The Stolen Sands of Patara: The Officer Keeping the Record Was Dismissed For The Second Time

Şükrü Durmuş, President of Tarım Orman-İş, came from the Patara Special Environmental Protection Area in Antalya’s Kaş district in February. 2 bin 168 The truck announced that sand had been stolen and sold.

It was stated that a guard working in Patara was blocked by the AKP Kaş District Manager while he was trying to get a record in order to take the sand theft incident to the judicial process.

In addition, the officer was also appointed by the District Governor of Kaş. “If our President comes, I will keep this memorandum” because he said “Insulting the President” It was stated that he was dismissed from his duty on the alleged charge, and then reinstated.

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Criminal complaint against the District Governor of Kaş

According to the news of Sarp Sağkal from CumhuriyetAfter these developments, the guard, Umut Utku, was dismissed once again.

Sukru Durmus, “Kaş District Governor Şaban Yazıcı dismissed our colleague, who was doing his duty, without any inspector report and judicial decision. This is an abuse of public power.” said.

Durmuş said that other guards in the region were also threatened. “We would like to ask the District Governor of Kaş: AKP district manager Osman Deniz Karataç, who was involved in the sand theft in the region, Tevfik Taner, the city council member, and Mustafa Bahar, the owner of the excavation company, threatened other public personnel, ‘If you go against us, you will end up like Umut Utku’. Is he saying it with courage from you?” posed the question.

Stopped, “We have applied to Antalya Governor’s Office, Ministry of Interior and Antalya Administrative Court about Kaş District Governor Şaban Arda Yazıcı, who abused public power. We will follow the process until the end.” he said.

The district governor’s staff is also involved!

Demirören News Agency (DHA) In his news dated February 2021, he announced that an operation was carried out against the theft of sand in Patara and that 20 people, including business people, were detained.

The article contained the following information:

  • from July 2020 3 thousand to 5 thousand The members of the gang, who allegedly used the sand in various ways between trucks, were released pending trial after their statements were taken. It was also revealed that some construction companies marketed the sand transported from Patara and sold by trucks with the slogan ‘We make our floor stones from Patara sand’ in their advertisements.

Greenhouse waste used as an excuse

  • Kaş Forest Management Directorate and Kaş Culture, Art and Education Association (KAŞ-DER) A protocol was signed on 1 July 2020 between Although the protocol includes issues such as the collection of garbage and greenhouse waste on and around the Plain B Type recreation area and its use as green manure, KAŞ-DER managers and Faybahar with company representatives named The personnel working in Kaş District Governorship 20 people, including one, were accused of stealing and selling thousands of trucks of sand from the region.

  • HK, who was recruited as a seasonal worker in the summer of 2020, within the scope of the protocol, which includes items such as taking the hill-shaped sands in the area and filling the pits, burying the green vegetable waste materials from the greenhouses in the pits dug in the field, and obtaining long-term recycling, compost and fertilizer, His supervisor, who is also the head of the association, who is in charge of the district governor’s office, was appointed as a watchman in the area where the project will be implemented, and according to the allegations, the construction equipment and trucks of the entrepreneur company named MB, which took the tender for the excavation works to be implemented within the scope of the project, ensured that sand was extracted from the area.

Sand buyers testified

  • Due to the many pits opened in the region and the spread of bad smells due to the wastes filled in these pits and the increase of the mosquito problem, the residents of the Ova Neighborhood started to complain. Many name trucks from the residents of the neighborhood testified that sand was sold at prices ranging from 125 TL to 2 thousand TL. In expressions people who buy sand, the amount of sand they buy, how much they paid told. According to the statements, it was also determined that the suspects stockpiled thousands of tons of sand, ready for sale, on vacant or rented lands in the Ova and Kınık districts.

Investigation against AKP executive who opened fire randomly from car

According to the news of Egehan Erkün from Digital Gaste, Cemal Başaran opened fire with his gun while driving on the Muğla-Aydın Highway. The moments when the AKP member was terrified were recorded by his friend with his cell phone camera. Basaran put the lives of the people around him in danger and published the images of that moment on social media.

It was seen that Başaran, who reported the location of the video as Aydın’s Çine district, also endangered the lives of the drivers passing by. Başaran, who shared his moments of danger on social media, soon removed the images. Başaran’s sharing caused reactions from many users on social media.


Erdogan: ‘The New Fashion Has Started Now, You Can’t Get Married Before 30’

President Erdoğan, organized by AKP Youth Branch on the occasion of Father’s Day “Fatherest Meeting with Youth” Gathered with 700 young people from 81 provinces in the online event.

President Erdogan asked a young person, “How is your health?” He answered the question with the words “Thank God we are good. We are not destroyed, we are standing”.

