Madrid concedes another penalty goal and misses two points in Villarreal (1-1) (Albert Nadal)

In the last two league games, against Valencia and Villarreal, Real Madrid have committed four penalties. They faced a scandalous 4-1 against xe and this Saturday Zinedine Zidane’s team could not get past the tie at the Estadio de la Cerámica (1-1).

The white team, with eleven emergencies due to the outstanding casualties of Ramos, Benzema and Casemiro, has advanced very early thanks to a goal by Mariano, a striker defenestrated by Zidane and who this Saturday has rewarded his first title with a goal just starting, in the second minute of the game. The yellow players protested the action, out of positional play of Lucas Vázquez, but the referees considered that he did not intervene in the action of the goal.

The goal has added a boost of confidence to the Madrid, who have made a good first half, playing orderly and committed. Dani Parejo could have tied the game before the break, but he finished off on his own. However, the break came with a single shot between the three posts, that of Mariano’s goal.

Villarreal wakes up

In the second half, Unai Emery shook the bench and gave a new air to the local bands with the entry of Samu Chukwueze and Pervis Estupiñán. Villarreal have improved substantially and, once again, Parejo has wasted a clear chance to score, shooting deflected from the front. Shortly afterwards, however, a brilliant connection between Estupiñán and Chukwueze ended with Courtois dropping the Nigerian inside the area. Gerard Moreno, an excellent footballer, took the ball and equalized the game from eleven meters.

It seemed that Villarreal could get the victory, but the white team has managed to overcome the local drive and the duel has ended in tables. Take Kubo, a player who played for Barça and is currently on loan at Real Madrid, added in the final minutes and had the last chance of the game, but between Courtois and Nacho they canceled their match. finished. Zidane’s men have accumulated two consecutive clashes in the league without adding the three points.


The pandemic, a new wall that must bring down women’s football (Laia Bonals)

Go play football after school. This moment of quarrel with friends. The desire to come over the weekend to be able to play, have fun and compete. Now, this is a chimera. Since covid came into our lives, unfortunately, leisure moments have been reduced to the bare minimum. Training and competitions stopped again at the end of October by decision of the Generalitat. The measure, which aims to stop the spread of the virus, has affected thousands of children who have seen their education truncated. Although this decision has had an impact on all sports and categories, some have been the most affected.

Women’s football has been in a constant struggle for years with the desire to improve, gain recognition and normalize a reality that is already beginning to take root in society. Today, women play a very active and present role in the world of sport, and the demonstration that there is no room for discrimination in this sector is becoming increasingly clear. That is why the creation of women’s football schools, something that some time ago was unthinkable, now, as clubs are betting on it, has become a reality.

The pandemic, however, has stopped this dry evolution. “As women’s football is growing, it may seem silly, but it’s a year away, and it will be very difficult to recover. All this growth that was there will stop. A season is very difficult to recover,” he explains. Xevi Bonet, coach of the youth A women’s team of Girona FC. The Girona club has made a strong commitment this year to the training of young footballers. “It’s being very difficult, the truth. We try to put some order, but the truth is that it’s very complicated. The players, like the one he says, have been affected by the covid since March and had to confine, they have played two games “, confesses Joan Carles Sánchez, coordinator of women’s football of the white-and-red team.

Whether for clubs that have recently set up their school in female key or for those that are pioneers, the situation is serious. “If the situation gets longer, it can get extreme. This situation demands that everyone adapt. We don’t spend on what we don’t have. In that sense we are quite humble, and what we stop earning will not be invested. “I think we can more or less save it. Now, if this lasts much longer than a year, I don’t know what will happen,” said Xavi Miracle, sporting director of CE Sant Gabriel. The Sant Adrià de Besòs team is the first in Spain to create the women’s football school at the end of the last century. They have seen them in all colors, but what can cause this pandemic had never happened: “There may be lost generations. They are left without playing and lose their formative stage and possibly not being able to achieve any signing in any amateur club or more level. If we couldn’t make the league with a minimum of about 15 games, I think they will come out with less strength. They won’t be able to see other clubs, “Miracle analyzes.

