“He said I was his property”

FFor the twelfth day of his testimony against the Berlin clan boss Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brothers, the rapper Bushido had chosen his outfit to match the content of his testimony. “Leave me alone” was emblazoned in large white letters on the back of his black jacket. Unfortunately, only journalists and listeners were able to read the message, as the Abou Chaker brothers, as is customary in the courtroom, sat diagonally in front of the witness. The four brothers are on trial for, among other things, serious blackmail, deprivation of liberty, dangerous bodily harm, coercion, insult and infidelity. Bushido is a joint plaintiff and a witness in the trial.

In order for the Abou-Chakers to leave him and his family alone, he offered Arafat in March 2018 to pay him 1.8 million euros over three years, reports Anis Ferchichi, the real name of Bushido, in the Berlin district court on Wednesday. Officially, it was about a severance payment so that he could be left out of the contract, says the musician. But in reality he only made the offer “for protective purposes”. He never really thought that Abou-Chaker, his long-term business partner, had a legal claim to the money. Arafat is an “egomaniac” who wrongly believes he made Bushido great, according to Ferchichi.

“He said I was his property”

Of course, Abou-Chaker seems to have considered the 1.8 million euros to be too little. If one believes Ferchichi’s statements, the clan boss had previously instructed him at a meeting in January 2018 after violent arguments about the business separation to go home “like a dog” and wait for his instructions. He threatened Ferchichi that either he would accept the price he told him or that he would continue to pay until the end of his life. “He said I was his property, I belong to him,” remembers Ferchichi in the courtroom. In the more than four-hour meeting, Abou-Chaker insulted and threatened him with the door locked. They wanted to “break through psychologically in the middle”.

The rapper is particularly resentful of his ex-business partner when he threatened “I’ll fuck your dead mother, your father, your wife and your children.” Abou-Chaker calmly listed all his family members, reports Ferchichi. It was then that he realized that he would cause harm to himself and his family if he refused to pay the requested sum. “With us in the rap area, it is actually enough to insult your mother to express that you have a problem with someone,” the rapper explained to the inexperienced. Abou-Chaker’s statement was “defamatory” and brought tears to his eyes. As the rapper has described in detail in previous hearings, Abou-Chaker allegedly attacked him with a water bottle and a chair at the same meeting. Ferchichi described the situation as he “burst” with anger. The defense doubts the credibility of this account, especially since there are no further testimony to the meeting.

Apparently, Abou-Chaker was not only enraged by the question of money, but also by the alleged betrayal by Ferchichi and other former confidants. The meeting was about reputation, said the rapper. “The street is talking, you hear a lot,” said Nasser Abou-Chaker, one of the other brothers in the dock at the trial, to him. Arafat Abou-Chaker wanted to know exactly who was on Ferchichi’s side. The conversation was mostly about Veycel Kilic, a childhood friend of Abou-Chaker, and Ashraf Remmo, whom Ferchichi’s wife had asked for protection from the Abou-Chaker clan. He has now no longer had contact with either of them, the rapper said. He’s been leading a different life for two years, and the two of them didn’t fit. Kilic was admitted to hospital seriously injured after a shooting in late December. Among other things, he had been on the road with another Abou-Chaker brother, Ali Abou-Chaker.


Arafat Abou-Chaker made Bushido cry

December 15, 2020 – 11:32 am Clock

Has Bushido been trapped, threatened and injured?

Faltering voice, psychological confessions and a bushido close to tears: on the 15th day of the trial against Arafat Abou-Chaker and his brothers, things get emotional at the Berlin Regional Court. After the whole past of the clan boss and rapper had been discussed for weeks, everything in the negotiation revolves around the charge of bodily harm. On January 18, 2018, Arafat and his brothers are said to have trapped Bushido, then threatened them and in the end even injured them with a water bottle and a chair. Because Bushido shouldn’t think that other people can protect him. Arafat wanted to show him that no one can protect him.

Arafat Abou-Chaker: It’s all a lie

Arafat, Rommel and Nasser Abou-Chaker

Abou-Chaker brothers in the Berlin Regional Court on the 15th day of the trial

© RTL, Samina Faizi

“It’s all a lie,” says Arafat Abou-Chaker to RTL reporter Samina Faizi during the break when they run into each other in the aisle of the regional court. “It’s all about the money.[…] As if I drummed up three of my brothers to create Bushido. “he adds, offended. Bushido had previously explained to the judge how the encounter began on January 18th.

