“Zemmour, he brings you back to your country, dirty bastard”: The man suspected of racist insults against the actress Annabelle Lengronne, placed in police custody in Dax

Update 6:20 am: The man suspected of racist insults against actress Annabelle Lengronne has been taken into custody at the Dax police station (Landes), reports France Bleu Gascogne. The suspect, who was interviewed by police, admitted to the facts. He was released with a summons to appear in court next February for racist public insults. He risks up to a year of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.


The scene took place in Dax, 48 hours ago and was filmed (See below). The actress Annabelle Lengronne, discovered in particular in Les Kaïras, was insulted in the middle of the street by a man who attacked her very violently: “Zemmour he looks at you, he brings you back to your country. I don’t like them. blacks and Arabs, come back to your dirty country ”.

We can hear the actress on the video reacting in a very calm and intelligent way in the video, without giving in to anger and who prefers to seemingly have fun and continue filming.

Joined by our colleagues from France Bleu Gascogne, the lawyer for actress Me Hosni Maati explained that the young woman had spent the evening with a group of friends, including this man, met in a bar in the city.

At the end of the evening, the man would have insisted on several occasions to be able to accompany the latter home. Offer rejected by Annabelle Lengronne.

According to the lawyer, she “tells him that she will do without him, but he insists heavily and goes down with her in the street”. It is following this exchange that the actress decides to film the scene. “The words are extremely degrading and the goal is to seek to humiliate him,” said the lawyer.

After these facts, the young woman lodged a complaint with the constitution of civil party for “insult of a racial nature” and “sexist contempt”.

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The man who insults the actress filmed below




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