The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It made its debut four years ago in Spain and around the world, accompanying the Nintendo Switch upon its arrival on the market. However, to this day, players continue to find new details and curiosities. We have seen how users open impossible chests or glitchs to play in the first person … but this week we have to put the magnifying glass on one of the ingredients that we can find in the game: the spicy gnea berry.

The gnea berry: a new secret of Breath of the Wild

We assume that all of you who have played Breath of the Wild you will know what gneas berries are for: thanks to they are spicy, We can add them to certain foods for this provide us an important source of heat, if we have to cross the frozen parts of Hyrule. However, Reddit user tetr4_hc has discovered a use for them that you probably didn’t think of. Or yes?

As we can see in the clip that he has published, and that we leave you below these lines, the first thing we have to do is the following: drop some of these gneas on the ground. Next, we have to activate the skill Furia de Revali. As you may know, this power allows us to create an updraft that propels both Link (and the berries) into the air. That is when, with arrows of fire, we will have to shoot peppers to create new updrafts for more height. And so on.

Gneum berries can help us propel ourselves into the air

The fans really liked this little cooking trick. Mainly because it does not take advantage of game bugs, but rather it only takes advantage of the objects and mechanics of the title world itself.. A technique that can be used to help players gain a certain height to move more quickly if they need it, for example. If something likes Breath of the Wild is that it has multiple ways to do the same, and that’s what players continue to discover every day thanks to the freedoms this open-world Hyrule offers.

Meanwhile, Nintendo are busy preparing the debut of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. It will be available in the year 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch and, judging by its first trailer shown, the story could have two protagonists according to the first theories of the fans. The Big N has not even revealed the actual title of the game so as not to give clues to its plot.