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August 9, 2022 at 12:15 pm

Zamalek news The clubs in the newspapers today were diverse and covered many sports news related to Zamalek and its fans, which we review in the following lines.

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Seventh day: Abu Jabal alone
Mohamed Abu Jabal, the former goalkeeper of Zamalek, took part in individual training, in order to maintain his fitness, before determining his next destination after leaving Zamalek after the end of his contract with the White Castle.

Abu Jabal posted a photo on his Instagram account that showed him doing some training.

Press reports revealed that the crisis between Mohamed Abu Jabal, the former goalkeeper of Zamalek club and the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, reached a dead end, especially after the statement issued by Al-Nasr yesterday.

The Saudi newspaper, “Al-Riyadia”, said that Abu Jabal demands the Saudi victory to implement the terms of the contract and to obtain its dues amounting to 4 million dollars in the two years signed between the two parties to the contract.

The newspaper pointed out that the contract signed between Al-Nasr Club and the Egyptian international Mohamed Abu Jabal is not binding on the Saudi club, in addition to that the player provided false information to Al-Nasr, enough to cancel the contract and consider it not legally binding, explaining that the information pertains to the end of his contract with Zamalek and the dates of signing the new contract, The guard and his agent were informed not long ago.

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It is worth noting that Muhammad Abu Jabal issued an official statement announcing that he would file an official complaint against the Saudi Al-Nasr Club after violating the terms of the contract.
Counselor Ayman Al-Refai, head of the Saudi Football Federation’s Disciplinary Committee, had confirmed that not registering Muhammad Abu Jabal in the Al-Nasr list does not give the player the right to file a complaint against Al-Nasr.

Al-Watan: high-caliber deals in Zamalek
The Zamalek fan is interested in knowing about the new Zamalek club deals 2022-2023, within the framework of the policy of the White Council to support the ranks of the first football team, before the start of the next season.

Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, announced the conclusion of a number of super deals, led by a distinguished African striker, to support the team’s attack.

Nigerian John Ibuka tops the list of new Zamalek deals 2023-2023, to support the ranks of the White Castle, before the start of the new season of the Premier League competition.

And sources inside Zamalek revealed, in statements to “Al-Watan”, that the board of directors reached a final agreement with John Ibuka, the striker of the Enppi team, to wear the white shirt in the new season.

The source said: “The past hours witnessed a preliminary agreement with the board of directors of Enppi Club, to include the team’s striker, John Ibuka, during the next summer transfer period.”

He indicated that a new session is expected between Zamalek officials and Enppi Club, during the next few days, to formally settle the deal.

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The Zamalek board of directors obtained the signature of Ahmed Yassin, the defender of the Al-Ahly Bank team, during the past few days, in preparation for his official inclusion from the ranks of his club, during the summer transfer period.

Sources inside Zamalek stressed, in statements to “Al-Watan Sport”, that the White Council obtained the signature of Ahmed Yassin, and that its officials would negotiate officially with the National Bank, in the coming days, to officially end the international defender’s deal.
The Zamalek club’s board of directors is also close to resolving the deal of Nabil Imad Donga, the midfielder for the first football team at Pyramids Club, during the upcoming summer transfers.

Zamalek obtained the signature of Nabil Imad Donga, after his club agreed to leave the White Castle, at the end of the season, provided that a session would be held between the two clubs’ management to settle the deal.

Al-Masry Al-Youm: Kahraba treasure in Zamalek
Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the former Zamalek star, believes that Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, the left wing of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, is the player who has benefited Zamalek most financially.

Mido said on the “Remontada” program on the “Al-Mehwar” channel: “Electricizing the most player who benefited Zamalek financially during his loan periods.”

He added, “Al-Ahly can consider deducting the player’s fine from the value of a new contract that he signs.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “Mortada Mansour made a decision to exclude Hani Zada ​​from his list in the elections for Zamalek Club, due to the crisis of the Mohamed Ibrahim case file.”

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