“Now the new fashion has begun”

Another young man “What is your advice to us as a father-to-be as a father and grandfather?” To the question, Erdogan gave the following answer:

“First, do not neglect yourself. You will have children too, do not neglect your children. Now the new fashion has begun. Neither boys get married nor girls get married before the age of 30. My first and most important advice to future father and mother candidates is to love each other for once, respect each other. Take care of each other, always be side by side, shoulder to shoulder. He who does not take care of his family cannot take care of his life. It is not possible for such a person to do good works for his country and the world. We will pay attention to this. I believe that you should get married without delay, without advancing your age process too much I say this for both our young people and our daughters. And I always say it at wedding ceremonies, at least three children. Because we need this.”

Very Interesting Sharings of the President of the Association in Germany to which Metin Külünk Sends Money with Sedat Peker

“For example, my brother Metin has a relative named Ömer Külünk, let me tell you how our relationship is. Money lenders took my nephew’s place, the money of that time is 1.5 million liras today, if you could just talk to the loan sharks. He will call him, he will call him as if I was making collections. I said, ‘Brother, how much money should I pay?’ There are a couple of businessmen friends mentioned about it, we said, ‘we will pay’. When it comes to paying money, I only paid, we received the title deed. If we give money, we give it like this. Those associations in Germany used to ask them, ‘Will you send money’, I would send money to them secretly. But there is no 10 thousand who go every month, When election time came, I would leave money in his car.”


Metin Külünk, Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, Demirören… What did Sedat Peker tell in the 9th video?

You go, invest in money, then you do whatever you want to do. You know, Sülü has a relative in Ankara, this municipality accent of his works. He has become a giant, ministers and general managers direct them all. The system in the municipalities I am talking about. Now that you invested the money there, you will say that the money did not go to the mayor. What is he doing? There is a job worth 100 thousand liras, he says to his most trusted friend, ‘make out an invoice of 1 million’.

There is such a ridiculous thing as giving the job to the person he wants, and you (youth) you will remove. The best bidder should win the contract. Then he takes the 1 million lira job but does it for 100 thousand liras. He gives him 100 thousand liras, and if 100 thousand taxes etc., he takes the remaining 800 thousand liras without bones and pockets it. Look, I’m not kidding. And why aren’t any police under surveillance, why are they not punished, they are acquitted in the end? Because the system is on it.

  • $600 million without bones without doing any work

I will explain how the subcontractor system works. These can be changed with one simple move. A person has a weakness for his wife and child, they can influence him and direct you. You will set up the system. You’ll make me do the lion hunt, and I’ll tell you.

You always say, 5’li çete, gang of ten, just because they’re giving them the contract. They are getting the tender for 1 billion dollars, do you think they have workers, no, they don’t. There is a subcontractor system. They outsource the work to subcontractors. It subcontracts 400 thousand million dollars, $600 million boneless on this side.

  • The subcontractor also has a subcontractor

Subcontractors also have subcontractors. Honestly, disgrace, comedy. This is how the whole system works. What is that subcontractor doing? Lastly, that subcontractor has a six, they are the owners of trucks and such, they also find their way and find the reward of their labor. But the money in the middle is neither truck, nor this nor that. You will say that you have removed the subcontractor system. You will open the tender, he will enter the tender even over the phone, he will prepare all the documents. If the subcontractor can do this, why is it taking 200 million dollars from the state? Where is this money going? When you keep this money, the minimum wage will be 10 thousand.

  • If one of them is wrong, I will cut my hand

What will you do for me? There are honest journalists, I don’t talk in vain, believe me if I’m talking about something. I wouldn’t embarrass me to you or you to anyone else. They say, ‘Everything Sedat Peker said has started to come true’. If one of them is wrong, I say I will cut my hand, don’t you understand?

You journalists, the climate of fear is broken though. Encourage journalists to overcome that climate of fear, but honest ones. When you give them courage, there are hard-hearted types in the opposition parties, when you give them enthusiasm and pressure, we will not vote, they will go once. If only the government had opened it, everything would come out.


Cüneyt Özdemir: ‘I was told the name of the politician who received 10 thousand dollars from Peker, no surprise’

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, while responding to the allegations of organized crime leader Sedat Peker, who targeted him in a television broadcast he participated in the past few weeks, he also brought up a striking claim. Soylu said that there is a politician who receives 10 thousand dollars a month from Peker. However, Soylu has not disclosed that name so far, despite persistent questions from journalists and the opposition.

Journalist Cüneyt Özdemir made a post about Soylu’s claim today. Özdemir said, “Today, a high-ranking politician told me this name off the record. I haven’t been able to confirm it from different sources yet. But there are no surprises!” said.