Zelensky says Kiev didn’t get enough weapons to ‘free Mariupol’

Zelensky said the defenders “will continue the resistance at the Azovstal factory”.

“We are using all possible diplomatic instruments to save them, but Russia has not accepted any of the proposed options. We ask our partners to supply weapons with the aim of freeing Mariupol and saving civilian and military personnel,” she added.

However, he said in the course of his videoconference intervention, the necessary quantities of weapons were not provided. Zelensky said that cities and other Ukrainian towns were hit by 2,250 missiles in the two and a half months of the invasion. “The bombings don’t stop, neither during the day nor during the night,” he said.

The Kiev leader also said that the Russian blockade of ports on the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov is preventing the export of cereal and other products, which will lead to a crisis in the food market on a global scale.

“If we can’t export wheat, barley, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, that means people in North Africa and Asia will be left with a lack of food and prices will go up,” Zelensky said. “Later on, there could be new chaos and a new migration crisis, and I think they will feel this crisis in Malta’s neighboring regions.”



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