The meeting between Bushido and Arafat is said to have been so brutal

According to his statement, Bushido initially made his way to Arafat Abou-Chaker. He believed that a solution could finally be found to dissolve their business relationship. But when Bushido, whose real name is Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, arrives at the business premises on Puderstraße, he already suspects that something is wrong. Because Arafat’s brothers Yasser, Nasser and Momo are also there. Everything that happens then, the rapper believes, has been firmly planned and rehearsed: Momo first leaves the room, Bushido sits down, whereupon Arafat closes the door and puts the key in his pocket.

“So, and now you won’t get out of here alive until you’ve told us the truth”

Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker

Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker: once inseparable, suddenly death threats

© picture alliance

“So, and now you won’t come out of here alive until you’ve told us the truth,” Yasser is said to have begun the conversation threateningly. Bushido wanted to know what he meant. Arafat then freaked out and called him a liar, a cheater and a bastard. “Arafat roared like a tarantula, he was instantly from 0 to 100, getting louder and louder until his voice failed,” Bushido explains to the court.

Arafat is said to have revealed to Bushido that he had hired a neighbor of the rapper to spy on him. He notes day and night with whom Bushido has met. Veysel Kilic in particular is a thorn in the side of the clan boss. According to Bushido, he’s just a friend he goes to the gym or the hairdresser with. Arafat suspected he was Bushido’s new strong back. And that’s exactly what he didn’t like at all, which is why he is said to have said to Bushido that he doesn’t have to think that other people could protect him.

Bushido can no longer hold back his tears

What then follows was “the worst thing he has ever said to me,” explains Bushido in the courtroom. With a pulsating carotid artery, Arafat is said to have threatened: “I will f *** your father, then I will f *** your mother, then your wife, your children and and when I am through with them, then I will fuck you” . Bushido just looked at the floor and started crying.

Arafat continued to talk to the rapper and explained to him how big his debts are: Bushido is supposed to transfer the house in Kleinmachnow to Arafat and make payments to Arafat until the end of his life. However, the rapper does not want to accept the latter and the situation escalates not only verbally but also physically.

Water bottle hits Bushido in the face, chair brushes him lightly

Arafat took a sip from his water bottle, turned it back on and hit Bushido’s face. He meets him in the left half of his face just below the eye, which then watered even more.

This scene is recreated in great detail in the courtroom by Bushido and his lawyer. Bushido often seems moved and is close to tears even today. Emotionally touched, the rapper reported about the next attack on him: Arafat is said to have tried to injure him again with a heavy chair. Bushido was able to evade, however, and was only slightly touched on the left. Nasser then managed to calm Arafat down and Bushido was allowed to leave.

To this day, Bushido says, he has suffered from this day. For the past three years he has therefore received psychological treatment twice a week. After this statement, the negotiation was ended, on December 16, 2020 the process will continue with the statement of Bushido.


Prince William is said to have kept Corona a secret

Isolated in Norfolk?

According to media reports, Prince William contracted the corona virus back in April, but kept it a secret at the time. As the “Sun” and the BBC reported on Monday, the number two in the British line of succession did not want to worry the country. “There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone,” the prince is said to have told a guest at an event. At the end of March, Williams’ father, heir to the throne Charles, announced publicly that he had contracted the virus. Two days later, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for the virus and ended up being treated for serious illness in intensive care.

According to “Sun”, William was treated by the Doctors of the Royal Family and isolated on the property of Notes Hall in Norfolk. From there, however, he continued to do phone calls and video calls. In contrast to his father, however, the virus “hit the 38-year-old prince pretty hard,” the “Sun” quoted an unspecified source. “At some point he could barely breathe, so everyone around him panicked.” The Kensington Palace did not want to confirm the information, but did not deny it either. Great Britain has the highest number of corona deaths in Europe with more than 46,000 deaths. As in many other European countries, the second wave is currently firmly in the grip of the UK. (AFP)


Abou-Chaker process interrupted: Bushido has Corona

Dhe trial of Arafat Abou-Chaker and three of his brothers before the Berlin Regional Court has been suspended for two weeks because of Bushido’s corona infection. The rapper with the real name Anis Ferchichi had testified as the main witness for several hours on Monday. For this he was allowed to remove his mouth and nose protection. As the court announced, police officers who had direct contact with him were quarantined on Wednesday. The judges had moved their work home as a precaution, all viewers had been informed. The trial takes place in one of the largest halls of the Moabit Criminal Court. The number of press observers and spectators is strictly limited and airing takes place regularly. On Monday, for the first time, there were not only distance rules, but also a mask requirement.

