his first playoffs in the NBA after the victory of Denver Nuggets on Portland Trail Blaizers by 128-109 at home, in a series tied in one and the best of seven, although he was also self-critical with a very punctual play.

The ex Peñarol of Mar del Plata He spent 30 minutes on the court, with 12 points, 6 assists, 3 rebounds, 3 steals, a block, two personal fouls and three turnovers. One of those assists was spout and made the fans present and users of social networks explode, but Campazzo made a self-criticism last night in front of the press after the game.

“The play in which I crouch like holding a coin is because with PJ (Dozier), we have been talking about when you give a good assist (in English they also say ‘tell me’, which is the name of the 10 cent coin ), you have to pretend to take a coin from the floor, But when I did, they counterattacked us, so it wasn’t good for me. “he mused.

Campazzo is very clear about what to do on the pitch.

On how he goes through his first play offs, he remarked that “They are the highest level I have ever played at. I’m trying to do well and at the same time enjoy them, which is not easy. I try to help the team when I’m on the court and play as hard as I can.”

“We have to continue to be aggressive. Attack from our defense. Give them the points that we want to give them, not the ones they want, that in that way they gain confidence. This key is long, so we have to go day by day. best way to enjoy the moment and do the best job possible “, analyzed Campazzo on Monday’s game.

The series will continue on Thursday at 11:30 p.m. and Saturday at 5 p.m., always on Argentine schedule and with ESPN broadcast.


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