Hossam Al-Mandouh, a member of the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, confirmed that the position of the handball team in the White Club qualifies it to compete for the World Cup for Handball Clubs.

Zamalek was able to win the African Super Cup at the expense of its rival Al-Ahly in the last seconds, with a score (28-27).

The Zamalek handball team booked the last ticket to participate in the Club World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia during the period from October 4 to 10 of the same month.

Al-Mandouh said in statements on the “On Time Sports 1” channel: “The goal of sports is to have enthusiasm on the field, and every team wants to win, and we say congratulations to the winning team, and we must do this in all sports, and we want the relationship of sportsmanship and rejection of Intolerance in sports, and there are some stalkers in the Egyptian state in the sports field, and we must approach this file with wisdom and reason.

He added, “The handball team is a respectable team and got some support. Al-Ahly is a strong team as well, but we had something to tell us that we would win the match.”

He continued, “We have not yet decided if there are rewards after winning the African Super in handball, but all the teams in all sports in Zamalek prove that they are making every effort they have to achieve championships, and indeed this is what happened in all sports, whether in football, basketball or The handball team, and we will meet tomorrow to decide if there will be a disbursement of bonuses to the club’s handball team.”

The delegate concluded his statements: “We are ranked globally in handball and are no less than any team, and the coach has knowledge of FC Barcelona, ​​and we look to the farthest extent and our position globally qualifies us to compete for the Club World Cup.”

It is worth noting that the draw for the Club World Cup resulted in a fiery confrontation awaiting Zamalek, where it will face Barcelona – the European champions – in the quarter-finals.


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