Julia Schaaf

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Bushido’s lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe, who sat next to the rapper during the testimony on Monday, claims to have gone into quarantine and is waiting there for his test result. Hansgeorg Birkhoff, one of the defenders of Arafat Abou-Chaker, told the FAZ that he would discuss with his client whether he could also be tested. Because Abou-Chaker has suffered from asthma since childhood, he did not wear a mask on Monday. But he was sitting several meters away from Bushido. “Basically, he is particularly worthy of protection with his underlying disease,” said Birkhoff. He was informed by Bushido’s lawyer on Tuesday evening and replied: “No one should wish for such an infection.”

“Don’t take this lightly”

The rapper, who reported the test result and symptoms on Instagram on Tuesday, turned on the same platform on Wednesday from his bathroom at home with a video to his 1.6 million subscribers. “We are all in quarantine here, a huge household, everything paralyzed,” he said. Bushido explicitly appealed to conspiracy theorists to take the virus seriously. “If you should be healthy, rejoice and follow the rules. Don’t take it lightly. “

Bushido should actually have asked questions about his long-term partnership with Abou-Chaker on Wednesday before the separation occurred in 2017. The court has not yet dealt with the actual allegations – including extortion, deprivation of liberty, bodily harm. Bushido describes himself in his testimony as a victim of Abou-Chaker, of whose questionable real estate and financial transactions he claims to have known little. The magazine “Stern”, however, claimed last week that Bushido himself could have committed “insurance fraud on a large scale”.


Bushido and Arafat Abou-Chaker: End of a male friendship – Panorama

The presiding judge of Anis Ferchichi, better known by his stage name Bushido, wants to know whether something has changed in his personal details. He asks because the rapper has been testifying in front of the Berlin district court as a witness against his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker since August that, among other things, it is about attempted heavy predatory extortion. Arafat Abou-Chaker is said to have threatened and physically attacked the artist in 2017 when he wanted to get out of the joint business. Bushido says he’s now a year older (42) and expects to spend some time in court.

After all, he has a lot to tell. This Monday it is about why the friendship between Bushido and Abou-Chaker broke up and why there were incidents that the Berlin judiciary has had to deal with for several years. It started with his buddy Arafat becoming increasingly religious, Bushido says. People no longer went to restaurants that had alcohol, Abou-Chaker reprimanded all people who, in his opinion, were not behaving properly. So does Bushido’s wife.

The three of them were at the Chiemsee to undergo a health check from a well-known sports doctor when Abou-Chaker started to abuse Anna-Maria Ferchichi because she was badly dressed in his eyes, which for him meant that she was hers Husband disrespect. There was a loud argument between Abou-Chaker and Anna-Maria Ferchichi, in which he took Abou-Chaker’s side, says Bushido, “that was the stupidest decision of my life”. And not only that, in the course of the dispute he “raised his hand to my wife”, as he calls it, whereupon she moved out of the common house in Berlin under the protection of six LKA officers and sought refuge with her parents in West Germany .

“Open the garbage can, I’ll pay my taxes”

But instead of helping him to repair the relationship, Abou-Chaker only said that he was a “dog” when he got along with his wife again. “That was the point where he died for me interpersonal.” Bushido’s wife and children moved back to Berlin to live with him six months later after he had vowed to get better. With Abou-Chaker, business became more and more complicated. Abou-Chaker accounted for the joint music label in an incomprehensible way and once even influenced the lyrics of an artist under contract there, which was about Jesus’ cross. Abou-Chaker felt a line was blasphemy, it had to be deleted, “that was an encroachment on the freedom of art,” says Bushido.

In 2016 Abou-Chaker came up with an “incredible” tax-saving model. Abou-Chaker got to know a man who apparently adhered to the Reichsbürger ideology that Germany is not a legitimate state and therefore one does not have to pay taxes. Bushido should now write a seven-page letter to the tax office to explain that from now on he will no longer pay taxes and that he will reclaim all the taxes he has paid since 1990. The judge wants to know whether he actually wrote that. Yes, says Bushido, but the tax office probably thought it was a joke. “I said to my tax advisor: Open the garbage can, I’ll pay my taxes.” The process will continue on Wednesday.


Incitement to arson ?: Public prosecutor investigates Bushido

Rapper Bushido has been on trial for some time – as a plaintiff. So he raises serious allegations against his former friend Arafat Abou-Chaker. But even he himself does not have a pure white vest. He has already been convicted of insurance fraud. Just the tip of the iceberg?

