Girona Girona is still bottomless with a defeat in Zaragoza, the fifth of the year

Women’s Girona is finding it more difficult than expected to jump to the Primera Nacional. The requirement is maximum in the category and mistakes are paid dearly. No one forgives. The white-and-red team is still bottomless with a new defeat yesterday at Zaragoza (3-0). The locals were ahead of the scoreboard with two goals in the first half, making it difficult to come back in the second. Especially after a direct free kick in the 62nd minute that served Zaragoza to sentence.

With the wound wide open after receiving so many sticks this start to the season, senior A relived the obstacles of each day. It was almost time for the first quarter of an hour of play, when a player from Zaragoza took advantage of a bad refusal in the middle of the field to catch the ball and place it in the corner of the goal of Astrid Casanova. An error also condemned them to 35 with the second goal.

In the second half, they were left without options when the locals made it 3-0 with a direct free kick from the front. This is the fifth consecutive defeat for the team of Eduard Sanmartín, who has not yet added any points to the standings. Sunday receives St. Gabriel.


A bad last quarter condemns Bàsquet Girona

The Girona basketball has chained this afternoon the fourth consecutive defeat on the court of the Granada (83-60), in a match where the team coached by Carles marco he has never been ahead on the scoreboard and has seen the Andalusians overtake him in the last period.

Fontajau already knew that it would not be an easy match and in front of a close-knit team they saw how the locals were already 10 above in the first of change (22-12). A good reaction from the visitors reduced this difference to just one point (29-28), but the break was reached with the Grenadians winning by 7 (40-33).

And it is that once again the triples have hurt Girona a lot again. Today, Granada has made a total of 13. Some important ones, such as at the beginning of the last period to put the game on track (65-54) when those of Carles Marco had finished well in the third quarter, despite that they were not right from the free throw – they finished with 10 of 17.

The local team took advantage of the initiative to see 11 points ahead to open even more hole in the scoreboard to leave Bàsquet Girona without options to win the game with four minutes left (77-57). In the end, 83-60 and the Girona who continue at the bottom of the table.


Spar Girona’s basketball continues to grow with Julbe

The new Spar Girona by Alfred Julbe he not only wins the matches he passes over the opponent from the first moment. After the comfortable victories against Bembibre and Ensino Lugo, yesterday Uni had to row until well into the third quarter to wear out the enthusiasm of a Campus Promises that, balancing the battle in the inner game, he held on until the break all the good strides of a Uni Girona, which had four players with 15 or more points scored -Eldebrink (17) and Vasic, Araújo and Elonu (all three with 15) – and in the plays of Chelsea Gray, with an authentic individual technique recital, one of the best reasons to watch the match. Be it in the Logroño pavilion or in front of the computer screen.

With the stout Maimouma Diarra (15 points and 15 rebounds) winning the direct duel with Reisingerova, a few days the Czech is with players bigger than her, and the enthusiasm of former Uni Adrijana Knezevic Campus Promete managed to match the party, and that one was seen good basketball, for many minutes. A triple by Eldebrink and a final basketball by Labuckiene left the Girona difference in six points at the break (37-43), but the success of Vasic, Elonu or the triples of Eldebrink (4) and Ferrari (3 ) ended up undermining the resistance of the Promete Campus which has suffered greatly in the third quarter. With Chelsea Gray having fun on the court, sharing smiles and impossible passes, Uni has been making the difference on the scoreboard. triple end of the banyolina Júlia Soler (70-96).


Girona B-Peralada: cordiality after the storm of filiation

For three seasons, one a Third (2016/17) and two a Second B (2017/18 and 2018/19), Girona and Peralada were linked by an affiliation agreement. He was about to beat him, the first year, that the Empordà team fell into the play-off of ascent against the Rápido de Bouzas, but then the economic muscle of those of Montilivi, brand new of Primera, made reality the jump of the second team to Second B buying the Plaça del Gavà, lowered administratively, by 133,000 euros. They played in the silver category for two years, until in May 2019 the sports drama was double: descent from Girona to Second, and return from Peralada to Third. And that’s where it all ended. With a traumatic divorce that he faced the two clubs for the compensations that one had to give to the other and that Girona promoted using a clause of the contract by which it could break the understanding if the Empordà team went down and its second subsidiary, Girona C, was in Primera Catalana (and therefore, it was impossible for him to go up to Tercera).

From that storm a year and a half ago, enough time for the relationship to be settled. On Sunday, moreover, the two clubs will meet again as rivals. It will be a Riudarenes (12.00), in the field where the Empordà team trained during the affiliation stage. He Girona B-Peralada is one of the most attractive matches of the day, facing two teams that have not yet lost and are leading the pace to at least move to the second phase with guaranteed permanence. “Girona decided to cut the existing contract, which lasted until 2021, and we had to accept it, and everyone at home,” he explained yesterday Joan Padern, the president of the Peralada, substitute for the resigned Miquel Llobet, who personally took the break.

