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    Petit and Zidane together in Blue

    Petit believes he knows Zidane well enough to ensure that he will never coach in the Premier League.

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    Zinedine Zidane

    Emmanuel Petit prefers Didier Deschamps to him as coach of the France team.

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    Zinedine Zidane is ready to dive again

    Zinédine Zidane has just indicated that he is in a hurry to find a coaching position.

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    Zidane for a third term at the helm of Real?

    The tricolor legend would be in favor of a third stay on the Bernabeu side. But he wants certain guarantees from Florentino Pérez.

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    Zidane in the waiting room

    After seeing Deschamps extend with the France team, Zidane is ready to bounce back. But not anywhere according to his relatives.

The former French international, Emmanuel Petit, has a small idea on the follow-up that Zinedine Zidane wants to give to his career.

It’s been almost two years since Zinedine Zidane last coached. Some are starting to find the time long. This is the case, among others, of his former team-mate in the French selection, Emmanuel Petit. On the waves of RMC, the latter said Friday that the former leader of the Blues “must find a bench”.

Sport « Zidane n’ira pas à Chelsea »

Recently, the name of ZZ circulated on the side of Chelsea in order to replace Graham Potter. A marriage in which Petit absolutely does not believe. “I may be wrong, but I don’t believe for a second the rumor of Zizou at Chelsea,” said the former Blue, before arguing: “He doesn’t speak English, although I believe that he takes lessons. But a locker room today is populated by several nationalities. Knowing his way of managing a locker room, he likes proximity, being interested in the human before the player. And so you have to be able to communicate and speak the language. In England, a lot of coaches were mocked in press conferences for not speaking the language, like in France too. After a while, it creates a gap in understanding. »

❌ 🔵 Manu Petit doesn’t see Zidane signing at Chelsea at all:

🗣💬 “Zizou’s future does not fit in England, it fits elsewhere and maybe not very far from here…” #RMClive

— Rothen s’enflamme (@Rothensenflamme) March 3, 2023

Petit also believes that a challenge at Stamford Bridge today is not at all relevant for a coach of great renown: “Why refuse Chelsea? Because if you look today the problem is that Potter has to manage more than 30 players in training, it’s a summer camp. »

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To conclude, the 98 world champion predicted another destination for the quadruple European champion coach: “Zizou’s future is not in England, he is elsewhere and perhaps not very far from here. …”. He is obviously referring to PSG.

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