Zakharova will come to Adeev’s birthday, but not to reconcile with Openchenko

The conflict between Yana and Alena is gaining momentum. Zakharova intrigues the neighborhood community with her flirting with Nikita Balykin, Alena declares that without Misha Kozlov she is now nowhere, together – even outside the gate. Alena quarreled with Katya Gorina, again, because they are not friends, but communicated because of Yana, who is now not on the project. And Gorina is friends with Zakharova, and Openchenko, such friendship turned out sideways.

Today it became known that Zakharova will come to Adeev’s birthday, but not to reconcile with Openchenko. Alexey turns 45 on June 21! And he is still a participant in the youth television project Dom 2, one of the tops who are given various preferences up to a double life: one behind the perimeter, the other under the cameras for the sake of the public. There will be a party in Polyana – another reason for hype and quarrels between the members of House 2.

The intrigue about the future reconciliation of the two sworn friends remains, you never know what can happen under the influence of grape drinks, and suddenly Alena suddenly doesn’t need Kozlov or there will be a fight between the girls for the loving Misha.

On her last visit to Polyana, Yana managed to create a stir around her person by bursting into tears at Openchenko’s birthday party, which we talked about at the sloka. How will she do this time? Will he bring Balykin with him, with whom will he retire to the chalet and will he ignore Openchenko?



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