The sporting director of Girona B, Albert Síria, says that with Peralada, “in the field of sports, although institutionally at some point there could have been jaleo, I have always understood myself perfectly, both with Nitus (Santos) and with Albert (Carbó) ». Last summer, for example, Muritala, who left the B, ended up signing for the champagners. He agrees, with Padern, that the double descent in May 2019 of Girona and Peralada was a blow too strong, and one of the causes that changed priorities. “A different context was created and we had to bet on our own subsidiary that could grow. In addition, with the first team in the Second Division, the leap of the branch was no longer as great as when we were in the First Division “, adds Syria. Padern adds that “the problem was that we both went down, was a very bad scenario, because in addition Girona wanted to raise the B to Third and, if we were there, they could not do it. The affiliation, sooner or later, would have ended the same and now we are again a village team, with players from the region and the province, who on Sunday will try to make a good match in Riudarenes. “The relationship is neither good nor bad, surely we have more rivalry with Figueres than with Girona. The relationship is right, we have no problem “, he considers.

Now that in Peralada “we have touched the ground again”, however, Joan Padern appreciates that those three seasons linked to Girona “served us as an experience and were very exciting. Who would have told us that we would go to play in Primera fields such as Elche or Mallorca ». There are no players left from that stage. Only the toolmaker Pep Genís.

Albert Syria remembers having federation card with the Peralada players like Porro, Paik o Valery, the Empordà club benefits and will benefit from “training rights”, charging a part each time they change teams. On Sunday he expects an “attractive” derby between two “very well-worked” teams.


“I think the Euroleague will take place in Girona, and I hope with the public in Fontajau”

We are in a pandemic, the pavilions are closed and revenues are falling, but Spar Girona changes coach, organizes Euroleague stages … Are they brave or unconscious?
We try to be true to a philosophy and at times it may seem contradictory, but we are a club that we are used to paving the way for and that no one gives us anything. And that sometimes makes us have to make decisions that involve taking a risk. But that is the temperament of the club. We are concerned about the situation around us, but that concern will not stop us.

Will the Euroleague be played both yes and no in Fontajau?
For now, speaking of the pandemic, no one is able to make predictions. We have seen this in governments and their management of the coronavirus. We can not pretend to be futurists, but looking at the data of the last few days it seems that on the 23rd we will return to the situation before these last restrictions. In our case, this would mean being able to have an audience in the matches and, regardless of whether there is finally an audience or not, for the Euroleague to be played safely in Fontajau.

With an audience? Isn’t that being very optimistic?
Without going into optimism or pessimism, if the pandemic data continues to fall, no longer only for basketball, but also for culture or catering, I trust that we can go back to the previous measures, which limited us the capacity to a maximum of fifty percent of the capacity of the pavilion of Fontajau.

If the Euroleague can be played with the public, will it be only for Spar Girona subscribers?
In the ranking of priorities, the first is to fit all our subscribers. We were around 1,600 and with the appeal of the Euroleague we think that even some who had yet to renew or who had not decided to pay for the first time, end up doing so. Last year we reached 2,600 and therefore we still have room. But in the current pandemic situation, we also don’t want to reach the maximum number of seats we can offer, which is a little over 2,000.

In Girona, today the restrictions are very strong and in two weeks they want Fontajau to be able to see Uni play against a Russian team, an Italian team and a Latvian team. Aren’t they very daring?
I don’t know if the word is bold or truly we have no choice but to always go one step further. The club has never had it easy. I come from the experience of the masculine and truly in the feminine you have to always work twice as hard to get the same, or less. That’s the reality, but the spirit of this club is not to complain and always see what we can do to take a little step up. And this small step involves more decisions such as making summer camps in the middle of a pandemic with more than 400 participants, organizing a Euroleague bubble and, in the same vein, a decision such as dismissing the coach than for some people maybe it was a surprise. We hadn’t lost five or six games, there were no whistles in the stands … None of this had happened, but we thought we had to improve.

To be better not to win, but to be able to be viable.
We thought the way to survive was to offer a quality show. This is our eleventh season in the Women’s League-1 and at the beginning came the loyal audience of women’s basketball or others simply because of the novelty. In recent years we have had to hear many things, such as that horrible phrase that “women’s basketball is neither basketball nor women’s”; but we are at a time when we can say very proudly that we do very good basketball and that it is very feminine. We do not give up the values ​​of the club and we have to fight a lot in a complicated day to day in the middle of the pandemic.