In the trial against his former business partner Arafat Abou-Chaker, ex- “rowdy rapper” Bushido found a new role: that of the victim who was controlled, threatened and cheated out of millions by his “best buddy” for years. However, research by the magazine “Stern” suggests that Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi – Bushido’s real name – was not least “the docile student” of his friend at the time. He is said to have committed insurance fraud on a large scale and instigated an accomplice to start a fire in his villa.

Between 2013 and 2015 Bushido experienced a real streak of bad luck, writes the “Stern”. During a boat tour in Potsdam in spring 2013, he wanted to give his mother-in-law a diamond bracelet – worth around 235,000 euros. The good piece allegedly ended up in the water and the case with the insurance company.

Photos that the “star” has, however, cast doubts on this version. One picture shows a bracelet with 35 identically cut stones that looks exactly like the piece of jewelery that fell into the water in an issue of the magazine “Muscle & Fitness” from December 2017 – published four and a half years after the accident on the Havel.

What a pitty

In the same year Bushido was unlucky again – at least it seems that way at first glance. In December 2013 there was a fire in the roof of his villa in Kleinmachnow, the house next door to his friend Arafat Abou-Chaker. The listed buildings were extensively renovated that year. But because the flames had destroyed the structure, the client was no longer able to meet the requirements of the monument protection.

The damage was reported to the insurance company. The police suspected arson without being able to identify a suspect. However, Arafat Abou-Chaker intervened and secretly recorded a conversation with an alleged accomplice on his cell phone, which is said to be a quasi-confession. The cell phone was later seized by the Berlin police and sent the recording to the public prosecutor in Potsdam. According to “Stern” information, she has initiated investigations against the alleged arsonists and the alleged instigator Bushido.

Faked break-in

A fraud with a fish shop was discovered a year later: Bushido had opened a store for ornamental fish called “Into the Blue” in Berlin in 2014. In November 2014, he pretended to have broken into the store and reported to the insurance company that game fish and corals worth 175,000 euros and the safe with 185,000 euros in cash had been stolen. The judge sentenced him to 11 months probation in 2016 for insurance fraud.

When in 2015 the warehouse of a boutique for baby clothes on Berlin’s Ku’damm that belonged to Bushido and his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi was broken into, the insurance had to pay again. Although the public prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation on suspicion of faking a crime against Bushido, among others, they could not prove anything to anyone. The proceedings were closed in March 2017.

The “star” confronted Bushido with all allegations. The rapper does not want to comment on this.


Did Bushido lie in court?

EActually, this process should be about completely different things: Arafat Abou-Chaker is accused of threatening, injuring and imprisoning the rapper Bushido when he wanted to separate from him on business in 2017. But since there was a major raid at Abou-Chaker on September 22nd on charges of tax evasion, the process at the Berlin district court has been lost to sidelines. The Abou-Chaker defenders did not give up on Monday either: They want Bushido caught in an “obvious lie”. The rapper had testified that he had found out about the search at Abou-Chaker on the property in Kleinmachnow, which is half owned by him, from articles on the Internet that morning. He then informed his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe, who then drove to the property. Tzschoppe had confirmed this representation.

However, according to the defense, Tzschoppe already arrived at the property when no articles or tweets had appeared on the Internet about the raid. It was only at 7.46 a.m. that reporters who were on the spot before the raid started published the first tweets about the operation. Bushido’s lawyer was already at the property at 7:10 a.m. The defense suspects that one of the reporters could have informed Bushido beforehand – according to the rapper, the two know each other well. The public prosecutor and Tzschoppe could not really refute the allegations on Monday: Tzschoppe said that in retrospect it was no longer possible to determine whether, for example, tweets about the raid had been published early in the morning and subsequently deleted. The public prosecutor Petra Leister referred to an article in the “Berliner Morgenpost” about the raid, which appeared that morning at 6:31 am – but such an article cannot be found online.

The defense moved to summon the reporter as a witness. The court is unlikely to be interested in whether a reporter has good contacts with protagonists in a criminal case. However, it should have great interest in the question of whether Bushido lied about a testimony – that could permanently shake his credibility as the most important witness. The judge is still amazed that Bushido had given the key to his house in Kleinmachnow to the tax investigation ten days before the raid, allegedly without asking too much. At around the same time, according to an LKA investigator who testified as a witness on Monday, a first press inquiry was received about what was planned for an operation ten days later. The Berlin court now wants to use a two-week break in negotiations to decide on the various applications of the defense.