Larger teams also experience this situation, although they may face it in different ways. “It’s possible for a player to think about it before they come to play. They can say, ‘To go there for a week and then stop for a month, I stay home playing or watching TV.’ It’s true that we’re lucky. that we are in Girona and that we probably suffer less than other clubs, but we also have to tighten our belts. Football needs all the clubs, not just the big ones. We live off the small ones, too, “said Sanchez.

Every girl who plays football is a step forward in the daily struggle of women’s football. “Girls will be lost and each of them is indispensable for the growth of women’s football,” says Bonet. “I have a five-year-old girl who was starting this year because she enjoyed football, and she’s only done four workouts. Surely by the end of the year, she won’t want to play football again,” he says. This situation is repeated in all entities. “We lost a team and a half: all the youngest we had last year competing, and also the nursery, where we had six girls. We lost both teams. It’s mostly because of the parents’ fear of contagion. The girls are They are at an age where they interact a lot with their grandparents, and of course, it’s a risk. It also affects that we don’t know if they will compete or not, or what training conditions we can offer. advances made in women’s training football “, says Jordi Magro, coordinator of the CE Seagull Badalona.

The financial management of the clubs is not easy either. Most entities subsist on public subsidies and monthly dues, and as a result of the pandemic, these have disappeared or declined significantly. Now, therefore, the necessary readjustments will need to be made so that they remain viable. “We will have a lot of losses. We are considering reducing the fees, even though we are one of the clubs with the lowest fee, but the intention is to adapt it to the months we train and those we don’t. We are seeing how long we can reduce and until when we can hold on, ”Magro analyzes. “It would be a catastrophe that after 27 years we would have to disappear because of the situation,” adds Pilar Ruiz, president of the Badalona club. It is easy for anyone to manage the extreme situation we are in. For any sport, club or category, having to juggle is satisfying. It remains to be seen when and how the turf will be able to be trodden again so that all that has been achieved has not been in vain.


HSV conceded compensation in stoppage time

Soccer Second division

HSV conceded compensation in stoppage time

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Hamburg's Amadou Onana (r.) Shields the ball against Jaeseong Lee from Kiel

Hamburg’s Amadou Onana (r.) Shields the ball against Jaeseong Lee from Kiel

Source: dpa / Frank Molter

Before the last international break of this year, the front runner Hamburger SV gambled away a win against pursuers Holstein Kiel in added time. However, the lead over a non-promotion place is still relatively comfortable.

Dhe Hamburger SV simply cannot win against his feared opponent Holstein Kiel. The Hanseatic League parted from their north rivals in the empty Holstein stadium 1: 1 (1: 0) on Monday evening. Moritz Heyer (43rd minute) scored the goals after strong preparatory work by Jeremy Dudziak for the guests and Joshua Mees (90th + 1) for Holstein Kiel in stoppage time.

HSV has been waiting for their first win against Schleswig-Holstein for five second division games. There are now two defeats and three draws. “The first half was very good,” said HSV central defender Toni Leistner at Sky. “We should have just put the lid on.”

HSV was also able to extend its lead in the standings by winning one point. Hamburg are now in the lead with 17 points and have a comfortable five-point lead over the relegation rank. With this, HSV reinforced its claim to want to return to the Bundesliga this season. The Kielers have twelve points and moved up to fourth place.

“In the second half we showed a different face”

Both teams could not hide their respect for each other. Hamburg, the best offensive team in the second division with 15 goals scored, and the strongest defense in the league from Kiel with only five goals conceded, neutralized each other for a long time. The build-up of the game, especially at HSV, stalled in the first half. The ball was played wider than it was forward. The Kielers skilfully covered the space, because the leaders lacked the ideas.

Holstein trainer Ole Werner had announced his team’s concept as “aggressive and unpleasant”. It was, too, but rarely sought the way on the offensive. HSV also had only a few chances to score. Then the favorite took the lead with a header from Heyer. Standing with his back to the goal, Dudziak had previously accepted the ball with his right thigh and passed it on to Heyer with his left volley.

