FC Ingolstadt brings Pätzold as new coach – ex-professional Metzelder becomes manager

Second division promoted

FC Ingolstadt has filled the coaching position after returning to the 2nd Bundesliga. Promotion coach Thomas Oral, who surprisingly took his hat during the week, will be followed by long-time junior coach Roberto Pätzold, as the “Schanzer” announced on Sunday. In addition, the FCI signed the former player Malte Metzelder for the newly created position as “Manager of Professional Football”.

“Malte and Roberto will bring fresh impulses and competence at the highest level and burn for the FCI and its values ​​because of their personalities and their history,” said Managing Director Manuel Sternisa and explained: “In the analysis of the past two years we have found that we have personnel requirements due to the complexity of topics and requirements. On the one hand it is about the day-to-day togetherness in the cabin, but also the coordination and communication on the topics of ‘management planning’ and ‘contracts’.

Ex-FCI professional Metzelder will henceforth act as an interface between the professional team and the sports management and management. He had already worked as an assistant to the management in Ingolstadt from 2014 to 2017 and was most recently managing director at Preußen Münster until summer 2020.

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Second division, relegation: Ingolstadt gives Osnabrück a heavy blow

Soccer Relegation to the second division

Ingolstadt dealt the favored Osnabrückers a heavy blow

Ingolstadt's Robin Krauße, Stefan Kutschke and goal scorer Fatih Kaya celebrate the goal to make it 2-0

Ingolstadt’s Robin Krauße, Stefan Kutschke and goal scorer Fatih Kaya celebrate the goal to make it 2-0

Source: dpa / Matthias Balk

In the past two years, third division club FC Ingolstadt had suffered the full force of sporting disappointments in relegation to the second division. The third attempt in a row is promising. VfL Osnabrück was completely overwhelmed.

JNow only a relegation curse can stop FC Ingolstadt! One year after their last-minute trauma, the Schanzer are about to return to the second division. Cheered on by 250 spectators in the home arena, the Ingolstadt-based team defeated the harmless second division VfL Osnabrück in the relegation first leg with 3: 0 (2: 0).

“If you perform like us, then you don’t deserve to take more with you,” said Ulrich Taffertshofer from Osnabrück in an interview with ZDF. “But if you think it’s over now, you’re very much mistaken. There is definitely still something going on. Scoring an early goal, taking the spectators away: Then everything is still possible. “

After the stoppage time drama in 2020 against 1. FC Nürnberg (0: 2 and 3: 1) and relegation in 2019 after the relegation games against Wehen-Wiesbaden (2: 1 and 2: 3), coach Tomas’ team, which has now been undefeated for 18 home games, can now Oral in the second leg on Sunday (1.30 p.m.) to make the return to the House of Commons perfect. With a lightning goal from Tobias Schröck (2nd minute) and hits from Fatih Kaya (35th) and substitute Dennis Eckert Ayensa (81st), the Ingolstadt team delighted.

A small fireworks display burned off outside the stadium before kick-off, in their arena the Ingolstadt team were immediately hot and made a dream start. After a corner from Marc Stendera, Robin Krauße extended with a head and Schröck straddled the ball over the goal line. The fans cheered.

Osnabrück’s offensive actions fizzled out

The Osnabrückers were puzzled – but after this short shock phase they got better and better into the game and had more possession of the ball. More than one shot at the side netting from an acute angle by Kevin Wolze (13th) made clear the harmlessness of the second division team. The Schanzer, on the other hand, showed their absolute will and quickly bridged the midfield again and again. Oral, meanwhile, screamed warm on the sidelines. “Go on, go on,” or “come, come,” he called.

After a tough entry, Ingolstadt’s captain Stefan Kutschke doubled over on the ground, but Kaya (19th) continued playing and only just missed the left post. He later made it better: he just had to poke into the goal a template from Filip Bilbija, who was newly added to the team, on the right.

The Osnabrückers came out of the cabin with anger in their stomach – but the offensive actions fizzled out. The bottom line was that they seemed overwhelmed. Coach Markus Feldhoff stood calmly on the sidelines. The Ingolstadt were closely spaced and hardly let the opponents slip through. Osnabrück’s Etienne Amenyido (72nd) missed the connection with a bar crash. Joker Eckert Ayensa then even set the acclaimed FCI final point when he coolly lifted the ball into the goal to make it 3-0.

Second leg in front of 2000 spectators in Osnabrück

For the Osnabrückers now threatens to take revenge, that they gambled away the direct relegation on Sunday in the last second division matchday in their 1: 2 defeat in Aue.

However, they are allowed to play their relegation second leg against Ingolstadt in front of 2,000 spectators. The state of Lower Saxony granted the club and the city permission to do so on Wednesday evening. A model project for the opening of cultural and leisure facilities is to start in Lower Saxony on May 30th. The prerequisite is that only seats are allocated when the spectators are partially admitted and each ticket holder must show a negative corona rapid test when entering the stadium.

