Zina reveals the truth of the picture of her son from her ex-husband Ahmed Ezz and explodes an unexpected surprise!!

A source close to the artist, Zina, revealed the truth of the photo circulated of her with her child from her ex-husband, artist Ahmed Ezz.

He stressed that this child is not her real son at all, nor is Ahmed Ezz’s son, as many of the audience believed, noting that the picture is old from the scenes of one of the artworks.

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The pioneers of social networking sites recently circulated a picture of the artist Zina with a child sitting on her feet, and some suggested that the child is her son and the son of the artist Ahmed Ezz.

A few weeks ago, an Egyptian court obliged the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Ezz, to pay a monthly allowance of 50 thousand Egyptian pounds for his two children from the artist Zina.

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