Peter Zeidler can surprisingly win the championship with FC St. Gallen. An engagement in the Bundesliga would appeal to the 57-year-old.

You wouldn’t have expected that at the beginning of the season: FC St. Gallen are at the top of the Super League and still have the chance to become champions – even though they are the underdog against YB and FC Basel. In an interview with “Sport Bild”, trainer Peter Zeidler speaks in detail about his secret of success.

“In terms of budget, we’re in the bottom of the league. Nevertheless, we have been on par with Bern this season so far. It is a sensation. Usually Bern and Basel are ten, 20 points ahead of everyone else. At the moment everyone is happy that a team is involved that has little money, the least age and a spectacular style of play. We have players who fit well tactically and humanly. We are a committed community. For example, we deleted the penalty catalog without replacement, ”said the 57-year-old, which is why the aspens are doing so well.

The penalty catalog was canceled because “nobody was ever late. But maybe that’s because of Switzerland. Here everyone is always on time. We have an average age of almost 22 years with Spaniards and French-speaking players. We dance a lot. But it is important how we play: always with four or five strikers, few contacts, constantly attacking, high speed. It’s a special team. ”

Although there is the possibility of becoming a champion, the German football teacher does not want to fall into exuberant optimism: “We are not going to start spinning now. We are not that far yet. We have 13 games in six weeks after the Corona break. We call this crazy summer. It’s all crazy. We have at least third place for sure, that’s a great thing for the whole club. ”

Zeidler has been in office for aspens since July 2018. When asked about any Bundesliga involvement, he is open: “I would dare to do it. But I feel really comfortable in St. Gallen and have just extended my contract to 2025. This shows once again that FC St. Gallen is a special club – which also goes a special way. ”

adk July 26, 2020 12:42