“We showed a different face in the second half. We started like the fire brigade, ”said Kiel captain Hauke ​​Wahl. After changing sides, the Kielers actually looked for the offensive more often and put the hitherto hardly tested HSV defense under pressure. But only in stoppage time, when all observers had made friends with the Hamburg victory, the hosts struck.


Mestalla shows the shame of Real Madrid (Albert Nadal)

The famous manor of Real Madrid was erased at Mestalla in a historic defeat in which between the referee and the VAR, so often questioned for being another ally of the elongated tentacles of Florentino Pérez, whistled three penalties against the white set. Emilio Butragueño, responsible for the institutional relations of Real Madrid, did not take long to make the cry after the match against Valencia, and the protocol “We do not talk about the referees” when things went well he went on to attack an institution that he has smiled at them so many times.

“In the second goal, the VAR must see that there is a foul on Asensio,” said Butragueño, calling for a previous action between the Madrid striker and Denis Cherichev in which neither the referee nor the VAR interpreted it as a punishable foul or invalidated a play that ended in a goal in Raphaël Varane’s own goal. The Madrid spokesman may have forgotten, when he made these statements, the push that Ferland Mendy made to Achraf Hakimi in the first of the goals of the white team in the victory (3-2) against Inter Milan just last Tuesday . “In the third goal [del València] he thought they would whistle for lack of Maxi Gomez, however [Jesús] Gil Manzano sees it differently. Let the professionals give their opinion “, he added. That action was punished with a penalty from Marcelo to Gómez. Butragueño, at least, did not refer to the third penalty, in which Sergio Ramos starred in a clear action as a handball player.

Madrid’s historic defeat in Valencia with three penalties against (4-1)

The slap was capital for the white team, accustomed to a benevolent treatment of members that is often attributed to the threads that move the club’s president, Florentino Perez, in Spanish sports institutions. Without going any further, Javier Tebas, the top leader of the League, accused Pérez a few months ago of calling on Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, to put pressure on him in matters of refereeing. The reality is that, against Valencia, the Extremaduran referee Gil Manzano and the Galician referee, Ingancio Iglesias Villanueva (in charge of the VAR), did not shake their thumbs.

In the last 46 league games, they had only scored two penalties against Real Madrid

There is a fact that is devastating and that draws the reality of the benevolent treatment of the refereeing team at Real Madrid: until this Sunday’s defeat at Mestalla, only two penalties had been whistled against the white team in the last 46 league games, according to data collected by Cope journalist Pedro Martín. In fact, Gil Manzano scored in just half an hour more penalties (3) than all the referees in the entire last League. Real Madrid has become the tenth team in the history of state competition to be awarded three penalties in the same match.

Reviews of Zinedine Zidane

Butragueño, a representative of white institutional relations, spared no criticism and judgments against the collegiate, but instead did not want to question the rotations in an atypical eleven of Zinedine Zidane. The white team only rolled for the first 30 minutes before being humiliated by a defenestrated Valencia who came into the game having added only one point from the last nine. “These are technical issues that we don’t have to get into. The coach has to make decisions and he has a great staff,” he said.

Isco Alarcón, who was the most prominent rotation yesterday, is, right now, a shadow of the footballer he has become, and players like Marcelo, Marco Asensio and Lucas Vázquez (emergency side) signed a very disappointing performance. Also captain Sergio Ramos played a game to forget. Zidane could be excused in the coronavirus casualties of Eden Hazard and Casemiro (footballer who does not have a clear substitute in his position), but Butragueño was already in charge of making the cry, pointing out the referees and not the poor performance of the your team. Instead, the Madrid press and part of the fans charge against the French coach.


Madrid avoids a tragedy ‘in extremis’ (2-2)

Three days after winning at the Camp Nou, Real Madrid made a chestnut match again. The white team drew with Borussia Mönchengladbach (2-2) and continued in the Champions League. Marcus Thuram, the son of the legendary Lilian Thuram, became the executioner of the Madrid team, which is the group’s leader. The Italian-French striker scored both goals for the locals (minutes 33 and 58). Pressed by a marker that threatened with dire consequences, Zinedine Zidane turned in the final stretch of the match to Eden Hazard on a night in which Thibaut Courtois avoided the third German goal.