The Ingolstadt are not only warned about this – the lost relegation duels in the past two years are still in the back of their minds. “We know from experience over the past few years how such a relegation can work. The 3: 0 doesn’t mean anything, ”said her goal scorer Schröck.

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Dimitrios Grammozis

Schalke-Trainer Grammozis


Experts explain cases of coronavirus infection after vaccination

Cases when people who have completed the full course of vaccination against coronavirus do become infected are extremely rare, but they do happen.

The US federal agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported 9,245 such cases (as of the end of April), less than 1% of the 95 million Americans who were fully vaccinated at the time. Bloomberg reports.

At the same time, the CDC notes that this figure is not final, since it is impossible to record every case of infection, at least because of the asymptomatic course of the infection in some people.

In May, the CDC changed its method of tracking such cases, switching to monitoring only the most severe cases, which lead to hospitalization or death.

Such infections (despite the vaccination) occur with other infectious diseases – from influenza to mumps.

“This is partly because everyone’s immune response to the vaccine is different, just like everyone’s response to coronavirus infection was different,” Bloomberg quoted Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, as quoted by Bloomberg.

The incubation period of the coronavirus is also important, that is, the time between infection and the onset of symptoms of the disease. This period differs for different infections and varies widely: for example, for measles it is from 10 to 14 days, for Covid-19 – six, and for influenza – only a day or two or even less, says Offit. The longer the incubation period, the more the virus is able to spread before the body’s immune response begins after vaccination.

Scientists believe that for those who have been vaccinated, even if they become infected, the disease will be milder than otherwise, although this assumption is being studied. Another important question, which is also the subject of research, is what role do the variants of the coronavirus, its mutated strains, play, whether they are able to “ignore” the vaccine.

“Right now, it does not appear that variations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus are leading to breakthrough COVID-19 cases after vaccination. But it is early enough for definitive conclusions,” said Dr. Clark.

The topic of vaccine infection is a source of great concern and public interest, Bloomberg emphasizes: “After all, if vaccines against coronavirus cannot completely protect you from contracting COVID-19, what is the point of getting vaccinated?”

But thinking that way is wrong: no vaccine or drug works 100% of the time. “But the good news is that the best Covid-19 vaccines are quite similar in effectiveness. Studies in real vaccinations have shown that they are all 97% effective against symptomatic disease, 86% against asymptomatic disease and 94% against severe cases requiring hospitalization, “Bloomberg notes.

Tom Clarke, who heads the CDC’s COVID Vaccine Evaluation Unit, says these are “the numbers you want to see when you want to end the pandemic.”


The head of the Ministry of Health urged Russians not to delay vaccination – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

“We are often asked a question about the risk of a third wave. I think this question is absurd. There is no need to wait, you need to prevent it. Perhaps, in this situation, it will not work. You just need to come, get vaccinated and not ask such banal and inappropriate questions.” said the minister.

Earlier, Murashko urged Russians to wear protective masks and observe other safety measures. To avoid the third wave of the pandemic, it is necessary to take care of the formation of population immunity to the new coronavirus, and for this you need to be vaccinated.

We will remind, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin assessed the situation with vaccinations in Russia as good. “The situation in the country, according to experts, is stable,” the head of state said during a speech in Sochi on May 10. “Therefore, we need to continue and actively test and vaccinate. These are two very important components in order to overcome this pandemic in the future – its consequences. ” According to him, 21.5 million Russians received the vaccine.

He also addressed the heads of the regions with a reminder of the need to comply with the rates of testing, rates of vaccination. “In no case should you neglect the recommendations given by experts, you need to observe the mask regime, you need to comply with their other requirements,” the president said.


Sputnik Light vaccine registered in Venezuela – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Nurse pulls out a package of coronavirus vaccine "Gam-Kovid-Vak" from the refrigerator before vaccination of health workers against COVID-19 in the city clinical clinic No. 2 in Novosibirsk.  Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

A nurse takes out a package with a vaccine against the Gam-Covid-Vac coronavirus from the refrigerator before vaccinating health workers against COVID-19 at the city clinical polyclinic No. 2 in Novosibirsk. Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Venezuela has approved the Russian single-component vaccine Sputnik Light, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). This vaccine is the first component of the Sputnik V vaccine. The registration of the coronavirus vaccine was carried out by the country’s Ministry of Health.

“The permission to use the Sputnik Light vaccine follows the approval of the Sputnik V two-component vaccine, which is already being successfully used in Venezuela to protect human health. Sputnik Light will help speed up the vaccination process and prevent the spread of coronavirus,” the agency quoted the head of the fund as saying Kirill Dmitrieva.

The indicator of efficiency “Sputnik Light” – 79.4% from 28 days after receiving immunization. This exceeds the effectiveness of a number of vaccines requiring two injections, the RDIF said.

The Sputnik V vaccine has been approved for use in 65 countries.