Dhis man is a walking daydream. He says what others would have liked to say. He dares what others would have dared to do. His mouth is so full that anyone else would choke on it – but he is getting fuller and bigger, his overwhelming sense of self-worth seems to shine from every pore. And if somebody gets crooked in everyday life, for example an insolent stranger in the S-Bahn or a condescending official in the town hall, when a brazen driver takes the parking lot away or a waiter notoriously overlooks you, it would be great to be able to take a short break Tap into Zlatan Ibrahimovic and you’d have the tiger in the tank. Then, as soon as you had put the opponent in your place with an arrogant half sentence, you could say like him: “I don’t fail the system, the system only fails because of me.”

That there are enough people who occasionally want to escape their constant scruples and participate a little from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s demonstrative Superego can be seen, for example, from his many fans on social media. There seem to be more than 50 million zlatanists in the world, and he’s just given them ego superfood again. There is now a very professional-looking little film to be seen, in which he uses his harsh warrior voice to make his followers understand that at almost 39 years of age he has not yet reached the end of his career. “You think I’m done,” you hear him say. “I had to fight all my life, nobody believed in me, so I had to believe in myself. Some wanted to break me, but they only made me stronger. “Great! The man really silenced the sausage in himself if there ever was one.

The message, looking very matter-of-factly, is that Ibrahimovic has chances to extend his contract with AC Milan, which only runs until the end of the season. This is probably due to the fact that coach Stefano Pioli remains and will not be replaced by Ralf Rangnick. And so it goes on pithily. No, Zlatan is far from over. “I’m just warming up.”

Exactly. But it is also nice that the man is launching his caspaires in Italy and on the internet that can be switched off and not somewhere around here. It is feared that it would get on your nerves pretty quickly. Like the entire Swedish national football team, at least according to Albin Ekdal, a former Bundesliga professional who described the system on the radio that failed because of Ibrahimovic. They had a team with a world star and ten decent players who should have helped him to dominate. However, at the 2016 European Championships, the Swedes were eliminated last in the group stage. Two years later, they reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup, free of over-Zlatan’s claims. And they also enjoyed it more.

And? What does Zlatan say now? A man who has scored as many spectacular to condescending goals as he has, who has signed with Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus Turin, Inter and AC Milan, FC Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United, no longer needs one moaning former HSV professional to respond. And if so, a used Zlatan saying would probably also do it, such as the one: “I’m just a human. Just like the great white shark is just a fish. “