Madrid looked for a comeback with more desire than football. Stripped of their usual defensive security, the white team suffered to limit the offensive movements of players like Turan or Stindl. Vinícius, who was substituted, had a very wrong performance and a desperate Zidane ended up turning to Sergio Ramos and Raphaël Varane as forwards.

Real Madrid’s two goals came in the last three minutes of the match, when Karim Benzema (minute 87) and, already in added time, Casemiro (93) avoided a defeat that seemed written. “They came to our goal twice and scored two goals. We have worked to the end and this must be the way. We know we are not in a comfortable situation, but the point reached is very important. We know that in the Champions League all the matches are difficult “, explained Casemiro. Despite the draw, Madrid remain without a margin of error in the last four games of the group stage of the Champions League. The white team will host Inter Milan on Tuesday in a clash with many things at stake.

Atletico Madrid wins (3-2)

Atletico Madrid beat Red Bull Salzburg (3-2). The best game of the season by Joao Félix, who scored two goals, had the prize of victory. The final goal came five minutes from time, when the score was tied.


Madrid slips into the Champions League and magnifies the crisis before the classic


The white team loses in the European debut against Shakhtar Donetsk

Real Madrid will reach the Camp Nou classic in the first identity crisis in chapter two of Zinedine Zidane as head of the bench of the league champions. The defeat on the last day of the state against Cádiz took on a dangerous significance yesterday as it debuted with a defeat in the Champions League against Shakhtar with a call-up of circumstances and the losses due to coronavirus positives (2-3). Two games and the lack of competitiveness as a common thread, losing the wild card of the slip on day 1 and further opening up the classification options in the group.

The white set will have to improve if you don’t want an even bigger scare. Against Shakhtar he was unable to impose himself, line by line. The rotations considering Ronald Koeman’s visit to Barça accentuated the wear and tear of the tactical order. The strategic bet was its condemnation. Zidane’s Madrid can only work if it has a level B plan. This is not the case now. The Ukrainians were better at being strong on defense, not giving up space and taking advantage of rival mistakes to hurt the opponent. He didn’t need any more, because that was the point of demand, too discreet for matches with the anthem of the sport’s most prestigious tournament king. Viktor Korniyenko put the first stone in a counterattack with numerical inferiority. It was the fourth clear warning. Thibaut Courtois was the best of the match. It is no longer news. The Belgian could not avoid Tetê’s first goal after Korniyenko’s run from the right side to the balcony of the opposing area, without opposition.

Reaction to halves

Sergio Ramos’s rest came out expensive. The facilities were a tonic that made Madrid go to the break with a historic 0-3 against in the first continental match of the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. Raphael Varane first on his own doorstep and Solomon then rounded out the chaotic feeling and forced Zidane’s unventionalist policy, which found arguments for the reaction with the easy movement of Karim Benzema’s entry. The attack only works if the French striker is part of the eleven. The improvement was progressive. Luka Modric invented the 1-3 with a touch of genius to open the game. The bet to make Vinicius have minutes was an extra push. The Brazilian claimed prominence by signing the 2-3. Everything was set for the comeback. Madrid was about to get it. It was the VAR who ironically avoided it in stoppage time for a positional offside. Surprise, defeat and complicated preview before playing against Leo Messi.


Madrid falls asleep and suffers its first defeat in the League (0-1)

It happens to many small teams that when they play against a big one and forgive in the first half, they end up paying for it in the second. But this was not the case of Cádiz, which yesterday, against all odds, took all three points against Real Madrid (0-1). The whites, in a game where they fell asleep and never dominated, saw the Andalusian rival overtake them, especially in the first half. Madrid’s first defeat in the league was minimal, but if Cadiz had taken advantage of the many opportunities available, it would have ended in a thrashing.