There is also a lot of money arguing

Meanwhile, the rapper and the clan chief are also fighting against each other under civil law. Last week, a process began before the Frankfurt (Oder) regional court, in which it is a question of whether the dissolution of a joint society under civil law (GbR) by Bushido is lawful. Abou-Chaker and Bushido founded the GbR in 2010 to buy 90 residential units in Rüdersdorf, east of Berlin. According to a statement by Bushido to the police in February 2019, these properties are worth 5.8 million euros. The shares in the GbR were 50/50 distributed. He excluded Arafat Abou-Chaker from the GbR in September 2018 because the clan chief fabricated bills and threatened his family. Since then, the company has ceased to exist, just a single trade in his name. According to Bushido, after the GbR was dissolved, a balance sheet should have been drawn up to clarify who had which claims. Abou-Chaker had denied that he had been excluded from the GbR.

According to the rapper’s statement, Bushido’s lawyer found irregularities in the balance sheet, and Abou-Chaker owed him around 700,000 euros in 2019. At the trial in Berlin, Rommel Abou-Chaker, Arafat’s brother, is currently accused of having withdrawn 180,000 euros from the company account of the GbR in March 2018 on behalf of his brother – without Bushido’s knowledge. According to Bushido, Abou-Chaker’s debts would have to be offset against half that the clan chief would theoretically be entitled to from the joint property assets. On November 2nd, the Frankfurt (Oder) regional court will announce the decision in this civil case. The business separation of the two former partners will be far from complete: Bushido and Abou-Chaker are also arguing about the 15 million euro villa plot in Kleinmachnow, which they once wanted to move to together and which is now to be foreclosed – and the former joint music business.


Abou-Chaker process: Bushido gives details of the business relationship – Panorama

It is the fourth day on which the rapper Bushido testifies before the Berlin district court against his former business partner, the clan chief Arafat Abou-Chaker. Abou-Chaker and three of his brothers are charged with threatening and harassing the musician, whose real name is Anis Ferchichi, when he tried to end the business relationship. This Monday it should be about Bushido’s personal relationship with Abou-Chaker. The chairman rolled over Bushido’s autobiography from 2008, including the chapter entitled “Arafat the Great”.

“Mr. Abou-Chaker is being praised for the green clover,” the judge stated. How that fits together with Bushido’s descriptions in court, in which there was talk of pressure and coercion, of contracts that Bushido did not want, of sentences like “When will I get my money, should I buff your face?”

Bushido, who, as always, sits next to his lawyer in dark trousers and sneakers, takes a short breath. Then he says: “I was uncomfortable that the collaboration came about like this.” Until recently, no one knew that Abou-Chaker had asked for thirty percent of Bushido’s income during a conversation in his Audi in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The prosecutor wants to know what would have happened if he hadn’t paid. “There was no option not to pay. I would definitely have been brought into it.” What did he expect in case of failure? “Not with a legal warning, at least, but with verbal and physical influences,” replies Bushido.

On Monday it becomes clear how difficult it is to unravel the relationship between the two men who once referred to themselves as brothers and now face each other as opponents in several criminal and civil proceedings. On the one hand, the two were not only connected to each other via a music label and real estate projects, but also personally. They went to after-show parties together or hung out while smoking water pipes in the Kreuzberg café, “They talked about god and the world, about women, discos and rumors, then the LKA came in for a raid, that was such a standard evening” , Bushido sums up the old days. Bushido’s mother knew Abou-Chaker, they visited each other at family celebrations. When Bushido met his current wife, she also got on well with Arafat Abou-Chaker, the two even went on vacation to the Seychelles with Abou-Chaker and his girlfriend at the time.

“Also opinions that portray the facts differently”

On the other hand, Bushido describes a business relationship in which he had nothing to report. From 2011 at the latest, he was “no longer self-employed”. Abou-Chaker had the say in the joint projects, and in 2015 even wanted to persuade Bushido to draw up a will according to Islamic law in order to “assert claims beyond death”. But nothing came of it. As part of a property purchase in Brandenburg, Abou-Chaker then asked Bushido for a power of attorney and then drew up a paper in which he granted himself all rights to Bushido, which should also be passed on to the heirs. “These deals should never end,” says Bushido. The defense attorney Abou-Chakers said on request that you listen to all of this first and then comment on it in due course. During the questioning in the courtroom, however, he shows that his client has a completely different view of the business relationship. “There are also opinions that describe the situation differently.”

A judge also followed up. How does the pressure described fit in with the fact that the two men were still traveling together, even buying a villa property together in 2011? Bushido takes a quick breath again, then says that few can understand that. “If you are forced into marriage, then it’s also human not to try to break free for 24 hours every day.” So he compares the relationship with a forced marriage, interjects a defense lawyer. In any case, he thought, “I’ll never get out of this in my life,” replies Bushido. The process will continue on Wednesday.