Zahrat Al Khaleej – Muhammad Ramadan challenges his attackers after seizing his money… and responds in his own way

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The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, defied the attack campaign launched by some against him in the past hours, after he published a video of the seizure of his money by the state.

Ramadan was subjected to a fierce attack by public figures, deputies and lawyers who submitted communications about it, but he responded to them in his own way, by publishing clips of his work that suggest defiance of his opponents and critics.

Ramadan, through his account on “Instagram”, shared a video clip of some of his works, in which he shows his assault by beating and slapping in the face for those standing in front of him in a clear projection of his attackers.

Ramadan enclosed a song suitable for this challenge, which is “Sabeet fi Makani”, the song that he will present in the coming days.

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It is noteworthy that Ramadan sparked widespread controversy in the past few hours, through social media, after he announced in a video clip the bank’s reservation of his money, which the bank denied, and it turned out that the matter was due to its implementation of a judicial ruling on the case of the late pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, who obtained a ruling. The compensation amounted to 6 million pounds, and 25 million pounds in compensation, in the case of his dismissal from service, last April, a contradiction that exposed him to the attack.


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