The Madrid dressing room was self-critical and ended up thanking Barça for their defeat at Getafe. Because, in this way, they will reach the classic ahead in the standings. But today, if Betis wins, he could lose the lead. “This is what happens to you when you don’t get into a game well. In the second half we were better, but if in the first we managed to score two or three goals, we could not have complained. When you don’t start well, this can happen to you. There are no excuses “, said Zidane, assuming with fair play the defeat. “I’ve had to intervene too many times,” added goalkeeper Courtois. And when we wanted to fix it, in the second half, we found a team locked in their field. It has been impossible for us. “

Cadiz had enough fifteen minutes to prove he was up for the job, a time during which he had five very clear opportunities to get ahead. It was in the sixth when the goal came. A very poorly defended action from Madrid that ended with a Vaseline from Lozano. Álvaro Negredo enabled the Honduran player, who was left alone in front of Courtois.

Very unhappy with the performance of his players, Zidane tried to revolutionize the team with four changes in the half. The coach, annoyed, did not from the bench seeing how his bet had no effect. Because Cádiz was almost always the protagonist, and that after his goal he opted for a more conservative game, without taking risks. And it wasn’t until the final stretch of the match that he brazenly locked himself in his field to defend the result with a lock and bolt. The last fifteen minutes were the only ones in which Madrid could have scored a goal, and even got to kick the crossbar. The whites, who were dressed in pink yesterday, saw the referee invalidate a goal from Valverde for a previous offside that the VAR confirmed.

Branches, pardoned

The match, however, was marked by controversy surrounding Sergio Ramos. The center could have seen the red after two actions at the limit: a blow to the back to Choco Lozano, who would end up injured, and a kick to the knee. The referee showed only the yellow card. In the end, the Madrid captain stayed in the locker room in the middle, due to muscle problems. If he recovers, he will play at the Camp Nou next Saturday.


Mirandés punishes Sabadell in two minutes of inspiration from Víctor Gómez (0-2)

In two fateful minutes for CE Sabadell, Víctor Gómez, a footballer on loan from Espanyol to Mirandés, punished the harlequin team (0-2). In the 75th minute, Gómez served a cross between the goal and the heart of the area that Pablo Martínez shot with force. Just two minutes later, the winger formed in the white-and-blue planter connected a cross shot from the front without any harlequin player coming out to cover it. After hitting the post, the ball went into the back of the net and sentenced a Sabadell that has not yet been able to add any points after four days in its return to the Second Division.

In the first half, equality prevailed. Mirandés dominated during the first bars without worrying, despite Jirka’s insistence on the right flank of the visiting attack. The first harlequin approach took fourteen minutes to arrive, but from the first half hour of play Sabadell began to take the pulse of the game. With Adri Cuevas trying to channel the game from the engine room and with an incisive Víctor García on the right, the locals have begun to have their say. Garcia had the clearest chance for Sabadell in the first half, but his volley from the second post did not find the way to goal. Before, Óscar Rubio had been providential, ultimately rejecting two Mirandés goal passes.

In the second half, local coach Antonio Hidalgo began to move the bench – the first to enter were Edgar Hernández and Néstor Querol – but, with the prevailing equality, the feeling of danger was closer to the whole of Miranda de Ebro than not of the harlequins. After the hour of the match, Jirka sent a ball into the back of the net, but the play was invalidated by the former Red Star of Belgrade offside player. The play was born with a magical pass from Javi Muñoz. For their part, the locals made the wrong decisions when executing the last pass or trying to connect with the strikers. It has been a first warning.

Shortly after the annulled goal came, first, the goal of Pablo Martínez, a player who had entered just after the break, and then the sentence of Víctor Gómez. Sabadell did not throw in the towel in the last minutes, but Mirandés, well placed, was dedicated to wasting time with many changes and defending himself orderly without giving any option to the Harlequins.


Who climbs to excellent? .. 7 clubs wrestle to snatch 3 cards

The clubs of the second division, the final round, are waiting to win the promotion to the Premier League for the 2020/2021 season, for the excitement and fun of the competition to continue until the last moments.

