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ORF legends: Curd Jürgens

Curd Jürgens became a world star just as Germany was recovering from the horrors of the war years. Producers and directors recognized him as the figure of their time: energetic, tall, blond, with bright blue eyes. Curd Jürgens lived for his audience. He paraded his wealth, his houses and his affairs. He was married five times. The newspapers wrote reports about him in rows, the readers took part in the luxury in which he lived, in his fame and his antics. His loneliness remained largely hidden from the public. Likewise the feelings of Curd Jürgens, who had become incapable of fathering as a result of a serious accident. “60 years and not a bit wise…” he later sang defiantly and at the same time thoughtfully about himself. Who was the person behind the self-portrayal? The film explores this question with the help of his colleagues, his friends and also his wives.



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