Dzhigurda expressed his respect to Otar Kushanashvili

According to the showman, the scandalous TV presenter and journalist was able to answer for his words, proving to everyone that he is a real man. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to Rambler.Novosti, Kushanashvili entered the ring for a large fee, which will have to help him close the mortgage. By the way, in the […]

Sergei Zhigunov filed a lawsuit against a well-known film company

According to the artist, they refuse to recognize him as the co-author of the serial drama “In the Chair Park”. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to the StarHit edition, initially Sergei Zhigunov was going to settle the conflict in a pre-trial manner, but when he saw that the representatives of the film company “Amedia Production” […]

Anna Dziuba will continue her solo career

The former lead singer of the group Artik & Asti will single-handedly conquer the tops of the famous charts. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to the StarHit edition, Anna Dziuba removed from her page on the Instagram social network all photos related to her past musical activities, and also changed her image, turning into a […]

Danilko refused to give concerts in Russia

Andrey Danilko, known to everyone under the pseudonym “Verka Serduchka”, decided to comment on his refusal to perform in Russia. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to Rambler.Novosti, it is financially unprofitable for Serduchka to gather its entire team for a trip to Russia. According to Andrey, in the current tense times, it is very difficult […]

Gauguin Solntsev wants to name his daughter after his ex-wife

According to the edition, the showman hopes that he and his new wife will have a daughter who can be called Catherine. Whether Gauguin Solntsev considers the name “Catherine” beautiful, or whether he wants to please his ex-wife, is not specified. Photo source: Yandex pictures As you know, Solntsev officially registered his relationship with […]

Natalya Shturm offered Chaliapin to return the property to his wife’s parents

According to the singer, this property will not bring him anything good, so you should not take such a sin on your soul. Photo source: personal page on Instagram According to Rambler.Novosti, it was Natalya Shturm who proposed to Prokhor Chaliapin two years ago to persuade Tatyana Davis to invest in real estate in Moscow, […]

Vasilyeva gave her former daughter-in-law two apartments in Moscow for the opportunity to communicate with her grandchildren

During the filming of the program “Tonight” Tatyana Vasilyeva admitted, as soon as she agreed to open the safe, relations with her former daughter-in-law Anastasia reached a more friendly level. Photo source: Yandex pictures According to the Rambler.News edition, in order to establish communication with two grandchildren, the 74-year-old actress had to fork out impressively. […]

The fate of Alexander Konstantinov. “"Hunger" and the thirst for love of Alexander Konstantinov. ” The fate of a man

The fate of Alexander Konstantinov. “Hunger and Thirst for Love by Alexander Konstantinov.” The fate of man Actor Alexander Konstantinov told how he recaptured his wife from anotherRADIO “KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA” Alexander Konstantinov’s wife: “There was a moment when I was jealous of my husband for Sveta Ivanova” Alexander Konstantinov admitted that he almost cheated on […]