The matches of the 22nd round of the competition are scheduled to start on Monday, October 12th, with the first group confrontations, “Upper Egypt,” then on the 13th of the third group, and the second group on the 15th.

The matches of each group are held at the same time at 3 pm

3 clubs will go up to the Premier League next season, with one team from each group, and 7 clubs are currently competing to book 3 cards in the Premier League.

The first group

3 clubs are competing to snatch the promotional card for the Premier League next season, and they are:

1- Al-Ahli Bank 43 points
2- Aluminum 42 points
3- Beni Suef 41 points

In the final round, the National Bank of Egypt will play Assiut Petroleum, while the aluminum will play its counterpart, Sohag, and Beni Suef will host the Tahta team on Monday, October 12th.

In the event that Al-Ahly Bank wins the last round match, it reaches point No. 46, and thus ascends directly to the Premier League, regardless of the results of the Alumium and Beni Suef matches.

The aluminum dream to return to the league since its last appearance in 2007/2008 is contingent on its victory to reach the 45th point, with a draw or loss by Al-Ahli Bank, regardless of Beni Suef’s result.

Beni Suef needs to win their match to reach the 44th point, with Al-Ahly Bank losing, and a loss or draw in Olympiom, in order to climb directly to the Premier League.

Other scenarios

– Al-Ahli Bank can rise if a tie in its last match and Beni Suef won on the condition of a loss or a tie of aluminum, as the National Bank and Beni Suef will equal in points (44), but the direct results will be in favor of the National Bank. (Winning 1-0, 2-0).

The aluminum draw, and the loss of the National Bank as well as Beni Suef, makes there equal points between the aluminum and the National Bank (43), and thus the direct results rule, which refers to a tie also (2-2 in the aggregate of the two matches), and thus the matter will be determined by the difference rule Goals, and then base the most scored in the competition.

(Al-Ahli Bank has scored 28 goals and conceded 11 goals, thus the goal difference of +17, against aluminum, scoring 33 goals and conceding 17, thus the goal difference of +16).

– If the three clubs lose the last round matches, the situation remains as it is, and the National Bank rises directly.

the second group

The Interior team came out of the accounts after a draw in the 21st round with the Republic of Shebin without goals, so that the conflict became “theoretically” between Ceramica and Petrojet, as follows:

1- Ceramica: 42 points
2- Petrojet 39 points

Sermica needs to win or draw in its last match in the competition against the Republic of Shebin on Thursday 15 October in order to climb for the first time in the club’s history to the Premier League.

An exciting scenario

– In the event that the Ceramica team lost, and Petrojet won in their last match against Mars, here the points are equal between the two (42).

– When referring to the first rule, “direct confrontations,” the group of two matches indicates a draw (2-2), and therefore the goal difference rule will be considered.

– The Ceramica team excels in the base “goal difference” (+5), and thus Petrojet needs to win with a big score, waiting for Ceramica to fall also by a goal difference in order to go directly to the Premier League.

The third group

This group is witnessing a competition between Ghazl El Mahalla and Pharco to snatch the ticket to the Premier League next season.

1- Ghazal Mahalla 44 points
2- Pharco 42 points

Ghazel El Mahalla won or draw against the Olympic club on Tuesday 13 October, returning the team to the Premier League since its last appearance in the 2015/2016 season.

Pharco needs to beat the municipality of Mahalla, with Ghazl El Mahalla losing to the Olympic team in order to top the standings (45), and go directly to the league next season.

An exciting scenario

In the event that Pharco wins his match, and Ghazl El Mahalla tied, then there is a tie in points (45), and thus the rule of direct confrontations is applied first.

Ghazal El Mahalla and Farko tied 1-1 in the first round match, and with the same result in the second round, and thus the goal difference rule will be transferred.

