Zenit – Ural – 3: 1, video: refereeing and Vitaly Meshkov’s mistakes, analysis of Kuzyaev’s foul and Zenit’s penalty

“Refereeing in a Zenit match is a disaster!” What is wrong with Meshkov’s solutions?

Maxim Pakhomov

Zenit - Ural - 3: 1, video: refereeing and mistakes

Expertise of Igor Fedotov. It seems that both teams suffered from the referee.

“Zenith” in the 25th round of the house met with “Ural”. A match before which hardly many expected any sensations or scandals – one of the outsiders of the RPL came to the leader. And it all really started relatively calmly: not even 11 minutes had passed before the hosts earned a penalty. The moment seemed obvious to many fans – but not to the chief referee Vitaly Meshkov.

In the end, he made his decision only after watching the video replay. But our expert Igor Fedotov found another reason why Meshkov did not appoint the 11-meter one himself:

“The moment from the penalty spot against the Urals is simple, the decision is right,” Fedotov said, “Kuzmichev hit Sergeyev in the face with his elbow, there should also be a yellow card. Why didn’t Meshkov notice the violation himself? The judges were apparently told to ignore such episodes to show the importance of VAR. 11-meter is obvious.

Zenit continued to have the advantage and left for the break with a two-goal advantage (Yuri Alberto scored). But in the second half, Meshkov still became the main player on the field. At first, he did not remove Daler Kuzyaev (although he was even invited to the monitor to watch the replay). Instead of a red card, which the guests were already waiting for, the referee got only a yellow one.

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After the decision of Meshkov, the owners could already be outraged. In the 59th minute, Ivan Sergeev was seriously injured: Malcolm hit the post, Ivan ran to finish off, but got hit hard on the head. Meshkov was not even invited to watch the replay.

Here is how referee Fedotov assessed both episodes. In short, he does not agree with both decisions of Meshkov: “Refereeing Meshkov in the match between Zenit and Ural is a disaster. In the moment with Kuzyaev’s foul, he was called to see that Daler fouled on the red. But he thought it was yellow, although I don’t understand how this is possible ?! In the match between Arsenal and Akhmat, he removed the player for the same foul, what is the difference between Kuzyaev – the color of the T-shirt? And in the 60th minute, it was necessary to assign a penalty to the Ural goal and remove the Ural defender for depriving him of a clear opportunity to score a goal. You can also talk about a serious violation of the rules – he drove Sergeyev with his knee in the head. How can this not be seen and not removed? What is happening is the catastrophe of the RFU. That’s what happens when you appoint a sitting judge in charge of young referees to a senior position.”


By the way, in the first round match (0:0) there were also controversial refereeing decisions. Yaroslav Rakitskiy then avoided removal, and Claudinho was sent off for a foul against Adamov.



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