Against Ensino, in Alfred Julbe’s first game in Fontajau, a good basketball was seen. Too bad there was no audience.
The change of direction must go beyond the match against Ensino. We look forward to a step forward in the major matches. In a couple of weeks, with the Euroleague it will be a first taste to see how the team responds with the new coach, then comes the match in Salamanca …

How do you see Julbe?
He has come with great enthusiasm and at the same time with humility to first land and then see how he can help us improve. There are details of him that I really like, for example, that this week that there was a break in the first team for the FIBA ​​commitments, he has been training with the young players who were here and with some of the second team. From Monday to Friday, every morning and afternoon.

There is a lot of talk about the show, but now in Fontajau you can’t play with the public. Does basketball make sense with the empty pavilion?
I think playing without an audience is a timely moment. In the first wave it was unfeasible to continue with the competitions if there were no bubbles like the ones the ACB did in Valencia, but what is happening now I think is a one-off event and we will soon be playing with the public again. With capacity restrictions, but with spectators because their presence is essential for us and we all look forward to the moment, whether this season or next, to see Fontajau full again until the flag.

And what would happen if on the 23rd the pavilions remain closed?
Well, if on the 23rd we are told that we must continue to play without an audience, then we will play without an audience. We will then analyze the situation and take the necessary measures.

If the restrictions are extended, membership fees must be returned to members.
Everyone is seeing that the will of the club is not to resign. From the first we negotiated with Procicat and the City Council so that the project could continue in its full sense. Obviously the issue of quotas should be raised, for now we have played a game without an audience, and at the end of the season we will see what the damage has been to the fans and if people want we will act accordingly. We hope that the matches without an audience in Fontajau will be as short as possible.

If they had to return much of the membership fees, would the club’s viability be in jeopardy?
The financial effort is so great that if we take out the fees, which, the income from ticket sales, we subtract part of the casals, have a few hundred fewer subscribers … If we add all this, we would obviously endanger the viability of the club. Nor is it a new situation and I think the future of the club is assured, but it should be seen what the competitive level would be. This year we have lowered the budget, but as the whole market has gone down we have been able to continue to make a competitive team.


Enric Ansesa’s black universe expands in Girona

L’dark universe of Enric Ansesa (Girona, 1945), with the black color that dominates his six decades of artistic career, will expand in the coming months in Girona. Four of the city’s main exhibition spaces – the Bòlit, the Art Museum, the Casa de Cultura and the Girona History Museum – have joined forces in an exhibition project that is divided into four exhibitions to get to know the whole trajectory of the Girona artist.

The initiative, curated by Antoni Álvarez de Arana, collects the testimony of the first great retrospective dedicated to the artist, an exhibition inaugurated in the museum of Can Framis of the Fundació Vila Casas in Barcelona. The proposal, amplified and reformulated by the commissioner himself, vol to delve into the work of one of the benchmarks of contemporary art in Catalonia from different angles: from the creative processes to their citizen involvement through a journey through their work, from the earliest to the most recent.

The first of the four samples opens this Friday at Bòlit_StNicolau. This is his latest creation Facts, a work on migration, police violence and the control that governments and companies have over citizenship through technology.

The tour of Girona’s work will continue from 5 December at the Girona Art Museum with Paths, which will allow you to understand your creative process through 48 creations, many of them paintings and sculptures from his studio.

The third exhibition will arrive on December 17 at the Casa de Cultura under the title Persistences. You can see his large-format works, in no chronological order and evoking not only his usual black but also all those elements that have had continuity in his artistic production.

The last of the exhibitions will take place at the Girona History Museum from 25 January. Signals, which will be open until March 8, will show Ansesa’s contributions to Girona’s heritage, looking for the deposit that its actions have left in the city.

Coinciding with the exhibition project, one has been edited catalog to explore the art of Ansesa adding the voice of historians and art critics such as Joaquim Nadal, Narcís Selles, Lluïsa Faxedas and Glòria Bosch. The catalog will be presented on December 17th.


The Bsquet Girona is wrapped ms

New defeat of Bàsquet Girona, and there are already three in a row, against Almansa after falling 78-89 in a match where Carles Marco’s men were beaten at all times by La Mancha, who did not give them the opportunity to get ahead on the scoreboard at no time.

Whoever thought that Bàsquet Girona’s journey through the LEB Or would be blowing and making bottles was very wrong. Any small detail can balance the balance for good or for bad. In fact, Carles Marco had already warned the previous one that his men needed more effort and sacrifice. Specifically in the defensive aspect where in their visit to the track of the Levitec Huesca they paid dearly. Yesterday the rival was an Almansa who visited the Fontajau pavilion with a record of two victories and the same defeats; and dragging a cultivated victory last week against Real Canoe, also suffering.

