Medicines Agency expects ″ six or seven ″ vaccines available in 2021

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) hopes to give a favorable opinion on a first vaccine against the new coronavirus “by the end of the year” to be distributed “from January,” said its director, Guido Rasi, this Saturday.

“If the data is solid, we can give the green light to the first vaccine by the end of the year and start distribution from January,” said director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Guido Rasi, in an interview published this Saturday. in the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

This body is responsible for the authorization and control of medicines in the European Union (EU), and the final green light given by the European Commission allows laboratories to market their medicines across the EU.

EMA, which expects “six or seven” different vaccines to be available in 2021, received on Friday “Pfizer’s first clinical data on its vaccine,” said Guido Rasi.

The EMA director also described that they received “the pre-clinical data from AstraZeneca, from animal tests, which are already being evaluated” and that, finally, they had “several conversations with Moderna”.

With the vaccine being placed on the market in January, its first effects in terms of containing the spread of the virus “will be visible in five to six months, especially next summer,” he explained, recalling that, obviously, “it will not be possible to immunize all people”.

“We will start with the most vulnerable categories, such as the elderly and health professionals, who will start to block the transmission bridges,” said the official.

Guido Rasi believes that it is necessary to vaccinate “more than half” of the European population in order to “be able to witness a decline in the pandemic”, which will require “at least 500 million doses in Europe”.

To vaccinate everyone, “it will take at least a year” and “if everything goes well by the end of 2021, we will have enough immunization,” said Rasi.


Enzo Mari, one of the most innovative designers of the second half of the 20th century, dies




The Italian designer and artist Enzo Mari has died in Milan (north) at the age of 88, as announced today on social networks by the president of the Milanese Triennial museum, where the artist starred in a exhibition dedicated to 60 years of career.

«Ciao Enzo. You are leaving like a giant ”, wrote the architect Stefano Boeri, director of the Triennial.

The local press does not record the cause of his death, but reports that he was entered for a few days at the San Raffaelle hospital in the Lombard capital.

Born in Cerano (north) in 1932, although she always lived in Milan, Mari was a firm defender of artistic expression in design versus technique, and was considered one of the most innovative designers of the second half of the 20th century.

Received the Barcelona International Design Award in 1997, and grew up with an eye toward postwar Milan: “a melting pot of nations and ideas where everyone wanted to build a new city and culture,” as the artist described it in a conference at the Istituto Europeo di Design. from Madrid in 2000.

As «a world famous artist, legendary icon maker»Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, defined it on Twitter. He also recalled how Mari won the “Compasso D’Oro” five times (the last one in 2011 in recognition of her career), the most important award in the industrial design field.

Mari attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in the Lombard capital to train in literature and art, after which she began her endeavor in industrial design. In 1957 he presented his first project, “16 animali” (a wooden puzzle) to the Milanese furniture manufacturer “Danese”.

Since the 1960s, he has taught at different institutions, such as the University of Parma, the Carrara Academy, the Milan Polytechnic, the Isia in Florence, the University of Fine Arts in Berlin or the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

His works are exhibited in the most important museums in the world, such as the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the MOMA in New York or the Milan Triennale museum.

On October 17, this institution opened the doors of the exhibition “Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist”, and the historical supervision of Francesca Giacomelli, with works that relate more than 60 years of design activity. Ulrich called him at the opening ceremony a “Modern Leonardo”, whose icons can be visited until April 18, 2021.

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Nadal, at the gates of a new Roland Garros

After 15 years and 12 titles, Rafa Nadal he still had something to discover on the Philippe Chatrier track. Since that debut against Lars Burgsmüller in May 2005, in the 100 games he has played in the Bologna Forest, Nadal had never played with the moon as a witness. Until Tuesday. The duration of the previous matches, the decision to put the balearic last in the order of play and the introduction of the roof and the night session in this edition, for the first time in history, made it possible for Nadal, in his hundreds of games in Paris, to taste the flavor of the night. And, as in 98 of them, he was victorious.

The young man Jannik SinnerOne of the young and most exciting players at 19, he was the toughest stone Nadal has encountered on the road, but he succumbed 7-6 (3), 6-4 and 6-1 after midnight in Paris. . The Italian, world number 75 and debutant at Roland Garros, he put Nadal on the ropes for the first time in a tournament that was being too placid for the Spaniard. He squeezed from the start, had breaking opportunities in the first set and broke the Manacorense at 5-5, putting himself in a position to take him, but there he woke up from sleep and realized what he was desecrating. Nadal returned the break with two parallel rights and ended his insubordination in the ‘tie break’.

Something similar to what happened to Dominic Thiem happened to Sinner when he met Nadal in the second round of 2014. He will be a great champion, but he is still somewhat tender. While the Balearic reached 100 games only at Roland GarrosSinner was contesting his 40th match as a professional.

After an hour and ten minutes of the first set, the battle took its toll to Sinner, who received medical attention on the adductor, but did not loosen. Anchored in a very powerful forehand and a very reliable lever backhand, the transalpine once again tamed Nadal and led him 3-1. But if there is a complicated task on the ground, such as breaking the Balearic’s serve, there is another worse one, and that is holding the serve to the next game. Sinner failed there both times and delivered the second set 6-4, despite its initial advantage.

His power was decreasing as Nadal learned to tame the Italian and the challenge that the Spanish faced was gradually falling into his clutches.

The latest at Roland Garros

Already become the Final match in the history of Roland Garros, Nadal turned into a werewolf when the closest night was in the French capital, grabbed the last set 6-1 and remains two wins away from the thirteenth title in Paris.

