ZDF season: Does the Bergdoktor-Mama have to die a serial death?

ZDF season: Does the Bergdoktor-Mama have to die a serial death?

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After a heart attack, the series character Lisbeth Gruber is in the hospital.

After a heart attack, the series character Lisbeth Gruber is in the hospital. © mm

The season finale of the ZDF series “Bergdoktor” on Thursday ended dramatically. How does it go from here? An interview with the Gröbenzell actress and series actress Monika Baumgartner.

Gröbenzell – Gröbenzell actress Monika Baumgartner (71) has been a cult figure in the ZDF series of the same name as Bergdoktor-Mama Lisbeth Gruber for 16 years. The last scene of the season finale broadcast on Thursday evening is dramatic: Lisbeth Gruber is in intensive care after a heart attack, her two film sons Martin (Hans Sigl) and Hans (Heiko Ruprecht) are sitting on the sickbed.

Bergdoktor on ZDF: Fans fear for Mama Lisbeth Gruber

Now the anxious Bergdoktor fans need a lot of patience, because the sequel won’t flicker across the screens until the end of December. But the fate of Lisbeth Gruber will be decided at the end of April, when shooting for the 17th season begins in Ellmau around the Wilder Kaiser.

Ms. Baumgartner, the Bergdoktor fans are worried. Do you have to die serial death?

I asked myself the same question after reading the episode. But I was assured that Lisbeth should go further.

Have you already filmed the scenes that take place in the intensive care unit after the season finale, or do you not yet know what will happen to you?

No, nothing else has been filmed yet as the books have yet to be written. The authors will come up with something.

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Fiction and reality: does it sometimes surprise you how emotional the Bergdoktor fans react?

No, since our loyal fans have been with us for years, we now know how much they cheer and sympathize with us, whether positively or negatively.

Bergdoktor mom in an interview: “Fans are always very nice to me”

How do you deal with it when you are out and about in Gröbenzell and someone asks you about the series?

This could possibly get even more intense now after the dramatic season finale. I’ve been used to that for many years and the fans are always very nice to me.

There has also been criticism recently. At first, real doctors mocked the Bergdoktor’s “unrealistic working methods”. After that it was said in viewer forums that the series was “too cheesy” and approaching a “Rosamunde Pilcher format”. Can you understand that?

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To be honest, I can’t quite do it. A team of several doctors accompanies us from the beginning because of the medical cases. And that we make films and don’t pass on reality one-to-one is also known. I also got completely different messages, for example that it was the most emotional season that has run so far. Every viewer sees it differently, and that’s a good thing.

Retirement of Hans Sigl as Bergdoktor? Actress Monika Baumgartner comments

There is already speculation and rumor that Hans Sigl would withdraw from his prime role as mountain doctor. Even away from the cameras, they maintain a friendly relationship with their film partners. Do you know more?

No I do not know. The topic is brought up again every year and Hans Sigl is the only one who could answer that for you!

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What other projects – apart from the Bergdoktor – do you have planned for this year?

There are still two projects under discussion at the moment, but I won’t be able to comment on them until it’s certain.

If you could ask the scriptwriters how would you stage your own Bergdoktor farewell?

I haven’t thought about that yet. I’m excited to see what the authors come up with.

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