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A British backpacker was attacked by a crocodile while white water rafting in Zambia.

Amelie Osborn-Smith (18) from the southern English city of Andover was sailing on the Zambezi below the Victoria Falls. She had laid one leg over the side of the ship.

The 18-year-old’s father, Brent Osborn-Smith, told the Daily Mail: “She wasn’t really swimming, just sitting on the boat and the crocodile saw her leg dangling in the water and thought, ‘This is lunch ‘. “

Amelie was rafting on the Zambezi when the reptile pulled her into the waterPhoto: amelieosbornsmith / Instagram

The animal bit Amelie in the leg and pulled her under the water. A brave friend jumped into the river and hit the crocodile. “Then others jumped [Rafter und Guides] in to help, ”said an unnamed friend of the teenager. “It was pure chaos. There was blood everywhere and people lashing out. She is lucky that she is still alive. “

Finally, the crocodile left Amelie off, helpers pulled her back into the boat. The young woman was then taken to a hospital.

“She is doing pretty badly in Zambia at the moment and we are doing our best to try to bring her back so that she can be properly looked after here,” Amelie’s father told the newspaper. “But of course, if you get a crocodile bite, there is a high risk of infection and your leg is very badly injured. The situation is quite worrying. ”

The current Corona restrictions do not make it easier to bring your daughter home – Zambia is on the so-called “Red List” in Great Britain because of the Omicron variant.

The Victoria Falls are a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Victoria Falls are a UNESCO World Heritage SitePhoto: AFP / Getty Images




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