In the semifinals he will face Diego Schwartzman, who defeated Dominic Thiem in a battle lasting more than five hours, 7-6 (1), 5-7, 6-7 (8), 7-6 (5) and 6-2. The US Open champion was not comfortable at any time and was able to leave before the tournament, but he held on to the match, which, together with the Argentine’s mistakes, precipitated a fifth set in which the Austrian gave up.

For Nadal it will not be an easy rival. Schwartzman has already defeated him, for the first time in ten games, in the quarterfinals of the last 1,000 Masters in Rome preventing the Spanish from revalidating the title in the Italian capital. In his favor the balance plays in the Grand Slam, where in four clashes the Buenos Aires player has only taken two sets. On these tracks they already crossed in 2018 and Schwartzman took the first set and had a Nadal on the ropes who was saved by the rain.

This Tuesday the first women’s semifinal was also defined, which will face Argentina’s Nadia Podoroska, who beat Elina Svitolina (6-2 and 6-4), and Iga Swiatek, who could with Martina Trevisan (6-3 and 6-1 ).


They investigate if Luis Suárez’s Italian exam was rigged

Barcelona forward Luis Suarez is suspected of having cheated, with the complicity of his teachers, to pass an Italian exam last week, the Perouse Prosecutor’s Office (Ombría, central Italy) in charge of the investigation said Tuesday.

This Italian diploma was the first stage to obtain a passport of the country, an essential document for signing for Juventus from Turin, an operation that now seems interrupted.

“The investigation shows that the topics covered in the exam had been agreed with the candidate and that the grade had been attributed to him even before the exam,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor Raffaele Cantone, former head of the Italian national anti-corruption authority, has been investigating since February possible irregularities of university professors in exams for foreigners and would have discovered Luis Suárez’s trap thanks to wiretaps ordered much earlier.

But do you think we’re going to suspend him? Today is the last lesson (to Suárez) and I must prepare him because he does not speak practically a word ”of Italian, Stefania Pina, one of the investigated women, told an interlocutor, according to the documents of the Prosecutor’s Office cited by the media. Asked by his interlocutor about the level of Luis Suárez, Spina replied: «He should not approve, but he will approve, with a salary of ten million (euros) per season you cannot suspend him».


“Regular Italian exam, without favoritism”

Suarez case, the lawyer of the rector of theUniversity for foreigners of Perugia claims the innocence of his client: “TheItalian exam it took place regularly, without any favoritism ».

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David Brunelli, attorney at Giuliana Grego Bolli, in an interview with La Stampa explains that what was revealed by the wiretapping would be the result of a misunderstanding. «When it is said that the player had to be on the track, the reference is to the training path, not to a shortcut to be instructed to answer questions. Professor Grego made it clear that the track was intended as an educational process, as a course of study. In the academic field, that term is used to define the course of study of foreigners according to their language “- the words of the lawyer -” I still have to examine all the papers of the investigation and I only had a quick interview with the professor, but that sentence was not understood ».

When it is pointed out that in a conversation we talk about “routing” Luis Suarez, making him memorize the part of the exam to be taken, the lawyer replies as follows: “My client reiterates her total extraneousness to any offense: the test was carried out in compliance with the rules”.

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Suarez and the Italian test in Perugia, blitz at the University: “It’s a scam”

PERUGIA – Luis’s Italian citizenship Suarez was obtained with a scam. This is what an investigation by the Guardia di Finanza and the Public Prosecutor’s Office found Perugia, with the soldiers of the Fiamme Gialle who are acquiring documentation in the university of the Umbrian capital and notifying a series of warranties. The investigations revealed that the arguments of the Italian test supported by the Barcelona forward and the Uruguayan national team had been agreed before and the scores assigned even before the test took place.

The news was confirmed by the Chief Prosecutor Raffaele Cantone. There are five suspects, all internal to the University for Foreigners, the hypotheses of crime are the revelation of official secrets and ideological falsehood. No charge, however, is contested to the player. Investigators speak of a “mock examination” and an agreement between the suspects to favor the sample.

Decisive to discover the scam were the wiretapping of the financiers. “It does not conjugate verbs, it does not conjugate verbs, it considers that it is an A1”, says one of the suspects. “The B1, the B1 citizenship”, is the answer to say what Suarez needs to obtain a passport. “He shouldn’t, must, will pass, because with ten million a season of salary, you can’t blow him because he doesn’t have B1.” The suspects are the rector of the University for Foreigners Giuliana Grego Bolli, the general director Simone Olivieri, Stefania Spina in charge of preparing Suarez with the online courses and the organizer of the exam session, Professor Lorenzo Rocca, who examined the player and Cinzia Tamagna who prepared the certificate. The University for Foreigners replies to the accusations and speaks of “correct examination procedures” adding that “the correctness of the work will emerge at the end of the tests”.

Suarez leaves the University of Perugia after passing the Italian exam

It was “Juventus, through its staff, contacted the University for Foreigners of Perugia to find out if there was the possibility of having Luis Suarez take the exam to certify knowledge of Italian”, he explained to ANSA Colonel Selvaggio Sarri, commander of the economic and financial police unit of the financial police of Perugia who carries out the investigation. The officer stressed that no members of the Piedmontese club are under investigation.


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Terrorism: Stansted, Italian and Kuwaiti arrested – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 31 – The British anti-terrorism police announced that they had arrested an Italian and a citizen of Kuwait last night at London’s Stansted airport.

According to the Guardian, the Italian is 48 and the Kuwaiti 34: both were on a Ryanair flight from Vienna. The flight, writes the BBC, was intercepted by Royal Air Force (RAF) Typhoon fighter jets following a report of a security threat on board.

An investigation is underway. Police said the two were arrested shortly after 7pm local time (8pm in Italy) under Article 7 of the Terrorism Law, which allows law enforcement to stop, search, question and arrest suspicious people passing through the country’s ports and airports. (HANDLE).