Zoom Security: Tricks to take care of your meetings and privacy


Zoom has brought some security issues in recent days to users.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Reports indicate that we are about to meet the new iPhone 9, although this week one of the most important issues during this crisis of coronavirus has been that Zoom, the video calling service, has been bombarded by security concerns.

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Security tips for Zoom and iPhone 9 in sight

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Reports indicate that the iPhone 9 It could arrive on April 15. The announcement would be made by Apple, and shipping of the devices would begin on April 22. There are expected to be at least two models, although the one that is almost certain is the 4.7-inch one.

On the other hand, OnePlus is expected to launch new phones on April 14, it would be the rumored OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 ProThey would arrive in a new online event with a camera in a small hole, albeit still with some bezels. And to close with cell phone news, don’t miss the unboxing of Huawei P40 Pro in beautiful blue that has already reached our hands.

Zoom: Security and tricks for your meetings

The most recent that you have heard about Zoom is a problem called zoombombing which is when people outside the conference sabotage it. This is not Zoom’s fault, as everyone should lock or take security measures for their conferences. For example, you can leave people in a waiting room and then accept them, and you can also block their audios, or that they show things in full screen.

In fact one of the problems has been precisely that by not blocking these functionsPeople outside the meetings could access and shout insults or show images out of tune.

However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation this week warned users working from home about the software’s built-in privacy features and some concerns about it. Already in 2019 the company had a problem when computer Web cameras were hacked through its software.

So as always, it’s okay to use these resources, but take the necessary steps to be able to use them safely.

T-Mobile and Sprint: Merged

The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was completed on April 1, and in a nutshell this means that Sprint will be integrated with T-Mobile and Dish will become the fourth largest operator in the United States.

As part of the agreement, T-Mobile pledged not to raise prices for its services for three years and will also expand its 5G coverage to the entire United States, including rural areas.

However, for now Sprint customers will continue to use the same network and services, but with the benefit that users will be able to use the combined network of the new T-Mobile.

The paper house is already here

This week the fourth season of The Paper House premiered. After that heart attack end of last season we want to know if our robbers will manage to get hold of the Bank of Spain’s gold reserves and come out alive. In addition to what will happen to Lisbon, which is imprisoned, or if The Professor will be able to escape.

You can read our spoiler-free review of this fourth season, Besides the interview we did with the creator of the series, Álex Pina. And we are going to publish an article with all the keys to the end of the series.