Marco’s men had learned their lesson and during the first minutes of the match they did not let their rivals catch any offensive rebounds to culminate the second plays. At this, the people of Girona put pressure on the whole track with the ubiquitous Albert Sàbat orchestrating the team. The visitors could not score, but neither did Girona and were forced to throw from the line of three to open the scoring. Up to four consecutive throws, thanks to several stolen balls from Busquets, erred the locals who were unable to step on the paint. They could not open the scoring until the 4th minute.

From the fading of nervousness on the part of the two sets the blows were constantly happening. Triple here, triple there. With a very active Busquets mentioned leading the score of his. At the end of the first quarter the tie at 18 was present in the electronic without the Girona had at any time put themselves ahead. The second quarter was a crossing through the desert. In five minutes only two points for Marco’s men, while the visitors were put ten above thanks to one of his greatest virtues: physical power. The score was 20-30 when Sevillano from the 6.25-meter line woke his. A mirage as on the next play the La Mancha returned the blow to put the tenth as an advantage. In the end the players marched towards the locker rooms with the match not broken (41-45).

The second half was delayed due to the scoreboard. At first it seemed to work, then it didn’t and again it did. Like the game of Bàsquet Girona, which when it promised to approach to turn the score around, the La Mancha stopped it with several triples. This hurt the locals so much that with five minutes left in the third period they were eleven points behind. It would not be the maximum disadvantage, because it reached 14. Nerves and tension were present. Especially Garcia, who missed a triple and regretted, protested an arbitration action that cost him the technique. A triple by Sevillano made up the score at the end of the third quarter, 56-65. We had to react, and the people of Girona did. As if it were a pure triple contest the last period was going on. They put in two points, but it was insufficient. In the end 78-89 and third day without knowing the victory for the Girona.


Girona femen summons three youngsters to vindicate themselves against Pallej

Girona hopes to move once and for all the sensations of the field of play to the scoreboard. Eudard Sanmartín’s team hosts Pallejà this afternoon in Torres de Palau (4pm), behind closed doors, with the intention of vindicating themselves to add the first points of the season. So far, Girona have paid dearly for the inexperience in the Primera Nacional accumulating three consecutive defeats that put them in the queue. They are the only team that has not released the box, but they have the challenge of getting it today against a rival that has not had the ideal start. Sanmartin has given the opportunity to three youngsters to compensate for the final loss of Sofia Hernández.


Former Bsquet Girona player Hester leaves Lleida for personal reasons

ICG Força Lleida center Antonio Hester has left the team’s discipline for personal reasons, the club announced yesterday. The player, who last season was one of the highlights of Bàsquet Girona, has returned to the United States this week and will no longer play against Murcia on Sunday. In the four games he has played with Lleida he has shown 4 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 12:33 minutes on average. Lleida has a record of one win and three defeats, just like Bàsquet Girona, after a fairly discreet start in the LEB Or.


Spar Girona is working on counting that the Euroleague will be played in Fontajau

The pandemic, its evolution and the various restrictions that governments are applying to minimize its effects make it difficult for anyone, and sports clubs are not exactly an exception, to make plans beyond a few days. But even so, in the offices of theSpar Girona in Fontajau it is worked counting that the first “bubble” of the Euroleague group stage will be played in the Girona pavilion. Six matches between Spar Girona, Italian Schia, Riga of Latvia and the great dominator of European basketball in recent years, Russian Ekaterinburg, which will be played in Fontajau in the first week of December. For now, with the current health restrictions, the matches should be played behind closed doors, but an improvement in the indicators, as is happening in recent days, opens the door to think that in three weeks the situation in Girona could have returned to what it was until recently, in which sports and cultural shows could have an audience with a reduction in capacity. This would mean that, as was the case at the beginning of the season, around 1,200 Spar Girona fans would be able to watch the matches live inside the pavilion.

For now, and that doesn’t seem to need to change, the FIBA keeps Girona as the scene of the bubble and the matches already have a day (not yet schedules). On Tuesday 1 December, Spar Girona will face Riga and Ekaterinburg will face Scchio; on Thursday 3 the Girona girls would play against the Russians, current European champions with the Americans Breanna Stewart and Britney Griner or the Mallorcan Alba Torrens, and the Schio in Riga; and on Friday 4 the matches between Ekaterinburg and Riga and Spar Girona and Schia would be played. The schedules are not yet defined, but the teams would arrive in Girona on the weekend and would be in the city for about six days.

As for the subject of the public, it seems clear that the Procicat will extend this Thursday two more weeks the current restrictions, which force all sports shows to be held behind closed doors and close theaters and cinemas. But if it then returned to the previous situation, Uni would arrive in time to allow its subscribers to enter Fontajau.