Ghazal El Mahalla is better in the goal difference (6+) than Farco, as Ghazal Mahalla scored 30 goals and conceded 10, making the difference 20+, and Pharco scored 24 goals and conceded 10 goals, making the difference 14+


Corona: 3483 new corona infections in Germany

IAccording to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the health authorities in Germany have within a day from Sunday morning 3483 new corona infections reported. From Wednesday to Thursday the value rose significantly from 2828 to 4058, from Thursday to Friday the number was 4516. Experience has shown that the number of cases recorded is usually lower on Sundays and Mondays, also because not all health authorities report data to the RKI at the weekend .

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, according to the RKI, at least 322.864 People in Germany have been proven to be infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus (data as of October 11, 12 a.m.). The number of deaths in connection with a corona infection was therefore 9615. That was eleven more than the previous day.

The reproduction number, in short R value, according to RKI estimates in Germany according to the management report on Sunday 1,40 (Previous day: 1.42). This means that an infected person infects 1.4 other people on average. The R-value depicts the infection rate about one and a half weeks beforehand.

In addition, the RKI gives a so-called in its current management report Seven-day R. on. The value relates to a longer period and is therefore less subject to daily fluctuations. According to RKI estimates, this value was according to information on Sunday 1,37 (Previous day: 1.43). It shows the infection process from eight to 16 days ago.

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According to the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) are currently 532 Covid patients intensive care treated, around half of which are invasively ventilated.

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According to the RKI dashboard, these 30 regions now have the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants exceeded in seven days:

Berlin Reinickendorf, District 57.4

Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, District 53.8

Berlin Mitte, District 103.1

Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, District 62.0

Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg, District 79.6

Berlin Neukölln, District 128.9

Bremen, district-free city 77.3

Wesermarsch, district 50.8

Delmenhorst, independent city 64.5

Cloppenburg, District 85.0

Grafschaft Bentheim, district. 51.8

Hamm, district-free city 58.9

Unna, district 54.2

Recklinghausen, District 56.8

Herne, district-free city 86.3

Hagen, district-free city 71.0

Wuppertal, district-free city 60.5

Solingen district-free city 51.5

Cologne, district-free city 59.7

Essen, district-free city 57.3

Groß-Gerau, District 51.1

Frankfurt am Main, independent city 63.7

Offenbach am Main, district-free city 80.6

Kaiserslautern, district 61.3

Esslingen, district 59.8

Memmingen, district-free city 56.7

Stuttgart, district-free city 50.5

Fürstenfeldbruck, district 64.3

Rosenheim, district-free city 70.8

Regen, County 60.7

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India reports more than seven million corona cases

If has the threshold of seven million corona cases exceeded. The country’s health ministry reported a nearly increase in new infections on Sunday 75.000, so the total number of infected people rose to 7.05 million.

Given the rising number of cases, the country could soon surpass the US with 7.67 million infected. However, experts assume a high number of unreported cases, as India with its 1.3 billion inhabitants only has a small amount of test capacities.

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The number of confirmed deaths related to the coronavirus is in Brazil risen above the 150,000 mark. The Brazilian Ministry of Health announced the number on Saturday evening 150.198 on. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, only the United States has recorded more corona deaths worldwide.

The US– The CDC has registered 53,363 new cases of infection. This increases the total number 7.694.865 People with contagion. The authority recorded 577 new deaths. A total of 213,614 patients did not survive the infection.

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Over 16,000 new infections in France

In France are in the past 24 hours 16.101 New infections have been identified. This means that a total of 734,974 people have contracted the pathogen. The number of corona deaths increases by 46 to 32,730.

Great Britain reports 12.872 New infections, over 2000 fewer than on Saturday. According to the official count, 65 people who have contracted the virus die.

Portugal has with me on Saturday 1646 New infections reported the highest increase since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Netherlands reported around on Saturday for the past 24 hours 6500 New infections, more than ever. The government has warned of new nationwide restrictions if the number of infections and weekend hospital admissions does not decrease.

The Polish Ministry of Health reported on Saturday 5300 New infections within 24 hours. This is the highest value since the outbreak of the corona virus in Germany’s neighboring country. The total number of proven cases of infection rises to 121,638. According to official information, a total of 2,972 people have died with or from the virus so far. The government has tightened the requirements. Mouth and nose covers must always be worn in the streets.

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